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Ashlynn Brooke's Lesbian Fantasies

Ashlynn Brooke's Lesbian Fantasies

Studio: Digital Sin
Category:  All Girl , All Sex
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Ashlynn Brooke's Lesbian Fantasies:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Ashlynn Brooke's Lesbian Fantasies overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Ashlynn Brooke's Lesbian Fantasies Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Ashlynn Brooke's Lesbian Fantasies Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Ashlynn Brooke's Lesbian Fantasies Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Ashlynn Brooke's Lesbian Fantasies Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Ashlynn Brooke's Lesbian Fantasies DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Ashlynn Brooke's Lesbian Fantasies A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  12/15/2009
Good afternoon porn fans time for a new g/g flick and I'm always ready to enjoy the ladies enjoying the ladies!! This time out we have Ashlynn Brooke leading the way appearing in four of the five scenes plus the sexy Oklahoman is adding a new title besides performer to her aresenal and that is one of Director! Yep Ashlynn came up with the concept and I would assume had a big hand in choosing the cast. I'm pretty particular in my girl on girl action so the curiousity factor for me is high in wondering what elements Ashlynn chose to emphasize, highlight time.

Ashlynn Brooke & Alyssa Reece:

The first scene begins promisingly as Ash crawls into bed with Alyssa, the day is just dawning. The girls discuss their day, mostly Alyssa relating the things she's going to do which includes getting a foot massage. This leads to action as Ash goes down and starts tongue licking that foot, slow'n'sensual style. Some good closes ups here as Miss Brooke gives her own brand of a foot massage-- I think you can put me down for one! Foot fans should definitely enjoy this nod to the tootsies. The action then moves on to include Alyssa sampling those gorgeous titties of Ashlynn's. Not a lot of kissing here but there was some which seemed genuine. Ashlynn is the first to dine on pussy and the close in shots continue as she licks and fingers. Loved the pulled back butt shot on Alyssa as the girls switch, I'm digging the booty shots lately and then it's on to Alyssa eating her girlfriend's cookie. Alyssa then assumes a doggie pose as Ash works in a little more foot action, then it's up to kiss around that ass, even a lick or two here! Toys are then brought into the equation, not my fave thing but the girls have already established a good connection for me that I could at least watch. Nothing replaces the oral for me but the visuals continue to be good, even some foot rubbing on Ashlynn's titties. Ash then becomes the target as Alyssa uses the toy on her but also leans down to lick at her ass briefly and also suck Ashlynn's toes. Good finish with Alyssa licking pussy along with using the toy-- if toys are to be used at all this is how I prefer it, don't stop with the pussy eating, ever! Oops, not all is rosey as the scene ends with Alyssa expressing some concerns over the whole foot fetish deal Ash has going on and suggests she sees someone to talk about it.

Ashlynn & Yurizan Beltran:

This leads nicely to the next scene which is set up with Ash going indeed to a 'doc's' office and looking mighty hot as she sits. Tight black skirt and a super hot white shirt, not full business mode style but a hot look regardless. Ash is here to express her feelings and we get the doc's voice coming in, asking what brings her here. One of Ashlynn's girlfriends has noticed the changes-- damn she's a slut, lol!!Ashlynn expresses her desire to explore everything to do with fetish, not just feet so the rest of the dvd will see us explore those fetishes visually. So this brings us to the next scene where Ashlynn tells us about working a real hard week, no time really to shave so she puts on a show one day after getting home, knowing her girlfriend would be watching vouyer style. More hot shots as Ashlynn gets naked in front of a mirror-- the face, those eyes, those tits, that ass-- all were working here. Ash gets in in the shower and it's got one of those removeable heads so she uses it to splash the water all over especially down by her cookie. This stops as she heads over to the tub for a little more water work and she lathers up. You see a hand come in and that's Yurizan. Haven't seen to many shaving scenes so this was cool. Yurizan then comes in as Ash finishes and the scene begins in earnest. Right down to that freshly shaved pussy she goes and Ashlynn is purring in no time due to those licks. This is only my second scene watching Yurizan and damn is she hot, you'll see! After a good session licking that pussy Miss Beltran uses a glass friend to enhance the enjoyment but I noticed she didn't lean in to lick at the pussy or ass so that wasn't quite as good as I'd have hoped. Ash does toy P2M here too. Then it was Ash's turn and she looks equally hot lickin away, clear close picture as well. The ladies sure looked good together but this scene wasn't quite as good as the first, to much of a reliance on the toys here for me where they didn't keep the tongues working too, in tandem. I don't think either girl kissed the others breasts and they both have fantastic tits so that was a disappoitment and I don't think they really kissed either so I'd love another go with these two with less toy play and more oral and kissing included.

