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morbidthoughts Anal POV 2 (Red Light District) 4.5 starsAnal POV 2 (Red Light District) 4.5 starsAnal POV 2 (Red Light District) 4.5 stars
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Anal POV 2 (Red Light District)

Anal POV 2 (Red Light District)

Studio: Red Light District
Category:  Anal , POV
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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bono-ONE's ratings for Anal POV 2 (Red Light District):
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Anal POV 2 (Red Light District) overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Anal POV 2 (Red Light District) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Anal POV 2 (Red Light District) Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Anal POV 2 (Red Light District) Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Anal POV 2 (Red Light District) Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Anal POV 2 (Red Light District) DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Anal POV 2 (Red Light District) A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  3/3/2005
Welcome to another romantic interlude courtesy of Mr. Erik Everhard. The Hate Plow has really outdone himself this time featuring Melissa Lauren, Katja Kassin, Roxy Jezel, and Angel Dark all squarely in the eyes of his cockdar-- that's cock radar,lol. The cover shot of Angel is one of the best I've seen so far this year, can you see a better set of boobs and what a great tan this Euro girl has, I can't wait to see her scene. I think she might be this years Jane Darling for me. I've always liked Angel but I have seen her in some releases lately and she's really been impressing me so I hope for a great year for her.

Angel Dark:

Ok we lead off with the covergirl and the shot starts out panning up her nice set of legs until we arrive at Angel wearing a big feather top. She has a real pretty face to go along with that awesome body. Erik lets the shot linger on that face as the two have a short talk, there is also a very nice view of her ass added but damn it when the shot moves to her tits your brain might stop working! Those are just phenomenal boobs and Erik gets a quick squeeze before Angel starts caressing and even licking at them. The shot also includes a view of her pussy as she stretches her bottoms in between her pussy lips but the shadow here prevents a real good view. Angel keeps on losing her clothes and my cock is appreciating every second of this tease, this woman has a perfect tan to match all her other great assets. Moving on we find Angel now in the bathtub and there are plenty of suds floating on the top and yes it's nice to see her all wet those suds also cover her boobs up somewhat. Angel keeps on with the fine tease, though, storking her pussy and she also gets the soap from around her tits for the most part so we see those nicely. Angel then brings in a silver toy and does some titty fucking and Erik gets a perfect position to see when she uses the toy to fuck her ass and yes she cleans the toy off with her mouth. Much better when Angel uses her fingers to pry open her ass, I always favor natural stimulation over toy stimulation and she does a good job stuffing her ass. Angel then is presented in a prime POV shot and she starts in on Erik's cock and the sucking here was top notch, the slow sensual kind I really dig and the eye contact was there as well. Angel also does some titty fucking while they are in the POV shot and she even increases her energy with the cock sucking, meaning the pace gets faster I thought her energy had been great throughout. Angel then turns around in the tub and Erik gets to slip his cock into her pussy and while this gives us a super view of her ass the close confined space in the tub makes me wish they'd move to a more open location. Angel then turns around and after Erik fingers her for a bit he slips his cock in her pussy for some mish action, the close shot here was a bit better than doggie I thought. The action then moves to a bed and right away you can sense a better level of energy with the added room, the Hate Plow starts to really pound into Miss Dark. This mish position they are still in also gives her boobs a great chance to dance around which they do. You even see Erik prematurely start to splooge which I don't think I've ever seen him do but with those wonderful tits moving they way they are I can easily see any man not holding back as Erik must have been cumming right there. Angel then starts in on some P2M and we are right there as she sucks him off and Erik finally can't hold it anymore and there's a pop which surprises Angel I think but she is happy about it giving him some nice cleanup. The scene isn't over however, as Erik is a pro and can recharge his cock batteries and with Angel as my partner I would be ready to go again almost as quickly as Erik. The two move to doggie where we get a fine overhead shot looking down on the proceedings and for an anal pov they sure took long enough to move to her ass,lol. I won't hold the buildup against him though, this girl is amazing to look at. Turning around to mish anal offers one of the better shots of Angel's body as those perfect tits are just to good to not be on the screen as much as possible and the way they are moving here will cause many a load to be jettisoned. Ok you need to skip this next part until your cock has had a chance to recharge, you see this wonderful woman get on in reverse cowgirl anal and we get just the ultimate view of those boobs bouncing and some good close shots of her ass hugging his cock, and yes there is some A2M from Angel. We then get some more great footage in the mish position with some swipes at Angel licking her breasts and there's more good titty fucking also with cock sucking mixed in. This would have been a perfect scene until we arrive at Erik's pop and in a big snafu he overshoots most of his load but Angel does get some to taste and there is some cleanup. Wow, this was simply an amazing scene from start to finish, Angel kicked ass bigtime and I sensed great chemistry between the two throughout. I hope this one is up for some awards come January as this is one of the best 1-1 scenes I've seen this year.

