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Anal Teen Tryouts 3

Anal Teen Tryouts 3

Studio: Devil's Film
Category:  Anal , Barely Legal
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Kelly's ratings for Anal Teen Tryouts 3:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Anal Teen Tryouts 3 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Anal Teen Tryouts 3 Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Anal Teen Tryouts 3 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Anal Teen Tryouts 3 Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Anal Teen Tryouts 3 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Anal Teen Tryouts 3 DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Anal Teen Tryouts 3 A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by Kelly  on  2/24/2004
Title: Anal Teen Tryouts 3
Company: Devils Film
Length: 2 hour and 16 minutes (136 minutes)
Production Date(s): February 16, 2004 (according to the credits)
Release Date: February 9, 2004 (the two are obviously at odds with each other)

Director: None Credited

Comments (I Sometimes Write Lengthy Reviews. Don’t want to wade through all that? Then just read this): There are lots of generic jokes about porn. One of them has to do with the ridiculous volumes that any one series can produce, with Ed Powers and his various “Dirty Debutante” incarnations being a good example. Well, the general rule of thumb when this does happen to a series is that it gets better over time, hits a climax, and fades away. Devils Film’s “Teen Tryout Auditions” series is an odd one though. Kicking off in 2000, the series just keeps getting better, weathering various director changes, with the initial directing duo of (now big time players) Brandon Iron and Mark Wood long gone. While the series continues to grow, Devils Film decided to cater to the current dual obsessions of young girls and anal sex by branching off with the “Anal Teen Tryouts” series. Here in 2004, the third installment in this young series has been released with a killer cast of beauties. Are all of these girls really teenagers? No, but from Taylor Rain’s opening fuck fest to Holly Day’s intense closer you won’t care. The “Teen Tryout Auditions” has had a long life, seemingly now going by “Teen Tryouts.” Well, four years in porn is like an eternity. It shall be interesting to see how long “Anal Teen Tryouts” goes because I don’t know how much they can really improve upon this third installment. All told, there isn’t a bad scene in the bunch, with Taylor Rain impressing me, Katin getting better, Ariana and Gia hot as always, Keiko catching my eye, and Holly Day delivering the goods.

Scene 1: Taylor Rain (cover girl) w/Mark Ashley and Jon Dough (scene lasts for about 28

I mentioned that they seemed to have dropped the “auditions” line from the “Teen Tryouts” series. Well, it is a good thing they never even bothered to add the word “audition” into the title for this series because Ms. Taylor Rain is quite definitely no stranger to anal and in no need of auditioning. The next logical sentence is that she is in need of some fucking. Make no mistake about it; Taylor Rain is the star of this tape. Her posterior is the first thing we see on the box cover and her face the first thing we see in the actual video. Of course, her ass ain’t far behind as she bends over and presses her dumper against the glass railing surrounding the top of the stairs the director is filming her through giving us a hint of that prime piece of real estate connecting her legs to her torso that two guys will be renting for the day. Within a minute, we have switched to a point of view blowjob, cutting right to the point apparently. Call me crazy but I don’t think this is the first time Taylor has ever been with a guy with a dick as big as Mark Ashley’s, as she deep throats his third arm to oblivion creating a nasty little trail of drool on her chin and chest. This, my friend, is one nasty blowjob and I am not sure if I mean that in a good way. After this, Mark leads her over to an open space where two couch cushions have conveniently been placed on the floor to guard her knees. They begin to go at it in cowgirl and next thing you know Jon Dough, having walked by wearing a weird biking outfit during the blowjob, jumps in on the action, providing Taylor with something to gag her moans. From here on out, the positions kind of keep coming at you, with cowgirl, missionary, and sideways missionary in there. Amazingly, Taylor five fingers her own ass, looking very much so like she could fist it if they wanted her to, in brief preparation for the anal. Mark steps in for her fingers and really gives it to her in some intense doggy anal. As clearly experienced as Taylor is, it seemed surprising at how into this she was, sounding as if despite not looking like she had never done this before. A girl who gapes so extremely easily doesn’t always moan and look so damn into it. This anal queen then steps it up to double penetration in both cowgirl and reverse cowgirl before getting blasted with two huge loads on her face and chest. I must say as the very first Taylor Rain scene I have ever seen I finally understand the hype. Scott Fayner is a lucky man.