Ashlynn & Franziska Facella:

So it's back to the doc's office where the two continue their dialogue. Ash does well with all the dialogue too. Seems at a recent job she was taken with the daughter of the CEO. The girl was so young, so innocent and naive!! Franziska comes in wearing her college outfit and Ash just had to know what was between her legs-- the white stockings she had on gave her the idea. Ash then finds a way in, tutoring the young lady!! So it's over to Ashlynn's pad for the private tutoring session. It begins with our first glimpses at Franziska who does a slow striptease out of her white lace panties and bra. We can assume Ashlynn is nearby watching the show. Everything goes except those white stockings. Miss Facella then does a little posing for us, rubbing the feet, over her breasts and finally Ashlynn eases in looking pretty hot in her own fashion wearing jet black lingerie. Ash shows the love to the stockings, caressing over them as she works her own tits out, letting the feet trace over those big boobies. A few brief kisses leads to Ashlynn going down and eating that pussy, super good open leg shot as she licks away. A pink toy is then brought in but Ashlynn's already done a lot of good licking here so it didn't bother me as much as if she'd only been doing oral a minute or so. Ashlynn then moves on to a rotating toy after Franziska achieved an orgasm. The lack of oral though was starting to lessen my interest, have to be honest. We move the focus then to Ashlynn and there is a couple good boob kisses before Franziska moves down to sample the pussy, Ash is in doggie too so there's that ass in the shot!! Not nearly enough oral for me here before the toys are brought back. At least Ash seems to enjoy the toy play otherwise I might've skipped this. The camera shots were good, presenting the various angles we can enjoy her body from. Good g/g but still a little to much emphasis on toys that took away from the oral, ass and breast play I really like.

Jesse Capelli & Mason Moore:

So after that bit of tutoring, lol, we head back to Ashlynn's therapy session where more discussion takes place about her fetishes. Ashlynn wanting something she can't have like her bosses daughter but she's got other passions too. Trying to have the same dream every night where she's the observer as two hot girls get it on. These girls know that Ash is watching and they also happen to have a little ink on their bodies. So the shot takes us to Ashlynn's fantasy where we first see Jesse Capelli, standing there in red lace with red heels. The music is pulsing as the camera travels around her body showing off that artwork her entire back is taken up with the design. Jesse is good working the tits out and caressing them and just then we see Mason coming down the hallway wearing some sky blue lingerie. Her boobs quickly come out and Jesse's hands are all over them followed quickly by her tongue. The ink is definitely highlighted by the camera shots, on both girls. The music fades out leaving us with the two girls voices and moans. Jesse is the first to do some pussy play, fingers only but it yields a loud climax from Mason. In turn Mason goes down but she's licking too along with using the fingers. The toys then come into play and pretty much the oral stops and it's more a show of watching the toy going in and out, both girls are 'toyed' with here. Ok we do see a little more oral with Mason licking as Jesse stands over her face. There's also the shot where Jesse turns her ass to face camera while Mason is licking, love that shot. Not bad, always wanting more oral than toy play and was glad to see them close it out with some.