Katja Kassin:

Ok if you have sufficiently recovered from that last scene you can press on, damn those tits of Angels are just awesome but here we get something equally stunning to gaze upon and that's Katja's world class ass, I'm a boob man for the most part but her ass makes me forget that for just a second and in all actuality Katja's has a fine rack herself just not as big as girls like Jane or Angel. For this scene we see Katja pull up in a car and already the look is catching your eye and I think she's playing a schoolgirl as she has on a skirt/ dress and the hair is pulled into a ponytail and I love those small glasses she has on. You add in some black mesh stockings and we have a great ensemble for Katja to show off. She goes to the front door and knocks. Erik answers and the two chat, Katja is here for "donations" for some organization but I don't think she'll be getting any money out of Erik but I think definitely she'll be getting some "seed" money!!Erik does his best looking for money but the discussion turns then to what girls in Germany eat and Erik is more than willing to donate some cum for Katja's cause! So we get to some action as Katja puts her books down and turns her attentions on Erik's cock and some good POV shots are seen with some slight shadows being there. I still love the fact she has kept her glasses on, it just adds an element of sophistication I guess. Katja is such a good cock sucker you should have no problems getting Mr. Happy hard and ready for the anal action which will follow. Katja then stands up so we get our first glimpses of her awesome ass and we also see her underrated tits get a few squeezes by Mr. Everhard. The tiny tie she's wearing also adds to the overall look of the outfit. After some playful tugs of the material against her pussy lips Katja drops down for some more POV sucking and then she lies down for some pussy fingering and Erik then slides his dick into her for some mish lovin. Great shots looking down on Katja here and she does some P2M before turning around and Erik gets to invade her pussy from behind which in turn lets us check out Katja's behind. The action then moves to another room where Erik fucks her some more in mish, then she turns over to doggie fingers her ass and some anal beads are used on her ass. They are slid all the way in as Erik pounds her pussy. You then get to see Erik pull those out and Katja clean them off as Erik sees a perfect time to part her ass cheeks with his cock. There is some gaping seen and Katja does some A2M also, her hair is starting to get messed up a bit but she still has her glasses on! Mish anal is then served up and you see more gaping from Katja as well as more A2M. Being as Katja has such a great ass you will appreciate they include some cowgirl anal and the visuals don't get much better than the one here of Katja's ass snuggly hugging Erik's schlong. We close with a great shot tight on Katja's face and since she's kept the glasses on for the hole scene it was appropriate Erik's load landed on one lense and also some in her mouth. Katja quickly cleans the cum off her lense and Erik scoops in the last bit of jizz lingering on her upper lips. A fine scene from Katja and anytime she wants to cum over I am more than willing to donate some to the cause!

Bianca Pureheart:

Our next scene begins with another girl knocking at the door and wow what a pretty blond girl we have waiting for us. Bianca has come by as Erik was looking for girls but he's already shot today he tells Bianca. Erik lets the camera drink in this pretty girls body and Bianca really starts in on Erik telling him she'll do anal, whatever he wants. So we get to see Miss Pureheart get naked put on a nice pink outfit with a white/ pink heart themed coat. She comes out and Erik seems very impressed, some shadows here but we still get some good shots of Bianca's fine body, love how the bottoms rise into her ass crack. Erik starts to rise up to the idea of shooting Bianca! He gets to feel her nice pair of tits and he also checks out her pussy/ ass when she removes her bottoms. Bianca then turns around to the best POV position and begins a good oral assault on Erik's cock. She gives some nice eye contact as she slowly gets Erik nice and hard. As for sex the nearby bed is utilized and they begin with some doggie and she does some sexy as hell P2M. The two decide to move upstairs so we follow along as she goes there, nicely her ass stays right in our eye's view as she walks. Next up you see her probed in missionary and a fine overhead shot shows her tits flopping about. Erik moves up invading her mouth for some POV P2M, then it's back to fucking though now he's in her ass. There is some excellent POV A2M, then it's over to doggie where her ass is invaded some more. We end this fine scene with Erik shooting his most accurate load yet,lol, right into her mouth and Bianca nicely plays with the jizz before swallowing. I haven't seen a lot of Miss Pureheart but this scene certainly makes me want to.

