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Anal Princess Diaries
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Anal Princess Diaries

Studio: Elegant Angel
Category:  All Sex , Anal
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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picman's ratings for Anal Princess Diaries:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Anal Princess Diaries overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Anal Princess Diaries Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Anal Princess Diaries Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Anal Princess Diaries Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Anal Princess Diaries Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Anal Princess Diaries DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Anal Princess Diaries A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by picman  on  11/29/2005
Prologue Hillary Scott has been afforded a showcase by Elegant Angel and Patrick Collins. This is something that they do very well and has worked for stars such as Tiffany Mynx, Jenna Haze, and Cytherea. It's pretty much going to be all Hillary, and that's not a bad thing. Of course, she has some friends on board to help out. Leah Luv, Sammie Rhodes, and in a most pleasant surprise, the aforementioned Jenna Haze. I can't help but expect a rockin' good time.
Hillary Scott is making entries into a crude looking diary. She has pink feathers sticking out of her ass as she's poised over the journal.
Her first tale is one of abduction and imprisonment by three black men. John E. Depth, the ringleader. Jack Napier, wearing a bandana over his face. Probably hiding from the WCP honchos. And Tee Reel, the sensitive one. Jack pulls a gagged and bound Hillary out of her closet prison and leads her to his partners. Jack is verbally abusing her and Tee intercedes on her behalf and calms the nervous captive. He strokes her face and hair, then starts to take liberties with her tits. John E reddens her ass with a spanking. Tee fingers her hot cunt. They unbind Hillary, and in a classic case of Stockholm Syndrome, she tells Tee she wants to suck his cock. No sooner said than done. No hands gagging and Jack sticks his monster in Hillary's face. John E joins the fray and she has a monumental challenge ahead of her. Hillary's up for it and she shoves as much meat down her throat as she can possibly fit. The fucking starts with Hillary riding Tee in CG. I don't know if she came right away or put a tube of lube up her cunt, but his cock is soaked immediately. She goes back and forth sucking Jack and John E. Doggy for John and Hillary cums a ton, then sucks her juices from his cock. Tee takes his turn with Jack putting Hillary on the rotisserie. Another powerful orgasm overtakes her as she's gripping the couch and whimpering. Cut to RCA with Tee. Jack sticks a cock in her face but Hillary is being single minded about the dick digging her out. Cut to Jack plowing that ass in mish. A2M, then a cut to an early out by John E as he strokes off a small load for Hillary to eat. She's not done with the fucking and gets Jack doing pushups into her ass while she's in a piledriver position. I don't know where she's putting all that cock. He pumps a major load onto her open ass and pussy. Tee finishes her off with more splooge to eat and Hillary gargles before downing it.
There aren't many women that could take on this much dick and live to talk about it. The scene is a little truncated with John E not contributing much, but Jack was inspired, and he's the big dog of the pack.
Hillary is sitting on a bed with Sammie Rhodes, stroking her body and trying to talk her into trying anal sex. Her hands are all over that fine body and Sammie's breathing is ragged. Some breast worship, which is very appropriate for Sammie. She's so turned on she can't keep her fingers out of her hot pussy. Hillary goes down on the sweet piece of meat and employs a pocket rocket on her clit to step things up a bit. I just noticed that Sammie's lying in a bed of dildoes all scattered around her. She cums when Hillary sticks four fingers in her pussy. The same hand gets jammed down Sammie's throat for a taste of her cum. Hillary lies back to finger her own ass and get the anal games started. Sammie rims the hot little cornhole, then sticks a pink butt plug in there, then a bigger one. Hillary takes over the fucking while Sammie slaps her face and tits. The crazy bitch cums and feeds Sammie her ass off of the dildo. Sammie gets the little butt plug in her pooper. It's not enough to make her cum so Hillary uses a rabbit. Sammie's pussy is frothing as Hillary sodomizes her. A bigger dildo is brought in and a pocket rocket works her clit. Hillary ravages the bunghole that every stud in porn would like a piece of, and Sammie cums hard. Hillary wants it rough for herself and makes Sammie promise that she'll deliver. Cut to Hillary with two dildoes up her ass. Force A2M and face smacking. Cut to Hillary wearing a huge strapon and Sammie riding in RCA. A2M with Sammie spitting the flavor into Hillary's mouth. Sammie returns the favor by strapping one on and fucking Hillary's ass in piledriver. Sammie spits in her face and feeds her the nasty cock. The girls get affectionate again and Hillary plays with Sammie's boobs into the fade.
