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Anal Vs. Oral

Anal Vs. Oral

Studio: Seymore Butts
Category:  Anal , Compilation , Oral
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , ,
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fu_q's ratings for Anal Vs. Oral:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Anal Vs. Oral overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Anal Vs. Oral Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Anal Vs. Oral Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Anal Vs. Oral Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Anal Vs. Oral Plot/Acting rating 3 stars
Extras Anal Vs. Oral DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Anal Vs. Oral A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by fu_q  on  12/20/2008
Jada Fire, Mari Possa, Flower Tucci, Courtney Cummz, Angelica Sin, Avy Scott, Aveena Lee, Samantha, Amber, Hershel Savage, Alex Sanders, Kurt Lockwood, Brian, Seymore Butts

Seymore Butts

“Seymore Butts’: Anal Vs. Oral” delivers what it promises, for better or for worse. It has two incredible scenes involving Mari Possa, Courtney Cummz, and / or Flower Tucci, as well as a very good scene featuring Jada Fire. These scenes all make up the “anal” part of the title and are excellent. It’s the “oral” part of the title where things fall a bit flat, with okay scenes involving Angelica Sin and Avy Scott and a mark-missing, tepid scene featuring Aveena Lee. The stronger scenes make this worth a look, as they are often over the top and excellent, while the weaker ones are either neutral to, or even detract from, the work. For all the world, this DVD feels and looks like a compilation, though it isn’t overtly labeled as such, and this hurts the classic, reality-based Seymore approach. Keep all of this in mind when making a decision on this one. Note: there are no condoms used in this feature.

Inserting the Disc / Main Menu
Upon inserting the DVD, we go through the typical notices that are standard in porn before getting to the Main Menu. Once there, we have three options: “Play Movie”, “Chapters”—a standard scene selection device, and “Special Features”. The last of these will be covered at the end of this review, but for right now, let’s go ahead and get things rolling with the “Play Movie” option.

Opening Credits
The opening credits are simply cuts from the upcoming movie with a couple of iterations of the title of the DVD spinning piece by piece into place on the screen overtop. It looks like we’re in for an interesting time with plenty of anal and plenty of oral—hence, the title.

Scene One
This scene begins with Seymore Butts talking to the camera as he is apparently continuing a tour of his home during a house-warming party from a different movie. He meets up with well-known actor Alex Sanders in a hallway, and the two continue into a living room area, where they find Jada Fire, an African American actress with beautiful dark skin and large, enhanced breasts, riding Hershel Savage. Hershel is a legendary porn actor whose work in the industry dates back at least a few decades. Jada looks to have a white skirt pulled up around her waist and a black bikini top that is tied in the back but pulled down.

Seymore is surprised to find them there and even more surprised to watch as Jada Fire slips Hershel’s cock into her ebony rosebud and continues to ride it. Jada has a gorgeous, round ass and really knows how to use it. As the sex continues, Alex takes a seat next to the couple, and it isn’t long before his cock is out of his pants and Jada has it in her mouth. She continues to jerk and suck Alex, first with him in a seated position and then a standing position, as she takes Hershel anally in the cowgirl position. She even manages to do some deep-throat action on Alex as this is all going on. Watching Jada’s beautiful, dark chocolate bottom being split by Hershel’s thick member is an awe-inspiring sight.

After Hershel’s unit slips out of her ass, Jada takes it in her hand and begins to lick then suck it, as Alex enters her ass from behind in a doggie-style position. He pounds her hard and fast here, and one has to marvel at what a pro Ms. Fire is to be able to take it all so well. So far, this is classic Seymore action and setup—a craft that he has mastered over the years.

Alex turns her over so that she is pointed away from him on his lap, with her legs spread, and then anally penetrates her in a reverse cowgirl position. As this is happening, Jada spreads her pussy lips, giving a nice, contrasting pink-on-black shot, and continues to play with herself; she is fully-shaved other than a tiny tuft above her lips. Hershel takes advantage of her empty mouth and fills it with his bulging manhood.

The sex goes on for some time in a similar fashion, with both men trading off taking her butt-hole in various ways. There is also good female-to-male oral work that occurs, including ass-to-mouth, deep-throat, and ball-licking action. Seymore, who isn’t really seen, occasionally interjects a comment, as well. Jada appears to come at least a couple of times during this scene, and the sex ends with a hot, almost-simultaneous double ejaculation by Hershel and Alex—Alex on Jada’s ass after a pull-out, and Hershel on her hand as she strokes and licks him.

Seymore then reappears in the shot, and there is a bit of post-sex discussion before he kicks the cameraman out of his house, explaining that having a tour and a house-warming party concurrently was probably not a spectacular idea. The scene ends with a fade after the cameraman has left the house, and Seymore bids him farewell.

Overall, this scene is very hot and delivers a tremendous amount of anal and oral sex. Jada stays enthusiastic throughout, even though she is pounded in the ass for nearly the entire time. For those into anal, black women, hot oral, or any combination thereof, this is very good stuff.

