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Anal POV 4 (Jules Jordan Video)

Anal POV 4 (Jules Jordan Video)

Studio: Jules Jordan Video
Category:  Anal , POV
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Anal POV 4 (Jules Jordan Video):
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Anal POV 4 (Jules Jordan Video) overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Anal POV 4 (Jules Jordan Video) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Anal POV 4 (Jules Jordan Video) Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Anal POV 4 (Jules Jordan Video) Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Anal POV 4 (Jules Jordan Video) Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Anal POV 4 (Jules Jordan Video) DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Anal POV 4 (Jules Jordan Video) A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  2/20/2007
Ok fans here's the latest from the Hate Plow himself and Erik's got some hotties assembled for this one, but hey when doesn't he have a hot cast!! This time it's all POV action and just look at just a few of the women Erik has for you to enjoy-- Sandra Romain, Katsumi--with her new boobs, Annette Schwarz, Cody Lane, Dee, and last but most certainly not least the loveable Mia Rose so that's actually the whole cast spread out over two discs. You have a lot to look forward too so let's not waste anymore time and get to it.


Well we get this two disc party started with this awesome woman, there isn't a much better way to describe her than just awesome to watch. Katsumi has such a quiet elegance about her but she can get down and dirty with the best of them and look beautiful doing it! The scene begins with Erik dropping by on his friend Jimmy and Erik's back has been giving him some trouble so his buddy recommends this "service" where they do adult massages and I think you all know what that entails!! So Erik goes to the place and Katsumi greets him at the door looking scrumptous in her medical outfit complete with glasses which rest strategically on the bridge of her nose giving her that academic look but with her cleavage spilling out you might not notice the cute glasses! Katsumi briefs Erik on the available treatment options and she recommends the full body massage which he accepts. We soon get some action going with Dr. Anita Lay aka Katsumi feeling over Erik's feet and up his thighs eventually removing the towel to massage his cock-- how this will help his back I don't know and do you think Erik really cares either!! The great site of Katsumi stroking his cock, the glasses still on her nose and then she moves down to engulf his cock doing it so softly, very hot. Katsumi is superb at oral and this only furthers that well deserved reputation. She removes the coat she's wearing allowing us to see her chest better and then the bra comes off and finally those tits come out and they look very nice and Erik cops a feel or two. It's also great to listen as Katsumi talks, even her moans sound sexier than normal. With pov I pretty much prefer the cowgirl and reverse shots and doggie is pretty hot too with that shot looking down on the girls ass and you get that all here. You also see Katsumi's got a full on bush but it's neatly trimmed so fans of some hair on the pussy should like what they see here. Anal wise Katsumi excels there too and you get some good footage of her ass being drilled in mish, reverse and doggie. Katsumi jerks the load out to her face and what a pretty face it is!! A pretty good start to this one.


I've not seen this next woman to much though I certainly know of her. The scene starts with Erik at the computer checking out a Jules Jordan cover when up to the door strides Dee. Erik hears her knock and goes to answer. Seems Dee's here for the job interview!! She's very nice to Erik and the two head off to his office so she can fill out the paperwork for the job. Erik sounds all business like too, lol. I guess the "job" is for his secretary position! He asks if she's done a lot of this type work before and I had to chuckle at that. He wants a girl with great computer skills, typing skills, oral skills-- oops kinda slipped that one in!! Dee mentions she's great at oral dicktation so that answers the oral skills part!! Dee isn't deterred from this, working at a porn company-- you know girls could be running around naked, Erik might be naked, etc and this doesn't bother Dee, in fact she starts to turn on the charm when she learns that over 20 girls have already applied. Dee begins working Erik over and he definitely responds. Ooohh!! She opens up the coat revealing some nice red lace lingerie with the boobs ready to burst out and the dirty talk is excellent. Dee purrs like a kitten as she talks instead of being real loud and I loved this approach. The POV shots of Dee have been very good too. We're soon down to just her lingerie and we get a quick shot of her ass and it is looking good fans. Erik is standing now and Dee gets in the prime POV position at his knees and licks over his pants until the cock comes out and she engulfs his cock and like Katsumi takes her time worshipping that rod with some sexy eye looks too. They boink a little in the office before going to the bedroom and Dee gives us some more hot oral sex on Erik's schlong and when the oral is shot like this I could watch and watch as I love seeing a woman suck dick this way. The reverse with Dee facing us really works for me here with those titties bouncing so beautifully and Erik gets just the perfect shot of this. You get some good anal work too from Dee before she too jerks the load out into her mouth but with Dee over the cock instead of under it the jizz spills out. She does some nice cleanup and I don't know if she has the job but I know I'd seriously consider hiring her!!

