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Anita Rose

Anita Rose

Studio: Pandora
Category:  Feature film
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YogaGrrl's ratings for Anita Rose:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Anita Rose overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Anita Rose Female looks rating 3 stars
Male Looks Anita Rose Male looks rating 2 stars
Sex Anita Rose Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Anita Rose Plot/Acting rating 5 stars
Extras Anita Rose DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Anita Rose A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by YogaGrrl  on  7/25/2003

Cast: Julie Robbins, Victoria Givens, Brooke Ballentine, Brandy Clark, Skye Oxford, Sam Sharpe, Nick Justice and Duane Vein in sex roles; Bill Tyler in a non-sex role.

Director and writer: Anders Manga

Production date: 10/5/02

Length: 73 min.

Extras: Interviews with Victoria (9 min.), Brooke (7 min.) and Julie (4 min.); 4 min. of outtakes; a 4-min. music video; and trailers for the feature and Girl Show 2.

Audio/visual quality: The technical aspects of this disc are very good. The camerawork is competent, and Manga's characteristic editing style—which includes scattered jump cuts, monochrome and masks—is fun to watch. Because of the relatively low lighting, shadows and grain are present in some scenes. A crewmember's shoe is briefly visible at one point, but I haven't spotted any other potential distractions.

The soundtrack is original. As I've come to expect from this director, the music's eclectic range of styles supports the different types of scenes. Other than an occasional bump against the microphone, there are essentially no audio flaws. Enough care has been put into Anita Rose that it stands up very well to some much larger budget productions I've seen.

First impression: It's kooky and spooky and worth a looky!

Scene highlights: Something is very wrong at the country inn run by Julie Robbins ("Anita Rose"). Victoria Givens ("Aubrey Young") arrives, and although she shows no outward sign of familiarity, she signs a book where her name already recurs, line after line, as the sole guest at this establishment.

Julie decides she better straighten up a bit, so she picks up the severed, mummified head that the dog has dragged outside again. Her friend, Bill Tyler ("Gordon"), catches her at an abandoned building and gently scolds her for not properly burying it. Julie reminds Bill of all the favors she's done for him in the past (which include a seductive striptease against a tree).

That night, Victoria can't sleep. She wanders the house and discovers Sam Sharpe ("Carl Rose") waiting for her at the dining room table. Just as Julie feared, her husband hopes to fuck the guest. Sam looks shy and nerdy in his glasses and necktie, but he shows no hesitation as he helps Victoria out of her chemise. She gives him a little shove onto the table before leaning into a spitty blowjob. Victoria sends a stream onto Sam's cock during the vaginal sex, and he returns the favor by moistening her snatch.

Skye Oxford and Duane Vein (Mrs. and Mr. Harrison) check in. Skye goes looking for Duane when he disappears. She discovers, much to her confusion, that Julie is licking Duane's dick in another bedroom. Julie admonishes Skye for failing to suck Duane like a good girl. The visibly disturbed Skye is silent yet compelled by Julie's invitation to join the blowjob. Skye climbs onto Duane in reverse cowgirl as Julie embraces her. Julie later gets down between their legs to orally stimulate them both. Victoria spies on the threesome, masturbates and squirts. Julie dirty talks at Duane while he does his wife in missionary. The cum lands on Skye's large, natural breasts.

Brandy Clark ("Erica") and Nick Justice ("Kenneth") have planned a party in celebration of selling their house. They're in the mood for romance, and they decide to properly bid farewell to their old bedroom. Brandy provides a footjob, and they trade oral affection before they're interrupted by arrival of guests.

Everyone gets drunk at the party, including Brandy's daughter, Brooke Ballantine ("Doria"). She crosses the room and presses her mouth against Julie's pantiless pussy. Brooke looks like she means business here, and when she remarks in the extras that she's bisexual, I believe her. The lesbian sex that ensues is good. Victoria's extensive fingerfucking is the only aspect I don't care for; I dislike her long nails, although the other women don't complain. All three ladies take turns revealing their giving side. Julie's oral work includes rimming for Brooke. The scene ends a bit inconclusively as we pull back to Brandy and Nick's bedroom.

Indifferent to the three-way taking place on their sofa, Brandy and Nick begin where they left off. The energy quickly shifts from tender to driving, with vaginal screwing in two positions. Nick's cum flies up and over Brandy's hand when she slides him out of her pierced pussy.

Julie's spouse Sam receives an invite to Brooke's bed. Brooke gives Sam a blowjob, hops on for a short ride in reverse cowgirl and lets him do her in missionary until he climaxes on her belly. The movie takes a grimly entertaining twist or two at the end, including a triple murder/suicide.

The interviews provide a peek at the actresses' personalities and also bit of background on the movie. Victoria sings and squirts; Brooke discusses kidney stones and religion; and Julie enthuses about gangbangs. Just for fun, there's also a music video of Brooke lip-synching a full length song, "Know," written and performed by the director.

Thumbs up: The story is well-crafted, nonlinear, intricate and effective. It's also just cryptic enough to invite slightly different interpretations, which means Anita Rose is best watched with your brain turned on. The story actually reminds me of one of my favorite literary tales: William Faulkner's classic "A Rose for Emily." Manga denies that the parallels are intentional, but I can't help making the comparison. I will say there's a lot more humor in Anita Rose than there is in "A Rose for Emily," which doesn't exactly include any goofy references to plumbing problems or a prized lima bean collection.

Anita Rose is the movie which has changed my mind about Julie Robbins. I didn't care for her brash attitude in Pandora's Box. But Julie shows a better range of emotion here, portraying a sympathetic (if not entirely sane) character. There's a lot of dialog associated with her leading role, and she handles it very well. The other performers also do a fine job; Brooke deserves extra credit for successfully conveying her character's emotions without the benefit of a single spoken line.

There's also no anal sex in Anita Rose, which is good news for viewers who would prefer not to see it or who would simply enjoy a change of pace. There are no toys in the lesbian scene, which meets many viewers' preference, as well.

Thumbs down: The same qualities that make this movie successful as a story probably make it somewhat less successful as porn (if we go by the rather limited definition of porn as a masturbatory aid). The sex scenes, while not unexciting, are definitely in place to reveal certain things about the characters and to bring movement to the plot. I'm guessing most viewers won't find this easy to wank to, though the erotic impact has increased for me with repeated viewings.

Themes: Straight, lesbian, three-way, masturbation, tease, oral, squirting (female ejaculation), dirty talk, rimming (f > f), footjob.

Condom use: None.

Juice-o-meter: Medium.

Final analysis: Well-acted and macabre, Anita Rose is a gothic satire that defies porn conventions. It's like Halloween candy for the mind. I can't necessarily recommend this disc to everyone; it's the type of movie that will appeal to a specific audience (of which I consider myself a member). But if you have a darkly warped sense of humor and a history of enjoying cult classics, then Anita Rose will quite likely smell sweet to you.

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