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Art Of Oral Sex, The

Art Of Oral Sex, The

Studio: Simon Wolf
Category:  Barely Legal , Oral
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Linus's ratings for Art Of Oral Sex, The:
Overall Rating 2.5 stars
Art Of Oral Sex, The overall rating 2.5 stars
Female Looks Art Of Oral Sex, The Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Art Of Oral Sex, The Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Art Of Oral Sex, The Sex rating 2.5 stars
Plot/Acting Art Of Oral Sex, The Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Art Of Oral Sex, The DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Art Of Oral Sex, The A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by Linus  on  2/14/2005
The Art of Oral Sex: Performed by 20 Young Girls


Initial Thoughts It seems to be an increasingly popular trend to take parts of complete sex scenes, and cut out parts of them to make a themed compilation. That is what this disc is about too, taking the blowjob portions of other scenes, and making this compilation. This one is pretty decent, and has a good cast of willing young ladies. For the most part these are some pretty decent blowjobs, but they suffer from issues that most of these kinds of titles do, and that is, that your only getting a glimpse of the scene, these blowjobs are not intended to be the entire scene like in an all oral gonzo production for example, and because of that these BJs seem abrubt and off kilter sometimes. The extras are decent but rather lackluster, this one could have been better, but in this kind of genre, it holds its own.

Technical Considerations: Menus are simple and easily used and read. The technical details vary quite a bit since there were many different productions used to put this together, but thier generally on the average and acceptable side. Some lighting problems and some grainy video quality at times, but not too big a deal.

Condom Usage: None

Scene Breakdown

Scene 1: Brianna Blaze

Right to the head here, Brianna does a nice job with some fast deep oral and some licking and teasing, nice energy and pretty good camera shots of the action. Impressive facial finish with some post cum cleanup from Brianna. Duration: 7:02 mins

Scene 2: Kylie Rochelle

On a bed, good energy she smiles and gets titfucked as she sucks the head of his cock. Some deep oral buy a lot of breaks in the action. A little ball licking and a decent blast across her face finishes the scene, she sucks him a little post cum and smiles. Duration: 7:22 mins

Scene 3: Crystal Ray

Always perky Crystal is up next, she goes right for some attempted deepthroat, some handjob and oral with great eye contact follows, A little tongue play and some shallow sucking and Marc Davis pops across her pretty face. Crystal sucks him off to finish. Duration: 5:45 mins

Scene 4: Wendy James

She gives him a slow BJ with a little bit of a titjob, energy could have been better, and Alex jerks off on her face with a small load on her lips. Duration: 6:25 mins

Scene 5: Katja Kassin

Straight to deep oral, Katja goes no hands for most of it and gets spit in her mouth and some tongue kissing, back to deep oral while she plays with her pussy. Light gagging and they move to standing sixty nine with some more deep energetic oral from Katja. Lee Stone jerks off on her tongue. Not much cum but Katja licks him clean afterwards. Duration 5:17 mins

Scene 6:Lexi Mathews

Slow teaser blowjob, with lots of jerking as she looks at the camera, and some cockhead licking. Lexi looks hot in panties and a gold top. She gets into a methodical rhythm before she jerks off a small cumshot onto her face. She rubs his cock all over her face and smiles. Scene duration 6:21 mins

Scene 7: Fiona Bones

Pretty hot slow sensual BJ by Fiona, she keeps her lips wrapped around his shaft, and gets a good rhythm going with some hand action before he pops across her face as she lays down on the bed. She softly sucks his cum covered cock clean and we get an extreme closeup to watch her work. Duration: 5:10 mins

Scene 8: Mandy Starr

Mandy is another cute one, and she has her hair in pigtails as she sucks cock on some red steps, she laughs and smiles as she sucks his dick deep in her mouth, and uses plenty of saliva as he face fucks her holding on to her pigtails a bit before jerking a good load all over her tits and face, although she is less than thrilled. Duration: 7:06 mins

Scene 9: Tanya James

Sexy Tanya gives her guy a handjob in the park while she drools down onto his cock before she goes in for some energetic deep sucking. Lots of saliva and great pace from her as she repeatedly near deepthroats her guy before he feels the need to stand up and blast a spurt of cum onto her face while she stairs up at him from the grass. Duration: 6:29 mins