Cody Lane:

This next scene starts with Erik going over to meet the next store neighbor who just happens to be the sexy Cody Lane. Erik's making the rounds introducing himself to everyone and Cody kindly invites him in and shows him around. It's hot outside so he readily took the opportunity to check her house out. Cody is alone, no boyfriend, so that excites Erik! The two head to the kitchen for something to drink, then Cody offers to continue the tour showing him the upstairs!! This gives Erik the perfect perve shot looking up her skirt and Cody's got some good looking thighs and an even better looking ass which is only hinted at now. A nice spacious bedroom but then Cody mentions wanting to sunbath and Erik's down for that. Cody opens up the shirt and oops her tits pop out briefly before she covers them and the skirt comes off too leaving a very skimpy outfit left so she should get plenty of sun. Erik does a nice job letting the camera travel around Cody's sexy tan body and there is plenty to see fans from her ample chest to those ample butt cheeks and here Erik gives you the great floor shot of her ass, then Cody gets on the bed in a doggie position which lets those ass cheeks arch upwards. Erik is allowed to caress that ass and you know he enjoyed doing that. He spreads some oil over that booty making it shine a little and it seems the two are getting very comfortable with one another as his fingers linger over that ass caressing it several times. Cody flips over and her tits pop out again and this time they stay out and Erik rubs some oil over them. This was all done with a super POV shot mostly up close with a few shots pulled back. Cody then slips a few fingers into her pussy for a short stroking session before sitting up and the entire outfit comes off so I don't think they'll make it outside to sunbath just yet!! Cody then sits on the edge of the bed and massages over Erik's buldge, removes the pants and then lets his cock out whereupon she immediately envelops it with her mouth. The eye contact was good and Cody also takes her time with the blowjob mixing in some more aggressive throat fucking also. Sexwise the doggie lookin down on her ass was awesome and it was here she asks if Erik wants to put it in her butt and of course he wants to!! The dick easily slides in and a few moans escape from Cody's mouth as he slips his cock in. I also enjoyed the mish anal where we look down upon her tits and Cody also does some A2M here as well. Oh yes! She even licks her nipples for Erik in this mish anal, then squeezing those tits together and this time I enjoyed the pop as Erik pops down upon her face rather than shooting upwards as in the previous two scenes. Cody gets quite the facial and offers up some cleanup too.

Mia Rose:

On we go to disc two and it starts with Erik being down, aka sick. I think he's got a brain problem so all they can do is call for some urget care and who shows up for this but Nurse Mia Rose!! She is smoking hot in her nurses outfit. The whole ensemble works on Mia from the pretty hat down to her red ruby slippers! You get some porno music playing then as she walks up the stairs and again a great perve shot looking up Mia's skirt, I mean this was perfect stripper music!! It stops when Mia arrives to the room and Mia does good with the dialogue as the two discuss Erik's "condition." Mia gets a feel for the sypmtoms but it requires a more personal examination and I bet Mia's up to the task of making sure Erik gets on the mend! She uses the stethoscope to make sure he's got a heartbeat but she detects the problem when arriving down to his cock area. He's got some pent up cum which needs to be released and she offers up her services to help eradicate this!! Of course Erik accepts and Mia loses the outfit save for her lace lingerie-- the stripper music returns as she disrobes!! ONe more time we get the awesome floor shot for the ass view and Mia knows how to work that ass so well as we see here. Mia climbs back on the bed and hovers over his cock mashing her face down there and finally the cock comes out and Mia takes it in. There is a good rapport between the two as we see here and I've witnessed in a few other scenes between them. The comfort level and the give and take works really good. Mia just looks great with a cock in her mouth and the POV shot really drives this point home. Mia has done such a great job in the past 6 months or so of really selling out in her scenes and by that I mean giving in to her parter so completely you just feel she's in the moment and that every orgasm sounds and feels so real. I love this about Mia and it's one of the reasons I love watching her along with that sexy as hell body of hers. Mia even works some squirting into the scene which only adds to her appeal. Moving to doggie we get some great views of her ass and then we get a pause as they take a device out to measure the tempature in her ass and it's a warm 98.9 degrees in that tush perfect for some anal action. Mia first uses a few toys to get that ass ready and soon we get Erik slipping his fully functional cock in that ass and the view looking down on that booty was great. You also get nice anal stretches in both mish and reverse cowgirl before Mia takes some time to work that cock with her mouth using two hands to jerk that rod until Erik is ready to explode and she gives some cleanup too. Mia is such a vocal girl now but to me it really feeds into her whole scene persona and it really works and seems so real to me. I think Erik's all better but I think I need a visit from Nurse Rose so what's that number again to call for ASSistance!!