Scene Two
This scene begins with Seymore asleep on a couch, with the camera pointed up at him from down near his feet. Angelica Sin, a brunette wearing a pink mesh top with pink half-shirt underneath and a predominantly-black skirt, comes in and awakens him so that she can administer a “good-bye blow-job”. After rubbing him through his sweat pants a bit, she takes off both layers of her top, and her large, enhanced breasts fall free. Immediately, she begins to rub them on Seymore over his pants and then starts to take his pants off.

There’s a quick cut to Seymore on the couch. His pants are now off, and Angelica takes his erect penis into her mouth for a quick moment before giving him a titty-fuck, followed by the beginning of the blow-job. During this action, Angelica takes a brief break to remove her skirt, leaving her in only a pair of pink panties, and then continues to give Seymore head.

From here, the oral sex continues, with an assortment of erotic happenings. Some of the highlights include: Angelica spitting during the blow-job; Angelica working Seymore’s cock with her hands and breasts; Angelica massaging his balls both orally and manually; and Angelica inserting a finger into Seymore’s ass and giving him some anal / prostate stimulation as she continues to suck him off. The sex ends with Seymore ejaculating as Angelica strokes his member and rubs it on her face and tongue. She then licks some of his cum off of her fingers and his cock, teases him a bit, and runs off as the fade occurs.

In total, Angelica really gives an enthusiastic blow-job here. There isn’t much variety in terms of the camera-work—if any—but the action still plays well, and there is a more realistic feel to it as a result. One thing to note is that there is a small glitch / freeze that occurs in my DVD (factory-pressed), though even if this is in all of them, it’s very minor. This is a solid, though fairly quick, scene.

Scene Three
The scene begins with Seymore waking up (POV) and heading out of his bedroom into a common area. Upon opening the door, Mari Possa, a Hispanic actress with light brown hair and beautiful, enhanced breasts, comes into view. She is seated on a couch and sucking and jerking off Kurt Lockwood and Hershel Savage at the same time. There are two blondes seated in chairs masturbating with dildos / vibrators as they take in the action. Mari’s wearing a light green bikini top that is pulled aside and nothing else. Her tight cooch sports a trimmed dark patch of pubic hair above shaved lips. Seymore seems surprised at what is going on and spends some time taking it all in. The setting here appears to be some sort of fancy beach house / resort—very beautiful.

As the action continues, Hershel is the first to penetrate Mari (anally) in a missionary-like position as Kurt face-fucks her, causing a bit of gagging. Mari is incredibly beautiful, and watching her take Hershel’s thick manhood into her willing, tight rosebud is very arousing. The sex that follows never really loses its intensity and is captured well by the camerawork. Some of the best of the festivities include: Kurt and Hershel trading off fucking Ms. Possa in the ass; some ass-to-mouth and pussy-to-mouth action; and a missionary DP on the couch, with Hershel in Mari’s behind and Kurt in her pussy. Throughout, there are times when the shot focuses away from the main action and on either one of the two masturbating blondes. Presumably, this is included for added effect and / or as filler while Mari and the two men get themselves situated in some way. Either way, it’s excellent, non-stop action.

Toward the end of the scene, a double blow-job from Mari turns into more of an orgy situation, in which one of the blondes—a tall slender type—removes Kurt from Mari and blows and jerks him, as he kisses, fondles, and fingers the other blonde. During this time, Mari continues her oral and manual endeavors on Hershel’s engorged member. The action comes to a finale when the blonde gives Kurt back to Mari in time for him to explode on her face and neck. Hershel follows in short order, and Mari does a bit of clean up on the two men with her mouth. This is very hot stuff.

Overall, this scene is a true scorcher that hits its stride from the beginning and never strays from its erotic and intense path. Mari is excellent, the guys are excellent, and the setup and camerawork are excellent. This is classic, pure-fun, pure-intensity Seymore Butts action. This and the Flower Tucci, Courtney Cummz, and Brian inter-racial ménage-a-trois (later) are by far the best segments of the DVD.

Scene Four
The scene starts out with Seymore lying down on a bed, reading a book. The camera is pointed toward his face, and blonde Avy Scott (fully nude) is seen in the distance poking out of a bathroom with a toothbrush in her mouth. She asks Seymore if he would like some head before she takes off, and he answers in the affirmative. She heads down the hall toward Seymore and the camera, giving a full-view of her beautiful, large breasts (natural?), well-shaped body, and tightly-trimmed cooch. She pulls off his white sweat pants and begins to give him an up-close-and-personal, POV blow-job. Seymore starts out soft but is hard fairly quickly into the action.

Throughout the scene, there is a good deal of sexy hand-work by Avy, as well as the standard oral maneuvers. This portion of the DVD is hot but does drag a bit as it moves along. The finish is nice, as Avy jerks Seymore’s cum all over her breasts and then licks some of it up and cleans his cock with her mouth. In total, this is a solid scene, though certainly not the best out there.

Scene Five
This scene starts out with Seymore walking up behind Flower Tucci, a blonde known for her beautiful, round derriere, while she is putting on makeup. Flower is wearing a light-blue bra and thong set, and she is looking good with her cool ink-work on her back and cute, natural breasts. Her hair isn’t fully blonde, but instead has a lot of brown in it, as well—very attractive. She is one actress in the adult industry who is both distinctive and sexy.

