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Anal Overdose

Anal Overdose

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Anal , POV
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Long Noel's ratings for Anal Overdose:
Overall Rating 5 stars
Anal Overdose overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks Anal Overdose Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Anal Overdose Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Anal Overdose Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Anal Overdose Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Anal Overdose DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Anal Overdose A/V Quality rating 5 stars
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Reviewed by Long Noel  on  12/26/2010
THEMES: Ass Obsession, Anal, Big Butts, Group Sex, POV
The Cast: Monica Santhiago, Kelly Divine, Ashli Orion, Charlotte Vale, Francesca Le, Jennifer White, Angelica Raven, Nicki Hunter, Diana Prince, Bridgette B., Mya Nichole & Mike Adriano (Also starring Bobbi Starr & Brianna Love in a bonus scene)
Produced & Directed by: Mike Adriano

So, though I couldn’t find any decent screenshots for Anal Overdose and even hearing mixed reviews about this one, mostly negative reviews, I still wanted to see what it was like. The female cast is the absolute greatest and I just hope I am not disappointed. Even though Mike Adriano has cranked out two fabulous videos of which I reviewed and own, I know that it is possible for an artist to make fillers and make work that lacks quality from time to time. Just because a video has an all-star cast doesn’t imply it will be a work of art or especially one worthy of repeated viewing (and though I know you should not judge a porno by it . For some reason, I doubt seriously, though, that this video will supercede the greatness of American Anal Sluts (which is so damn beautiful, I ended up buying two copies of the DVD). I am also hoping Anal Starlets isn’t better than this. But I will see…

Monica Santiago & Kelly Divine
Honestly? I didn’t think I’d see these two legendary females in a scene together. Though I’ve heard from an ADT forum participant that Mike Adriano made Monica Santhiago look “boring”, the tease sequence was brilliantly shot and lasting around 20 minutes. But I’m afraid Kelly Divine gets a bit more attention than Monica Santhiago. Yes, I like Monica Santhiago more than I do Kelly Divine, so that was a problem for me. It could be because Kelly Divine has a much bigger and meatier ass than Monica does. But Mike does have both of them smother his face with both of their asses at the same exact time. He romantically tastes their booties, has them walk around and switch a bit, they make their butts clap vigorously, pulling their outfits up and down repeatedly. They move from outdoors to indoors, switching and walking up a flight of stairs, smacking their butt cheeks very hard and loud. They both give Mike sloppy blowjobs and he fucks them both in the butt in various positions (doggystyle position being rampant) and does it very nastily and with rhythm. There’s lots of ass-to-mouth. Both the tease and sex is fabulous, but unfortunately, Monica Santhiago doesn’t seem very enthused, nor is she vocal about it. In fact, Kelly Divine does more talking than she does and at one point, Mike squeezes almost half of a bottle of lube in her mouth and she uses it for something.

I wasn’t bored with this scene at all, though it could have been more energetic. The only thing I didn’t care for was the focus on the titties. It just didn’t work here. But in fact, it’s brilliant and an even more brilliant way to start Anal Overdose. Though I’ve only seen four scenes with her, Monica Santhiago is indeed more enlightening in this scene than she was in Phat Bottom Girls 3 and believe it or not, it’s almost reminiscent to her scene in Buttman’s Beautiful Brazilian Ass. However, I am used to seeing her look really classy and upscale and she did not have that look in this scene whatsoever. Plus, to see her buttocks in it’s greatest and raunchiest showcase ever, make an appointment to see her in Buttman’s Stretch Class. The scene lasts for 63 minutes. 14

Francesca Le, Nicki Hunter & Diana Prince
Francesca Le (Latin Butthole Stretchers) looks like her. Monica Santhiago and Deborah Taylor (Buttman’s Anal Show 5, the Rio Carnival Orgy series) could be sisters. I also like the way Mike Adriano puts two females in a video, making them look like they could be sisters, whether they are in the same scene or not (Lou Charmelle comes to mind in her scene with Danica Dillan from Filthy Anal Girls). Nikki Hunter is a lusty blonde woman and Diana Prince is a brunette with a very tight ass who looks as if she’s from Europe. They all wear skirts, switching and walking in a parking lot of what could be a strip mall. They go indoors where they eat each other’s pussies and butts, play in each other’s butt cheeks and rectums, spitting in each other’s orifices and they find a way to break in Diana’s tight ass! All three of them take turns digging and playing in each other’s asses. It’s almost like they are studying “Bootyology” or some shit! At one point, Francesca Le says she wishes a straw was put in the scene so they can drink out of each other’s asses! They also spit in each other’s faces, then kissing. What starts out as if it could get away with being a girl-on-girl scene (better than almost everything Jay Sin ever shot) turns out to be an insane foursome where everyone acts like perversion and ass obsession is coming at an all-time end. But for a scene like this, I’m afraid the women dressed up too classy. This may be a good thing though (don’t assume because a woman is dressed a certain way means she gets down the way she’s presenting herself).

