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Anal Delinquents

Anal Delinquents

Studio: Mayhem
Category:  Anal , Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
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picman's ratings for Anal Delinquents:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Anal Delinquents overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Anal Delinquents Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Anal Delinquents Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Anal Delinquents Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Anal Delinquents Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Anal Delinquents DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Anal Delinquents A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by picman  on  7/31/2004


Prologue It's been a long while since I've viewed anything by Aurora Snow. In fact, nothing since she became a Sin City contract girl. Interested in seeing how she's changed, and intrigued by a couple of her co-stars in this volume, I decided to check it out. Let's see what Aurora and friends are up to.
Rio Mariah and Aurora Snow We open with an off camera male voice telling Aurora that she's grounded. A pouting Ms. Snow grouses about getting blamed for the things that she does. All she did was get her ass fucked. Right from the start I have to say that Aurora looks better than ever. She seems to have gained a few pounds, making her look healthier, and still looks almost illegal. Her outfit looks like it was designed by Crayola which doesn't hurt the fantasy. This morphs into a tease sequence by Rio Mariah, who strips and plays with herself using a blue double dong. This serves to warm her pussy nicely and she adds a couple of fingers to her ass. Cut to the beginning of the actual scene with Aurora, Rio and Tony T on a couch ostensibly watching TV. Rio starts to make out with Tony and Aurora, manning the remote, looks bored. When she notices things heating up, Aurora gets up to leave, but Rio stops her. They drop down to Tony, who struggles to get his pants off. Rio mouths his now free organ and Aurora starts to strip. Rio shares the cock with Aurora and Tony bounces it off of her uvula. They trade off a few times and Tony gets up for a full face fuck for both women. Rio takes it well, but Aurora is fully into this. Tony is agressively fucking her throat and holding her face to his pubes. Both women seem to be getting more turned on by this. The drool is flying out of both their mouths. Tony pulls off Rio's panties as he lines the girls up side by side in doggy and entering Aurora first. Tony is a machine and Aurora's back stiffens as he slams her pussy. Rio gets her head there for P2OGM. She's next as Tony goes up and over. Aurora provides the same service taking a short face fuck. Tony turns Rio over for mish and Aurora lays her body over her, taking the juicy cock for an occasional P2OGM face fuck. Tony lays back on the couch and Rio climbs on in CG with Aurora planting his cock for them. Cut to a mish anal insertion for Rio as she eats Aurora's hot pussy. Tony brings his cock to Aurora for A2OGM and back to Rio's ass again. RCA is next for Rio as Aurora plays with her tits and the blue dong. Rio does A2M and a re-insertion. Tony just hammers her. They repeat this and then Aurora gets to the point of attack so she can clean Tony's cock. Now it's her turn to ride in RCA and Tony hammers her right from the outset with Rio getting A2OGM. Aurora takes it balls deep and hard as they move into spoon anal. She no longer just takes a pounding with just whimpers, but is fully engaged and fairly talkative. Rio plays with and eats Aurora's wide open pussy during her reaming, as well as sucking Tony's cock out of the oven. Aurora sucks some cock, too, before mounting him in CG anal. Rio provides A2OGM and then presents her ass in doggy. Tony positions Aurora's head underneath them for repeated pull outs and agressive A2OGM. Standing doggy anal for Aurora is next with one leg up on the couch. Rio, as always, is there for clean up. Cut to the money shot, directly into Rio's mouth. About a half dozen spurts that Rio holds and then shares lovingly with Aurora, and some pretty cum kisses to end an excellent and energetic first scene.