Annette Schwarz:

This next scene opens with Annette in her barely attired maids outfit doing some dusting and Erik's got some great sax and piano music playing along as she's doing this and the picture moves slowly too as she walks up the stairs giving us yet one more pervy ass view and those cheeks do some pretty bouncing to and fro in this walk up. Annette spends more time walking around than actually dusting, lol, but who's complaining right we get to zoom in on that sexy body as she makes her way around the house. Annette then makes her way in front of a giant mirror and she does some self checking out in it and we see her tits now too for the first time. Well the music stops and you hear Erik's voice booming out as he calls for Annette. He finds her in the bathroom dusting the outside of the bathtub and from that Erik wants her to work on some clothes and the gym equipment. Annette wonders if she might get a little bonus for her efforts but Erik thinks she needs more time on the job before this can be discussed, however extra work might get her some extra money! So Annette moves on and we find her next in the gym dusting the equipment and Erik walks in and he compliments her on the good job. Annette then aggrees to the extra work and of course we get some sexual overtones as her tits come out and Erik takes up residence below shooting up as she also works in some pussy shots and then a turn around to let us oogle that ass. Erik is then allowed to cop a feel on those titties and Annette works in some dirty talk which sounds fairly sexy in her german accent. Erik also diddles her pussy a little until it's time for Annette to drop down for a little cock sucking and she does a good job too of using her eyes to draw us in for this dick sucking. I loved seeing Annette doing some slower knob polishing to start and she looks so good slowly working this cock in and out but she's also very good at the more aggressive dick sucking and this is also represented here. There is some fucking the gym but they soon move back to the bedroom to the more expansive bed and Annette just looks so good in doggie arching her ass out but they move instead to mish first and Erik intensifies the thrusts with Annette doing some P2M as well. You get some toy play before the anal but most of us know how good Annette is at taking a cock up her ass without using a toy to prep it. There's a good ass shaking doggie anal shot along with some mish anal and from there Erik pulls out and we get the second good pop down on the girls face, I prefer this to the guy shooting upwards. Annette shows the cum off blowing a few bubbles before swallowing. She was very good here and not as hardcore as I've seen her do which I actually liked better.

Sandra Romain:

We close the dvd with easily the most hardcore girl of the bunch, even more than Annette. Sandra's been doing this now for a few years and doing it better than just about anyone. Seems Erik ordered himself a bride online and at the door arrives Sandra who can speak very little english, lol, of course we all know that's not the case! Sandra is shown in and she looks pretty good and is wearing normal clothes. I guess this is only temporary to see if the two can get along and Erik signs for Sandra and the two are left alone. Erik directs Sandra to go in and have a seat as he'll get her some water and they can get to know each other. Well Sandra actually shows Erik she can speak very good English and actually wants to stay here badly and will show him just how much!! Well Erik is receptive to the overtures and we get Sandra losing some of her clothes starting with the top, the hands trace over her pants/ pussy area saying she's wet!! Erik is getting increasingly excited as Sandra teases him peeling the jeans down revealing one sexy fucking ass!! Oh my will you just appreciate the ass that Sandra is blessed with, simply amazing. Sandra works her way down to just the purple/pink lingerie and Erik for his part keeps his cool holding the camera steady!! After a few sips of water Sandra continues with the tease show using a few fingers on that pussy, then the tits come out and as well as having a great ass Sandra's got a super rack too plus there's the sexy Romanian accent she's got. I like hers a lot and then she sits back down to further play with that pussy. The dirty talk is just so good and I mentioned the accent which only makes this better and Sandra does this too with a soft voice and rarely gets to loud unless she's being fucked really hard which I'm sure Erik will be doing pretty soon. Erik for his part gets to slip a few fingers in and there are some good passionate moans from Sandra here. We move on to some amazing cock sucking from Miss Romain and of course the sex kicks ass in all positions but I think the cowgirl with her ass facing us was really good as was the reverse with Sandra looking out to us as you see that ass filled with cock and her tits do some great dancing up and down. We close with a very good pop shot directly into Sandra's mouth and she is sure to suck out the final drops as she gives lusty eye contact up to Erik and there are a few cum bubbles as she licks her lips before swallowing. I think Erik might just be inclined to help Sandra stay in the US, what do you think!!

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well this just might be Erik's strongest release yet as there just simply wasn't a bad scene in the bunch. I was very impressed with all the girls but it was great seeing Katsumi with her new boobs and they looked really good. I'd not seen Dee a lot so her scene was fun to watch and I'm already a huge fan of Sandra's and she anchored this title splendidly and of course seeing Mia doing another anal intense scene was a huge treat. Special features for this one include a cumshot recap, a photo gallery, cast list, and some BTS for your enjoyment. I can easily recommend this one for purchase, it's a keeper.

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