I am almost reminded of some of the four-party fucking in American Anal Sluts, only this scene’s girl-on-girl action lasts for a very long time (which includes a few toys) before Adriano gets in and fucks them all in the ass and mouth. The blowjob action is very sloppy and well shot. The ladies even kiss each other with dick on their tongue and breath. Nicki even pulls out a strap-on and fucks Francesca’s ass with it. This scene had a lot of potential and a very strong female cast. However, this was not a very strong scene. I really enjoyed the hardass tease sequence and when Mike pumps up the women’s assholes in a vigorous cowgirl position. It, oddly, does gets better towards the end when they get it doggystyle and Nicki turns up the heat with her trash talk! The action just could have been better in some angles. At times, I felt this was just straight up overkill. 14.5

Bridgette B. & Mya Nichole
What a fucking view… Both women sport some tight shit… Mya has on fishnets up to her cheeks and Bridgette (whose body resemble’s Nicole “CoCo” Austin’s) sports some spandex with holes in them. Both women booty clap, showing their asses like it’s going out of style. Both women are fabulous and Bridgette looks like some upscale Californian athletic freak bitch! Now, I’ve never been a big fan of Mya Nichole and of the several scenes I have seen of her, she has never done anything for me. But she looks her all-time best in here and better than she did in Wide Open Slippery Ass Meat. The tease sequence is so ass oriented and delicious, I believe someone’s gonna shed tears over this shit. Both women stand by a bike and Mike grabs a bucket of soapy water with a sponge, squeezing it on their asses and tits with suds creeping between their asses and rectums, they bend over the bike, shake, make their butts clap and talk nasty. Mike spreads them open, licking in their asses and pussies. Mya is the first one to get fucked and while he eats her ass, he puts a vibrator on her pussy. Bridgette gets the same and the vibrator drives these women crazy. There’s lots of ass-to-mouth and the vibrator is used in half the scene. I honestly did not expect a lot out of this scene, but it is so much more than what I thought it would have been. I can say I am surprised. 14

Jennifer White & Angelica Raven
Jennifer White (American Anal Sluts) is looking fierce like Sasha Grey and Angelica Raven has a sadistic gothic look about her. It takes awhile before we see some intimacy with the women’s butts. Both ladies are sexy as hell and Jennifer is the first to spread her booty open and again, Mike spreads her butt so wide to where her asshole is almost poking out and dominates almost 50% of the screen. Angelica tastes her and Jennifer returns the favor. Both stand next to each other, spreads their cheeks open. This is delicious anal poison and I am put in the same state and intrigued as I was when I saw Jennifer White with Kiera King in American Anal Sluts! Mike tastes their assholes, uses toys and lube in them (I like Jennifer White’s ass better than Angelica’s ass). Indoors, they sit on top of each other doggystyle with their asses in debris. Mike licks them, they suck his dick, there’s mild titty worship before Mike gets in their asses like a bike seat. Though Mile’s shooting style does not change (he always shoots POV-style), it looks so nasty, gross and abhorrently sexy when his dick corrupting and pumping in and out of Jennifer White’s bubble butt in doggystyle (with lots of spit filled up between her ass) while she tastes Angelica’s pussy. The oral and anal fucking continues in various positions and it’s a real dirty, sloppy, grind house scene and it turns out to be the first, if not only, flawless victory in the entire video. This shit was absolutely no joke… One of the 50 best sex scenes of all time! 15

