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Aprende Part 2

Aprende Part 2

Studio: Enrique Cruz
Category:  Gay
Directed by:

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wizzerbud's ratings for Aprende Part 2:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Aprende Part 2 overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Aprende Part 2 Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Aprende Part 2 Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Aprende Part 2 Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Aprende Part 2 Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Aprende Part 2 DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Aprende Part 2 A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by wizzerbud  on  9/22/2006
Enrique Cruz has delivered another one of his hip-hop videos using a diverse cast of black and Latin models, and all of them with big dicks with Aprende 2. His 105-minute video with numerous scenes is not your everyday porn product, but even for people like me who would not at first glance be interested in this type of video, I still like it. The scenes jump around and last anywhere from a few minutes to about 10 minutes so you won’t have time to reach for the fast forward before the video moves on to something else. In this video, the narrator has written a college paper entitled Gay Sex Report and the scenes we see are the visuals of what he has written in his paper. It is supposed to be his experiences in discovering gay sex. There is no need to go through all of the things in between each scene and the scenes sort of jump all around so I am just going to give the rundown on the sex.

In the opener, two guys are in a pond or lake naked with one standing and the other one sucking his dick. Both of these guys are younger smaller framed with a sort of jock look. They don’t have much muscle, but still nice looking. They move their action out of the water swapping blowjobs and quickly one is bent over taking the other one’s dick doggy style. They do a flip-flop staying with the doggy style fucking and finish with the top shooting his load over the bottom’s ass and the bottom standing to ooze out a nice load of his own.

The second scene opens with two slim guys making out, kissing, etc. in some corner. They are quickly naked and one is rimming the other one—eating and fingering his hole priming it for the fucking that is coming. The fucking gets going missionary style and we can hear street noise in the background. Being shoved in the corner makes it hard for the camera to get good angles, but it doesn’t matter as the scene ends soon with the top spraying the bottom with his cum shot.

The second scene ends and right away we see two more guys kissing and in a few seconds one is on his knees sucking the other one’s dick. A few more seconds and one is fucking the other one doggy style, but only for a minute as they are both shooting their loads. Don’t blink or you will miss this scene.

Next we have two guys sitting around talking and then they are undressed and on the bed with one sucking the other one. These guys are more of the twink variety. The sucking is pretty bad. They get into some missionary style fucking and in only a minute the bottom is covering his ripped abs with his cumshot. The top shoots his load hitting the bottom all over his face and hair and everywhere down below.

In the next scene two guys built like the previous pair are in a bed resembling their bed. The clothes are off and the sucking gets started as they lay on the bed. They get to some mutual jacking off and about 30 seconds later the cum loads are spewing.

This film is moving quickly. We are only 30 minutes into it and already have had five scenes.

The hottie featured on the DVD box cover is showering and then we see him getting sucked by another guy. The guy sucking moves up to show his attention to the beautiful pecs and nipples adorning the hot GQ looking stud. Where did Enrique find this hot jock and why is the guy wasting his good looks in this production? The sucker stops his pec worshiping to return to the sucking, but only briefly as he is back up to this dude’s chest for more oral worshiping. We see the hottie is still learning this business as he starts fucking and his performance here leaves a little to be desired. He fucks his bottom doggy style, but not with much enthusiasm. He is probably used to hooking up with hotter guys than this scene partner. The bottom shoots his load while being fucked and hot guy shoots out a nice load of jizz.

In the next scene, two guys are kissing on the steps inside a fraternity house when someone climbing the stairs on his way to his room stumbles upon them. He starts to go on up the stairs but instead stops to see what is going on. Soon the dicks are out and everybody is stroking. Soon we are into the three-way sex. The one that came upon these guys’ kicks back while one of the guys sucks him and a muscle stud fucks the guy doing the sucking in a doggy style fashion. Muscle stud pounds away at his bottom drilling his ass hard. Muscle guy shoots a nice load and while another one shoots their load, he delivers a second cumshot. The bottom guy blasts one out and then the guy that was being sucked shoots a second load of his own.

The video moves on to the two guys from the first scene and they are back in that pond or lake. One starts sucking the nipples of the other one while another muscled stud is watching them off in another part of the water stroking his huge dick. They motion for him to come over and now one is down sucking cock while the other is sucking on the nipples of the muscled voyeur. The swap up the cock and nipple sucking positions before magically ending up inside. They do some continuing rotating with one sucking cock and one sucking nipples so that everybody’s dick and tits gets some sucking. The muscled guy is the bottom here and he sits on one of the guys’ dick to ride him reverse cowboy style. The third guys alternates between sucking the bottom guy’s dick and nipples. They move to missionary style and the bottom and the third guy alternate sucking each other’s dicks. The bottom shoots a load while being fucked. I guess the other two figured their earlier cumshot was sufficient for the film, as they don’t deliver a cumshot this scene.

It is the ninth scene of the film and the three guys from the steps fucking in the frat house earlier are now on the rooftop for another hookup. One does a little rimming and quickly the bottom is back into doggy style position while the muscle dude is fucking him again and the other dude is getting sucked again. They do not even change their positions. It does not matter as this four-minute scene ends with the muscle dude being the only one to have a cumshot.

Two more jock guys are talking and the scene changes and they are fucking doggy style, and then back to talking and then kissing. We get some more making out with them now naked and their big dicks hanging out. One starts sucking the other one and then the missionary style fuck gets going. They change to some spoon style fucking and the bottom shoots a nice cumshot with his top buddy following him with a thick load.

There are a lot of duo scenes in this film, but in the next scene, two guys are sitting on a couch with one sucking the other one and a twink watching them. The twink joins them and like the other three ways, we get a round of nipple sucking and cock sucking. One of these guys has this humongous thick dick. They move to this sort of daisy chain suck, but the big dick guy does not suck dick. They get into some fucking with the big dick guy shoving his massive meat stick into one of the guys for doggy style, while that bottom shoves his dick up into the twink in a missionary style fucking. It doesn’t take long before the twink is blasting out his load while being fucked. The other two continue in missionary style while the twink and the bottom alternate sucking each other’s nipples. The bottom guy shoots out a load while being fucked, but when the big dicked guy pulls out to shoot, he delivers this pitiful cumshot.

It is now scene 12 and a dude is sucking this well built muscle hottie. Enrique has some real discoveries here. The sucking is short and the doggy style fucking gets started. It is so hard not to focus in on the muscle butt of this top as he pounds away on his bottom. It is one of the hottest muscle butts I have seen on film, even though he is a top. The bottom shoots while being fucked and the muscle top is close behind with a big load coming out of his huge dick. This scene ended way too soon for me. I wanted to see more.

For the final scene, two guys are kissing and the clothes come off to reveal two muscular bodies with a lot of tattoos and one has some large piercing in his navel. They do some mutual sucking and they do a flip flop doggy style fuck. Each one finishes his fuck with a cumshot, and in the end they both shoot off a second load of jizz for us.

Extras for this DVD are almost forty minutes of screen tests for Enrique’s studio. Some of this has no sound and the film quality as well as the cameraman quality varies, but it is interesting.

I had only seen one of Enrique’s videos before and I liked it. I liked this one also, although I can not exactly rave that it is outstanding. This video had 13 scenes in a 1-½ hour video so the scenes were short—some were just too short. He had some models I would love to see again, but maybe with another studio where their bodies could be showcased more. If you like a change from the pretty boy or the pig sex or the traditional all Caucasian cast, this video is worth watching. If you like something that you can quickly rub one out to, this is it. There are parts of it I will definitely go back to watch again and again. It’s definitely worth at least a rental and maybe even a purchase.

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