Pretty good for a lesbian scene. Sammie looks like she took to the anal well and Hillary is just a crazy ass whore.
Hillary decides that the only way she can get enough anal action is by selling her holes. She's contacted by Jenna Haze, who wants someone to take care of the dirty work with her boyfriend, Ben Brat. Jenna still looks amazing. This child/woman is so sexy just showing a hint of breast through her loose blouse. She teases Ben with her ass as though that's what he's getting for a surprise. When he gets grabby, she slaps his hand and calls in Hillary. She's looking more glamorous with a perm and sexy red undies. Ben doesn't give a shit who he gets it from. He just wants ass. He's all over Hillary's. Kneading, spanking, tonguing. Jenna, the protagonist, lends a hand stretching Hillary's dirt hole. Ben fingers and feeds Hillary her taste. Jenna makes him take a seat while she takes her pound of flesh. She spanks, they kiss, and Jenna's clothes come off for Hillary to taste some superstar pussy. Ben can't help but whack off at the sight of this and Hillary is drawn to cock like a magnet. He does some face fucking and Hillary challenges him to ram it like his girlfriend's pussy. The couple teams up on Hillary's cunt, getting her ready for a doggy mount. Jenna's got her head so close to cock, it wouldn't take more than a little slip to put it in her mouth. She backs off to masturbate while Ben goes up and over anal on Hillary. A2M with Jenna right there to kiss Hillary's sodden lips. Back to up and over doggy anal. Mish anal with Jenna riding Hillary's face and trash talking Ben. She spreads and fingers Hillary's gash while he reams her rectum. A2M face fucking and a cut to RCA. More A2M and Jenna is cumming alonside Hillary, playing with a small vibe. Ben gets a grab of Jenna's tits during her rapture. Hillary cums with Jenna slapping her face. Another A2M and a cut to Jenna getting sodomizes by dildo while running the pocket rocket over her clit. Ben's all over her, too, running his hands over her body and smacking her thighs. A2M for Jenna with her nipples standing at attention. Ben dumps his load into Hillary's mouth and Jenna makes sure she scoops in the stragglers.
A very hot scene with the obvious subtext and tease of Jenna Haze being so close to joining in and shucking her vegetarian diet for a day. It's so obvious she wants to indulge. Hillary is just balls to the wall all the way.
Hillary teams up with baby faced hooker Leah Luv to entertain a shy but hung client, Brandon Iron. He's trying to think of some kinky scenario for them, but in the end just wants them to be naughty. Leah and Hillary do naughty very well. They start off with tag team face fucking with Hillary crawling around to lick ass. She gets fucked first in CG with Leah lending a tongue and doing P2OGM. Hillary manages a deep throat before turning the cock over to Leah for RC. Cut to some anal fingering for both girls. Hillary does Leah and Brandon prepares Hillary for the rectal rooter. Doggy anal has Hillary taking it to the root. A2OGM for Leah and another deep throat for Hillary. She helps Brandon prepare Leah's bung for cock love. Three fingers and a taste. Up and over doggy anal ensues. A2OGM for Hillary, of course. A2M deep throat for Leah. Brandon stacks the girls and goes ass to ass. Hard buggering for Hillary on top, then a move to mish anal for Leah. Hillary attacks Leah's hot nipples with her teeth. A switch to vag has Leah cumming hard. Doggy anal for Hillary and the requisite A2OGM for Leah. Hillary gets torn up good and Leah soothes her abused bung with a tonguing. Brandon goes girl to girl in doggy and deposits an anal creampie in Hillary. Leah gets under her to suck the cumfart. She shares the load with Hillary, who gargles and swallows. Brandon sticks twenty dollars each in their mouths for their service.
Hillary, please send a phone number. I have forty dollars and would like the same treatment. Leah and Hillary are quite a team. Loved watching Leah get off.