Charlotte Vale & Ashli Orion
Two of my favorite porn stars of 2010! Well, Charlotte Vale really shined in 2009 (among her resume are films she starred in, such as Fetish Fuck Dolls, B. Pumper’s Mr. Butt Fetish and an interracial bondage/grudge-fuck video from JSI, entitled Bottom Bitches). While Charlotte Vale puts me in the mind of her being a white Alicia Keys or Natalie Portman, Ashli Orion is the perfect All-American white girl who has the kind of ass that makes you wanna make her fart in your face and you smell it (Belladonna’s Girl Train 2, maybe?!) and punish her by fucking the stars out her ass! While Charlotte Vale has a look about her that’s like some innocent-girl-scout-who-can-do-no-wrong, Ashli Orion has a spunky look about her that says she’s probably a happy, healthy and unapologetic slut who wastes no time and gets it in. Both have big butts and sports thongs, jiggling, jumping, crawling, making their assholes wink and switching outdoors and tasting each other’s asses. The ladies are very jiggly, happy and playful. This man knows how to inspect and examine in a woman’s ass. He would make the perfect security guard or doctor for some idealistic co-ed women’s prison where they check in women’s assholes for illegal contraband and he’d probably have enough game to make them love it! He probably would have no use for a flashlight!

This scene is a bit different than most of his scenes I feel like. Probably because of the tease sequence where the ladies get playful in a secluded staircase. I also like the fact that Ashli Orion didn’t wear as much makeup as she did in American Anal Sluts. Mike licks their asses and puts toys in them. They suck his dick and swap the spit. Charlotte Vale is the first to be fucked in the ass and while I’ve seen her in a few scenes, this is the best I’ve seen her in and I’ve enjoyed her so much more than I did in B. Pumper’s Mr. Butt Fetish. He moves to Ashli, where he goes from her ass to her pussy (which is so unsanitary, but it couldn’t be worse than all that ass-to-mouth). The sodomy looks very boisterous and deliciously foul, especially when Charlotte gets it in her big ass. And she seems like a very happy girl, unlike her scene in Fetish Fuck Dolls, where she was dominated and uncontrollably orgasmic. Both girls get fucked in the ass in various positions and while both ladies are indeed orgasmic, the sex wasn’t very energetic. Then again, Mike Adriano does not make it a point to fuck the women silly, but nasty and sometimes ugly! 15

The a/v quality is spectacular. There’s a very nice bonus scene starring anal queen Bobbi Starr with Brianna Love (sexy girl, annoying voice). There’s also the usual extras. No BTS footage (you don’t see any on Mike Adriano’s DVDs).

Anal Overdose is not perfect like American Anal Sluts, but I’d say it’s not only one of the best videos of 2010, but it’s also become one of the ten greatest adult videos ever shot, captured, recorded, published and distributed. You can call it American Anal Sluts 2, only some of the women are not American (Santhiago and Prince). Like American Anal Sluts, I was able to watch this all the way through without fast-forwarding on a single rainy day. My only two gripes about this video, which are minor, is that Monica Santhiago does not sport her usual classy look. Instead, she’s dressed like some girl who just left L.A. Fitness or the Laundromat. The second scene’s finest moments are the tease sequence and the final 15 minutes, which made it a scene that may bore you, but put you back up on your alertness (which average porn viewers may not like). Of five scenes, two of them are flawless while was one almost flawless. This video hardly had a dull moment and Mike Adriano gets it in! I’ve decided to disregard the mixed and negative reviews I’ve heard of this title and I am happy that I did. Judging by some, the tease was better than the sex. This is the problem I’ve had with a lot of ass obsessed videos, particularly Mr. Butt Fetish, The Ass Spread and even Gape Lovers 3. Let me make note of this to my readers… do NOT judge a porno by it’s trailer or the artwork. You will miss out one a beautiful video. I’ll admit, I do not really like the artwork for this video… It doesn’t show the greatest photos of the female talent and some of his artworks either look too basic or filled with an overkill of photos. I know he enjoys flashy loud colors, not just for the women’s wardrobe, but for his artworks as well. I enjoy that as well. I love Adriano’s style of POV, which shows a huge dick going inside of a woman’s tiny colon like a fucking monster! But if he doesn’t switch up his style of directing and movie titles, even some of his die-hard fans may become bored with his work. While I appreciate his refraining from circus acts, I just wonder if he will follow in the footsteps of other ass obsessed gurus, like Erik Everhard (who has the ladies making butt noises, cum-farting and creampies) & B. Pumper (butt smelling antics). I sincerely hope he does not follow in the footsteps of Jay Sin (gape licking). He seems like he will be moving from one perversion to the next. Now, he’s using thermometers in women’s butt holes! This is Mike Adriano’s second greatest video, with Anal Starlets coming in third place. This man's got me wanting to see Nasty Anal Tryouts or California Anal Girls!

Replay Value: 96% - High!
OVERALL RATING: 99.4% - Own it immediately!

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