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Anal Fever (Anarchy Films)

Anal Fever (Anarchy Films)

Studio: Anarchy
Category:  Anal
Directed by:
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Gabriel Nine's ratings for Anal Fever (Anarchy Films):
Overall Rating 2 stars
Anal Fever (Anarchy Films) overall rating 2 stars
Female Looks Anal Fever (Anarchy Films) Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Anal Fever (Anarchy Films) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Anal Fever (Anarchy Films) Sex rating 2 stars
Plot/Acting Anal Fever (Anarchy Films) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Anal Fever (Anarchy Films) DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Anal Fever (Anarchy Films) A/V Quality rating 2 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by Gabriel Nine  on  2/25/2003
Anal Fever
Anarchy Films
I-liner Boy
Catalina, Monika (Lucy), Isma Paradiase (Isha Paradise), Vanessa, Sandra Russo, Tyce Bune, James, KK, Mr Edd
Running time:
1hr 25mins
Video Format:
NTSC / All regions
Audio Format:
Dolby 2.0

American directors in Prague have a, dare I say, chequered history. The assumption being that these talented starlets can lay it down for the dollar just as well as for European directors, but this assumption is often made in error, contributing in some part to the stereotype of European girls as being cold. The enigmatically named I-liner Boy is unknown to me, and with manly English studs on board perhaps he's not even American, but Anal Fever, I fear, falls into this trap.

Still, I was keen to see it simply for some appearances from favoured stars, especially little Vanessa. I was hoping this was a more recent movie - and I'd be interested to know exactly what the history is on this flick - meaning that she was still in the business. However, while the box cover states an October 2002 production date, in the titles at the start, it's quoted as November 2001.

Whatever, we start with the sole American, with this slim brunette telling us she's an all-American girl who's going to show us the American way to do porno. It doesn't start well, on two counts: one, that annoying on-screen menu pops up right away (more on that later) and two, Catalina could scarcely look less interested as her partner, Tyce Bune, lifts her vest top and sucks her tits. She appears to be pondering if she left the oven on.

Still, after having her pussy licked and fingered briefly, she compliantly sucks Tyce's cock and spreads her legs for a missionary fuck, with her top and little skirt still on. These are eventually cast aside as the scene progresses through cowgirl to the promised anal action, in missionary, then some A2M, before getting into doggy. Catalina submissively offers up her rear. Again, she turns round to taste her ass from his cock and he continues to fuck her ass till he comes in her mouth. The scene fades to black immediately. And that's it. Really rather poor, I'd say, with no charisma or chemistry or any of those qualities that take porn beyond just people getting nekkid and fucking for money. Catalina has a distant look in her eyes and I doubt that it's her co-star's performance that's the cause.

Despite a caption billing her as Sandra Russo, this is Vanessa, the tight-bodied petite Czech. At her best, she's a wanton little thing, as in Hardball 7 or in those crazy GGG efforts like Gina die Sperma-Prinzessin or OK! Ich schluck nochmal (she's Gina in those). This scene starts off with the tanned girl slipping her panties aside to play with her pussy awhile, before she calls out for James, an English stud (who I thought was called Lee, actually) to come out and see to her. She sucks his cock with customary enthusiasm, before he eats her and helps her out of her dress and knickers.

She's left in clunky white high heels as they fuck, but the shooting leaves a little to be desired as for a long spell we mainly see his ass with those heels flapping beside it. At least when she's on top we can see her working her hips amazingly, but really, I'd like to see more of her face and reactions. To be fair, these are visible as she bumps and grinds with unflagging energy, moving her tight little buttocks as they work up quite a sweat. Soon enough it's anal time, with James planting it in her rear in doggy, reverse cowgirl and spoons. The sex isn't too hard and she doesn't go for it quite so much and in truth this scene is fun while it lasts but little more. A sharp fade again wraps it up just as soon as she's coaxed a big load from his cock onto her face.

Monika (it's Lucy!)
As the caption "Monika" rolls across the screen, James and fellow English cocksman KK comment "it's Lucy!" as the buxom, long legged Czech blonde appears in the room. How the editor or director could miss this, I don't know. Pedantic, perhaps, but details like this do count in the final reckoning. Anyway, she joins them on the bed and as the expose her tits, the chaps indulge in some gentle banter about Lucy being James' birthday present. He duly gets down to taste her pussy while she blows KK. Lucy is an experienced performer with a career going back further than I thought - she appears as very fresh-faced and short haired cutie in Miss Erotica, shot in 1996 - and she takes one guy at a time, sucking the other, with her usual willingness and regular smiles. Her big boobs wobble as she rides, and though these are not quite as they were in that early appearance (they were truly outstanding), they are natural and womanly and to my mind in no need of the unnecessary boob op that I gather she's hand, probably due to the fact that her slimming has also meant her boobs slimmed down too.

