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Apple Bottom Snow Bunnies 2

Apple Bottom Snow Bunnies 2

Studio: Combat Zone
Category:  All Sex
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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Zorge's ratings for Apple Bottom Snow Bunnies 2:
Overall Rating 1.5 stars
Apple Bottom Snow Bunnies 2 overall rating 1.5 stars
Female Looks Apple Bottom Snow Bunnies 2 Female looks rating 1.5 stars
Male Looks Apple Bottom Snow Bunnies 2 Male looks rating 2 stars
Sex Apple Bottom Snow Bunnies 2 Sex rating 2 stars
Plot/Acting Apple Bottom Snow Bunnies 2 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Apple Bottom Snow Bunnies 2 DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Apple Bottom Snow Bunnies 2 A/V Quality rating 1.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by Zorge  on  1/14/2008
Cindy Dollar The blonde cindy starts things out in some black mesh (bra and some sort of short mesh chaps, I suppose) and black leather boots, an outfit which stays on as the guy shows up and the action begins. The guy admires her ass up close before they move to a bed and begin screwing in cowgirl with the guy lying on his back. Without switching, Cindy slides the guy's cock into her ass while still riding on top. They move positions to RCA before going to spoon, alternating between vaginal and anal.
They move to mish, with Cindy's knee high boot covered legs pushed up and to the side as the guy switches between vaginal screwing and anal. The guy unzips and pulls off her boots then cums in her ass. We then get a close up of her squirting the cum out of her ass, which isn't so sexy, imo.
Anyways, there's some decent action here, though I didn't myself all that interested.

Vera Golden Vera is a more voluptuous blonde girl, with some meat on her bones, especially in the ass and thighs. She's wearing a peach/pink corset here, which stays on throughout the scene. She comes out to meet the guy she'll be screwing, and he introduces himself to her by oiling her ass and fingering her. Soon, Vera is crouching down and working her mouth on the guy. They proceed to fuck in RCG, cowgirl, doggy and mish on the couch. Then the guy lies on the ground for a minute as Vera rides sorta RCG on him, sitting and bouncing on his cock so he can watch her backside. From there, it's back to the couch for some mish again, this time for the finish, and internal cumshot. And we wrap up by watching it slide out (with a little help) close-up.
I wasn't really feeling it with this scene either.

Kyra Banks Next up is the cover girl. Kyra has a tight pony tail and is wearing some pink bra, panties, fishnets and shoes. Once the guy shows up, she uses her mouths and tits on him, before he makes a brief visit to her ass. Apparently that isn't quite ready, so they do some more oral then move to cowgirl as the guy continues to finger her ass. And yes, they slide to cowgirl anal, before doing some RCA. There's also some anal on belly action here, which is the best action here, Kyra even gets four fingers in her ass, but the angles on the action are generally not that good.
Still, they move from anal on belly to head down ass up for a minute. Finally there's some mish anal, then doggy anal which leads to the internal cumshot, and Kyra licks at some drops which fell on the blanket.
All in all, this was another scene that just felt flat. I liked a few moments here, but even those were muddled by odd angles and what I felt to be some lighting issues.

Domenika Pink Domenkia begins by looking out from her balcony in some old European city, while wiggling and posing for Joachim. She comes in and moves to a bed with Joachim, and they warm up by oiling her ass. Soon they're screwing in spoon and then doggy. They do a little bj break, then some little kisses before moving back to doggy. From there, Domenika gets lied down on her stomach for continued vaginal screwing, but the angles here and once again poor.
They move through some RCG-esque screwing, with Domenika sitting on top facing away from Joachim. Then they finish with her sort of positioned in spoon with Joachim kneeling and screwing her from behind. Finally, he pulls out and leaves a little cum on her ass cheek.
Basically the same story as the last few scenes. Too mechanical, angles that don't always capture the action well, and a general lack of any heat to the action.

Candy Cat The last scene on this DVD features the best looking girl here, Candy Cat. Hopefully Candy can bring things up a bit. She starts, coming through a door wearing a one-piece black thong suit and goes over to a couch where she can finger her asshole for us. The guy comes over and warms up her holes some more with his mouth and fingers, before letting her take his cock into her mouth. After a relatively nice BJ sequence, they move to mish on the couch, sliding into spoon after a minute. Candy's outfit gets opened at both ends to be left around her stomach, revealing that Candy has pretty cute (probably b-cup) breasts and cute nipples. Next the clean shaven brunette slides down on her guy in RCG. Then we get another nice BJ break, before we fade to an edit and reawaken in a close-up on some anal penetration in spoon. We pan out and then back in, as Candy rubs at her pussy. We get some RCA next, which is followed by the best looking position here that has Candy on her side on the couch, with her right leg up on the guy's shoulder as he works her ass. For some reason, both actors feel the need to keep making very pronounced "O" faces with their lips and mouths, with Candy saying a loud "ooh" and "oh" with every breath. That gets to be a bit much. Anyhow, the couple goes back to vag fucking in doggy, which looks nice for the brief glimpses in which we get to take the whole picture in, but the angles switch so much I can't stay into it. The guy slides back into her ass, which we see in close from above. Lastly, he cums in her ass, then we get to watch Candy try to scavenge for cum in her butthole. She waves goodbye, then we do an extreme close-up on her anus and fade to black.
Unfortunately, the camera angles still lose the flow here, even when the action starts to pick up somewhat. So, this is the most enjoyable scene since Cindy's in scene number one, but still, all the scenes here are marked by the same choppiness, lack of heat, inconsistent angles, and whatever else I've mentioned.

Extras and such: We get a Behind the Scenes that is about 14 minutes long that lets us see the girls posing and preparing, and see Joachim directing the proceedings. There's also a photo gallery and a cumshot recap.

Conclusions: As far as looks go, I was really only into Candy Cat a bit. Perhaps I had the wrong hopes or expectations coming in with Joachim directing, as I'm most familiar with him from performances in Sineplex titles and Rocco movies. Nonetheless, I'm not much into the style of this film, nor the style of the performers. As I've said, inconsistent camera angles, lack of heat in the performances, and some general choppiness left me largely uninterested. Combined with the fact that I was never totally taken with the looks of anyone here, and well, I don't have much to say personally for this film. I'm sure others with their own taste will be more attracted to the performers featured here, which could lift the rating up a bit.

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