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Anal Fanatic 4
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Anal Fanatic 4

Studio: Elegant Angel
Category:  Anal , Foreign , Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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Dan's ratings for Anal Fanatic 4:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Anal Fanatic 4 overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Anal Fanatic 4 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Anal Fanatic 4 Male looks rating 4.5 stars
Sex Anal Fanatic 4 Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Anal Fanatic 4 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Anal Fanatic 4 DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Anal Fanatic 4 A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by Dan  on  8/1/2012
Abbie Cat is the front-cover lass showing you her big, sexy ass. She is the least anally experienced of the five ladies in this film. And it shows, when her stud puts his big pole on her sexy asshole and tries to go inside for a good anal ride. To say that this horny guy meets resistance from the pretty lady would be an understatement. She is very tight, and it's a bit of a fight for him to squeeze his dick inside. But never fear, Mick Blue is here. This guy knows what he is doing with his cock between the pretty lady's ass-cheeks. He applies steady pressure with his hips on his cock between her sexy ass-cheeks. And slowly but surely he goes inside, while the pretty lady groans and moans about being so tight.

It's an iffy anal beginning for this pretty lady. But with Mick Blue deep inside, it's no longer an anal fight. It's a full scale anal invasion for this pretty lady from her big horny guy. He occupies her nice ass pretty good all the way to his balls and goes for an all-out anal ride as though she is his much beloved anal bride. Mick Blue gets behind Abbey in the spoon positions and really pounds her nice ass with his cock all the way to his balls, while she spreads her sexy legs wide open towards the viewer and masturbates her somewhat gaping pussy pretty good. It's a wild anal ride for such a sexy anal bride. Abbey's masturbated pussy looks so good that Mick Blue pops his cock out of her ass and kisses this pretty lady right on her pussy-lips, while she does an a2m on his cock. Reverse cowgirl anal, cowgirl anal, and doggy anal. Mick Blue keeps pounding this lady's nice ass for all he is worth. An Anal Fanatic with his big dick between the pretty lady's ass-cheeks Mick Blue certainly is. He groans and moans eventually deep inside his nice lady's ass, quickly pulls his dick out of her nice ass, and spills his cum on her waiting mouth and tongue.

In terms of her looks, Abbey Cat is a 7 or an 8. She has a nice ass and a pretty pussy, but her artificially enhanced tits look more like hard rocks, than the soft pillows they are supposed to be.

And Abbey Cat's anal sex with the guy has to be an 8 or a 9. He pounds her nice ass all the way to his balls in one position after another. And it's certainly a nice touch to see the pretty lady vigorously masturbate her pussy to the point of gaping it, while her horny guy keeps pounding her nice ass all the way to his balls. A very good anal ride for such a pretty lady this certainly is.

Aleska Diamond is next. And she is a real beauty, the most attractive woman in this film. Her long blond hair adorn her beautiful face. Her natural tits look good enough to suck, during the fuck. Her sexy, long legs are something to see. And her nice, big, fleshy, round ass you can't wait to penetrate, if you are an Anal Fanatic that is.

The two horny guys Aleska Diamond meets and greets are Anal Fanatics alright. These guys go straight to the ass of their sexy lass with dildos and dicks. These guys take turns between the pretty lady's ass-cheeks with their big dicks. And pretty soon she is gaping her nice ass wide open for them. DP. These guys DP Aleska Diamond in the doggy position. Aleska's anal guy pounds her nice ass so good that when he finally pulls out, then her sexy asshole gapes wide open, even while the other guy stays inside her pussy with his cock.

A hot anal gape for such a pretty lady this certainly is. You can see the outline of the pussy guy's cock inside Aleska Diamond's widely gaping asshole. Instead of dark emptiness, you see a lot of sexy pink framed by Aleska's hugely gaping sphincter. The sight of Aleska's gape makes you appreciate what it takes for a pretty lady to take two horny guys for a good DP ride. With her pussy occupied, Aleska's ass is very tight even while her anal sphincter is totally relaxed. The anal guy going inside the pretty lady's asshole with his big pole has to contend with the big bulge inside her rectum from the other guy's cock deep inside her pussy. It's a real cock fight between the two horny guys deep inside the pretty lady. Totally relax and let the horny guys stretch her pussy and ass the pretty lady certainly must. There is no way she can stand in the way of an Anal Fanatic during a good DP.

These guys anal and DP Aleska Diamond so good that in the end her asshole is relaxed and gaping on its own, without her even trying to gape her ass. Anal Fanatics these guys certainly are with their pretty lady.