Melissa Lauren:

Up next we have a woman I am very familiar with and having had the pleasure of working with her I am glad now to have that honor of watching her show her stuff on screen. We stay with the pink and white theme of the outfits and you also notice Melissa is sporting her old hair color of blond here. The Swiss Miss way her hair is styled is pretty cool and Erik gets in several good shots of this hot woman's body. The two engage in some spirited conversation about what Melissa has been known for up to this point, namely lots of hot 'n ' nasty anal sex. Melissa is all smiles here too while showing off her incredible body. We get front row seats as Melissa does some good ass fingering and we see her clean those off before some other items are brought in, first some anal beads which get cleaned off, then a black cock is used to pry her ass open a bit further. A small glass toy is used on her pussy for a toy dp. Melissa cleans those toys off also before she lets Erik serve up his cock and we get some hot POV sucking by Melissa. Sexwise you go straight to the A in doggie and Erik gives a close insertion shot before we pull up for an overhead view and this is then alternated with some close shots. You see that Melissa gapes nicely and she does some A2M. Moving on you see mish anal again a nice overhead shot mixed in with the up close fucking. Some really hot POV A2M is shot also and I should mention Melissa has kept just about her entire outfit on the whole scene. We then get a great lengthy fuck in mish anal with some good A2M before they switch to some cowgirl anal with more gaping and A2M from Melissa. Erik then overshoots his load again,lol, coating her forehead and right eye with his jizz. Melissa is cool giving some cleanup and even scooping in some jizz from around her eye into her mouth.

Roxy Jezel & Jasmine Byrne:

Alright if your cock hasn't fallen off by now we have two lovely young ladies which will surely finish you off!! There is a knock at the door to lead off and Roxy answers, this time it's Erik coming over. Roxy beckons him inside and I must say her hair is looking really nice here spread out and as we follow her up the stairs Erik tries to get an upskirt shot but it's a bit to long,lol. Ok the two are spyin on it turns out to be Jasmine who is lying on a bed, wearing pink again, and she is using a glass toy on her ass. She seems totally oblivious to anyone watching. Roxy gets an excited look on her face and soon after she is fishing out Erik's cock at some fine POV sucking is shot. They also give more shots of Jasmine playing with herself but the POV bj is holding my interest more so I'm glad they stuck mostly with that. Well we soon get both parties together as Roxy crawls over to where Jasmine is lying and she continues the bj to Erik with Miss Byrne also continuing the toy play to herself. Finally the two ladies combine their energies on Erik's schlong and some inspired shared knob polishing is shot. Moving ahead to some sex now we see a fine doggie shot with Roxy and Jasmine is right there for P2OGM and Miss Byrne also gets fucked nicely in doggie with Roxy tasting her friends pussy. You want some good anal fucking these two girls offer their asses to Erik nicely and we even get a great shot of Erik fucking Roxy in mish anal and Jasmine has perched her pussy over Roxy's face to be licked, very romantic indeed. You also have Erik moving up fucking Jasmine in mish with Roxy being right there to suck his cock when he pulls it out and the close footage here was awesome. OMG isn't Jasmine's ass a thing of beauty and look as Erik invades it in doggie and what a hot overhead insertion shot with Roxy being right there to taste some ass! Miss Jezel also sprinkles in some hot dirty talk as Erik also tries her pooper out in mish anal with the girls kissing nicely and Jasmine also fingering Roxy's pussy. We end with Roxy jerking a load out onto Jasmine's face who is nicely underneath. You have some cleanup and then she licks the jizz from around Jasmine's face and the two lock tongues. What a hot scene to end this excellent anal romp.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well I must say this is one of Erik's stronger efforts since coming over to RLD. You begin awesomely with Angel Dark's bathtub tease and you keep the momentum going with Katja's asstounding anal, Bianca impressed me taking on Erik's tool, and Melissa, well my onscreen wife just knows how to fuck and fuck very well!! The last scene with Jasmine and Roxy will surely drain whatever jizz you have left in your cock and the only real complaints I have about the dvd are you take a bit to long to get to the anal portion of some of the scene's, I think Melissa was the only one to go right to her ass when the fucking started. You also have some small shadow issues sprinkled throughout the dvd but nothing to serious though my rating will be a bit lower since it was around for more than brief periods. Now for extras Erik has included a disc soley devoted to them. Ok you can check out the cumshots in the cum fiesta, there's also a photo gallery featuring these lovely women, there's some behind the scenes which with this title I am more than recommending you check out. Also there's a bonus scene featuring the lovely Holly Wellin. She is sporting white in her scene bucking the pink theme but she has on a nice tiny tie which other girls have been sportin. Erik finds Holly in the bathroom but she isn't engaged in either #1 or #2 when he finds her. Holly does some nice breast caressing even licking at one. You have some shadows but again nothing to serious. Erik gets in close on those wonderful boobs which I appreciate being a breast man. He also gives us an underneath shot giving some scope to just how nice and big her tits are. Holly also plays some with her pussy and we get to check out her ass also before we move to some POV cock sucking. Moving to the bathroom counter you see some fucking shot in mish with some P2M. The two then move into the bedroom where there is some doggie shot both vag and anal. Holly proves to be a nice gaper and you will love the overhead shot when they move to mish anal and the view really improves when they change to reverse cowgirl anal where she also does some A2M. This excellent additional scene ends with Holly jerking Erik off into her mouth and she swallows the cum down with ease. Well I can't really say much more about this one, Erik has done himself proud here and I highly recommend this one.

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