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Captain Jack Anal Inferno 3 (Evil Angel) 4.5 starsAnal Inferno 3 (Evil Angel) 4.5 starsAnal Inferno 3 (Evil Angel) 4.5 stars
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Anal Inferno 3 (Evil Angel)
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Anal Inferno 3 (Evil Angel)

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Anal , Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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bono-ONE's ratings for Anal Inferno 3 (Evil Angel):
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Anal Inferno 3 (Evil Angel) overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Anal Inferno 3 (Evil Angel) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Anal Inferno 3 (Evil Angel) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Anal Inferno 3 (Evil Angel) Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Anal Inferno 3 (Evil Angel) Plot/Acting rating 4.5 stars
Extras Anal Inferno 3 (Evil Angel) DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Anal Inferno 3 (Evil Angel) A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  7/5/2014
Hello porn fans. Time to check out the latest bit of anal fun from director/ performer Mike Adriano. This one covers two discs and it appears we have some 2 on 1 action in some of the scenes. On to some highlights.

India Summer & Veronica Avluv:

Mike gets us going with a couple of seasoned pros and each lady has done excellent anal work in the past and now we see them hooking up to take on Mike. The girls are seated to start and chat to Mike as he shoots them from behind the camera. You have Veronica in black while India is in the white. The girls get in a little early tongue play which is always nice to see. India is the first to stand up to show off her backside with some visible tan lines that I bet a few out there will find appealing. Moving the shot in close they struggle to free up Veronica's big tits but they make it out with India also pulling hers out. The girls then lose the bottom portion of their outfits and give us some spread ass shots, oh yeah. Next up Veronica tongue diving into India's ass hole as we look down upon her- nice shot. Great to see they don't rush through this allowing Veronica to have her fun before turning it over to India so she can have a few licks at Miss Avluv's backside. Moving on the girls start to get a taste of Mike's dick doing some shared knob polishing POV style. The sound quality is excellent here as they each slobber all over his schlong. A little anal prep for India leads to Mike sliding in doggiestyle and Veronica hovers right over for the A2OGM shots. Veronica also licks the gape when Mike pulls out. You have the same brief anal prep for Veronica before she has a seat on Mike's dick anally with India lingering close by to help push her down and to taste some ass off his cock too! The remainder of the scene features the two women taking turns being analized including a double stacked doggie where Mike goes from ass to ass. The ladies then attack his cock for a last bit of oral fun before the pop shot which gets jerked out by Veronica into her mouth. India slides down to get a taste too before we are done. A very good start to this one.

Casey Calvert & Adrianna Luna:

The next scene begins as the first did with the two girls outside and seated. They introduce themselves to us and that is Casey on the right wearing the hat while Adrianna is looking cute in her pigtails with a super cool yellow top that covers some nice boobs. The two girls seem in great spirits and we begin to see more of their bodies revealed including a good butt shot on Adrianna who is wearing a matching yellow thong. Those tits do come out briefly as Mike travels up her body-- natural and oh so tasty!! Miss Luna continues to show off including her pussy while Casey remains an interested observer but her time is coming. The girls do indeed switch out and Miss Calvert starts to undress beginning with her shorts leading just blue lace panties on. A blue tank top shirt is lifted to reveal modest sized breasts. The ground level has been used well in the last few minutes as the girls got nude for us. Oh yeah we get a superb spread ass hole shot from Casey and all that was needed then was for Adrianna to dive face first in there! It took a few more seconds but Adrianna does get her face down in Casey's ass using some lip stick/ gloss to trace around the target zone-- her ass hole!! Giving us the POV shot from the first scene you have Adrianna indeed leaning in to taste Casey's ass and I absolutely love this in g/g action, can't get enough. Moments later the girls change and it's Casey who gets to taste Adrianna's ass hole, always nice to return the favor I say! Mike slips his cock in there too giving Casey something else to taste and she shows the ability to multi task. The show moves on to both girls sharing in the knob polishing. Mike puts a pussy divider thing in Adrianna's pussy to catch the spit from Casey's bj and a glass is placed under to catch what spills out and they share with straws the fruits of this endeavor. Moving on we get some anal riding from Casey with ass tasting from Adrianna. This occurs a few times as the scene winds down with position changes. Nice gaping too from Casey's ass hole here. Adrianna takes some pussy action from Mike's cock with Casey underneath for P2OGM. Mike finishes off changing holes as the girls lie on their sides ass to ass. Anal for Casey and Vag for Adrianna ending with a shared pop shot and cum kissing. I'd say a most successful first disc. On to the second.

