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Apple Bottomz 5

Apple Bottomz 5

Studio: Zero Tolerance
Category:  All Sex
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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Bart's ratings for Apple Bottomz 5:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Apple Bottomz 5 overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Apple Bottomz 5 Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Apple Bottomz 5 Male looks rating 2 stars
Sex Apple Bottomz 5 Sex rating 2.5 stars
Plot/Acting Apple Bottomz 5 Plot/Acting rating 1.5 stars
Extras Apple Bottomz 5 DVD Extras rating 1.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Apple Bottomz 5 A/V Quality rating 2 stars
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Reviewed by Bart  on  10/26/2008

Apple Bottomz 5

Movie title: Apple Bottomz 5

Studio: Zero Tolerance

Director: Pat Myne (Danny Case)

Genre: Plump White Butts

Review Date: 10/12/2008

Brief Synopsis:

This is a quickie six scene flick from Zero Tolerance, the focus being on white women’s asses of the plumper variety. Usually when I see “Bottomz” in the title I think black chicks but this is an all-white cast. Of the six scenes the standout was the opening one with Sunny Lane and Mark Wood. Of the female performers, three were hot, two were OK and one’s performance actually took away from the scene.

Overall Ratings



Ratings Legend

Overall Score



Good, above average.

Female Performer’s Looks



Better, very nice.

Male Performer’s Looks



Best in class.

Audio/Video Quality



Off the charts, exceptional, hall of fame.




Very ordinary, not good, not bad.




Not so good, generally bad.




Poor, worth watching if nothing else is available.




A total failure.




You may need a retina transplant.

Scene breakdown




Scene 1


Sunny Lane, Mark Wood

Scene 2


Shyla Stylez, Ben English

Scene 3


Holly Fox, Kristina Rose, Guy

Scene 4


Emma Cummings, Mark Wood

Scene 5


Gina Lynn, Marco Banderas

Scene 6


Sophie Dee, Jenner, Mark Wood



All female performers and a few men


Performer Name



Emma Cummings


Hot brunette, bolt-ons, glorious ass. Would be a CCall natural.

Gina Lynn


Typical blonde with big bolt-ons, great oral abilities.

Holly Fox


Inexperienced, reluctant blonde, pretty but a poor performer.

Kristina Rose


Hot brunette, great performer, nice plump ass, all-natural.

Shyla Stylez


Nice Blonde, pretty face, big bolt-ons (great ones though), a fucking machine. She must work out a lot.

Sophie Dee


Hot brunette, all natural, thick ass, girly voice, good performer

Sunny Lane


Youngish, baby face, hot, all natural, plump ass, nice moaner and good dirty talker.

Ben English




John Strong


Marco Banderas


Mark Wood


Scenes Details

Scene 1 – Mark Wood, Sunny Lane

Scene starts off with a short tease and some dirty talk by Sunny, she looks great. A Mark is sitting on a couch watching, he is full tilt ready to roll, go figure. Sunny gives some great head and tease and mounts him. She rides really well and seems into it, the guy loves it, I can understand why. I must say, Mark is one lucky SOB; she is riding him like a champ. Switch to missionary on some odd piece of furniture, it looks like a giant ottoman.

Sunny is still looking great and doing some mild dirty talk. He smacks her ass some, eats her a little and then remounts for some deep missionary stroking. Odd edit takes us to a mish variation and then a transition into doggy. Sunny is really impressing me here. Not over the top dirty talk but not monotonous moaning either – she looks fantastic in doggy on this giant ottoman.

Sunny drops down to give head, still looking great – looks like she has worked up a sweat, it adds to her hotness. Back to mish and mild dirty talk, it goes into reverse cowgirl. Did I mention that she looks great? She rides him like a champ. Jumps off to give some more head - she smacks her own cheek a bit.

On to side cowgirl and then an odd edit to from behind side by side position. Now we go back to her riding him face to face again. Hard riding continues and drags on for a bit. She jumps off and takes a load on the tongue willingly, plays with cum, teases camera, rubs cum on her tits, gives sexy looks to camera, end scene. A fine performance indeed!

Scene 2 - Ben English, Shyla Styles

Starts off with Shyla teasing - she looks great. A sexy blond, big bolt-ons but not the worst job and the rest makes up for it to a degree. OK, her tits actually look very good and for a bit I had to take a closer look to make sure they were in fact, fake. This is Zero-Tolerance after all and I always thought they had a no fake boob policy.

