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Andrew Blake's Girls

Andrew Blake's Girls

Studio: Caballero
Category:  All Girl , Compilation
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astroknight's ratings for Andrew Blake's Girls:
Overall Rating 1 star
Andrew Blake's Girls overall rating 1 star
Female Looks Andrew Blake's Girls Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Andrew Blake's Girls Male looks rating 2 stars
Sex Andrew Blake's Girls Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Andrew Blake's Girls Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Andrew Blake's Girls DVD Extras rating 0 stars
Audio/Video Quality Andrew Blake's Girls A/V Quality rating 1 star
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  12/31/2000

Running Time: approx. 85 min.

Production Date: 1992

Director: Andrew Blake

Cast: Tori Welles, Porsche Lynn, Jamie Summers, Paula Price, Heater Lere, Nina Alexander, Erica Boyer, Cameo, Tami Monroe, Lauren Hall, Racquel Darrian, Zara Whites, Jeanna Fine, Veronica Dol, Valerie Stone, Ashlyn Gere, Ashley Lauren, Nichole (Nikki) Wilde, Krystina King, Derrick Lane, Randy West, and Randy Spears with a few other guys in non - sex roles.

Initial Expectations: Andrew Blake has great artistic vision, so I expect the movie to be excellent. Unfortunately, I’m not expecting Caballero to give it the treatment it deserves.

Initial Reaction: As a compilation DVD, the feature itself is pretty good. Unfortunately, Caballero has given this DVD one of the worst treatments I’ve ever seen.

Audio /Video Quality: The audio quality is pretty good, but the video quality leaves a lot to be desired. It ranges anywhere from average to ‘are those people or farm animals having sex?’.

Music: Similar to the other Andrew Blake film I’ve seen, there’s a wide variety of music and it fits the scene quite well. It’s also normally pretty well balanced.

Disc Problems: No time code. Although some might not consider this an actual problem, with the minimal effort I understand it takes to do this, I consider it a problem.

Review: Andrew Blake’s Girls is a compilation of lesbian scenes from Night Trips, Night Trips 2, House of Dreams, and Secrets . Well, maybe not all girl. Unlike most other lesbian compilation features, a few guys do make appearances. Mostly the guys are there to watch the girls or from the plot standpoint of the movie the scenes were taken from, but Randy West and Derrick Lane both briefly appear in one of the sex scenes.

The first scene comes from Night Trips and has Doctors Randy Spears and Porsche Lynn analyzing Tori Welles’s dreams. It’s a great scene, but I haven’t really seen any of Tori Welles’s scenes that weren’t. I also see why Jamie Summers had such a following. The scene moves around a little much for my tastes here, but it’s a minor complaint. Andrew Blake also isn’t known for being extremely conventional, so I don’t mind it at all. For a supposed all girl feature, it seems a little weird to have the cuts with Randy and Porsche as doctors on the outside.

We move into Night Trips 2 for the next three scenes. As the dream actuator is inserted, we see Paula Price, Heater Lere, and Nina Alexander around the pool. The scene is mostly sepia colored, but there are a few flashes of full color scenes. Of course, the girls aren’t simply interested in a little dip in the pool or lying around to sun themselves. The action moves around the pool and also around a fountain. Through most of the scene, the girls keep their swim suits on, but they do come off towards the end of the scene. This scene would have been better if they would have edited out all the scenes with Randy and the nurse probing with the dream actuator. The dream actuator acts like a dildo, but it took a lot of momentum away from the scene in this feature. In the original, I’m sure that it probably worked great. Unfortunately, this is a compilation, not the original.

Next, Erica Boyer blindfolds Cameo in what looks like an old mansion. She makes Cameo wait on the couch, but Cameo is so worked up all ready that she can’t keep her hands off herself. Erica works her over with a strap on and doesn’t let Cameo remove the blindfold until long into their love making. Cameo is completely surprised as she thought Erica was a man. Apparently she doesn’t have any problems with it as they finish each other off very well. This was a very hot scene and would have been hotter if the picture quality wasn’t so bad in so many spots.

Finishing off the scenes from Night Trips 2 Tami Monroe and Lauren Hall service each other on the stairs. Later, it turns into a group scene with Randy West, Racquel Darrian, and Derrick Lane also. I was a little confused watching this when it turned into the sepia style black and white for the group scene. I always had a feeling that Randy West had been around since before porn was done in color, but the rest of the people kind of threw me. This scene wasn’t all bad, but it didn’t feel right. I know it’s a compilation, but the other scenes kind of fit together. This one didn’t fit.