Maddy O'Reilly:

The second disc begins with Maddy who is the current Slutwoman and 2014 so far has been a bonanza of anal action for her growing fan base. She is wearing pants to start here but you can't mistake the fantastic ass that is there just under those jeans. Maddy lets the hands roam over the material while Mike lets the shot get in close. Maddy has this knowing grin on her face too when the camera pans up-- yeah she know that ass has got us hooked!!! Maddy then goes for a walk as we perve walk behind, still no tush flesh yet but it's coming. Sure enough Maddy begins the slow peel down until those bountiful ass cheeks fill the screen, only a thong in her ass crack separating us from total ass deliverance. Mike gets in there to pull the jeans up to just under the cheeks-- accentuating the bubbliciousness of them. Not a word I know but it works for porn purposes! As the remaining scenes are all 1 on 1 the ass licking from here on out will be down by Mike unless the girls do his butt and we all don't want to see that right--- eeekkkk!! Frustration when Maddy puts on blue jean shorts as we just got the pants off, can't we see her ass already, lol. The ground shots do show us the ample butt cleavage still showing but why put clothes back on after taking some off, baffling! Those shorts last a couple of minutes before they are removed followed quickly by the thong and we really get our first full glimpse of this booty. Maddy also works her tits out and sits down for a good spread pussy shot too. Mike does indeed get in there to tongue her ass hole and there is a little gaping too from Maddy, I'm sure much more when the anal comes. Not quite the frozen banana trick he likes to employ but this time it's an enema and she proceeds to push that back out into a glass bowl. Miss O'Reilly then gets to do a fave activity in sucking Mike's cock and the spit play comes early in this one. When the sex starts the anal is right there and watching Maddy now you can't help but be struck by how comfortable she is doing this, like it's no big thing! This was a long scene going over an hour with a few good anal positions for Maddy ending with Mike draining the main vein to her waiting mouth. Cum bubbles and a swallowed load end a very good scene for Maddy fans.

Bonnie Rotten:

I don't say this often but Bonnie has her work cut out trying to top that previous scene from Maddy. We begin with Bonnie wearing an athletic sweater top that is unzipped revealing a nice pink bikini top that has matching bottoms that Bonnie is also wearing. You see bits of the tattoos showing that she is known for. Mike gets a few hands on touches here as the two friends chat. Bonnie is kind enough to pull her boobs out and I have been intrigued by her web covered boobs ever since I first saw them. Mike moves the shot behind as we get an asshole spread shot. Going back around Mike gets in a little boob sucking tasting both titties. With a gleeful smile the action then moves to Bonnie getting to do something she relishes and that's making a huge cock disappear deep in her mouth/ throat. The side view is used here as she sets about doing just that to Mr. Adriano's dick. Bonnie tries to generate more spit pushing several fingers down her throat, nearly choking herself and then taking in Mike's cock and that nearly does the trick too, lol. No doubt Miss Rotten was loving this little bit of fun. Bonnie keeps up the combo of shoving fingers down her throat and following that with shoving as much of Mike's cock in as she can. A brief pause then so Bonnie can work out one of her trademark pussy blast offs and it was a great one that Mike captures. Bonnie was so turned on she went back for a second pussy quickie before Mike comes back in and now it's anal time for Bonnie. They stay with doggie to start for awhile and there is a little gaping from Bonnie and with her rosebud pushed out you see her squirt all over the lens-- quite the combination shot here. There are a couple other occasions she pushes the rosebud out and she also coats the lens again, licking it. Bonnie then goes for the ride ass facing out to us doing both vag and anal in this shot. One final view of the rose bud along with one final squirt gets us to the pop which hits right on target to her waiting mouth.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well fans this was one of Mike Adriano's strongest titles I've seen yet. The first disc was 2 on 1 bliss with Veronica/ India in one scene and Casey/ Adrianna in the second. On to the second disc which had the 1 on 1 portion of this event. Maddy was nothing short of awesome in her opening scene and Bonnie matches that with her rosebud filled and pussy squirting finale. On the main menu you have one extra scene and this one is with Megan Monroe. Mike begins with a little butt worship licking her ass hole and then letting the camera drink in this fantastic ass. Megan helps with a spread shot when Mike pulls back from licking it. Mike spends more time in her ass and when she flips over we get a fine view of her tits and more oral fun also. Mike gets his dick sucked some then they hit a few pussy positions leading to an ass pop. This is obviously an old scene judging by his curly hair. Under the special features section you get the pop shots repeated for the four main scenes and there are trailers for other Evil productions along with photo galleries. This one is a must have for any fan of a girl cast in this. Everyone does anal save for Adrianna but she does some fine A2OGM tasting from Casey's ass. Bonnie squirting and her rosebud are images I won't soon forget and the booty love shown to Maddy to start the second disc was great also. Fantastic effort from start to finish here.

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