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Art Of Kissing 3
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Art Of Kissing 3

Studio: Viv Thomas
Category:  All Girl , All Sex , Foreign
Starring: , , , , , ,
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Aaryanna's ratings for Art Of Kissing 3:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Art Of Kissing 3 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Art Of Kissing 3 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Art Of Kissing 3 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Art Of Kissing 3 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Art Of Kissing 3 Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Art Of Kissing 3 DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Art Of Kissing 3 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Aaryanna  on  3/5/2013
A Nice Title for Girls of All Ages. Delicious Same Sex Discovery

I remember when Viv Thomas started his “Art of Kissing” series. It was supposedly inspired by a Japanese title – where two girls kissed, just kissed – for an entire scene.

I actually saw this Japanese series (it was called, “Deep Kiss”) and, for its day – it was indeed kind of breakthrough. For one, there wasn’t a lot of girl-girl coming out of Japan. But the cuties were indeed good kissers. And babes kissing at length was still kind of unique at the time, even in Europe and America. In other movies, girls didn’t kiss enough.

The premise of the Japanese series was – two girls being randomly selected at a carnival or street fair – and then brought to this giant motor home – where they smooched continuously for the camera. I’d do that, wouldn’t you? Think the Girls Gone Wild van in Japan – but just kissing.

The women were also lying down the entire time, one on top of the other, which was kinda romantic. There wasn’t any change of scenery. And there wasn’t any undressing or oral sex. You kept expecting them to break from their lip lock – but they never did. It must’ve been due to passion, right?

I remember that the babes were always short – and very little girlish – which is a standard of beauty in Japan that’s still overdone to this day. But given the extreme lack of girl-girl content that’s come out of that country – it’s somewhat remarkable that the series even existed – and, unfortunately, not much better has left their shores since. Too bad.

I recall my pussy getting very wet when I first saw the Japanese series. I do, really. Today, I might be embarrassed to admit that – because I’m sure that those videos would appear to be quite quaint by modern girl-girl standards. But there was this huge gap in the quality and emotionality of women-only depictions at the time – and Viv Thomas rightfully stepped in to fill it.

When Viv’s “Art of Kissing” (the original) and “Art of Kissing 2” came out, I remember liking at least one heady scene in each movie – and masturbating to it -- until my hearts content. But that was in 2005 and 2006, respectively. “Art of Kissing 3,” in fact – was made in 2007 – so by women-only standards today, this movie is almost ancient.

Given the above chronology, that means – that the original Japanese series – was probably released around 2003. That’s almost – archaeological. But that was only – ten years ago. Feels like much longer, doesn’t it? Gee, it’s amazing to think how far we’ve come as a planet -- in terms of girl-girl – and porn, in general. The distance – is truly unbelievable. Hallelujah.

Back to the movie. This video has six vignettes. My favorites are the ones – with Jo & Nelly and Ariel & Suze – all brunettes. When it comes to kissing, I always tend to feel that brunette – look more romantic smooching with one another, don’t you?

These two scenes – and all of my favorite vignettes from Viv Thomas – all share similar elements in common. The actresses here all look very young – with petite breasts and lithe frames – and depict that most enticing time of adolescent same-sex discovery. Here’s a brief description of the two.

Jo & Nelly

In this encounter – the girls make out as though exploring each other – in one of their parent’s houses when no one else is around. If it wasn’t for the actresses’ eye makeup – both women would seem to be extremely young.

Imagine two eager teens wearing colorful clothing – kissing at length on the sofa to reveal their budding sexualities – and you won’t be too far from the truth.

Both girls pull down tops – to lick on each other’s breasts. Jo goes one better – by adoringly going back and forth – between Nelly’s nipples and her mouth.

It’s like kissing is their sanctuary – and a place to return to – after they go out touring to other parts of each other’s bodies.

Ladies, do you remember the first time – a cute babe – sucked on your nipples, and how good it felt? If not, maybe this scene – will bring those memories – rushing back to you.

Both girls hesitate in getting each other fully naked. But once it happens, Jo plunges head long – with her tongue – to lick on Nelly’s twat.