Scene 2: Katin (dirty hot brunette, bearing a resemblance to Lisa Marie Pressley, great natural C-cuppers w/somewhat unfortunate tattoos circumnavigating her stomach and back) w/Phil Yer Gash (scene last for about 25 minutes)

We open upon surfer girl Katin (pronounced Ktin, like a short version of Caitlyn) by, rather appropriately, looking at her ass and traveling up her magnificent torso to take a gander at her inviting, Lisa Marie-esque gaze. Physically, there does not appear to be a flaw on this girl, as she looks cockteasingly hot in a pink bra and panty set. Interviewed in a bathroom, we learn that she is 19 and loves to fuck. What we do not learn here is that she has been in the business for a short while and just recently started doing anal, enduring her first backdoor bangin’ in “Tap that Ass” from Anarchy films. That scene looked every bit the part of being a first anal, as she innocently jokes in that DVD’s behind the scenes section, “It hurt.” How will she fair here? Again, it does not take too long to find out as she starts sucking her guy’s cock in a great point of view blowjob. Incidentally, it does not appear they will be leaving this rather sanitary bathroom. For a new girl, she looks rather more experienced than she is, making all the right noises, using just enough saliva, making enough eye contact, and deepthroating with such ease during the blowjob. And Phil Yer Gash has a massive schlong so her deepthroating him is rather impressive. However, her energy here could be a bit higher even though it all looks great. Possessing the phenomenal natural chest that she does, the cameraman can’t keep it a pov all the way through and does manage to get some great odd angled shots, looking at those gifts of nature a couple of times. In a second, her pink, lace panties disappear to clear way for Phil to stuff her pussy in a standing doggy style position. Katin again does all the right things, but is not quite as convincing as Taylor Rain was. The camera thankfully does not stay stationary and wisely moves back and forth from underneath shots, penetration shots, and side shots. The more of these that include her bouncing breasts the better. They do some missionary with, again, some great camera angles before graduating to the big A in reverse cowgirl. Katin doesn’t start squirting or anything like that but she does start to seem like she is enjoying herself more here, though a forced phrase like, “You like that tight little teenage ass?” is seemingly unavoidable. She finally seems like she loses all pretenses and starts going just a tad crazy during a really hot anal doggy style position, as she sets her knees on the bathtub ledge and Phil places his feet on that same edge enabling him to really jackhammer away at her ass. They try for some gaping but she ain’t that loose yet. They move again, this time to missionary anal as she fingers herself. Leaning against the back of the toiler, her breasts are nicely accentuated here. Phil can’t takes no mores and shoots a decent load in her mouth, which she surprisingly completely swallows. This is a really good scene from a new girl. However, after watching Taylor Rain it is a definite step down in intensity. But keep an eye out for Katin.

Scene 3: Ariana Jollee (cute-gorgeous, black hair, great natural B/C-cuppers, hot, hot, hot) w/ Andrew Rivera and Tony T (scene lasts for about 26 minutes)

