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Anal Sauger

Studio: DBM
Category:  Anal , Foreign

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FacIan's ratings for Anal Sauger:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Anal Sauger overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Anal Sauger Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Anal Sauger Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Anal Sauger Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Anal Sauger Plot/Acting rating 4.5 stars
Extras Anal Sauger DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Anal Sauger A/V Quality rating 5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by FacIan  on  7/20/2002

Anal Sauger
Studio: DBM
Collection: Debora
Price: €19
Format: PAL

Actions and Key Words
Action: Straight; Anal; DP
Fetish: High heels;

Initial expectation
I have bought that film to try the studio. I heard about the quality of their films and wanted to check. I expect a quite nasty film with nicer women than with Puaka. Otherwise I have no special expectation. Basically, I ordered it with Top Teens gallery.

General comment

The girls are absolutely amazing! The picture quality is extremely good as the lighting and colours. This film is great to watch from first to last minute. Depending on your girlfriend's taste, it might be a good candidate for watching a film in couple. A kind of good compromise between nice, clean and hot.
This has nothing to do with the nasty cover!! This cover is a kind of lie, even if the picture is taken from the film!

I managed to make screen shots of that movie. The parts of the review illustrated by a screen shot are in this colour. You just have to find the picture in the thumbnails page.

DVD perspective
This DVD is very well done. The picture is very good and the menu offers:

  • Movie
  • Dia-Show: pictures from the film;
  • Szenen-Auswahl: Scenes access
  • Trailer-Revue: 6 trailers of less than 2mn from other DBM films.
  • DVD-programme: Catalogue in picture of 78 films. No trailer here, just the cover of each film.
  • Picture: Very good.
  • Sound: Not direct; in German. I do prefer direct sound!

The comments I've made for Top Teens gallery are still true. For those whose have not read it, here they are:
I think that they have tried to make a very good DVD and it is one! The only bad point is that the menu is very slow. Yes: slow! When you want to go from an option to another you have to wait a while (about 2sc) to actually get the change. Very annoying.
The trailers are a bit short. Their catalogue is impressive! More trailers would have been a good idea.
The 30 chapters inside the films are strange and do not always correspond to what you expect.


  • Time: 77 minutes
  • Scenes: 6
  • Girls: 4. Amazing!! They are all probably 1m90 and gorgeous like top models. They are THE reason to get this disc.
  • Cum shots: 7 (check my other reviews to understand the F and G. This is not a cumshot film. I don't want to overload this review with not so useful text).


The girls: Adalina Perron; Fatima Cosa; Lu Passion; Abby June
The boys: J-P. Armand; David Perry; Yves Baillat; Richard Lengin; Roberto Rosi
Director: Gabriel Pontello

If the girls are new to me the boys aren't! 4 out of 5 of these guys have been in the business for ages. They are French and you have seen them in Laeticia's films like Intimite violée par une femme or Profession enculeur for Yves and Richard. Private addicts already know David. Jean-Pierre Armand is probably in the business since the 80s. Why do they need him? He should be on the other side of the camera!

About the girls, I will be in trouble to let you know who is playing in which scene as I do not know them. But I can tell you one thing: they are gorgeous!! Where did they find such tall, thin, good looking girls? Anyway, the good point is that they are nice and new!


This film, unlike most of those I reviewed so far has a "plot".I told you that I don't care and it is still true. The whole film is in German but as I told you the guys are French and they do not speak German, so they are dubbed.
The scenes take place in something which is supposed to be a bar or a club. That makes a nice environment for the scenes. The flick is a real pleasure for the eyes from the beginning to the end.

Some scenes may be mixes in order to look like a plot. I guess you don't need me to understand the plot but to know how hot the film is. So, I organise my review with clear separate scenes. So do I with the screen shots.

