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Anal Princess Diaries 2

Anal Princess Diaries 2

Studio: Elegant Angel
Category:  All Sex , Anal , Barely Legal
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Anal Princess Diaries 2:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Anal Princess Diaries 2 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Anal Princess Diaries 2 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Anal Princess Diaries 2 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Anal Princess Diaries 2 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Anal Princess Diaries 2 Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Anal Princess Diaries 2 DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Anal Princess Diaries 2 A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  9/13/2006
Well fans this dvd has been anticipated for some time after the success of the first one. Hillary Scott is among the hottest performers going right now and to have a dvd solely devoted to her, her sexy fantasies, and seeing who she gets to help carry them out should prove for a fun time. Now Miss Scott has mentioned recently the finished product wasn't fully what she envisioned and that's to bad but let's see what they did come up with that was released.

Hillary & Taryn Thomas:

Up first we've got ourselves a two girl party and it starts with the girls checking out each other's hot bods in the bathroom while Kyle Stone enters the house and he's making some stanges noises which the girls can't quite make out. He's soon standing in the bathroom doorway and the girls aren't callin for the cops like you'd think, nope they invite the strange guy in and since they're both nude already why not have a little fun with the funny dude. They help Kyle with his jeans and soon they're sharing his cock. The bathroom's got some nice acoustics too. We don't really get any intro though now that I think about it to this being a continuation of the Anal Princess line unless I missed it. Sexwise you see Hillary get first dibs in reverse and you get some good closeups and her tits looked great. Taryn's first ride was in cowgirl but she's not sitting in the best way to accentuate her ass, usually the girl sits with her ass pushing out but here Taryn's more pushing down on the cock and it doesn't look as good as I'd like. There is some P2M by the girls before we get a little anal play finally and who else but the asswhore gets it in the pooper first. Not thebest shot again, we're getting way to much nutsack in the shot, lol. Taryn the lies back for some anal sex and her mish looks better as we see it shot from the side so no nutsack,lol. We go back to Hillary taking it up the butt, this time in doggie and this time while you get to much man ass at least the anal position looked better than the mish did earlier. Taryn then gets another turn and it's again mish/ piledriver and we end this uneven scene with Taryn taking the load in her mouth-- great closeup of this, and then she shares with Hillary. Not bad but I've seen both girls do better scenes. Well Taryn was upset when she didn't get a reswap from Hillary so she finally brings in the Anal Princess/ Queen storyline saying there'd only be one and it would be her as she gives Hillary a swirlie in the toilet.

Hillary & Vixen:

This next scene starts and we've got Vixen hard at it giving a brother some love to his cock. The shot had a sorta home movie type vibe to it and Vixen sure seemed intent on giving a good bj which she does. Well sitting just off to the side is Hillary who positively looks radiant in her glasses. She discusses her state of uncertainty on transitioning from an Anal Princess to an Anal Queen but she's not sure about taking a cock in her ass today but I think seeing that big black schlong will help Hillary change her mind. Sure enough she moves over and she helps Vixen maintain the good oral we've been seeing up to this point. The glasses are a great touch and give our Asswhore that level of class/ slut which is hard to balance but Miss Scott does it so well. Vixen helps out along with the fine head giving some dirty talk which Hillary matches in between gags. Moving on you get some g/g play as Vixen munches on Hillary while our stud nails Vixen doggiestyle. The focus seemed a bit off here though I liked Vixen being opened up like she was. Pretty soon it's Hillary's turn to get some black cock up her kittie and it's mish to start and those hot tits are doing a little dancing in tune with the thrusts. We then get some butt love and who else to start but Hillary and reverse anal looked pretty good, tits and dirty talk both worked here. I didn't like the light choking Vixen did but it doesn't last long. You also get some anal for Vixen in a side saddle and there's some vag too. I liked too that Hillary kept her glasses on plus there's some A2OGM when our man goes back into Vixen's poopchute. We get some cowgirl anal too and Hillary gets a nice rhythm going with some nice titty flopping and they close with a pop to Hillary's face/ glasses with Vixen licking the jizz up and sharing. I liked this scene a little bit more than the first one. The chemistry seemed better with the two girls here.

Hillary, Sandra Romain & Nikki Hunter:

