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Apple Bottomz 3

Apple Bottomz 3

Studio: Zero Tolerance
Category:  Anal
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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bono-ONE's ratings for Apple Bottomz 3:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Apple Bottomz 3 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Apple Bottomz 3 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Apple Bottomz 3 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Apple Bottomz 3 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Apple Bottomz 3 Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Apple Bottomz 3 DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Apple Bottomz 3 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  4/23/2007
Welcome fans to a dvd celebrating the female booty and when you get that great ass in view it's hard not to stare and stare and stare!! Well the folks at Zero have assembled what they hope are 6 such asses for your viewing pleasure so let's not waste anytime and get to the highlights.

Brianna Beach:

Up first we have a pretty blond who starts her scene walking confidently out into the hallway, pausing to do a nice bend over so her ass fills the screen and it's a nice looking booty. The camera makes its way up close using a fabulous floor shot and lingering too which is always nice. Gotta love the curves of a butt when it's this good looking, the bubble action was kicking. Brianna then turns to face us and we see her cute face and modest sized tits, again a nice floor shot for this is provided. The shorts are then pulled off so you get the full ass shot and I think you'll be impressed with the package Brianna is sportin. She uses a pool table to strategically hoist up one leg giving us the pussy/ass shot from underneath, I'd think a few of you would like to stick your pool cues up in there. Well the hate plow is such a person and he is right there kissing on Brianna's body before moving down to sample the kittie, love a shot like this of a guy going under to eat the pussy.

Erik's a passionate guy and you see that with his oral plus some fingering to Brianna. After a healthy dose of female pussy licking Erik slides in for a standing doggie and the pace is slow at first before gradually building. Brianna then gets to drop down and taste that cock and she does one fabulous job licking all the way down the shaft before engulfing it, perfect side view too for this. Moving to a huge wrap around couch the duo move on with cowgirl and damn this is one terrific ass we're getting to watch here and she's rocking it hard over Erik's cock, not in anal mind you. Erik then stands up with Brianna still hugging his cock with her pussy, then it's a set down into mish, spoon and finally on to reverse. Brianna gets to suck cock some more before the pop which is right to her mouth. Nice opener.

Flower Tucci:

I think most of you will recognize this next hottie from her many squirting scenes. The layout here begins with her walking around a stripper pole wearing some fishnet material, a cool hat and you have a large glass wall from which she gets to check out her own reflection in. That's a good way to see how you look dancing don't you think! Flower's working the eye magic charm on us too when the camera zooms in and the slow way she's dancing is also a good tool to draw us in. She smoothly works the top off leaving only the fishnet and a pair of green shorts on, ahh she's dancing for a captive audience too in Mr. Pete who gets to bury his face in that phat bottom! Some strong aggressive ass/pussy licking too from our guy. Flower then drops down to envelop his cock through the stair railing, then it's a turn around to back up her ass to it's edge and Pete slides in for some doggie action.

After some P2M we get Flower putting her ass over the top of the railing for more standing doggie fucking, then she comes around to Pete's side so no more railing in the way which I appreciated. She shows off that jiggly ass further pulling up the fishnet so you really get a great view, then over the top comes Mr. Pete sliding in that ass doggiestyle. Flower is also kind enough to do A2M before doing the crawling on the floor bit leading to another long couch and they get on to continue the sex with reverse anal--- very good boob movement and yes she does let loose with one of her trademark pussy blasts in between A2M clean offs. After more intense doggie action we get the pop jerked by Flower into her mouth along with a little cleanup.

Delilah Strong:

Up next we have another hot chick and her scene begins with some good booty footage from ground level and just watch Delilah work that ass too shaking it quite a bit which the floor angle does a great job of showcasing. That jiggle should definitely have you with a raging hard on after like 30 seconds. Our shot gets in real close too for some ass caressing and it really is amazing how much that booty shakes so nicely they shoot lots of this in the tease. We then follow Delilah for a little walk, of course, with her ass firmly in our sights and the slower she walks the better I'd say. Miss Strong then pulls her tits out and they are a lovely size too with hard nipples which she tugs on and yes some up close licking too so thanks Delilah. This gets us to a good POV shot and she works the tease to perfect here licking the jeans but not pulling the cock out, ouch!! Delilah then crawls down the wooden stairs which couldn't have felt good to her knees but this shot does keep her ass in our picture the whole time. She makes her way then into a bedroom and reaching a comfort zone she crawls on the bed, still with that ass firmly in our view. They like to zoom in on her asshole too which is nicely stretched so expect some booty loving too and I saw already she's doing anal so yippee! Delilah then flips over to a mish position spreading her pussy lips wide and they certainly look very juicy and lickable. Mark Davis then shows up at bedside with Delilah moving over and taking in his cock, a little tease at first before she fully takes it on but when she does very good head is given.