Hooking isn't satisfying enough, so Hillary takes to the road as a hitchhiker to see what trouble she can get herself into. A minivan stops for her with Van Damage, Randy Spears, Otto Bauer, Buster Good and Juan Cuba inside. They pick her up and take Hillary to a nice house. They're surrounding her on the couch and Randy broaches the subject of fucking five men at once. Hillary is shy and inexperienced (yeah, right), but horny and curious. The guys break the ice by showing her their cocks and Hillary goes into superslut autopilot. She sucks them, pops her cheeks, smacks herself in the face with them. A round of face fucking has everybody hard and Hillary inverts herself on the couch for skullfucking while her pussy gets its first action. Cut to Hillary on the spit between Otto and Randy. She rides Otto in CG which sets her up for the DP's. The first is DPP. Cut to doggy anal with Van while she toys with Juan. Otto spears the chocolate starfish next while Randy gets oral service. Cut to an RCDP with one for her mouth. She cleans Otto's cock out of her ass and deep throats as Van pumps away from behind. CG anal is turned into a DAP and Hillary is totally immersed in the debauchery. Mish anal with Juan and another CG DAP. She has an assgasm and sucks the dirty dicks.Cut to Randy railing Hillary's ass in an up and over doggy anal, cumming deep in her rectum. The guys all follow suit and make deposits with their soothing salve. Juan finishes with a vag creampie and Hillary squirts the mess into a martini glass. She drinks down the cumfart cocktail and when she comes out of her reverie finds herself all alone.
Hillary's final diary entry would indicate that she's far from finished with her anal adventures. She masturbates to orgasm and falls asleep sucking her thumb.
How? Where does this little girl put all that dick and why is she still able to walk? Hillary throws herself into the gangbang like few others can.

Bonus Scene from Super Squirt 2

Hillary and Tiana Lynn making out on an orange couch for the benefit of Billy Glide. Tiana sucks Hillary's asshole to prepare it for Billy's fat wedge. The girls team up sucking the big fatty and Hillary gags herself on it while Tiana works her holes. Tiana's pussy gets a brief tonguing by Hillary and a deep dicking from Billy in mish. Her gorgeous tits bounce and her cum fountain goes off, covering her torso and face with squirt. Hillary isn't shy about giving her a tongue bath after, either. P2OGM and more mish. Another squirt right into Hillary's mouth and Billy kisses her for his taste. One more squirt is smacked out of Tiana's twat, then a cut to RCA for Hillary with Tiana below playing with a butt plug. Tiana licks her pussy and does A2OGM. A kiss to share the taste and Tiana does some brief muff diving. RC for Tiana with Hillary poised below to hopefully catch some more squirt. The volume of liquid is decreasing with each orgasmic spasm from the squirt queen. P2M and another ejaculation. Cut to a CG anal insertion aided by Tiana's hand. She licks Hillary's ass while it's being fucked and sucks the genitals when they become disengaged. RCA with Tiana jilling off below the fuckers. Hillary has and assgasm, then sits on the floor below Tiana while Billy is reaming her pussy in mish. He pulls out and cums in Hillary's mouth and the girls share a sweet cum kiss.
A lot of energy from these two depraved young women. A lovely scene.
Epilogue Hillary Scott truly proved herself to be an anal princess. She took dick in every configuration imaginable, including plastic, and got her ass torn up good. If she wasn't already a big fan favorite, this video would seal the deal. It's not perfect. I thought the first scene petered out with John E Depth almost going MIA. There should also have been more visual emphasis on just how large he and Jack Napier are. Hillary truly is remarkable for the reaming Jack gave her. Lots to like about the Sammie Rhodes scene, starting with her great tits. It also contained the only one on one encounter and pointed out the lack of any scene with intimacy involved. Jenna Haze was a treat and a tease. Seeing this scene makes me long for her back in b/g gonzo even more than before. Leah Luv does great scenes with Hillary. They're really comfortable with each other and just let the freak flag fly. Hillary got flat out ravaged in the gangbang and the only flaw here was that it got edited to fit within a larger feature. I guess it's up to Anabolic to really flesh one out for her. William H captured everything well.
The Disk The bonus scene, bonus footage, an anal masturbation scene with Jenna, photo gallery, BTS and trailers. Some of the bonus footage is extraordinary and should have found its way into the feature.
Recommendation Hillary Scott fans should have had this title on preorder. A video like this will turn you into a fan.

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