Lauren Phoenix is next as she first teases us with her amazing body. She's beautiful and tight looking, with an ass and legs that can make you quiver. She strokes and strips herself, eventually producing a thin glass dildo with a rainbow of swirls encased inside. She uses it on her pussy and soon we fade into her scene. Joel Lawrence and Alberto Rey enter a bedroom with Lauren and are out of their clothes in less time than it took me to write this. Cut to a now naked Lauren sitting on Alberto's cock in RC and Joel taking it to her face. This just seems so natural for her and I love seeing her body laid out like this. Alberto picks up his pace and depth as Joel also gets some deep thrusts into Lauren's throat. Her legs get pulled back and Alberto presents her pussy for Joel to drop himself in. Alberto takes it back for a bit and Lauren gets off for P2M. She leaves her flanks unprotected and Joel enters in doggy. Cut to an anal insertion in RC for Alberto with Lauren bobbing her pretty head on Joel. Lauren pulls off to show a gape, but I'm struck by how beautiful and hot her pussy lips look. A perfect flower. Alberto pulls out, allowing Joel some strokes in mish anal and then they go back again, doing this another time before initiating the RCDP. Cut to CGDP with Joel taking her ass. He gives her a good hard ride, too. Cut to RCA on Alberto, with them moving into an up and over doggy with oral ministrations on Joel. They switch as Joel goes up and over as Lauren sucks her juices off of Alberto. He reclaims her ass in the same fashion and gets A2M with Lauren giving it a little bit of extra attention. Then a side mish entry with A2P. Joel is MIA at the moment. Alberto gives Lauren a deep A2M face fuck. Joel is back to get sucked off as Alberto plays insertion games in Lauren's ass in doggy and then rimming her wide open butthole. The guys switch and Alberto shows Lauren some affection before stuffing her mouth with cock. Cut to Alberto pulling his spouting cock out of Lauren's mouth and cumming all over her face. He places her back on the bed in doggy and fucks her ass some more as Joel prepares to launch a load at her face. His aim is good, getting his spurts onto her tongue and into Lauren's mouth. Alberto pulls out and cums again, this time on Lauren's ass. She gives him some PCH, but he's not finished, spanking out another little spurt, which Lauren takes with cum hanging from her chin. Now she can clean his cock properly and play with her tribute, which she does. Another great scene.
Lena Juliette is laying across a washer and dryer in a laundry room. She unzips her pink fleece top revealing a lovely pair of breasts topped with chocolate colored nipples sticking up like tootsie rolls. She shucks her black skirt and lazily plays with her body. She finds her pussy and gives it a nice rub, tasting her juices afterward. There's a fadeout and we come back to the laundry room with Lena back in her clothing and Alex Sanders walks in on her. He gets behind Lena and starts to maul her, getting her very excited. Alex handles her tits roughly and Lena finds his cock and pulls on it. Lena gets on her knees and Alex pulls his pants down. He holds the back of her head and strokes her throat deeply. Her eyes are flashing at him. There's a combination of submissiveness and fierceness in her look. She's also extraordinarily pretty with big bright eyes that offsets her lovely brown skin. Alex fucks her throat, pushes out the side of her cheek and teases her mouth with his dick. Tears are flowing from her eyes and drool from her mouth. She licks and nips at his balls, keeping her eyes on his face. The camera isn't there for her, just Alex, and he's making a mess of her. He leads a cleaned up Lena out to some carpeted stairs and lies back for more oral treats, exposing her ass for our pleasure. Lena mounts his cock in RCA and buries it immediately. With her feet on his haunches, Alex gets a nice stroke going. He starts getting some bend to his cock making it more difficult and Lena hops off for A2M. She works on making him rock hard and when he's ready, lies across the steps in doggy, getting his bone up her ass again. She sucks her ass juices off him again and offers her ass in doggy another time. More A2M and Lena crawls down to the floor for mish anal with a side twist. She works her little nub hard while Alex penetrates as deep as he can. He seems to find some magic there and fucks her hard. Another A2M and Lena has no problem taking him to the balls. Cut to spoon anal showing off her pretty body and Alex finally has a rock hard cock. There's some quiet pillow talk and Alex strokes off over Lena giving her a closed mouth facial. Frankly, Lena deserved a better cocksman than Alex provided her.