We next journey into the House of Dreams for a couple scenes with Zara Whites. Zara walks though the house and encounters a ball rolling across the floor. It reminds her of a ball gag and she follows back to where she thought it might have come from. It seems like a good guess, as there’s many other toys and gear there. She flashes to being Jeanna Fine’s slave. Unlike most of the other Andrew Blake scene’s I’ve seen, this one actually has the sexual sounds rather than just the background music. Jeanna is great as the master, and Zara just as good as the slave. This was a very hot scene and it really made me want to watch all of House of Dreams , so the complete review of it will be coming soon. Next, we have Zara touching herself in front of a window. It changes so she is in the dark with the only illumination coming from a long moving flourescent light. It sets the mood very well, and Valerie Stone and Veronica Dol joining it later in the scene with another light helps things out a little more. The scene continues in darkness with most of the light being given off by the flourescent rods. The girls are fully visible, but you can’t see anything in the background. It’s like they’re having sex in a complete void. It gives a great mysterious feel to the scene.

Moving into Secrets, we are given Jeanna Fine and Sabre. Similar to the Erica and Cameo scene from Night Trips 2 , Jeanna dresses as a man and greets Sabre at the door. Jeanna gives Sabre a dildo, knowing that gifts are normally a sure way to get on a woman’s good side. It’s also the thoughtful gift that keeps giving. Jeanna acts like a man throughout the scene using the dildo as her cock. It makes for a little more of a twist than in Night Trips 2 , as Jeanna is never treated as a woman. Her pussy never gets any attention, only her "cock". Adding to the effect, Jeanna even cums on Sabre’s pussy. Jeanna doesn’t let the difficulty of faking a cum shot interfere with it either. I actually had to look twice.

Next up, we return to House of Dreams for two scenes with Zara Whites. In the first scene, Zara has an out of body experience leaving herself to have her way with herself in a whole new way. As she her body stays sleeping, her mind, and its body can’t resist her own form. She runs her hands and fingers all over herself while she sleeps. This scene is handled extremely well. Just enough is not shown on one body or the other so that it looks like there are two Zara’s making love. I was quite surprised when I saw how well Mr. Blake pulled this one off.

After reuniting her entire body, Zara gets out of bed to find a note from her friend saying she’s on the roof. She heads up to find a stunning Ashley Lauren and they take turns photographing each other, among other things. I’m not referring to playing Candy Land, either although they both seem to know where the honey pot is. This scene didn’t do as much for me as some of the others.

Next up is another scene from Secrets with Nina Alexander, Nichole (Nikki) Wilde, and Krystina King working on each other while a couple of Arabs watch. This is a pretty good scene, although the girls don’t use any toys, which I prefer. The Arabs don’t seem to mind, as they shower the girls with money as they work each other over. If you like girls working on each other without toys, this scene will probably be hard to beat.

Finally, we have the final scene from Secrets with Ashlyn Gere and Zara Whites putting on a show for an older gentleman who looks sort of like former Attorney General C. Everett Koop. He presents Ashlyn with a riding crop and sits back with a glass of champagne to watch the girls work. The crop is used very little, and unfortunately, no sound is heard from it. As the girls work, he moves around them so he can get a good view of what is happening between them. The scene ends with the three of them on the balcony drinking champagne. It’s a very hot scene and a great choice to finish Andrew Blake’s Girls with.

Unfortunately, that’s exactly how the feature ends. We go from Ashlyn, Zara, and the old dude drinking champagne to the main menu. No credits or even a THE END to let you know that this is how things were meant to finish. With a compilation feature such as this, I think a decent set of credits are almost a must. This is supposed to be some of the hottest of Andrew Blake’s lesbian work. It gives us a great feel for some of his work and will probably make many people want to watch more of his stuff. It would be nice if you really liked a scene to be able to watch the rest of the movie. Without a decent set of credits, or at least a screen letting you know where the scene was taken from, preferably also letting you know who the cast is, you have no clue, and tend to think that Caballero doesn’t really care about making decent DVDs.

Extras: Jump to a scene, photo gallery, a list of new releases, phone sex, and web site info. Not surprisingly, Caballero has really screwed up their extras also. The jump to a scene only covers the first seven scenes (out of eleven). The photo gallery has some of the worst picture quality I’ve ever seen, and the new release list, phone sex, and web info is just lame!

Themes: Lesbian, toys, straight, group, masturbation, domination, and fetish wear.

Raincoat Factor: Very high

Overall: Currently, Andrew Blake’s Girls can be found online for between $10 and $20 with only a couple stores offering it for under $13 and most offering it for $20. It’s probably worth $10, but I wouldn’t pay much more due to the poor treatment Caballero gave the DVD. You’d have to be certifiable to pay $20 for it.

Note to Caballero: If this is the kind of treatment you’re going to give future DVDs, please quit producing them. I know that some of the grain in the picture comes from Mr. Blake using 35 mm film, but other companies are able to give their classic DVDs treatments where it’s not a problem. This DVD is hard to consider anything but insulting.

Special Thanks: Finally, a special thanks to Saki, LSB (from the RAME listings), and Erica Marshall from Rog’s DVD Porn Reviews. I’ve only seen one of Andrew Blake’s films and didn’t know where most of the scenes came from. If not for the wonderfully complete job you did in your reviews, I still wouldn’t have. Thank you!

If you have any questions or comments, please e- mail me .

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