In terms of her looks, Aleska Diamond is an 8 or a 9. She has a very nice ass, a pretty face, and a very good-looking overall figure too.

And her sex, her anal sex with the guys is simply outstanding. A 9.0 or 9.5 it certainly is. Aleska's anal gape during her cowgirl DP is especially interesting to see. Because her pussy guy stays inside, when her anal guy pulls out. The bulge of the pussy guy's cock makes Aleska's ass seem occupied, even while her anal sphincter is totally relaxed and open wide.

Next comes Aletta Ocean. A nice ass Aletta has. But her artificially enhanced bolt-on tits that look like hard rocks rather than soft pillows take away from her attractive appearance.

Aletta Ocean is an anal veteran with many anal scenes in many anal films. She is pretty good at taking horny guys for a good anal ride, and her scene in this film is no exception. The highlight of her anal scene with the guy is when she lies on her back, spreads her legs, and lets the guy pummel her nice ass with his cock, as though it's her pussy. Bang her nice ass like a real Anal Fanatic the guy certainly does. The guy barely manages to pull out in time to avoid giving her a good anal creampie. A very good ass-ride this certainly is.

Aletta's looks are a 7.0 or 7.5. Her un-natural tits take away from her otherwise sexy appearance.

And her anal sex with the guy is 7 or 8. The guy is a bit slow inside her ass during most of the scene. But he makes up for it in the end during his all-out missionary anal ride with her. And it's a nice ass-surprise for the viewer too. Because when a pretty lady lies on her back and spreads her legs for the horny guy in the missionary position, then you expect him to take her pussy for a ride. But not this guy. He is a real Anal Fanatic. He finds the pretty lady's asshole with his cock in the missionary position and pounds her so good between her sexy ass-cheeks that you can't help but admire the guy for being such an Anal Fanatic.

Ivana Sugar is a sexy blond. She isn't the best looking lady in this film, but she is pretty good-looking. And her anal sex with her guy is very good.

It's straight to anal for her from Mick Blue. And it's one heck of a good ass-pounding for this pretty lady in a variety of sex positions. Mick rides her ass in spoon from behind and in spoon from the front, which turns into an all-out missionary anal ride for her. She sucks his cock to make hard as a rock. And right back inside her nice ass he plunges his dick like an Anal Fanatic. Cowgirl anal, reverse cowgirl anal, and doggy anal. The guy pounds her nice ass real good. And he doesn't stop, until he is ready to pop. Her face and tongue he coats with cum.

Ivana's looks are a 7 or 8, depending on whether you look at her face from the front or her ass from behind.

And her anal sex with the guy is an 8 or a 9. The guy pounds her nice ass real good: balls-deep, hard-and-fast, and for a long time too.

Last but not least is Sandra Romain. She is a pretty good looking babe with a very nice ass. And her anal sex exploits with horny guys in her past porn films are legendary. Sandra is a true anal queen in terms of her classy-assy looks and especially in terms of her wild anal sex with the horny guys.

She takes on two horny guys. And her sex with these guys is anal, anal, and more anal. These guys pound her nice ass real good, probably better than that of any other lady in this film. Her standing doggy anal ride with one of the guys is something to see. She steps up with her left leg during this anal ride, which reveals her ass and pussy to you in all of their glory. And the guy, the horny guy absolutely pounds her nice ass with his cock in this position. I didn't think it was possible for a guy to pound his lady's nice ass this hard and this fast, until I saw this guy do it with Sandra Romain. Sandra's standing anal ride is very outstanding. Her ass-pounding guy is a true Anal Fanatic.

Sandra's two horny guys DP her real good. But it's her 1 on 1 anal sex with these guys that shows off her real anal talent. Her missionary anal ride with one of the guys is also something to see. You don't get to see as much of the lady's ass in the missionary anal position as you get to see in some other positions. But the guy on top has a lot of leverage with his dick between the legs of this lady. And when he goes anal on her in this position, then her ass might as well be her pussy. The guy can't help but go balls-deep, hard and fast inside the ass of his sexy lass. The pretty lady is sure to get an outstanding anal ride every time from her guy, when she lets him take her ass in the missionary position.

Sandra's looks are an 8 or a 9. A very nice ass she certainly has. And her natural tits look soft and very good to suck during the fuck.

And Sandra's anal sex with the guys is a 9 or a 10. Which isn't a surprise, considering her reputation as a real Anal Queen, when it comes to taking on the anal guys.

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