We go from one of gonzo’s best to a potential future star to the girl who is, in my opinion, gonzo’s absolute best of the moment: Ariana Jollee. And similar to Taylor Rain, placing this girl, who has graced many a box cover herself, in this tape is kind of odd as she is absolutely no stranger to anal. However, they actually play around with that during the scene. Decked out in a simple yet effective purple top and butt hugging black bottom, Ariana is sitting a whicker chair when the cameraman presents his dick to her. She does a mock “new girl” impression and says that she is a good girl and she doesn’t do that. She, of course, does have his dick completely down her throat eventually, but not before gradually getting there by pretending to give his cock little kisses and then French kisses and then you can imagine the rest. Another guy joins the fray, presenting his dick to her, and Ariana unleashes the quote of the day, “Him too? This is not…Kosher.” Despite her continued pleas of ignorance, it is quite obvious from her erection-raising nastiness in criss-crossing between the two guys and dripping a mixture of cum and saliva all over her top and now exposed breasts that this is not amateur. Once the fucking stars, she is too busy moaning to kid around anymore, looking in heaven as the two guys take turns in various incarnations of missionary and doggy style positions. They get to the anal in an odd position I’d never seen before, that is most accurately described as a cross between spoon and doggy style. Arianna really loves it, illustrating the difference between forcing phrases and genuinely meaning, “Uh, Uh…Yeah, that’s fucking good!” something Katin will hopefully learn. She exhibits the same sexual fervor in reverse cowgirl anal, doggy style anal, and cowgirl double penetration. After a solo reverse cowgirl anal, the guys shoot off on her in two different shots, meaning there is a cut which means that in-between cuts the load from the first guy disappears. Either way, she gets cum in her mouth and on her face and delights of it. Best scene of the tape so far. Ariana was so sexy and into it I was surprised she didn’t squirt, which I have seen her do elsewhere.

Scene 4: Gia Paloma (hot brunette w/great natural C-cuppers, bears a resemblance to fellow pornstars Demi Marx and Brooke Balentyne) w/Tyler Knight (scene lasts for about 14 minutes)

Again, there is no semblance of an interview, as our all-natural, anally inclined hottie is looking straight at us with a dick in her mouth in a pov blowjob. This time, our stand-in (Tyler Knight) happens to be black. Tyler at least is smart enough to titty fuck this slutty brunette, as Katin and Arianna Jollee’s great breasts went far too ignored by their guys. Gia moans her pretty little head off during reverse cowgirl and cowgirl. Unfortunately, the camera stays far too stationary during this as our main point of view is from down at the guys foot looking straight at his dick pounding that white pussy while only briefly moving to see the contortions her face is making during sex. Just like that, we’re onto anal in reverse cowgirl, with Gia predictably moving up an octave in moans. She really loves it when Tyler pounds her and then stops to kind of tilts his dick around from side to side, a rather hard to explain maneuver that she seemed to love. Again though, we are confined to viewing mostly penetration only, though it is framed wide enough that she is in the picture along with her great bouncing boobies. After a sideways missionary anal, he deposits what cum he can into her mouth. This was a rather unfortunate scene, as Gia is hot and the tape had been going so strong. Incidentally, I’ve seen the latest pictures of Gia and she has lost a lot of weight. I never thought she needed to but see her in this and then check her out in something that will probably come out in a couple of months and you will see the difference.

Scene 5: Keiko (19, cute redhead w/small, natural chest and a zest for..umm..anal sex) w/Tyler Wood and Tony Michaels (scene lasts for about 18 minutes)

Gracefully, this tape had been free of the usual teen girl theme trappings until this scene. As such, we open upon Keiko, who is wearing white knee stockings, a red, plaid skirt and a white top with her hair in pigtails. This is the stripper schoolgirl. This is not the schoolgirl who I went to Catholic grade school and high school with. However, this look really works for her, with her pale skin and red hair combined with the white top and plaid skirt bearing a striking resemblance to Cherry Mirage’s old schoolgirl look. Seeing as how this is the stripper outfit it demands a teasing strip sequence and we are given one, though it is not set to any music and is rather brief. Keiko frees herself of her see-thru lace white bra and begins to remove her cotton panties before we cut to her looking up at us as she sucks our cock (again, pov blowjob). This blowjob is again rather hot and nasty, as our surrogate pulls on her pigtails to fuck her mouth eventually changing into a handless mouthfucking instead of a blowjob. It turns out she never freed herself of the panties, as they are still around her legs when the guy starts pounding her pussy in standing doggy style. This sequence is shown primarily in penetration shots, which is shame because the face shots of Keiko slipping into another universe are awesome. If it’s possible, Keiko seems more into the fucking that she’s receiving than any of the other girls. Moving to cowgirl, Keiko rides the cock to her utmost satisfaction, looking upwards in ecstasy as the guy again finds use of holding onto her pigtails. And finally during this sequence the camera starts roaming a bit more like it had in the earlier scenes. Keiko rides some more in reverse cowgirl before slipping into anal in reverse cowgirl, where the guy, at her passionate requests, fucks the shit out of her. There is no doubt how much Keiko loves this, her nipples on her great natural small breasts standing up like little erasers and her moans reduced to a mantra of, “Fuck my ass!” We get a similar reaction from the anal reaming her gives her in doggy style, in which he manages to provide some great gape shots. Finally, he briefly rams her piledriver before popping a sizeable lot on her anus. Great scene. Definite pick up from Gia’s scene.