The two partake in some idle banter, and Seymore then hands a wand/scepter-shaped, blue vibrator to her. Flower seems reasonably impressed with the toy, and they both make their way into another room. Here, they find Courtney Cummz on a bed with an African American actor who’s credited as Brian. Courtney is jerking and sucking his long, black cock for one of Seymore’s cameramen, as Seymore and Flower enter the room. Courtney has perky, natural breasts with pierced nipples, a slender frame, and brown hair with a good deal of blonde streaking. As always, she is hot.

It’s noted that Flower is only there to “say hi”, but Seymore leaves her in the room when he has to go answer the phone in another part of the house. The shot follows a Seymore POV as he answers it, with a quick, interspersed cut back to Flower in the other room taking off her clothes.

When Seymore returns to the room, he finds Flower on top of Brian in a reverse cowgirl position, his ebony rod buried in her landing-stripped / bare-lipped womanhood. It’s clear that Flower isn’t going to be leaving any time soon. Courtney is next to them grinning and fondling Flower’s breast.

A full-on, crazy ménage-a-trois follows, with a variety of sexual scenarios played out by the three participants. Some of the noteworthy action includes: Courtney licking Brian’s member straight out of Flower’s freshly-fucked cooch, and Flower doing the same; Flower squirting hard as she is being penetrated vaginally and anally by Brian; oral cock-sharing by both ladies; Courtney’s nipple, belly, and clit piercings glimmering as she takes Brian into her shaved-but-for-a-tiny-tuft pussy; Courtney being anally-hammered by Brian as Flower eats her out; Flower doing ass-to-mouth on Brian’s penis, straight from Courtney’s rosebud and also her own; Flower, and later Courtney, being doubly-penetrated by Brian’s dick (ass) and the vibrator (pussy); and anal-gaping by both Flower and Courtney. The scene ends shortly after Brian cums in Courtney’s ass (cream pie; real?), which she then pushes out into Flower’s mouth and onto her chin and chest. There is a bit of post-sex discussion that follows and then a fade.

Overall, this scene is off-the-hook, as one can easily tell by the non-comprehensive list of highlights above. Neither of these girls shies away from any of the activity, and they are both into it. Couple this together with the setup, the inter-racial aspect, and the beauty of the actresses, and it’s a winning combination all-around.

Scene Six
This scene begins with Aveena Lee holding a red, plastic cup and moving over to a countertop in a kitchen. She is a tiny, natural Asian girl and is wearing a lacy, pink, lingerie miniskirt and top set. She pulls out a glazed donut (“the last one”) from a box on the counter, puts it on a plate, and comes over to Seymore, who is holding the camera (POV). She has a tattoo on her mid-to-lower back and is wearing a pink thong under the skirt.

Shortly, she holds the donut out on a plate near Seymore’s lap and begins to beg for it. As this occurs, Aveena pulls his cock out of his sweat pants and begins a POV blow-job. The donut and plate are in one hand, the top of his pants is in the other, and her mouth is wrapped around his prick. She puts the plate down, takes the donut and rubs it on Seymore’s penis, continues licking and sucking him, and then pulls his pants down around his ankles.

Eventually, Aveena is able to get the donut around Seymore’s unit, and the messy blow-job action continues from there. As this goes on, Aveena takes bites out of the donut, and Seymore achieves an erection. There is some titty-fucking that takes place once Aveena removes her top, giving a full view of her nice-sized, natural breasts, and this is where the donut breaks and is removed from the shot. The oral work on Aveena’s part continues on until Seymore climaxes as she jerks his cum onto her tongue and into her mouth. She then swallows, and the scene and movie end for all intents and purposes.

In total, this is the weakest scene of the lot. The use of the donut really takes away from the action and doesn’t go over well at all. Aveena, who is quite attractive, never removes her skirt or panties, and the oral sex is a bit on the tepid side. The shots of Seymore’s cock are also a bit unflattering here. The swallowing is the hottest part of this portion of the disc, but it’s not enough to save it. In all honesty, this one should have been left on the cutting room floor. As good as Seymore is, anyone can have an off scene, and this is what happens here.

Bonus Materials / Other Options
The Bonus Materials can be accessed through the Main Menu under “Special Features”. Included here are options for a website ad (featuring Alisha Klass from years-past), an advertisement for Seymore Butts’ toys, an ad for Seymore’s bachelor party service, and a “Photo Gallery”, which plays a slideshow of stills from the film. Also present is an option that plays through a number of related movie trailers. There is no behind-the-scenes action accounted for, unfortunately.

Closing Statement
Overall, there are two really excellent scenes here—those with Mari Possa, Courtney Cummz, and Flower Tucci, and one very good scene—that with Jada Fire. There are two okay scenes—Angelica Sin and Avy Scott, and there is one less-than-okay scene—Aveena Lee. When this DVD is hot, it’s smoking; when it’s not, it’s lukewarm. It’s worth a look, but there are stronger Seymore DVDs out there that would be better to purchase first.

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