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Asia Noir 5

Asia Noir 5

Studio: Ethnicity FIlms
Category:  Asian , Interracial
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , ,
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picman's ratings for Asia Noir 5:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Asia Noir 5 overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Asia Noir 5 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Asia Noir 5 Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Asia Noir 5 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Asia Noir 5 Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Asia Noir 5 DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Asia Noir 5 A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by picman  on  2/10/2007
Asia Noir 5:
A Lust Supreme
Prologue From the looks of the cover and the back blurb, it appears that Asia Noir meets film noir in this video. DAC has Tia Tanaka in front of his lens again, which has to be considered a good thing. Nyomi Marcela and Asia always get my juices running, and he pads the cast with Kiwi Ling and Sierra Lin. I'm not sure if this is a full blooded feature I'm about to watch, or just related vignettes, but I expect them to be moody, and maybe a little edgy. However it plays out, I've been itching to see this video since catching Tia in Azn Pop 2. This collaboration deserved an encore.
A seedy LA street, shot in B&W, with bored streetwalker Asia checking out the marquee of an equally seedy movie theater showing Asia Noir V, A Lust Supreme. She enters to a world of color, gets her popcorn and settles in for the show. The seats are sparsely populated, and the clientele appears to be male and black. Onscreen, musician Dick James leads girlfriend Tia Tanaka into a club and takes her into the restroom for a quickie. He props her up on the sink and gobbles gash. Tia gives her gorgeous tits some air, then sinks to her knees to reciprocate. The big cock fills her mouth, slobber running down her tits, Tia trying to get it all in. She wants that bad boy in her pussy and hops back onto the sink, red dress bunched around her waist. The dick slides slowly at first, picking up steam and banging the sink hard. Tia turns for doggy and asks for it harder. She's looking rapturous as Dick plows her cooze, but they're interrupted by Mr. Marcus, who is among the people waiting to give James an audition. He lets them know they're expected and backs away to let the lovers finish. Dick spews on Tia's open mouth.

The lovers scamper into the club and face Guy DaSilva, the boss, who's flanked by Kiwi Ling and Nyomi Marcela. Marcus points Dick to the stage and Tia joins Guy's party in his booth. He immediately attempts to turn Tia out and offers her 1000 dollars to take Mr. Marcus into the john and do him the same as her boyfriend. Tia takes the money off the table. While Dick is blowing, so is Tia. Her early reluctance melts as her love for big cock takes over. She works it hard, as they only have a short time to get it done, and Tia's excitement is palpable, her nipples poking out and hard. It's all throat candy for Tia and she takes it a little rough with forced deepthroat and facefucking. She licks his salty chocolate balls and hand pumps Marcus to a finish on her outstretched tongue. He tells her he's going to hook her up with some friends and to wait in the bathroom. In the audience, Asia's loving the corruption of this young piece of fluff.

Having dispensed for the moment with the musician and his girlfriend, Guy is ready to kick back and enjoy the hot strumpets flanking him. Pimpin' ain't easy. Nyomi and Kiwi are all over him, but Marcus begs in and draws his old friend Ms. Marcela. Both ladies get to their knees and gob some knob. Nyomi is especially proficient at slicking up Marcus' tool, and looks stunning doing it. Lots and lots of spit, making her hand slide so nicely. Her gauzy pink dress clinging to her sensational body as Nyomi really gets into her head. Kiwi is also wearing a thin blue dress, and I think it adds to the eroticism of the scene that their clothing is still pretty much in place. They move the action to the stage for more room. Kiwi lays on a table and Guy eats pussy. She's got an old school bearded clam for him to rummage around in. Nyomi can't seem to let go of her liplock on Marcus' cock, but eventually sits on him in CG. Kiwi gives the boss a few more sucks and lays back again, this time for a mish penetraation. Between her wet bj and hot juice box, Nyomi is riding a super slick pole and bouncing like a wild woman. Cut to both of the men seated and the girls sucking cock again. They rise in unison, turn, and sit on the extended poles in RC. Nyomi is taking long, graceful slides while Kiwi is hammering herself on Guy. Kiwi does some P2M, then goes back to rocking the cock in synch with Nyomi. If I had any doubts about Nyomi's level of pleasure, her nipples look like they could put an eye out.
In the audience, John E. Depth is hitting on an interested Asia, who spreads her legs open for him and shows that Britney Spears isn't the only diva running around without underwear. John E gets a handful and that attracts Nathan Threat, who joins them.
Back at the club, the girls are propped in chairs facing each other, getting fucked in doggy. Kiwi's hot pink slit is dripping as she gets pounded, then a cut to both women on their knees, taking the ball baptism.
Asia is getting into being part of the entertainment, her breast exposed and each hand stroking a clothed dick.

