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Artcore 2 (Anabolic)

Artcore 2 (Anabolic)

Studio: Anabolic
Category:  Feature film , Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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RLD Fiend's ratings for Artcore 2 (Anabolic):
Overall Rating 1.5 stars
Artcore 2 (Anabolic) overall rating 1.5 stars
Female Looks Artcore 2 (Anabolic) Female looks rating 2.5 stars
Male Looks Artcore 2 (Anabolic) Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Artcore 2 (Anabolic) Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Artcore 2 (Anabolic) Plot/Acting rating 1 star
Extras Artcore 2 (Anabolic) DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Artcore 2 (Anabolic) A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by RLD Fiend  on  6/30/2005

Artcore 2: Toilet Girl

Studio: Anabolic
Director: Sal Genoa
Year: 2004

Feature Time: 2:03:00

Extras: Behind the Scenes (0:57:12)

Gia Paloma (Cover Girl)
Teagan Presley
Jessica Darlin
Heather Hunt
Porscha Blaze
Lani Lei

Themes: Feature, Artistic

"Toilet Girl is a non-stop sexual assault of the body, the mind (and maybe even the soul). Science Fiction themed, the sex is incredible. A brutal collision of Gonzo and Feature, Toilet Girl will leave your sexual senses satiated yet salivating for more. Enjoy this Artcore sensation; it will likely flush all your thoughts of 'normal' down the drain."

That's what the back cover reads. Sounds like some serious hype! This is the second in the "Artcore" series from Anabolic by director Sal Genoa, who attempts to combine feature film aesthetics with hardcore rough sex.

First of all, I have no fucking clue what the plot is supposed to be at any point during the movie. I also am clueless as to how this film is "Science Fiction themed." We start off by driving through what appears to be an average European town. Then for some reason we are in a seedy-looking strip club where Tony T. is the bartender.

Scene 1: Gia Paloma as Toilet Girl with Tony T.

Immediately Gia Paloma, dressed in a bikini is sucking Tony T.'s dick, or rather getting roughly and loudly face-fucked by him in the bathroom of the club. She walks in on him taking a dump and he sees fit to orally assault her. There's graffiti covering all the walls. Tony really gives it to Gia who seems to love every second. This is very rough and sloppy oral action. Tony shoves her head on the toilet seat and comes all over Gia's face to end this aggressive affair.

Scene 2: Lani Lei and a guy

Next up is Lani Lei who is covered in tons, I mean tons, of glittery eye makeup. She's getting roughly throat-fucked by another guy on the floor of the club while other girls are dancing around in the background. This is some more pretty rough blowjob footage. Lani strokes off the guy into her mouth to end and she gets a nice batch of spunk to swallow.

Scene 3: Teagan + Heather Hunt + Porscha Blaze and a guy

At the beginning of this scene we get a rare treat, as Anabolic star The Minion makes an appearance bumping into Mike Horner and spilling his drink on him. I guess Mike is supposed to be the owner of the club or something. He gives another dude in a cowboy hat some blue concoction to drink which causes him to pass out and wake up in the midst of some heavily made up porno chicks.

They're Teagan (Presley), Porscha Blaze, and Heather Hunt but all three of them are covered in body paint and thick glittery makeup. Why? Who knows. They look bizarre and otherworldly. Teagan is usually extremely hot but I wasn't really attracted to her with a bunch of blue paint on her body, wild poofy hair, and crazy makeup. Heather and Teagan get fucked in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl respectively.

Teagan takes it up the ass too and Porscha provides the A2M. The scene was just not erotic to me though, due to the wild body paint, dark lighting, and creepy hair and makeup on all the girls. There's also the shadow of some guy in the background of the scene the whole time which was distracting. The guy busts a nut across all three girls faces and they swap it but there doesn't seem to be too much to share.

Scene 4: Gia Paloma and three guys

Mike Horner is pissed off at Gia for some reason and makes her get fucked by three guys in a circle. She does a three-dick blow bang with great enthusiasm. The scene is hot and rough but the bad lighting in the club doesn't make me too excited about it.