Ben on couch watching Shyla, she goes over for some quick head and mounts him. Shyla can move her ass really, really well. Not quite the class of April Flowers or the more current say, Jenny Hendrix, but still, highly skilled. Reverse cowgirl, some decent dirty talk. She really can ride. He thrusts back but really doesn’t need to bother as she is doing such a fine job. Back to face to face her mounting him. She does not actually have what would be classified as an apple bottom, more of just a nice slightly plump ass that looks really good.

She continues riding and is just tearing this guy’s cock up; he may need a transplant after this. Switch to missionary, this compliments her looks really well. It almost seems as though they are seeing who can outfuck who and she is winning by a landslide. Quick edit to mish variation and the pounding continues.

Some enthusiastic head now, whoa - she looks fucking hot cock-in-mouth. Back to doggy – he asks her “do you want to cum again”; I must have missed the first one. Monotonous pounding from behind and then Shyla starts to move her ass as he sits still, just enjoying it. I wish that had gone on longer but they switch to side by side from behind. Side by side continues on too long, even Shyla is mailing it in at this point.

Looks like they took a break and resume mid-stroke jackhammer style. He blows on her open mouth she looks good if not a bit put-off, nice shot of her really pretty eyes. Where were those before? Good scene, drug on a bit too long but nothing a chapter-skip would not fix.

Scene 3 - Guy, Holly Fox, Kristina Rose

The scene starts with Kristina and Holly walking away from the camera in bikinis. Hot brunette hot blonde, both all natural, I like where this is going. Holly says she has never had a girl, Kristina proclaims that Holly is going to be her little bitch and that she owns her pussy today. Now we are talking! Kristina is just hot as hell and the blonde looks great and actually a little nervous… good acting? Who cares, I’m convinced!

Holly lies down and Kristina starts licking her really well. She is bent over rubbing her pussy and looks fantastic. Her ass looks tremendous. Enter guy, way too soon, I would loved to have seen the two women go at each other some more. They begin to blow him with Kristina taking charge showing off her skills. Kristina doesn’t take it all - the guy is smaller than average by porn standards and she looks great taking it as deep as possible. She looks so great giving head and dirty talking – she has the get it all sloppy, dirty talking thing down. I love her. Well that was messed up. I thought I hit the chapter skip but it turns out we go directly from Kristina and Holly sharing cock to Holly riding reverse cowgirl (more or less) with Kristina rubbing her pussy as she rides. That was a horrible transition. My guess is something must have gone wrong in the shot and they needed to do a sloppy edit to cover it.

On with the scene, Holly rides and Kristina kind of humps Holly’s side while fingering herself from behind. A glimpse of Kristina’s bush is given and what a beautiful site indeed. A refreshing change where we see a nice neat patch of hair above her pussy while everything else below is shaved, perfect in my book. Holly hops off slightly and Kristina gives head, re-inserts the guy into Holly. She rubs her pussy and it looks fantastic with the hair that is there. More double head and Kristina hops on.

Kristina has a glorious ass and a filthy mouth and knows how to use them both very well. Holly spreads above the guy as Kristina rides while he eats Holly, what a great shot. This ends all too soon as Holly jumps down and starts semi-spanking Kristina’s ass. Kristina can do no wrong in my book at this point so I’m content to watch her ass bob up and down as Holly looks out of place and the guy is just sort of “there”. Holly is a good looking babe but her performance is pretty lacking so far – I see potential though. Switch over to Holly doggy with Kristina on the couch in front of her; it becomes obvious that Holly has no real intention of going down on her so Kristina plays with herself as Holly gets it from behind.

Move over to Kristina getting it from behind on the couch, looks good if not great. I have concluded at this point Holly, while she is an attractive girl, is a train-wreck of a performer and is detracting from an otherwise solid scene. Move to Holly getting it side by side from behind while Kristina plays above them on the couch, the guy licks Kristina a bit. Kristina moves down for some pussy licking while Holly continues to get hammered. Switch to them both sharing cock for a moment and then Kristina getting it in a missionary variation while the girl rubs her pussy. She goes down while Kristina is getting banged a bit…well she takes one a few licks. Holly is allergic to pussy apparently. Guy pulls out and busts a load on both girls’ faces. End scene. Holly ruined an otherwise solid scene; she might as well have not been there.

Scene 4 - Emma Cummings, Mark Wood

The scene starts with a shot of Emma, butt-plug in ass, nice. She is smacking her own ass talking to the camera some. Camera-guy talks to her some, smacks her ass. Camera-guy continues praising her ass; I can’t say I blame him. Her ass is nice and red from the spanking. Emma proclaims “I smell cock!”, she walks away from the camera showing a tight shot of her fantastic ass, butt-plug intact. She goes over to Mark sitting on a couch and starts talking dirty and sucking nicely on him. Emma is a hot brunette with a plump firm ass and a really pretty face. I know this is Zero-Tolerance but of the five girls so far, two have had implants, including Emma.

