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Anal Supremacy (Shiva)

Anal Supremacy (Shiva)

Studio: Shiva
Category:  Anal
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loz cumquest's ratings for Anal Supremacy (Shiva):
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Anal Supremacy (Shiva) overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Anal Supremacy (Shiva) Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Anal Supremacy (Shiva) Mael looks rating 1/2 star
Sex Anal Supremacy (Shiva) Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Anal Supremacy (Shiva) Plot/Acting rating 1/2 star
Extras Anal Supremacy (Shiva) DVD Extras rating 1/2 star
Audio/Video Quality Anal Supremacy (Shiva) A/V Quality rating 3 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by loz cumquest  on  6/22/2005
This is my first Skeeter Kerkove film, so I’m looking forward to seeing if this title is as hard as it looks. As far as I am aware this title is available with different edits, with the US version released by Private presumably missing any fisting footage – the version I am viewing is the unedited European Shiva release.

SCENE ONE: AUDREY HOLLANDER vs Otto Cover star Audrey starts off with a brief tease section, dressed in a nice silver bikini outfit, and I get my first taste of Skeeter Kerkove’s habit of spinning the camera slowly round 360 degrees, which quite frankly makes me nauseous. Once the action starts however even the camerawork cant put me off – Audrey immediately starts by inserting her entire hand inside her anus, then with the aid of some lube the male talent manages to fit his dick in as well, so she is sodomised while anally fisting herself. From this eye-popping opening sequence the scene doesn’t let up, with Audrey next taking a virtual double anal by sticking a dildo up her ass alongside Otto’s cock, then when one buttplug proves too small to fill up Audrey ass two more are inserted alongside. The stuffing continues with Audrey taking 2 buttplugs in her asshole, a plug in her pussy and Otto’s cock in her vagina at the same time, then Otto sodomises her alongside a string of anal beads. Again the amount increases, when another long anal bead toy is inserted in Audrey’s ass, an Audrey does her best to make it a four in the ass by inserting another buttplug. Otto finally cums in Audrey spread open asshole, before inserting and removing a chain, then Audrey cumfarts the mess out of her backside and swallows it. You can’t really fault this opening scene, a beautiful girl with an asshole like a cavern – some great multiple anal stuffing and anal fisting action here.
5 out of 5

SCENE TWO: SCOTT/CHARLOTTE & RILEY vs Ben A nice two-girl scene next with a pretty blonde and brunette girls (though unfortunately when the camera gets close on the brunette (confusingly listed as Scott on the credits, and referred to as Charlotte in the scene) some unsightly acne scars are visible). Following the obligatory brief tease section as they writhe around in black and burgundy plastic/leather outfits, they get to sucking Ben’s cock, and Charlotte does some brief tasting of Riley’s ass. Some decent ass to mouth action follows, with a highlight being when both girls are resting against each other in the upside down piledriver position, while Ben swaps between sodomising the pair. The scene ends with Ben cuming in Charlotte’s mouth, who then gives the mess to Riley to swallow. Not quite up to the extremity of the first scene, and I could have done with a bit more ass gaping, this is nevertheless a good solid ass fucking scene.
4 out of 5

SCENE THREE: SELINA SILVER vs Two Guys Next up is Selina Silver wearing a nice bright red leather/PVC outfit. After Skeeter restrains her arms and legs two unnamed guys come in and start with the ass fingering. Following the insertion of an inflatable buttplug Selena takes turn sucking the guys cocks, then it’s on to the standard vaginal then anal fucking. Selena takes a double penetration, including a standing up DP, before ending with an oral cumshot. Selina looks nice, and does all the moves well, but this is really just your bog standard good quality anal gonzo scene, with little out of the norm to recommend it.
4 out of 5

SCENE FOUR: TINA FINE vs Mark It’s a gold bikini / thigh boot combination next for Tina Fine, and it’s the standard tease, oral, vaginal, anal combination. Highlight of the scene is a good solid piledriver position, with Tina on her back spreading her asshole wide. The scene follows with the standard facial cumshot. As with the last scene, there’s nothing really wrong here – in fact there’s a lot right – but again it’s a fairly standard gonzo assfuck.
4 out of 5

SCENE FIVE: HILLARY SCOTT vs Chris Charming It’s a change from the thigh boot theme, as Hillary Scott comes in fishnets and pink underwear. This scene really highlights how an enthusiastic female performer can give a scene that vital spark of energy that lifts it beyond the norm – Hillary doesn’t perform any acrobatic moves here that the girls in the last couple of scenes didn’t do (she tries to fist her pussy and ass but cant get her whole hand in) - the difference is her enthusiasm. She begs for Chris’ cock constantly, continually urging him to be rougher, to slam every inch of his cock down her throat (she does some great deep throating) and every inch of his cock up her asshole. The cumshot is on Hillary’s open asshole in piledriver position. A master class in how a female performer can really add a new dimension to a scene.
5 out of 5

CONCLUSION: All in all a pretty good release, with a couple of excellent scenes, and three pretty damn good ones. The cover is rather misleading – a blurb pronouncing 100% Anal would lead you to expect every girl to take it up the ass, so with the blurb here also stating 100% Fisting you’d expect every girl to take a fist, when in reality it’s only Audrey Hollander who truly does any fisting action (which is presumably why they used her picture twice on the cover) – so, it should really say 20% Fisting. Still, despite that, and Skeeter’s occasionally nausea inducing spinning camera work, this is recommended for those who like their anal sex strong, with an emphasis on how much you can fit into a girls behind.

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