Scene 6: Holly Day (cute, ugly duckling girl next door type with brunette, curly hair, a killer body and natural C-cup breasts) w/Mark Ashley (scene lasts for about 22 minutes)

Why is it that a girl looks instantly hotter when she is sucking your dick? Again, we get one short look at her and then she is in for a pov blowjob. The one shot we do get is rather too close and unflattering, not representing how hot this girl is. She proves her worth in a well practiced routine of trying to deep throat, providing constant eye contact, and doing simultaneous hand job and blowjob duties. She frees her great natural rack from the confines of her top and puts them to instant use, providing the only pov titty fuck of the tape. Finally, she pulls back and completely undresses, lying back in anticipation of a tongue and then a dick. Everything up to here as been one shot, with our first cut coming here and removing us from pov as we return to looking at Mark Ashley licking her pussy. Unnoticeable before, the room they’re in as some lighting issues as parts of her are covered in partial darkness while others are basking in sunbeams from the window. Mark gets her going with some three fingering before he just jumps into some hot, hard fucking in missionary. Holly consistently moans and frequently throws her head back to the mattress in passion, her hands full of the comforter on the bed as she writhes in delight. Mark even steps up the intensity in doggy style, with her legs completely together forming her ass in a sexy little perfect heart shape. Mark eases her into the anal though, as her ass in missionary isn’t so easy to accommodate his size as Taylor Rain’s was earlier. Rather unexpectedly though, this caution is quickly abandoned as they bask in intense anal sex, equipped with rather unexpected gape shots. Staying in the same shot, she merely moves her head back and he gives her some piledriver. We cut and return to her slowly sitting her ass down on his dick in reverse cowgirl before she moves up and down so fast it’s hard to remember how slow she started. Mark takes over for an instant and pounds her ass extremely quickly, which gets the loudest response form her for the whole scene. We get a quick anal doggy and missionary vag before Mark pulls out and shoots off into her mouth and onto her chin, which she spits out but in such a sexy and alluring manner that it shouldn’t bother fans of swallowing. Great closer

The Verdict: I flat out only rented this for Holly Day and Katin. However, upon seriously reviewing it I realize neither of them have the hottest scene. In fact, I had originally thought Katin’s was much better than it is. Keiko, Taylor Rain, and Ariana Jollee steal the show here. And perhaps Gia’s scene would have been okay had the cameraman not fallen asleep there. This is a great, solid piece of gonzo. Those wanting Tom Byron-like tease sequences will be disappointed. I don’t usually like it when scenes are so to the point as these all were but for some reason it worked here. However, starting with Gia Paloma’s scene and carrying into Keiko’s scene there were some camera problems in relation to its lack of movement. And Holly Day’s scene did suffer unfortunate exterior lighting affecting the interior at times. So, getting way back to my original point, they can improve upon this. But it is still an extremely solid effort, one that I would actually consider purchasing even though I am an habitual renter.

The DVD: The extra features consist of photo galleries and 4 trailers. It is nothing to write home about. However, as part of the new Devils Film policy it comes with a second disc, which is one of their 4 Hour “Fresh Teen Ass” compilation titles. I rented this title and the website did not provide the second disc so I can’t say anything about it.

I did notice that Holly Day’s scene suffered from some technical faults, possibly incurred in the transfer from tape to DVD. It looked a tad blurred at times. It is a subtle problem but still a problem. And for part of Keiko’s standing doggystyle position there was some substance, possibly sweat, on the camera to the effect that you might think there is something on your tv, like a piece of dust or a water spot. Again, it is subtle but still there.

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