Scene 10: Teagan

Some early Teagan footage here, and she gets right into sucking off her guy on the couch, she seems a bit timid and looks over to a blank space a few times like she doesn't know what to do, likely looking to the director for guidance, but her cute little mouth does the job eagerly enough, and she jerks him for added pleasure. She tells him she wants his cum, and he obliges by shooting a load on her face, in her mouth and onto her tits. Duration: 5:44 mins

Scene 11: Eva Angelina

Cute little spectacle wearing Eva goes for the passionate approach for her turn, and gives her guy an energetic dick sucking with some stoppages for kissing while she strokes him. They go to some sixty nine for a short while, before she goes into some high paced no hands work before he spurts out a big load on her face and chest, they kiss and she sucks him afterwords. Duration: 4:13 mins

Scene 12: Iyesha

Another reasonably well done BJ, but Iyesha is a bit mechanical, and just keeps going steady without too much energy. She picks it up a little bit with some handjob action, but she dodges away a little from the facial. Duration: 6:07 mins

Scene 13: Brooke

I find myself usually wanting to see more of Brooke after I see a scene of hers, and this scene pretty much holds that pattern, she gives a pretty energetic BJ and gets a good rhythm going, but then the editing bites the scene, and they just cut away to him standing over her as she sits back on the couch, and he jerks a load onto her tits. Duration: 4:11 mins

Scene 14: Daisy Mclane

Daisy blows her guy by the bar, and uses her major sized breasts for some titjob action, she is a bit timid during her scene and kind of stop and go, and there isn't much of a facial either to finish. Duration: 5:38 mins

Scene 15: Fallon

Fallon does a decent slow and sensual blowjob, but this one really gets destroyed by the editing, they stop a couple of times to move around, and then they cut to him pulling out and shooting his load on her belly. Duration: 5:50 mins

Scene 16: Kelly Kline

Kelly seems less than thrilled to be sucking cock for most of this one, but she picks up a little energy after a while and they go into some sixtynine. The editing again blows the finish as they cut to him cumming on her pussy and ass. Duration: 5:50 mins

Scene 17: Boo

Good hand and tongue work from boo, but she is a bit distant as she blows the guy, She smiles at him though as he cums on her face and lips. She licks his dick afterwards. Duration: 7:18 mins

Scene 18: Kimberly Kane

Another frankly average looking BJ, Kimberly looks good and goes right to work eagerly enough, we get a little titjob action, and she just kind of sits there as he cums on her face after a few minutes of mechanical looking sucking. Duration: 3:16 mins

Scene 19: Becca Bratt

Becca bends down to suck her guy on the couch, and tries to take him deep but she changes her mind and goes to some spit soaked handjob action before returning to using her mouth on him. The editing again isn't very good, and they miss most of the cumshot, although she does do some cleanup work with a smile to finish. Duration: 6:20 mins

Scene 20: Anna Bell

Anna has some energy, and she goes right down to jerking and sucking his dick with some decent sensuality. She works over his cock while he tugs her hair back and pushes her head down, She teases his nuts with her tongue, and before long gets a massive facial that catches her by suprise, she smiles and laughs and looks great with her face blasted in sperm. Duration: 5:53 mins

Extra Stuff

Photo Gallery: 30 shots or so of the oral sex from the film.

Bonus Scene:From Wet Dreams. Julia. Nice bonus with some footage of her peeing and posing and some interview before they have full on sex with a condom, it's a little too much of a setup feel, as they look like thier doing it in front of a camera and being instructed where to go, but it's still the best scene on the disc lasting over 22 minutes. Previews: The Art of Anal, Juicy G Spots, Naughty Bedtime Stories 2, and Woman's World.

Other Extras:none

In The End

I've seen quite a few of these loads of scenes BJ comps now, and to be honest I think I'll stay off them a while, because just about everyone feels chopped up and energy less. This one is realy no different. Some hot girls and a couple of fairly good blowjob sequences put this one up there in it's genre, but that still leaves a lot to be desired, not one scene really looks like it is a BJ scene from start to finish, and I cannot really understand the attraction to that. I for one would much prefer either a dedicated BJ movie, even if it is only 5 or 6 girls with full length Blowjob scenes, than having this 20 girls with 5 minutes a piece edited stuff. Or atleast have the whole scene, I just think the product really suffers when it gets chopped up, and even if the scene was a good one, it never gets a chance to show it in this format. If you like all oral, and you prefer the short and quick with many girls to choose from, then you will probably like this, but there are much better oral sources out there to be had. Rent if you must, but this one is pretty average at best. If you have questions or comments about this review, please contact me at Thanks for reading.

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