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Anal POV 7 (Jules Jordan Video)

Anal POV 7 (Jules Jordan Video)

Studio: Jules Jordan Video
Category:  Anal , POV
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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bono-ONE's ratings for Anal POV 7 (Jules Jordan Video):
Overall Rating 4 stars
Anal POV 7 (Jules Jordan Video) overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Anal POV 7 (Jules Jordan Video) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Anal POV 7 (Jules Jordan Video) Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Anal POV 7 (Jules Jordan Video) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Anal POV 7 (Jules Jordan Video) Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Anal POV 7 (Jules Jordan Video) DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Anal POV 7 (Jules Jordan Video) A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  10/26/2009
Ok fans time for another POV title with the added treat of the ladies all opening up their backdoors. Just a couple names to tease you that are in this, Lisa Ann and Chayse Evans-- two pretty strong girls there but Erik usually has a good eye for the ladies so I'm sure all the girls here will more than keep the anal fan in your family happy, time for some highlights.

Lisa Ann:

Nice opening here as Erik's sitting down to write a letter to Dear Old Santa. At least Erik's honest and begins by saying he's been a bad boy this year but hopes that Santa might forgive him and show him a little mercy with the gifts. As he's writing and talking the letter out to us we see Lisa coming with gifts in hand and she's got on an nice holiday themed naughty outfit complete with the Santa hat so I think Eriks wish has been granted. Hmm Lisa's pretty honest too saying she only brings gifts for those that have been very naughty so she's come to the right place! We're in POV mode here and Lisa looks so good in holiday red and she does bring gifts-- dvds, lol, at least they are Jules Jordan ones! Well time to play for real and tits come out, Erik gets to feel those nipples then it's turned over to Lisa who shows off that ass, there's some finger and toy play too on that ass which we know will see some action, anal with Lisa Ann!! But before that we thankfully get those pretty lips wrapped around Erik'c Candy Cane and it's hard one too. It's holiday time nearly so it's great to have a bit of the ole cheer spread. Great POV shots as Erik nails her in vag, mish saw those boobs dancing and the overhead shot looking down on her quivering ass cheeks in vag doggie might cause a few loads to shoot out prematurely so slap Mr. Happy if you're close here. So they stay with doggie for the first anal and again the shots looking down here were quite good. Shot of the scene for me anyway comes shortly as Lisa's on top tits/ pussy/ass all facing to us and she rides and rides and rides! Not a huge fan of the girl jerking the load out as she hovers over the cock which is what we get here but still some real nice anal work here from Lisa Ann and I'd love to come out Christmas Morning and find her under my tree!!

Madison Parker:

Ok next scene takes us to Erik's place, nice Wide Screen dude, porn does pay! Well there's a knock at the door and hello it's Madison, come on in sexy. Nice smile from Madison and it gets wider when Erik says he's got a gift but it turns out to be a set of tools, lol. Not sure how thrilled she is with that but hey there are nuts in there and I have feeling we'll be seein a different kind of nuts here in short order. Well first we get some fine nude footage of Madison, loved the ass views from the ground, wow a face could get lose in those cheeks and die a happy man. A little pussy finger play yields some juices which she shares with Erik as he's shooting. Then she sits back, opens wide so Erik can get his own fingers in there to work a little more love potion out. A bit of the anal fingering too is caught before we hit the usual POV shot and Madison assumes the position working Erik's cock out and into her mouth. Not a long bj but some fine work here gets us to the fucking as Erik gets a solid thrust going from behind. Some nice P2M too from Madison in the scene and I liked the overhead shots which we got several of in Lisa's scene and they continue here, mish was pretty good with that view here. Then the anal prep begins again with fingers before we see Madison hop on, ass facing out to us and you see her work that dick in until it disappears, nice. She also does the anal ride facing us with her cookie and pussy-- good shots but not quite as effective as the ones in Lisa's scene- those tits and that holiday hat were kicking. Another awesome overhead then for doggie anal and that must've felt real good as Erik doesn't get to many pumps in before pulling out and splooging. Good scene.

Chayse Evans:

Up next is a girl I've seen in a few scenes now and she has proven to be a strong performer with a healthy love for dick in all her holes and she brings the energy too which is very important. The scene here opens with Chayse posing in doggie and there's a focus shot on the heels initially so for those whom shoes are important get a good look here. Erik then moves the shot to more interesting areas like Chayse's ass, arching up nicely and then her face where we get Chayse saying hello. Erik can't resist going back to that ass which is shaken but will soon be stirred by a hard dick. No fucking around with Chayse as she works the tits out then as Erik has the shot angling up and hello is that a pearl necklace around her neck-- foreshadowing!! Chayse seems like a spirited woman from the scenes I've seen her in, she has fun on set and this scene appears to be moving into that sort of territory as the teasing gets more personal, nipple pinching and her nipples are sensitive-- nice piece of info which I know Erik tucked into his memory banks. More awesome floor footage as Erik looks up at a pussy being fingered. Ok time for more interpersonal fun as Chayse gets her first crack at Erik's cock, she immediately envelops it and we get the most aggressive head so far, the energy is definitely turned up here from Miss Evans. Erik then slides behind to begin the fucking, doggie is a pretty easy one to slide into, pussy to open but that ass is coming. Mish was hot and it featured Chayse doing some grinding on his cock, moving those hips in a sexy circular motion. It's easy then to slide down that small bit of space to enter her ass which Erik does and the thrusts maintain a good pacing here. Another good shot of the girl lyin back as she's ass fucked, seeing Chayse's face here really made the shot. Speaking of shots the money one has Chayse hovered over jerking just like Lisa Ann did but here we get Chayse in much closer so the cum goes more up into her mouth then back down the shaft with some great cleanup and she licks up the cum too so kudos to Chayse for that. All in all the best overall scene though Lisa had the best look, those holiday hats with a naked hottie will get me every time. Now it's on to disc two.