Ok we flash to Hillary going into a house still wearing the purple lingerie top and black skirt from the last scene, glasses still on too and we get the pirateman Brian Surewood coming over to console Hillary who is sad she's not an Anal Queen yet. As her abundant cleavage pours over her top she pours her soul out to Brian who encourages our lady to lie down, rest, and that tomorrow will be a better day! She falls asleep and in a pretty vivid dream out of a Tom Petty video she awakes in Wonderland dressed like Alice complete with the blue/ white top but unlike that video Hillary won't get eaten-- not just yet! In through some doors comes the twosome of Nikki and Sandra both clad in their fetish finery. Sandra is carrying a trey with a few odds and ends and Nikki's only weapon is her mouth which throws out the verbal jousts to Hillary saying she's never going to be an Anal Queen. Then Hillary is forced to watch as Sandra and Nikki have some fun with each other. Check out the iron gloves with steel tips that Nikki has on and she scratches her way down Hillary's chest. So our tied up girl watches as the other two play with each other, eating ass and lots and lots of dirty talk/ degradation heaped upon Hillary. The camera again has a home movie type slant to it rather than what I'm used to seeing in a gonzo scene, maybe I'm just imagining it. Toys galore in the scene and all these ladies are well versed in seeing the plastic dick penetrating their various holes. Not necessarily my cup of tea but I was here when they shot this scene and seeing it live was an experience in a half which I was glad to do. Nikki too is a great leader as she's so good at being the dominant role which she was here. Sandra is great at it too but Nikki was a great choice here with Sandra capably assisting with her mouth and of course that out of this world body. Finally the girls decide it's time to include Hillary as she's made to suck off the juices from the toys which had been fucking the other two, the makeup is starting to run too on Hillary's face. Lots of degrading talk here and the girls attack Hillary's ass licking her asshole, fingerbanging it and finally thrusting the toys deep inside. They had a squirt gun but instead of filling it with water it was filled with a liquid resembling cum but I forget what it was actually, this scene was shot just after AVN in January. They also use some strapons to fuck Hillary, also to throat fuck herand naturally there's anal sex. There's a good piledriver anal shot and Sandra looked hot thrusting downward into that tight ass and then we get an even better shot when Hillary climbs on Miss Romain's fake dick in reverse anal which quickly turns into a dp. Ok the girls go all Max Hardcore at the end, spreading Hillary's ass with a speculum and you've got to this very carefully to not do any real damage and they talked about this a lot before hand making sure things would be done right and I liked seeing this. You only see the live action as it happens but not always seeing what goes into it and I liked seeing that part of the process. To make things even more interesting as Hillary's ass is thrust upwards, spread open, the other two girls put some milk enemas in their own asses and as you might guess squirt the contents down upon Hillary's gaping ass and some to her tits and face as well. Not the prettiest of sites but it's a visual you won't soon forget along with Nikki's commentary. The beads of milk coat all the way down Hillary's body and we close with the speculum being taken out and Hillary then cumfarts the mess out of her ass and down her chest. Seeing it live was amazing and it was quite the hardcore g/g/g scene we got here. Not how I like g/g scenes usually but I appreciated the effort all put into here.

Hillary & Kelly Wells with special guest ring announcer Ron Jeremy!:

The shot goes back to Hillary sleeping on the couch and then we go to a boxing ring where you see Ron in the middle doing his best Michael Buffer and Hillary is shown waking up as you also have Kelly in the ring and you've got quite a few guys surrounding the ring and there are some meatpuppets in it also. Ron does the intros, has the girls come into the middle of the ring and like any ring announcer would do he gets a quick titty suck on Kelly before turning the girls over to the guys. Lots of frantic cock sucking as you see both ladies getting their fair share of dick. I really liked how Hillary looked here too, white looks great on her and better yet being taken off her. Ron gives some commentary from time to time of the action which sees the focus go from girl to girl. The ladies also get their fair share of meat up their holes both pussy and ass with some double anal too but I'm getting ahead of myself! First we get a quick shot of the ring girl, Leah Luv, doing the walk through with the Round 2 sign and then we get to the butt fucking with A2M included. There is just something about Hillary's boobs I'm totally in lust with and there are some great shots of those sweater puppies in this scene. Let's not forget Kelly, she's awesome in her bj's and there isn't a much better girl working who so loves the act of being ass fucked than Miss Fuckn' Wells! She also does some hard double anal and they get creative too using the ropes to hold themselves up as their asses are pulverized. Closing out the scene you see Kelly taking loads in her mouth and she takes them all before swapping with Hillary. But we're not done yet as they swap it a couple more times before the guys surrounding the ring are brought in and what do they do, they splooge all over Hillary Scott's face. Kelly even puts a crown on Hillary's head as my understanding for this scene was it was to be the last hurrah as this final test made Hillary an anal queen so I'm not sure why this wasn't? Hillary really does get a lot of jizz rained down upon her face and who gets in to leave one last load, Ron Jeremy! Leah then gets up close and personal with her best friend licking at the cum and then giving Hillary her share.

Hillary Scott:

The shot then dissolves to Hillary now waking up with a perplexed look on her face saying she's an Anal Queen and we get Brian running down the stairs and helping to finish waking his girl up. She tells her man of the vivid dreams she's been having about becoming an Anal Queen and Brian is pretty turned on so it appears one last fuck scene will take place. Mr. Surewood does some ass eating and there are a few ass slaps too. Tasty little holes she says to Brian as he licks! The dirty talk is not bad here and Brian uses a few fingers too. We get to see those great tits leading to a nice sloppy blowjob from Hillary, you know how she loves to gag so you get that. A little bit of titty fucking and we smoothly work into Hillary being ass fucked first in reverse. The superasswhore also takes the pipe up her butt in doggie with A2M, mish and finally on to cowgirl with a splash of side saddle. Brian has saved up a good load for his girl and it's left inside Hillary's ass. You get a small metal goblet placed under and she spews some of those ass juices out before chugging, gargling and she spits some out and it's orange in color so that was kinda gross! So there you have it fans.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well this was a great excuse to see Hillary naked a lot but it doesn't live up to the first one in my eyes. You don't get a lot of mention of her wanting to become an Anal Queen, some of the scenes had fine sex but the visuals just seemed off a bit to me at times and it's hard to describe but it does suffer a bit in comparison to the first Anal Princess Diary. The best realized scene was probably the three girl scene and I don't know why they didn't have the gangbang in the boxing ring as the concluding scene, the one with Brian easily could have been the lead scene rather than the closer. Extras for this included some behind the scenes which also had that home movie feel, you get a photo gallery and there are some trailers. Worth a rental for the diehard Hillary Scott fan but I'd suggest picking up the first one in the series to see better scenes. Not sure what Hillary's vision would have been for this but I'm curious to know how it would have differed from what we saw. I do know in the three girl scene you got some activities which "we" frown upon stateside so fans in Europe might get a slightly different version. I won't soon forget Hillary's cumfart as I thought I was going to have to dive out of the way she shot it so far out of her ass! I should also mention the Vixen/ Hillary scene had some real nice chemistry between the girls.

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