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Ariana Jollee Fucks the World

Ariana Jollee Fucks the World

Studio: Anarchy
Category:  Anal
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Ariana Jollee Fucks the World:
Overall Rating 2.5 stars
Ariana Jollee Fucks the World overall rating 2.5 stars
Female Looks Ariana Jollee Fucks the World Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Ariana Jollee Fucks the World Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Ariana Jollee Fucks the World Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Ariana Jollee Fucks the World Plot/Acting rating 3 stars
Extras Ariana Jollee Fucks the World DVD Extras rating 1.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Ariana Jollee Fucks the World A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  6/29/2005
Ok here we have the third dvd released that this talented woman has directed and I know she had a good time making this one since she emailed me from Brazil while she was making it!! I know she was really pumped to work with Nacho Vidal and from what I've read sparks flew so hopefully they have a good scene or scenes in this one. Ariana is the only girl I recognize and I know a couple of the guys names, chiefly Nachos. So let's hit some highlights.

Scene 1:

They start off strong with a shot of Ariana's ass from ground level and being a long time fan I love this shot and can never tire of seeing this good lookin tush. The tease does kinda drag on though but hey it's Ariana so I'll gladly sit and watch her paint walls if I get to see her! You can tell eventually that it's Nacho shooting camera and then he gets a bit more into the scene letting Ariana engulf his cock and fans of this lady know she can suck some cock. The close shots were really good and the eye contact was very nice by Miss Jollee who also gags pretty hard on his monster cock. You'll also notice she's got on a long white collar which is wrapped around her neck a couple of times, this does nothing for me but thought I should include it. I love how hungry Ariana seems to be for his cock and this shows through easily in her effort here. The two have good communication both verbal and through the eyes though we don't see his. Nacho then makes Ariana ask him to fuck her. As for the action you see a standing doggie shot from the side featuring some P2M also. Mr. Vidal also gets a shot at fucking her ass doggiestyle and the shot gets underneath showing the penetration inside her bum. You also get a good overhead shot of the action with him pulling out and Ariana spreading her ass nice 'n' wide. After some A2M they continue in doggie anal with a shot lookin directly at her face, then the action moves to a better position in my opinion and that's reverse cowgirl anal. You also will notice that the two are able to look to their right and see themselves fucking in a mirror/ door that is quite long. Next you have some cowgirl fucking in vag leading to spoon and I actually didn't like her look here, it was an almost painful expression she had on her face, could it be the collar was on to tight, regardless she didn't look like she was having fun which I normally see Ariana with a beaming smile on her face. Well during this mish fucking Nacho goes and pops inside her pussy and swinging the camera around we see some of the jizz start to seep out. Ariana dips her fingers in for a taste but I must say this wasn't the best scene I've seen her do and that surprises me since she was working with someone I know she was high on working with, maybe watching it later I'll have a different take on the scene but for now it wasn't the best I've seen her do.

Scene 2:

Like I said in the first part of the review Ariana is the only girl I know in the cast so as this scene begins we have two girls engaging in some good kissing. The camera gets in close as they twirl tongues and also creatively help each other out of their tops so they can do some boob licking. In the background you then see a third girl sandwiched between two guys jerking them off. The shot goes to the 2 on 1 action from floor level as the lady jerks the guys off and going back to the two girls going at it we stay floor level as they lick boobs. I see Nacho is one of the two guys and he gets to peel the girls shorts off revealing a very hot ass which he squeezes and then he buries his face deep into those cheeks. I wonder if Ariana was shooting camera for this scene? We alternate between the two groups with some good shots of the g/g featuring some pussy eating and then the other girl is sucking cock and getting fucked doggiestyle and again some good underneath shots are featured. Ok we see another big mirror in the background and freezing the frame I was able to tell Ariana wasn't shooting camera unless she developed a beer belly!! Nacho then moves over to the g/g and peels the short off one before burying his face in another ass, a great one BTW. Ok , it seems both groups finally merge and it's an orgy of sorts with sucking and fucking going on aplenty. I thought the action was good, actually better than the first scene if you can believe that, I sensed a bit more passion from the girls plus those booties were just so good and you got a nice mixture with all the girls. To close out you get some pops on asses and the girls get to taste a little, not a bad group scene even if I couldn't understand what they were saying,lol.