She bends over on the couch and gets some doggy and then a switch to some head. She pulls the plug out, takes a small lick and gets her ass spanked some more. She offers to ride Mark’s cock and proceeds to do just that. She does some good grinding with her ass to the camera giving us a great look at her ass and ability to move it. The nice, prolonged ride continues until she hopes off and gets into a standing yoga pose with one leg on the floor and one leg strait up in the air. This is not the most complimentary position as we see what appears to be stretch marks on the little bit of belly she has. She drops down and starts sucking, looking really great, what a pretty girl.

Switch back to missionary variation on the couch. Cuts to her bent over looking great and he begins to fuck her ass as she holds a vibrator up to her clit. She smiles looks at the camera a lot, she has a beautiful mouth and the whitest of white teeth, very nice indeed. Switch to reverse anal cowgirl, an odd edit back to missionary pussy fucking, he pulls out and cums on her face, she spits it out but not in the worst way. End scene.

Scene 5 - Gina Lynn, Marco Banderas

The scene starts with Gina facing the camera playing with her tits and talking. She plays with her big bolt-ons and the camera compliments her and says this movie is about asses. She says you want to see my apple bottom and she shows off some and then says she is going to suck some cock and get fucked. Enter Marco and she takes his cock out and proceeds to suck. It takes about three seconds to see that this girl has some serious oral talent. He sits on the couch and she keeps going with some enthusiastic sucking and mild dirty talk.

What this girl lacks in looks, she somewhat makes up for with cocksucking ability. She is basically Shyla Stylez with more wear and work done on her. She jumps on while he sits on the couch, her non-apple bottom style ass in full view. She keeps up the ride with some good motion from on top, nothing spectacular. She hops off and gets on all fours and Marco buries his face in her ass and proceeds to fuck her doggy. He goes deep from the start and her eyes bug out, truly authentic reaction noted. She looks best face down and ass up while pushing back on Marco’s cock.

Good doggy action continues and then they switch to some brief sucking and onto reverse cowgirl. Another quick switch back to mish and a flip over to doggy and he finish with a nut on her ass. All in all, a very unspectacular scene.

Scene 6 - Jenner, Mark Wood, Sophie Dee

Scene starts with Sophie shaking her ass and talking to the camera, pretty girl with a butt that fits the bill of the movie. Sophie is an all natural babe who knows how to work the camera – she knows what people want to see and has some great lines. “I’m tired of shaking my ass and want some cock”, enter both guys and she starts sucking them both. She is basically ordering the guys around and acting like a dream-slut.

Some doggy and sucking combo takes place switching between the two guys. She sits one guy down on the couch and proceeds to ride reverse cowgirl anal with a quick move to DP. The DP continues on for a while, she is looking and talking great. She really has the “I’m in control but I will do whatever nasty things you want” thing down. It comes of really well in this scene. Missionary anal with each guy taking a turn continues. I like Sophie; she has an intangible hotness about her aside from her looks, talent and all-natural body.

More DP with her riding, giving a great look at her ass takes place. Fade out to a fade in of the exact same position with a quick move to double sucking and an even quicker move to cowgirl, jumping off one guy and on to the other. Good ass movement as she rides each of them back and forth. Now she is riding and sucking with lots of eye contact and good shots of her ass. Switch to doggy takes place with good dirty talk as they take turns on her, all fours on the couch. Quick fade and back onto her saying “cum all over my big apple bottom ass”. Each guy covers a cheek. End scene.


· Behind the scenes

o Sunny Lane getting her make-up applied.

o Gina Lynn talking about her scene and her “Apple Bottom”, pretend as she may, her ass is not of that category.

o Shyla Stylez prepping for her scene - checking out stills on a camera.

o Emma being interviewed while she lotions up, says she is from Vegas. Seems like a sweet girl. Lucky crew member gets to oil her up. Good camera shots of her butt.

o Sophie interview:

§ Q. “what have you been up to?”

§ A. “Oh just getting my holes filled.”

§ Some other general banter goes on.

o Interview with Holly and Kristina

§ Holly says it is her first girl-girl scene, shocking revelation indeed.

§ Kristina talks about the hair on her muff. Talks about what she is going to do in her scene.

· Photo Gallery

· Cumshot Recap

· Trailers

o Fishnets 5

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o Girlvana 2

o Strip tease then Fuck 8

o Double Decker Sandwich 8

o Cum Hungry, leave Full 2

o Face Invaders

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