Jo has broad cheekbones and a really cute face. Nelly, with her delicate jawline – reminds me of a really young version of the actress, Angie Harmon, the beautiful brunette on the TV show, “Rizzoli & Isles.” Cool.

Nelly has a tantalizing pussy, like a really ripe fruit – bursting with flavor – that Jo obviously enjoys as she licks on Nelly’s clit.

When Jo takes a break, Nelly draws Jo’s face up to hers – so that she can taste her own pussy juices delectably on Jo’s warm lips.

Jo later finger fucks Nelly’s pussy – as Nelly masturbates herself simultaneously – as the two of them continue to kiss.

The best part of their interlude -- is this long kissing segment in the middle.

Nelly keeps jamming her tongue into Jo’s waiting mouth – as though it were cock – and that’s just how Jo treats it, by sucking on it and bobbing her face as though she were giving it head. Nice.

Both women had beautiful tongues and lips -- and they turn their heads to-and-fro – to kiss each other from either side.

The camera gets in really close – and both girls’ beautiful faces and mouths – completely fill the screen.

The effect is to transport you into the vignette – so it seems that the lips that either Nelly or Jo are kissing – are your own. I kid you not.

I masturbated – as I watched this portion of their scene over-and-over – until I finished.

The girls end their experience – by lying on the sofa together – and just kissing. What else? What could be more beautiful or inspiring than that?

This is an enchanting rendezvous – where two young babes learn to kiss and eat each other’s pussies – in a manner that I hope all young girls will enjoy.

Ariel & Suzie

In the scene with Ariel and Suzie – the babes wake up in the same bed together, fully clothed, in sheer panties and camisole tops – as though they were having a sleepover.

There’s some really nice kissing up front – where Ariel sort of plays the “boy” and kisses down romantically on Suzie -- who tosses her head back seductively and plays the “girl.”

The girls kiss first with lips, and then add in a little tongue. This was all shot in delectable close-ups, of course. The babes progress to some tongue thrusting and sucking, a little lip biting, and some tongue parrying, which was all very nice.

There’s a portion where the girls switch roles – as Suzie plays the boy – and lies missionary between Ariel’s thighs – as the latter wraps her legs around Suzie as if the two of them were fucking. The babes continue to kiss while doing so.

The girls get topless – but take a lot longer to get totally naked. How cute. Ladies, do you remember the first time another babe – lifted her bum off of the bed – to allow you to remove her panties. I do. And Viv captures this nicely as one girl fully undresses her friend – while the other spreads her legs openly for her partner.

Suzie, the cuter one (who resembles a younger version of the rapturous porn actress, Sandra Shine, a girl-girl fiend) – is the first to go down – so it’s nice to see her gorgeous face juxtaposed against Ariel’s pretty twat. She licks on Ariel’s pussy – as though she were a young calf -- sucking on her mother’s teet.

Suzie uses her first two fingers– so it looked like she was using her “gun” – to fuck inside of Ariel’s cunt. (Today, she’d be probing inside of Ariel’s ass hole – instead of inside of her girlfriend’s snatch.) She soon licks on Ariel’s pussy – as though she were a young calf -- sucking on her mother’s teet. She strokes on Ariel’s clit with the fingers of her other hand – and soon brings her friend to climax.

The girls kiss romantically afterwards – as though Suzie wanted to thank her friend – for giving her the best orgasm of her blossoming adolescent life.

The girls then switch places – so that Ariel could return the favor. It was nice being a fly on the wall – to enjoy watching young babes exploring their own sexuality.

Suzie gets on all fours and Ariel licks her friend’s pussy from behind. Suzie then lies on her back – and Ariel attacks her center from the side – as though she were in the top half of a luscious sixty-nine.

The girls kiss again after Suzie orgasms – and then crawl under the sheets – so they can spend the rest of the morning sleeping the time away.


This is a great video – that I would highly recommend for all young girls to watch – before they hook up with boys.

The movie was breakthrough – at the time it came out – but rather tame by standards of today. The kissing and pussy eating, however – are still quite nice.

If you’d like to reminisce about the beauty of young babes -- before piercings, tattoos and analingus (oh my) – “The Art of Kissing 3” might be nice nostalgic look back. Enjoy.

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