Mark then flips her over to mish and just before fucking that ass we see he has four fingers deep inside her booty, then it's right to anal in mish and you get a great shot too with her legs spread wide. Delilah then assumes a very good looking doggie, spreading her booty and Mark effortlessly slides in that freshly fucked ass giving it more loving. You then witness probably the best position for Delilah fans which is cowgirl and you see lots of jiggling in her ass cheeks but no anal here, just a hot looking ride in vag. Delilah then hops off for a turn around to reverse where we again see that ass filled. I love it when reverse looks this good and you see everything I like about this position on display-- jiggling tits, hot floor shot of the pussy spread wide, and finally her ass filled all the way with cock. There's A2M from our girl before we get to the pop which is to her open mouth. Mark saved up a good load completing the best scene so far.


On we go to the covergirls scene which starts with her doing a sexy pose leaning against some wood and she's working those sexy eyes too bigtime as the camera zooms in on her. The soft lighting here was a change of pace and it made her look even more exotic to me. Well that was a quick tease as we go right to her crawling on the floor over to where Mr. Pete's waiting. She starts off with some brief cock sucking before getting on in cowgirl which gives us our first real lengthy look at her ass and Pete's banging that pussy hard let me tell you. Naomi then hops off after a good fast paced fuck to do P2M, then it's on to doggie with her booty opened up nicely for us. This scene really has a fast pace about it too, quick P2M sucks before it's right back to fucking and finally you see that ass filled in cowgirl, then with the cock still in a turn over to reverse anal which gets us to the pop into her mouth. Not a bad scene but it sure seemed to go by quickly.

Ines Ventura:

This next scene features a girl I've not seen before that I recall and she has got one tremendous booty which is presented early on for our viewing pleasure. She beckons us closer with a finger and out come her large tits which she's kind enough to lick both nipples. But since this dvd is about the booty the tit footage is brief before we go back to worshipping that ass from ground level. Ines then drops down to tease our cameraguy rubbing her tits over what is sure to be a raging hard on in his pants, she even licks over his crotch and unlike Delilah's scene she pulls the cock out and licks it a few times before enveloping the cock with her large breasts. She then teases him with her ass rubbing it over the dick, then she drops back down for more POV head. I so love seeing a girl slowly licking around the head like she does here, very sensual unlike the hard core gagging which is also cool to watch but this to me is much more entertaining. The duo move inside where the lighting is much nicer and there's more good POV cock sucking shot which includes a second cock entering the frame and she does a good back and forth bj. The camera guy then steps out leaving the second cock to bang her hard in mish, some titty fucking also, then on to a good bouncy cowgirl. Ines also opens up her backdoor for anal in spoon, cowgirl and reverse. There is a decent pop for her to taste at scenes end along with a little cleanup.

Mia Bangg:

We begin the final scene with a terrific ground shot of Mia's ass and that material isn't covering up much of that tushy and you zoom in close on that crack which Mia starts to shake back and forth, also bending down to arch it upwards, always a nice shot. Mia's got the total package too so when she turns around we see a cute face and two natural large breasts which she pulls out and fondles. She then bends down forward to shake those tata's back and forth before turning back around so we can appreciate that ass again. We then get to follow Mia as she makes her way upstairs, there is more bending over to tease us with her perfect ass, and wait until she squats down spreading that ass wide, some terrific footage there fans.

We eventually get Mia to a couch where she's joined by a hard cock which is conveniently at face level so she engulfs it for some spirited head. The sound is good here so you tell how hard she's sucking this dick which included gagging and she's so far down she's able to tickle the balls!! Mia then lets Mark Davis lie down on the couch and we get an interesting view of her looking forward at us as she's sucking him off, there's some laughing here by him and Mia but it was funny and didn't interrupt the flow to much. Sexwise you get the perfect position for Mia fans to start off and that's reverse which allows those dreamy tits to flop everywhere plus her ass is being nailed too. Mia then turns over to the second perfect position to shoot her in and that's cowgirl, still the cock firmly tucked deep within that ass. Watch too how wide apart she spreads her legs, interesting shot, wonder if she was a gymnast at one point in her life. Pulling the cock out slowly you see a good gape had developed, then it's some cowgirl vag which gets us to the closing pop to her face along with a little cleanup. Mia has always impressed me in her scenes and this was no different. She is gorgeous to watch in just about any position.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

This was a solid title, nothing huge here but strong efforts from Mia Bangg and Delilah Strong especially. Extras for this one included a photo gallery, a cumshot repeat, a little dancing from the girls and finally some BTS to check out. A good rental for fans of Flower, Brianna, Mia, and Delilah.

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