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Anal Intrusion

Anal Intrusion

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Anal , Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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Rosco Fuji's ratings for Anal Intrusion:
Overall Rating 5 stars
Anal Intrusion overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks Anal Intrusion Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Anal Intrusion Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Anal Intrusion Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Anal Intrusion Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Anal Intrusion DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Anal Intrusion A/V Quality rating 5 stars
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Reviewed by Rosco Fuji  on  4/2/2013
****Alert Alert**** OMG, get this hard hitting 7 scene 5+ hour anal action release immediately.***End Alert***

Special features: Trailers, Photo Galleries, Filmographies, Websites.

Let’s get right to it, shall we?

Christie Stevens: Never heard of this big titted blonde, but she tells us she just started doing anal and was recently nominated for best new starlet and also that she loves giving sloppy blowjobs with lots of spit, and she has really big fucking tits. What is not to love about this girl? To be blunt, nothing! She’s also has a heart and vine tat on her lower pube region that comes to within an inch of her pussy. She’s soon spreading her ass wide open for us. Salad tossing takes us to about the 16 minute mark at which point we get the sloppy blowjob and spit play portion complete with stringers. Christie is definitely an energetic cocksucker and also incorporates having a spit covered cock rub all over her spit covered tits for us. Pussy fucking is bypassed as they straight for the A in spoon about 30 minutes in. Christie rolls onto her back and we alternate back and forth between her pussy and ass with the occasional A2M tasting break. They go for the gape shots but it’s more like Christie winking the brown eye at us, pushing out a little lube. No complaints by me as Christie says, “You like fucking that slutty little hole like I’m a filthy little whore?” And also the classic “fuck my little shit hole, slide your cock right in there, right in that filthy disgusting little hole!” At this point some major gaping, A2M, and then we switch to doggy with lots of pack and forth between front and back doors. Christie also works in some salad tossing on the guy with some POV eye contact. Right before the finale we have a speculum shot of her vigorously fucked ass. The guy works his cock around in her mouth for a moment before putting his baby batter in a Martini glass for her to drink up. Having mentioned sloppy blowjobs earlier, it’s not surprise that some falls out of her mouth onto her tits and then recollected for her to swallow down. A kick ass opening for sure.

Yurizan Beltran: This Latina is sporting a major rack that’s just busting out of her pink bra. She’s also sporting some major ink. She climbs onto a treadmill and walks for us a bit so we can take in that wonderful ass. She pulls her thong aside and starts fingering her brown eye a bit. Yurizan drools some spit down onto her pussy to get it nice and wet as she rubs it. A guy climbs underneath her and tosses some salad with some rather loud lip-smacking/slurping. Lots of pussy and ass licking before Yurizan lubes up her ass and sticks a black butt plug in. She pulls if out for a taste before getting on her knees looking at the camera and saying, “I want to suck on your dick so bad!” They alternate cocksucking and tit fucking. In a move I’ve never seen before in porn, the guy takes a syringe and injects quite a bit of lube into her ass before we commence to fucking. She lays back and then prepares to getting taken in the back door. The guy then moves back and forth between front and back doors while his cock is covered in spit. Lots of fucking with the guy constantly going back and forth before giving her a taste or two. She stands up and bends over and injects more lube up her ass. Doggy anal ensues and we have some great shots of that nice round ass. As the guy goes back and forth, we’re treated to some nice shots of Yurizan’s puckered ass. I love how she then looks into the camera for the A2M breaks. She then rides the guy some more before he pulls out and strokes it off onto her cheeks. She reaches back, rubs some baby batter around and licks her fingers clean. Again, while looking into the camera, she gives some PCH and talks to us. Very nice.

Casey Calvert: The final scene in Disk 1 is current new it girl Casey Calvert. She only has a few credits to her resume so far but she isn’t shying away from anal as she tells us that she’s starting to prefer anal over vag scenes. Casey quickly pulls up her top to reveal some pert firm breasts and also tells us she’s a nice Jewish girl. She bends over and the guy goes of work tossing the salad on her nice puckered back asshole. She gives us some very nice pussy shots as they provide some nice gaping shots courtesy of the guy holding her open. They then do some extreme close-ups with a rather small camera that looked like they were shooting through a fishbowl. The guy inserts a speculum in her pussy and fingers her a bit. The speculum is then inserted in her ass and we have some serious internal shots going on. Personally, I could have done without this part, but it does provide some serious gape action. Some more close up camera shots lead into Casey attempting to deep throat the rather large cock in front of her. While she isn’t able to get it all in her mouth, she gives it the old college try in a rather nice segment. She then lays back and takes some serious anal penetration with the occasional shift to her pussy. Fans of prolapsing will like this scene as Casey spreads her cheeks wide and gives us some rather close up gaping prolapse shots. They then move around in several different positions with A2M tasting timeouts between each shift. We close the scene out with Casey drooling into a ladle under her chin before the guy strokes it off into the spit filled utensil. Casey says, “Don’t miss I want to eat it!” She then tells the guy to pour it in her mouth and we alternated between him pouring it into her mouth and her drooling it back into the ladle. She finally swallows it down to close things out. They exchange some chat and she says, “I’m turning into a real whore!”