Scene 3:

Alright the next scene takes us to a very pretty dark haired girl wearing black, the top was mesh allowing her perky tits to show through. Soon the lady bends over letting us check out her ass which again is a good one and I must say I've seen a couple of Brazilian themed dvds and the girls usually have tremendous butts and this has been the case so far here. Well this lady is soon joined by a guy and the two are kissing passionately in no time with the girl also helping the gentlemen get his clothes off. Soon we are witnessing a good blowjob from the ground level and also using a side view. The guy then gets to bend down and taste/ finger the ladies' ass before we go back to her sucking cock and getting the knob quite wet as we see. After a brief pussy lick they start the sex with spoon, also shooting mish, doggie anal with A2M, then spoon anal and this leads to the pop which sees the guy pull out and pop to her pussy with the girl dipping a couple fingers in for a taste.

Scene 4:

Ok this next scene begins with us looking through some blinds as another fine looking Brazilian woman fingers her pussy and the camera then goes inside briefly to give us a shot of who it is looking through the blinds and it's two guys who are already jerking their meat. The girl then goes up to the blinds opens them and beckons the fellas to come in and join her, don't think they'll need to be asked twice!! The guys sure enough are in that room in no time and we go right to some cock sucking and one fella concentrates on removing her bottoms and tonguing her pussy. The girl then gets in the doggie position where we see more fine pussy fingering along with more knob polishing plus she moans in Brazilian, kinda hot don't ya think! The same guy who's been fingering her then gets underneath to eat her pussy out which I always like that shot and then he gets to fuck her while she's still in doggie. Moving on you get a superb cowgirl shot giving us a fabulous shot of just how good this girls ass is and it gets slapped several times here as well. Turning around we get a nice bouncy reverse cowgirl and yes we have some modest sized tits so the flopping was good though the camera jerked around a couple times before settling back down. You do get some incredibly good close up shots though of her pussy, then of her ass when they switch to reverse cowgirl anal. There is also anal in spoon, then it's back to cowgirl this time in a dp and they close out giving this woman a good double facial.

Scene 5:

Ok this next scene starts with the woman lying on a table and two men are hovering over her fingering her ass/ pussy and you see some yellow and black tape also covering parts of her body, kinda like when something is ropped off with the police tape if that helps out. After some fingering/ ass licking the girl then gets to start sucking some cock while they continue to explore her holes below. Sexwise you see this blond girl fucked in doggie anal, reverse cowgirl anal plus a dp, also a cowgirl dp is shot, then some mish with the girl engulfing a cock above. The men then finger her to a juicy climax, then they use a cone which normally would be orange in color but here it's black & yellow and the girl rides it like a gargantuan sized butt plug!! There is also more squirting done while she rides this and the guys then have her lick it up from the table they've been fucking her on as they also mysteriously must've popped as well somewhere as she lifts up with cum on her lips, wow that was a weird ending to a scene and I rewound it a couple times too,lol.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well I must say I was a bit disappointed with this one as the title is Ariana Jollee Fucks The World but she's only in the first scene and she only does Nacho and while he might be a world all unto himself it's hardly what I'd consider to be the whole world,lol. The scene also was a bit below what I've seen Ariana do in the past without the trademark smile I've so often seen in other scenes where I know she was having a good time so this one I'd rent first and Ariana fans like myself might end up not keeping this one as she's only in the one scene and I don't see anything in the extras like behind the scenes where we could learn something about how this dvd was put together. You only get a photo gallery, some trailers and that's about it. I'm surprised at how little Ariana was in this one so the title is really misleading which I've heard in the past from others regarding Anarchy dvds and this time I'm with them on that point at least. The action though in the other four scenes was pretty good, I saw some great asses in all five scenes including Ariana's but the heat just wasn't as high as I'd like it to be so a rental at best for this title is how I see it.

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