Scene1: David Perry is with a gorgeous tall blonde (taller than him). She wears a summer purple dress. She has a sophisticated haircut with her very long hair. Her nails are polished in light purple to go with the dress. They really take care of details in DBM. She really looks like a fashion model. When she sits on David's knees she's at least a head over him. This lucky guy will quickly request a BJ that she does while squatting. She actually sucks very well, mainly with mouth. When she stand in position for a doggy. The view on her legs makes you feel they never end. I love it!. She has a cute pussy with shaved lips and short hair on pubis.
They change for RCG on a chair. She rides him. Same but CG. Her butt is small as she is very thin. Those of you who like fleshy butts will be disappointed.
She kneels on the chair for a doggy...anal. Wow. When she puts her nice hand on her butt it's very sexy.
David is a pro and he pulls out once or twice to show us her tight hole. It's flexible but no gap.
The point of view on that doggy is extremely sexy! Change now for anal RCG on the chair. She rides him again. Anal standing doggy. Very nice view.
Cumshot: She kneels down and give a HJ. GJ!! She makes him cum on her breast and gives a quick cleanup after with her mouth. The shot is weak and watery. Apart the GJ, there is nothing interesting in that cumshot. F.
Rate: 3 out of 5. The scene is hot but the plot is annoying as the scene is interrupted regularly for non sex scenes. The best point on that scene is the girl. She is beautiful but unfortunately, she forgot to be wild. No enthusiasm from her here.
Timer: 15' 30''

Scene2: Another extremely cute blonde is teamed by Richard and I guess Roberto. She wears a sexy blue clothe with spangle. She is as tall as the other one and has a sophisticated haircut as well. She wears high heel shoes but not the kind I like. They are with high sole (platform sole in English?).
Our starlet gives a head to both guys. She does that slowly using her hands more that the girl in scene1. Her style is hot with many lickings. Doggy + BJ. She still wears her string (I say that for those of you (and me) who are in clothes fetish).
When they change for vaginal CG on the sofa, you cannot believe that she has such long legs. Anyway, she sits on Richard's cock and sucks Roberto. Richard is moving and I'd like to be at his place to grab that firm but in my hands as he does. You can notice that her backdoor is quite opened and that she is probably used to let men use it.
RCG. I love the view again! Her pubis is hairy. When I say hairy, I mean like the ones you encounter in real life with you girlfriend. It is just perfect.
Hey! What did I say? Richard wants to try the backdoor. The change offers a very nice view on her opened pussy. The insertion is not that easy. But what can you expect without lube? When in, we get a very nice medium close-up on the action. Hot! Especially when you think about her full body at the same time.
Roberto wants to participate...DP! They move for same DP but in CG.
Cumshot: Richard rushes out of her ass and go to shoot in her mouth. Quite creamy but lack of volume and strength. The best of it is the post-cum head. With such a lovely face it very hot. G.
Cumshot: She lies on her back on the sofa and wait for the shot with opened mouth. Roberto targets her mouth and tongs. The delivery is better volume and quite accurate. She has cum around her lips and on tong. She gives a great post-cum head. She doesn't try to avoid the cum in mouth at all!! She knows what to do and do it well! G.
Rate: 3.5 out of 5. This girl is very nice and practised most common nastiness. The view is always wonderful but once more she's not "wild".
Timer: 33'

Scene3: A third blonde with some fetish clothes is coming. She has the same kind of incredible body as the other one. She has long very blonde hair attached on the back. Her clothes are made with chains and black and red vinyl. I don't know if it it the S or the M of SM.... She actually uses the boots of the maid in Top Teens gallery. She dances on the table. Her pussy is completely shaved. She is definitely very hot!!
Yves will be the lucky one to fuck her. He gets a BJ that she practices with a great rotating hand style. CG on the sofa. Even with the saliva, it doesn't penetrate so easily. Change for RCG. Very nice !
Easy change for anal RCG. She rides him deep!!
Anal doggy. That is the opportunity for a new evaluation of her body and butt. No real default! Maybe not enough flesh, but I'm really looking for problems! :-) The ride lasts for a while. There are some in/out. We have time to appreciate.
Cumshot: Too much is too much and Yves has to shoot. He pulls of her ass and she sits on the floor waiting for the cum in face. She has a wonderful smile and look at him. That way, we can admire her eyes and, honestly, I'd like to be the shooter! Yves is not that good. The first jet is right on tong but the other are on the floor. What a shame! Anyway, she gives also a good mouth to taste for real. She was ready for more. It is not her fault! because of him: G.
Rate: 4 out of 5. This girl, without being really enthusiastic is looking a bit more natural than the others. Therefore, she deserve a better mark.
Timer: 52'