Anyway, back to the matter at hand, and KK giving a Lucy a good seeing to in doggy and spoons. This leads to anal sex, though I wonder if KK's styling himself as the UK's answer to Brian Pumper with his "hilarious" comments, though Brian's slightly above quips like "I can feel your liver". URGH! Lucy just smiles anyway, before she takes James' cock right up her ass in reverse cowgirl. Two positions for DP move things along swiftly to a pair of facials, and the somewhat bemused Lucy gives post come head. This is definitely a better scene than what's gone before, but it is one of those where the guys do it to the girl, rather than with the girl, and there's little of her personality in it.

Sandra Russo
Captioned wrongly as Vanessa, Sandra is such a regular in Prague-located porn over a few years now. One might be tempted to say "over-exposed" - it's almost as though if someone turns a camcorder on somewhere in Prague, sexy, smiling blonde Sandra will appear, as if by magic. Her knowing smile is quickly seen here as she sneaks into the bedroom and starts kissing and touching the body of sleeping Mr Edd (who I thought was called Bailey, another Englishman). He wakens and she seductively slicks his cock with saliva before they jump straight into a missionary fuck that goes on a while and gets quite deep and sweaty.

Sandra's flimsy blue dress is crumpled around her waist as she rides on top, lies back and takes more before turning round for some doggy style action. As anticipated this turns into anal, but I was pleased to see that Sandra actually appears to enjoy this a good deal more than she does in other scenes I've witnessed. Her young man takes it easy here and then lets her go on top, controlling the pace. She makes some sexy moves, which ultimately prove too hot for him to handle, and he fires a load onto her taut tummy. Sandra looks all flushed after, but while it looks like she really enjoyed this, I'd be lying if I said this wasn't a ten a penny scene. It's quite fun, but not exactly distinctive.

Isha Paradise
You may recall Isha as Rocco's "little boy" in True Anal Stories 13 or Rocco Ravishes Prague 3, where the slim, game girl had a shaved head. She's popped up more recently in some of Nacho's stuff, with hair! Sure, with her boyish figure and short dyed red hair, she's hardly one of those Czech amazons but I love her attitude and she certainly likes to play. Here, she joins Mr Edd in the boudoir, slipping off her dress to reveal a nipple piercing and lacy panties, and taking his cock in her mouth. He returns the compliment and is soon making her moan as he plunges deep into her pussy.

There's some nice stuff, very laid back in mood, as she rides on top - I can only imagine what she's doing to his dick with those slow, deliberate moves - and then a little smile comes across her face. The camera moves to show that he's in her ass now, fucking her quite gently, though once they've got into spoons he fucks her harder as his orgasm approaches. The come shot is staged, though, so he can shoot on her face. In the end, while I enjoyed certain parts, I couldn't help feeling that Isha's talents weren't fully exploited.

Anal Fever is a very standard movie, with some modest sexual entertainment on offer but, for me, very little lasting appeal. There are moments that I thought almost hit the mark, but to be brutally frank, I've seen all of the girls here (bar Catalina, who I've never seen) in better movies, and there's no reason to recommend Anal Fever over them. Here's a puzzle - arrange the words "talent", "waste" and "of" in order.

There's a little detail in Isha's scene which highlights why movies like this, and Anal Fever isn't alone in possessing this flaw, fall down when it comes to shooting the girls of Eastern Europe. Isha flicks out her tongue and tries to tempt Mr Edd into kissing her, but he completely misses this and ploughs away regardless. The opportunity to take this to a level beyond commercial sex is offered and ignored. In essence, there's no attempt made to connect with the girls - they throw the money down, shoot the scene and go home rather than really getting to know the performers as, say Nacho or Toni Ribas do, or taking the time to let a scene develop, to highlight a girl's particular qualities as Christoph Clark has done so successfully in recent movies. In Anal Fever, no one kisses or even talks to the girls, really.

Which is part of the reason that Anal Fever lacks character - they also make little effort with set-ups and it's all quite rushed into a scanty running time, and even if all that's required is straightforward anal porn with Czech girls, something from Red Light District's European sojourn will provide it and at better value too. So just in case you missed it, Anal Fever - modest fun, but not recommended.

DVD Comments
One of the other things that merits comment is the presence of that on-screen menu, as abortively featured by Red Light District, but present in much chunkier and more obtrusive form here. Personally I'd be happy if this was entirely done away with but surely it's not too hard to offer it as an option if it must be included.

The picture quality is okay, but at times it does look like a lot of JPEG compression is going on and there's something of an odd hue to some flesh tones. This is perhaps due to some so-so lighting, and the picture tends towards the dull side in general, making it all look as cheaply made as it obviously is. Otherwise, it's not a bad disc on the technical side - menus are tidy and there's a lengthy if unrelated bonus scene, apparently cribbed from Internal Explosions, featuring Malorie Marx. There's also a trailer for this movie and two others, plus photos.

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