Ashlynn & Tori Black:

We have one final trip back to her therapists office and Ashlynn gets some advice on what she should to. Keep herself open, an open mind is a good thing. Ash appreciates the advice but she's gotta run, a hot babe is waiting! So we have one final scene and it features Tori Black who's had quite the year. She's sitting on the stairs enjoying a smoke when Ashlynn arrives home so one final fetish, smoking. The camera is sure to capture some close shots as Tori takes a few puffs. Ash gets there and apologizes for being late, the girls have a few words but you know they won't 'fight' for long. Tori moves to a cigarette next and this seems to start Ashlynn's motor humming. The girls start making the sexy eye contact and it's Ash who makes the first move, sliding onto her knees, opening up the white shirt letting those boobs breath a bit. She licks over the lingerie which is a shot I'm not so keen on, it can't taste good, lol. Thankfully she moves them aside and dives in to that moist pussy as Tori continues to smoke. Loved seeing Tori's lips around Ashlynn's tits, circling the nipples all the while takin a puff and blowing the smoke out over the boobs. Ashlynn plays her part well here being turned on by the smoke. Tori's panties then come fully off, she's in doggie and Ashlynn goes back for more pussy juice, awesome, even some ass licks! Focus then shifts back to Ash's body and Tori hovering over that amazing ass, looking down on her asshole, stroking the pussy then moving around so she can lick that ass/ pussy, go Tori! Totally awesome then as Tori slides under so that means Ashlynn's ass is directly over her face and she licks some more, I love this type of action. Ashlynn being turned on then takes over going back down using her fingers this time along with the tongue. This finale is ending the title on a big high note. The girls 69 with Ashlynn on top, hell yeah ladies. We end with Ashlynn being the one to strike up the cigarette and have a puff, her work is done for this title!!

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well fans this was a good start for Ashlynn. She certainly knows the ropes, having appeared in a lot of scenes, seeing what the director has to do and now applying it to her own piece of work. The first and last scene were the best I think especially the one with Tori, no toys and lots of oral sex!! I'm told this will hopefully be a series and that's great. I enjoy the give and take in the therapists office as Ashlynn relates her fetishes and we then watch them visually demonstrated. I would hope future volumes might see more kissing- I'm talking full on french lip locking here. The oral wasn't bad in this but I could always see more, perhaps a bit more ass licking would be real hot. Ashlynn's seen so many types of scenes being portrayed so the ideas shouldn't be a problem, I'll be curious to see what she cums up with in the next one. Extras here include some BTS with the ladies and you have a bonus scene as well featuring Ashlynn Brooke with Jenna Haze from the movie Addicted 4. This is what I said about the scene when I reviewed it last year.

Well after two real good scene if you're not blown your load at least once prepare now to finally let it fly as we pair up two amazingly beautiful girls in their first onscreen hookup and lets hope it's not the last. More fine voice over work from Ash as we couple that with gorgeous images of her sexy bod, the close up licking of the lips here was a really really good shot. The eyes too are really capturing me here too ,each time we get a glimpse the sensual overtones are strong with this woman, I think it's one of the many reasons I enjoy Ashlynn's work. The fleeting images of Jenna with Ashlynn include toy play but I'm just hoping there is at least some pussy licking, unlike the previous volume where neither Sammie or Ashlynn went down on the other. Still using a palatial house for the setting we watch Ash tease her pussy with the glass toy, then like a ghost from nowhere Jenna appears behind her on the stairs, soon inching ever so closer to Miss Brooke. The two caress a bit and Jenna does lick a breast every so lightly. The drumbeat here was good building in intensity until Jenna moves down to yes, lick pussy!! You also have rose petals strewn about the floor, made me think briefly of American Beauty and well these are two American Beauties right here! Needless to say Jenna looked fantabulous licking coochie, good open leg shot showcasing the oral which also gives us a shot of Ashlynn's tits which personally I think are real nice. The oral was great but for me not long enough, I'm a tough critic when it comes to g/g, I know they only have so many minutes for a scene, I just wish the time was divided up a bit differently. Not to say the toy play didn't look great, it did and the girls seemed to enjoy every last second of it but I missed Ashlynn going down on Jenna-- who wouldn't want to see that happen so something for Round 2 when they work together next. A stunning visual scene no doubt about it but for me a bit frustrating as the toy play far outweighed the more sensual g/g lovemaking I was hoping for here.

Overall a good debut as a director but there is room for improvement in the areas I find more interesting in g/g so I hope Ashlynn might try that and see where it goes from there.

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