Hannah Harper is decked out in ruby red lingerie, a bejeweled buckle on the bottoms. She unleashes her store bought tits and plays with her pussy under the panties. Pulling the gusset aside, she gets freer with her kitty, looking to rub one out before her scene. She's a pretty platinum blonde from the UK and I hope she likes to talk her way through a scene. After she finishes herself off her scene begins with her back in the bra and playing with her pussy under the panties again. Mark Wood comes down some stairs looking for her boyfriend and encounter this half dressed temptress. She's horny and exposes her tits. Mark drops onto the couch and they start to kiss. The straps go up and the straps come down. Hannah exposes her tits again and Mark's mouth makes a beeline for them. He pulls off her panties for the real treasure and fingers her slit. His tongue follows, making Hannah very excited. He licks her taint and fingers her asshole, using pussy juice for lube. Mark gives Hannah a taste of her ass. Mark's manhood gets released and Hannah's mouth goes to it like a homing pigeon. Nice no hands, deep sucking with good hang time at the pubes. Mark starts to work over her ass with some sharp smacks as the head gets more intense. He sits on the couch and Hannah drops her pussy on his cock in CG. She looks like she's riding him to glory, pounding herself down on him. His hand prints are very prominent on her ass in this view. Mish is next with some toe licking on her upraised leg. Mark straddles her head for P2M, moving back to mish after a nice suck. He goes into a semi up and over and really buries himself deep. He gives her pussy a lick and goes back to deep mish. Mark's a man on a mission, and it looks like he achieves his goal as Hannah appears to have an orgasm. It's time for anal and the insertion is in RCA. It's pretty lively right from the outset as you can hear the skin smacking and see the lube running down Mark's cock. Doggy anal is next, Mark smacking her ass and Hannah rubbing her clit. A little gape and re-insertion. Up and over with more gaping and doggy anal leading to a pop shot on Hannah's ass.
Aurora Snow is teasing us with her tight little body, talking dirty and even smacking her own ass. She fingers her pussy, which always looks so accommodating. Pointing her ass at us she plays with both holes. Her intentions are to dominate the dork next door. As the scene begins, Aurora is on the phone to her neighbor, Sascha, demanding that he come over. No sooner does she put the cell down, then there's a knock at the door. Sasch, I presume. He gets on his knees to apologize for taking so long. She has him lay back on the carpeted stairs and sits on his face. She's wearing a tartan mini-skirt and her legs look amazing as she drops over Sascha's mouth. The skirt comes up and Aurora sticks three fingers up her cunt. Then quickly, four. She peels her shirt off and plays with her tits. Sascha works her clit over as Aurora continues to handle the hole. This looks like pretty nice work. Where do I apply? Aurora sits on the steps and Sascha's tool comes out. She impales her throat on it, showing what a dirty girl she's become. Not as much handwork as in the past, her trademark. Aurora lays back and Sascha drives right in, fucking and pulling out with dick slaps of her pussy. He pins her legs back and does Aurora deep. Some clit licking before he turns her over for doggy. He's not huge, but Sascha looks really hard and Aurora appreciates it. RC is next and there's a lot of moisture coming out of her hole. He hammers her from underneath while she bridges her body. Aurora sits her ass down on his cock and the fit is perfect as she wiggles down to his balls. He sticks a few fingers in her pussy while reaming her. Aurora lifts off to show a couple of gapes and slides back down for more reaming. She takes over the fucking for awhile and puts four fingers in her pussy for a simulated DP. Side entry is next and Sascha looks like he wants to stick his balls up her ass. Aurora is making sure that her pussy gets attention, stroking her clit and practically fisting her hole. Sascha pulls out, showing a gape, and fucks Aurora's face. He goes back to her ass and then some A2M and back again. More A2M and they move to up and over doggy anal. Deep, deep anal and more A2M. Aurora starts talking about cum on her face, so Sascha goes extra deep, making her legs flail a bit before bringing his cum gun to her mouth. His shot scatters over her head, onto her cheek and chest and into her mouth. She sends him off, telling him she'll call when he's needed. Nice!
Epilogue I think that when you have a five scene video and Aurora Snow is prominently featured in two of them, you're playing with house money. It doesn't take much more to make for a good volume. Aurora has really grown into a very confident sexual performer as well as being criminally cute. She did not disappoint and neither did the rest of this DVD. Lauren Phoenix is amazing. Her look and energy, along with her capacity for hard driving anal makes Lauren very special. She's ratcheted down her histrionics a little and seems more genuine than earlier in her career. Hannah Harper put in a good scene, but not up to the others. Lena Juliette, unfortunately, got stuck with a partner with wood problems. I can't imagine having trouble keeping wood with such a hot looking woman, but I guess it was one of those days. Still, the scene began and ended well, so it wasn't a total loss. The camera work was good.
The Disk has cast bios, a BTS, trailers, phone sex ads, website info, popshots, and interviews with all the women in this volume, which I really liked. Good extra value.
Recommendation I thought this was a strong title and would recommend at least a rental. Find it at a good price, buy it.

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