The guys basically cluster-fuck Gia in all of her holes. She does vaginal, anal, P2M, and A2M from every angle. The guys team up for a DP and even go ass-to-pussy on her (eww). Gia seems to love it the whole time getting dick roughly shoved in all of her orifices and delivers a great performance. All the guys come in a champagne glass which Gia swallows; it's pretty hot.

Scene 5: Lani Lei and a guy

Lani is now the Toilet Girl, I guess, because her scene takes place in the same bathroom as the first one with Gia. Lani has on a bizarre red bikini or something that looks as if it is painted on. The costumes in this movie were weird and didn't seem to have any significance. Lani's scene here is ok even though she's got crazy poofed-out hair and strange eye makeup.

The guy gets his dick sucked and fucks Lani on the floor of the bathroom next to the toilet. She does P2M and gets vaginally fucked in missionary on top of the toilet. The dude delivers a solid load which Lani swallows, it looks like, but she's still covered in cum.

Scene 6: Jessica Darlin and Tony T. + another dude

It's good to see Jessica Darlin in action. She's a filthy blonde who I've always thought did great scenes. Check out "Grand Theft Anal" from Zero Tolerance or "Mason's Sexual Disorder" from Platinum X for proof of her abilities. She plays the waitress, I guess, because she's serving drinks to Tony T. and another guy. Soon they are holding her by the hair and shoving their cocks down her throat.

Jessica does a lot of sloppy face-fucking oral before getting her ass banged in missionary and reverse cowgirl. She does A2M from Tony's dick with her usual enthusiasm. More anal lovin' in doggy style before all three of them do a DP in cowgirl. Jessica does some eager rimming of their hairy assholes. One guy blasts her with a nice facial before Tony fires his cum on a big silver platter which Jessica greedily licks up.

OK. Mike Horner's pissed at Gia again. "You disgust me!" he yells at her among other things. Gia's cowering in the corner of the bathroom. Then Mike is in a car accident for some reason. Finally, we get a scene of a plastic bag blowing around in the wind. How artistic and original.

Scene 7: Gia Paloma and a guy

Gia's back as the Toilet Girl to end this confusing film. She does a black guy in the same bathroom on the toilet after the credits roll. She gives him a really sloppy blowjob against the wall and then gets fucked in the pussy on the toilet. The guy gives her an average and watery load and then the movie is over for good.

Who is Mike Horner supposed to be? Why is Gia Toilet Girl? Where is this town we are in? What kind of club is this? What do some polaroid pictures have to do with anything? How the hell is this Science-Fiction related? What's up with the car accident at the end? Answers to these questions and many others are nowhere to be found in "Artcore 2: Toilet Girl." So, if you are looking for a feature film that has any kind of coherent plot whatsoever, you will be as confused as I was watching this.

How about the sex in "Toilet Girl"? Does it make up for the bizarre and disjointed 'story' line that makes absolutely no sense? Short answer: no. I thought Gia's scenes were pretty hot, though. She's the star of this attraction and deservedly so. I would have to say that the first brief scene with her was probably the best. The rest of the scenes shot in the main rooms of the club do not look very good and the lighting is terrible at times. The club looks all mysterious and shadowy, which was intentional, I suppose, but it was not conducive to filming hot sex.

Certainly the appearance of The Minion in a bit part was entertaining to see, and Gia gives three red-hot scenes, but "Artcore 2: Toilet Girl" is ultimately befuddled and confused. I've watched this movie several times and I still have no freakin' idea what's going on. As a feature film the movie completely fails, I'm sorry to report.

There are a few good sex scenes to enjoy though along the way, including Jessica's. As a straight-up gonzo movie it's below average, however. I didn't like all the crazy outfits and makeup which pretty much ruined Teagan's scene for me. Perhaps fans of Gia Paloma might want to give this one a look because she's easily the best part of the film. Definitely do not believe all of the back cover hype though.

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