The film is showing downtown LA on a Sunday morning. There's a boxing club with Tyler Knight working in the ring with Sledge Hammer. In the audience are Guy and his whore du jour, Sierra Lin, and they're joined by Tia, who looks distant and uncomfortable. She rejects an advance by Guy but Sierra is all over him, and her upper body appears to only be covered by a pink and white fur waist jacket. Tia insults Guy and Sierra, then gets introduced to Tyler and Sledge, who lead her into the ring with them. Tyler straps the gloves on her and gives a quick punching lesson. He gets a nice feel of her body and a breast comes peeking out. The guys decide it's time to show her what she's going to be doing for the organization. The gloves come off, Tia's dress gets parted to free her bodacious ta ta's, and the cocks come out to be serviced. Tia goes dick to dick, looking tentative and scared, but the saliva gets running and the knobs polished. Tyler takes control of Tia's head as she alternates between the dicks, then lifts her dress off for a perfect view of her incredible body. With their dicks wet and hard, Tia's positioned on the mat for doggy with Tyler. He's teaching her to "stick and move". Sledge sits in front of Tia and offers her some throat candy. Tyler goes up and over, lubing her crack with spit and banging his balls on her twat. Sledge picks Tia up and sits her on a turnbuckle, spreading her legs onto the second rope and mashing her pussy with his monster meat. The floor shot shows his massive hands cupping Tia's cheeks and his fat cock stretching her little pussy. The balls deep thrusts make Tia squeal and the position is hot as hell. He picks her up for some aerial bonking, then down on the mat again for another tandem bj. Tyler lays back and Tia rides RC. Sledge steps in to get more head. Tia looks like she cums and immediately has two cocks waving in her face again. Sledge brings her back to the neutral corner and props Tia up for a suspended doggy. I'll bet he likes playing in those sex hammocks.