Jessica Moore:

So our second disc begins with some intense pussy footage up close as Jessica's rubbing one out over her see thru panties. Erik then slowly pans up until we see her mountainous tits come into the shot, hello Cleavage! Finally we see her face and she's cute one. Erik has a few words as Jessica starts shaking those funbags in earnest, hoping up and down. There is also a good ass shot as she bends over for a short time and Erik spanks her but the focus soon returns to those huge hooters but no reveal-- yet. Instead they go down a few feet to her pussy where Erik fingers her a bit and then Jessica gets to work those other lips as she engulfs Erik's cock. The blond hair, those eyes looking up- it definitely works fans. Finally the juggs are revealed and yes they are quite spectacular, some immediate titty fucking takes place. The mish fucking here was the best so far as those boobs are rocking'n'rolling as they flop about. They work in some doggie too finishing up the vag, then a finger primes the backdoor with Erik sliding in soon after. Easily the best sex shots for Jessica occur when those tits are the central focus so mish and then later on her riding in reverse anal gave plenty of time to enjoy those titties. There is also some mish anal with gaping, more sliding between the boobs and finally the pop which is worked out over those titanic tits. Solid work here from Jessica.

Cecilia Vega:

Moving on we come upon a pretty lady lying in bed, white lace lingerie clinging to her bod. I detect an accent too which is cool. Erik's got a 'big' surprise for Cecilia, lol. Before we get to Erik's surprise we get to enjoy some close in shots of Cecilia losing some of the white lace lingerie, giving us the body reveal, modest tits, pretty pink pussy and yes her ass which gets some finger attention from Miss Vega. Erik can't resist using his thumb here to test that ass and finds it fit nicely, so the hate plow should be no trouble for Cecilia. They move on to a glass toy to further prep that ass with Erik then using a finger on her pussy-- perhaps a little slower getting to the good stuff but if you're into longer openings with tease and body shots then this might do you just fine. After using an even bigger toy to really get that ass ready we see Erik's cock slid in right at Cecilia's face and she's good with the bj action here. Though it's not long enough for a bj for my tastes, there was a good move then to fucking. POV shots, of course, as they hit doggie, anal beads are introduced for her ass and left in for awhile as they resume the doggie action. Mish is also worked in so you're seeing the same shots but really there are only a handful of POV shots to get, it's mostly the model you're enjoying that's new and Cecilia's got a nice look here. As with the scene before it's an easy move in mish from pussy to ass and Cecilia's letting us know how successful Erik is with her moans here, quite loud. Another fine shot too of the girl riding in anal, tits facing to us and she's using her knees to prop herself up a bit too. Some fine head given just before the pop which is shot directly into her mouth even as Cecilia's sucking so it spills out some as she keeps giving head/ some cleanup too. Best pop so far I think.

Larissa Dee:

One final scene and it begins with a shot between the legs, angling up slowly until we see an ass but it's covered for now in small blue jean shots hwich Larissa nicely pulls up to give a little ass cheekage spillage. The shorts are then pulled off so it's ass time with only a black g-string in the way. The pink top is pulled down too revealing perky tits but the main focus is that ass a we keep returning to those twin cheeks. Larissa then has a seat and she's not spoken a word, just begins kissing her way down to Erik's black briefs where his holstered dick is waiting. Miss Dee delivers some great eye contact here as she frees his rod and begins polishing it, she's definitely got a Euro look about her from the eyes, facial structure, it screamed Eastern european! Larissa at least sucks cock for awhile here with some ball play mixed in for good measure. No talking here, just communicating with touch and eye looks-- the universal language right! There's a little more cock sucking here, making up for lost bj time in other scenes, nice. Great spread shot for doggie and Erik slides in effortlessly and after a bang out in doggie and mish/ vag we see a return to behind sex with the move up to Larissa's ass, nice easy insertion. As with our previous girl we get the young lady here keeping her mouth close as she jerks Erik to pop, she's hovering so it's an upwards shot directly into Larissa's mouth with some spilling out. There is some cleanup and she uses the fingers to play with the cum too before we fade out.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

So fans another good run with Erik and co. He brought in a nice mix of talent, some on our side and then some from the other side of the pond. The scenes kept a fairly simple plan working, some tease then cock sucking followed by a nice progression from vag to anal sex before the pop's launched. Disc one was the better one I think and it all began with Lisa Ann who will brighten anyone's holiday spirits with that outfit, that body and those sinful lips- both mouth and pussy! Luckily too we get lots of anal sex here too so lots to enjoy. You get pics, trailers and the pops repeated with the big extra being nearly 40 minutes of BTS footage so enjoy that at your leisure. If you're a fan of Erik's work then you get some fine examples here with Lisa and Chayse leading the way.

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