Scene4: This scene actually starts before the end of the previous one. J-P is in good hands! He gets the first blonde and a brunette who has the same kind of incredible body and face as the other. She wears a complex black cloth with many laces. This super brunette sucks him. Her style is closer to HJ than BJ. But hey, I'd take his place with no hesitation (without the bloody staff around the camera! ;-) ) The blonde is on the bar masturbating and J-P decides to lick her wonderful pussy on which we had a nice close up.
Brunette changes her mind and turns for a standing doggy. J-P has still his nose in the blonde's treasure She decides to be active and goes down the floor to give some head to J-P. That leads to P2M. They change the roles. The blonde is fucked doggy. She gives wonderful eye contacts to J-P. You can here appreciate her nice breast. P2M. Brunette licks the blonde's backdoor to prepare for anal doggy. As with David, it is not that easy. This girl has a tight little ass. The close up on the action is hot!! Especially when he takes one of her legs off the ground.
J-P gets a seat. Anal RCG for the blonde. Brunette takes her place but for vaginal. That is an unhealthy A2P!

Cumshot: J-P lies on his back and both girl give a HJ. That is a GJ. The shot is weak. Some cum reaches the blonde's face. The best of it is the GJ. F
Rate: 3.5 out of 5.
Timer 60' 40''

Scene5: Richard and the brunette. Richard is gentleman and starts by sucking her pussy. With such a girl, everyone would love to be a gentleman. By seeing that, I realise how rare are the pussy licking in the porn. That is strange as I think it is one of the hottest thing to do with a girl. Thank you DBM!!
The brunette moves her pussy well under his tong. It does not last very long but well, it happened at least!
Mish with an incredible long leg on his shoulder.
BJ and then CG. Her ass has been visited in the past, that's for sure!
Doggy. I was right! Anal doggy now and it's easier than with blonde number 1. Nice view on the action! Anal RCG.
Cumshot: She lies on her back. He cums over her face. This bastard spits on her lovely face because he cannot shoot enough. Unlike the other girls she is not keen on sucking his cock after the shot. She does it but with no enthusiasm. F
Rate: 3 out of 5.

Scene6: Very short scene where Yves fucks the blonde of scene 2 on a chair mish. He quickly cums on her pussy.
Cumshot: A few drops on pussy hair. F
Rate: 2 out of 5.

This is my 2nd experience with DBM. My first reaction was that I will probably not buy anyone more. But after thinking about it, I have changed my mind. I tell you why:
The bad points: The sex action is quite conventional; We have anal sex and DP but the cumshots are weak and there is nothing to let us say: "I've never seen that!". Another annoying point is the boys. I've seen them so often that I'd like new guys to work with new girls! The girls are beautiful but...quite cold.
The good points are: Extremely nice girls (more true on that one than with Top Teens gallery); Incredible sense of details for the clothes, the jewels, the make up, the rooms, the furniture, the lighting, etc. ; This is not a low budget film made in a half day in a garage!!
In fact, the film is a great pleasure to watch from beginning to end. I consider the plot as a bit annoying but it might be an alibi to watch it with your girlfriend. After all, the girls are not treated like animals and the sex is quite hot!
I think that I will have a careful look at what DBM offers as they have many collections. I will probably give some other tries.
My rate for that movie is 4 out of 5. Once more, it is not a sum of scenes' rate! It is more like a global feeling and satisfaction rate.

But what about a film with these girls and the heat of Maria from Ich Tanze für Sperma! ?? I'd buy it a fortune!

Anyway, you can verify that pleasure of looking at these ladies by checking the screen shots!

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