Cameron Canada & Maia Davis: I’ve never heard of either of these two hot blondes before, but since they only have 30 credits combined, not real reason for me to be acquainted with them. Cameron is clearly the looker of the two of them, but what Maia lacks for in looks, she clearly makes up for with enthusiasm. This scene will also mark their on screen anal and A2M and ATOGM debut. Both girls are sporting the current porn fad of having long hair with the side of their head shaved close. They’re both also sporting some major ink on various parts of their bodies. They’re also friends in real life. The first portion starts with some serious anal loving lezzing out by the girls. If you love girl on girl licking of gaping assholes, you’re going to love this scene as they take turns digging for gold with their tongues at the same time they’re looking into the camera. The guy steps in and Cameron alternates back and forth with cock sucking and salad tossing all the while looking up at us with her big blue eyes. Maia takes a turn a sticking her tongue in Cameron’s gape while also drooling spit down into her. This is so hot! Equally as hot is the 2 on 1 blowjobing with the girls doing a great job of holding the cock for each other, spitting on it to keep it wet and also licking the other’s spit off it. Toss in some corn on the cobbing and you have the best scene I’ve seen all year. If you don’t find this scene outstanding, you’re clearly dead. The girls kiss after drooling into each other’s mouths in a nice little spit play segment. The girls take turns licking the guy’s ass while the other gives him head. This is one lucky guy at this point, and we’re 30 minutes into the scene. It’s also time for us to go right into the anal as Maia takes the big cock in her rather small ass. Cameron is also right there to provide a little extra spit. Both girls some serious A2M and Cameron one again sticks her tongue into Maia’s gape. Lots of A2OGM by Cameron before she finally lays back and takes it like a champ in her pussy and ass as Maia is right there to provide spit, a helping hand and commentary along with some lip service. Lot’s more switching off by the girls in various aspects of A2M, A2OGM, spit play, and anal fucking. At one point, Maia licks plenty of spit off of Cameron’s freshly puckered ass. Finally at the 1 & ½ hour mark, the girls get on their knees and the guy strokes it off into Maia’s mouth which the girls share back and forth several times before swallowing down. This is an award winning scene.

Jessica Nyx: At this point, this hot big titted blonde has bid adios to the world of porn, but this scene allows us to enjoy her in all her gaping anal glory. This is one put together 20 year old. In the pregame chat In addition to going to college, Jessica tells us she likes to fuck a lot and do anal. Jess also tells us that it’s going to be an all anal scene. This is slightly false as there were moments when the guy actually went from her ass to her pussy and then back to her ass. We get right to it with the standard dirty talk and Jess pulling her cheeks apart wide to show us her goods. We then move into some extended salad tossing by the guy giving us some real nice gape shots. We’re probably a good 20 minutes into the scene before we get to see Jess take the rather large cock deep into her mouth. She doesn’t get all of it down as she peaks at about ¾ of the way. More salad tossing to warm her up for the big moment of anal penetration while she rubs her pussy. Jess provides some necessary commentary about how good it feels. We’re treated to numerous close up wide open gape shots. The guy bounces back and forth between her pussy and gaper at this point, but suffice to say, the majority of attention is paid to Jess’s back door. “I want to taste it” Jess exclaims and we have several breaks for some A2M. Up until this point, it’s been all Mish anal, but after the A2M, we go into some spoon anal and pussy with more A2M. I’ll also comment that the gapes are very pronounced in this position. Some pussy spoon lets Jess cum for us before more anal. They switch to doggy for some hard pounding that gives us a few gapes that you could almost drive a truck through. Jess then tells him, “I want to make you cum!” and “I want you to give it to me!” as he strokes it off into her mouth. Some mugging for us with the cum, some PCH, and we close out with Jess looking into the camera and saying, “I love the way you fuck my ass, my pussy, and my mouth!”

Mya Luanna: This scene is a an added bonus for me because; A, I did not know it was going to be included and B, Mya is a super-hot Thai babe doing anal for the first time on camera, and C, I love super-hot Thai babes as they clearly are my favorite flavor when it comes to Asian chicks. For those not in the know, Mya is a super-hot Thai chick as mentioned above who entered porn in her late 20’s. She also has a way of talking to you in POV that makes you just want to have her talk dirty to you all day long. The opening portion of the scene sets the pace for the rest of the action as Mya has an inflatable butt plug inserted in her ass. The guy has it inflated to the point where it would not pop out without seriously hurting here. What we are treated to is the sight of her outer rectum being pulled upwards until it resembles a rectum volcano. From her we go almost immediately to Mya being seriously analized. The added bonus to this scene from Anal Inferno is that it’s a rather lengthy anal scene that includes some serious gape action on the part of Mya with lots close ups of her lube filled gaper. We close the scene out with Mya giving some PCH with a good portion of the guy’s cum leaking out her lips down onto her chin. This is an awesome finale.

Pluses: Christie saying, “you like fucking that slutty little hole like I’m a filthy little whore?” and also the classic “fuck my little shit hole, slide your cock right in there, right in that filthy disgusting little hole!” The interaction/chemistry between Maia and Cameron in scene 4 as these girls do it all. The bonus scene with Mya Luanna and her cumshot. Lots and lots and lots of gaping anal action. The whole thing really.

Minuses: I guess one could split hairs that there was only one guy per scene.

Sleaziness factor (1-10): Off the charts.

Is it worth it? Completely as it’s worth it for disk 2 by itself and the rest is just an added bonus. This release is a sure fire winner.

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