Upstairs, Guy and Sierra are getting busy. Sierra wants to see Tia get her ass handed to her, but first she's got some work to do. Guy sits and Sierra sucks. It's a slow bj, and mostly on the fat head. Guy leads her to a bed and Sierra plays with herself as he undresses. Her legs open wide for him in mish as she gets screwed into the bed. A cleansing suck of the dick and Sierra's ass is high for the doggy penetration. Up and over gets into her kitchen. Guy orders Sierra on top for RC. She bounces happily, playing with her tits. Sierra sucks Guy's greasy cock while he lays back. She strokes his load into her mouth.
Back to Tia and her fighters. She's getting reamed in doggy, still on those ropes, as her boyfriend rushes into the club. Tyler taps in and an audience has gathered ringside, including a couple of workers along with Guy, Sierra and Dick. Tia gets set on the mat and assumes the receiving position as the guys stroke over her. They cum in and around her mouth, making Tia porn pretty.
Dick is infuriated and pulls a gun on Guy. A cum splattered Tia talks the gun out of his hand, promising him the can work it out. She looks at Guy, then aims it at Dick, the film fading to a quote by Iceberg Slim, pimp extraordinaire.
Asia's drawn a crowd and has two cocks in her hands. She gets down to sucking John, then Nathan. There's a CG mount on John, his big dick rockin' her supafine body. She slides over to Nathan, who gets his greasy cock rode as well. Back to John in RC, Asia's body shining lightly, then more CG with Nathan. She lays back in a seat and spreads for mish with John. Her pussy is creaming from the long strokes, then Nathan takes his turn. He rocks Asia, slam fucking her pussy while John spanks furiously to stay ready. He gets back for a few strokes, Asia turning for doggy with Nathan. She gets put on the rotisserie, then the guys switch places. The rest of the audience is gathered around and taking it all in with their camera phones. Cut to Nathan plowing Asia's pussy in mish, nailing her into her seat. Asia sounds like she has a big nut from this railing. John takes over to give the Philly flash some fresh dick. He bangs the hot box hard and deep, digging her out and slathering is cock with girl goo. He pulls out to cum and Asia wants him to butter her popcorn. She squeezes every last drop out of him and the crowd gets jabbering.
Fantasy becomes reality when Tia steps out of the screen still pointing the gun. The crowd scatters leaving the two women alone. They go face to face and Tia kisses Asia. She tells her: "Movies are your best entertainment" and walks off leaving Asia with her mouth agape.
Epilogue DAC has crafted a neat little film here. In an industry where features are as formulaic as any garden variety niche gonzo, with gonzo getting more abusive and unhealthy, he moves toward eroticism over blatant graphics. Borrowing from many sources, be they Woody Allen or Iceberg Slim (who gets an end quote), Tarantino or the film noir genre in general, it lends an intelligence to the motivation behind the sex scenes. I appreciate the way DAC used clothing and color in the fucking. Most of the sex has the dresses just parted or raised, titillating us with their fine bodies as we strain to see a little more, and making it more exciting to see their breasts fully as they fling their bodies in abandon. This was especially true of Nyomi and Asia, whose bodies are especially lustworthy, the taffeta of Nyomi's dress clinging to her elegant body and Asia's hooker chic dress alternately revealing and covering her boombastic assets. Ambient color changes were attached to the varying locations, from the warm, dark tones of the jazz club to the cold hues of the movie theater.
On the negative side, I thought there was too much soft core shooting, and attribute that mainly to comprimising for cable sales. DAC seemed to vacillate between those above the waist shots and pure gonzo angles that he likes to get. He's pretty nimble for a big guy, going after difficult floor shots at times. It also disturbed me that he inserted the Sierra Lin scene in the midst of Tia's ring bang. This was something very common in 70's theatrical porn, and I don't like it any better now than I did then. I understand the need for it here because the scenes are intertwined in the narrative, but would suggest that it would have been better placed between the blowbang portion of Tia's scene and the all out fuckfest. Cutting away when she was getting railed on the ropes seemed wrong.
The editing was tight and the story kept small, but there is more story to be told. We now have Tia as fresh meat in Guy's stable, which only lasts so long before someone new pushes her aside. At that point she would have to scramble to maintain Guy's approval, bringing in new girls herself and doing increasingly nasty things with her clients, ultimately trying to usurp Sierra's position as bottom lady. The big budget features that I've reviewed have run almost twice as long as this without any more plot than this video offers. One can only wonder at the outcome if DAC was given freedom artistically and financially to compete. He's a natural storyteller and isn't afraid to push the girls a little when appropriate. As I've come late to this party, it should be noted that this video won an AVN award, so that should say something for its quality as is.
The Disk There are cast bios, photo gallery, previews and a BTS. I especially get a kick out of Asia's diva attitude and positive self image. She may not be the brightest light on the Christmas tree, but she has the right outlook and a slow simmer to her sexuality.
Recommendation For a lot of gonzophiles and raincoaters, this wouldn't seem to fit the bill, except that so many people are always asking for something different. Well, here it is. Lower your graphic sexual expectations and be entertained by an erotic tale. This easily falls into couples fare without feeling stilted or corny. Give it a shot.

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