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Big Raider Fan Anal Champions of the World 2 4.5 starsAnal Champions of the World 2 4.5 starsAnal Champions of the World 2 4.5 stars
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Anal Champions of the World 2

Anal Champions of the World 2

Studio: Jules Jordan Video
Category:  Anal , Compilation
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Anal Champions of the World 2:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Anal Champions of the World 2 overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Anal Champions of the World 2 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Anal Champions of the World 2 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Anal Champions of the World 2 Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Anal Champions of the World 2 Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Anal Champions of the World 2 DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Anal Champions of the World 2 A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  8/10/2014
Welcome fans to an anal comp from Erik Everhard taken from some of the series he has done over the years. Highlight time.

Shyla Stylez from This Butts 4U:

Our first scene brings back a gonzo fave from the recent past in Shyla Stylez. The storyline of this scene has Erik coming into the gym to sign up for a workout and Shyla, a trainer, is called over to help out Mr. Everhard. Well you see she's clad somewhat in the outfit you normally see though the heels weren't necessary. I've seen enough trainers in gyms to know how sexy they can look and I really wished Erik had gone for that look rather than a combo and the heels just made me laugh. Plus Shyla's hair while I love blonds was just to much and got in the way at times for me during the scene. Having said that she was wearing some great white bottoms which snuggly fit that ass and we can only hope that she's naked soon. Erik gives some good floor shots as Shyla shows off some stretches Erik might want to try in his workout and there is some talking by Shyla that came off a little to pornified for me, it could be just me,lol. It took a bit of time but we finally get to some sex and I mentioned about her hair well there is a lot of it and I'd wished they had pulled it up so she wouldn't have to keep pushing it out of her face. Still the blowjob was nice and we got some good views of her face when the hair wasn't in the way. Erik for his part does some great ass worship licking that booty and we get a nice side floor shot of him doing this. The sex features a good combo of vag and later on anal sex with plenty of ass shots of Shyla. Her face looked a little different for me but it's been a couple of years since I've seen her but Miss Stylez still knows how to fuck and be fucked, listen as the workout bench makes the noise while they do cowgirl on it, kinda distracting but I like this flow to the scene, much better than the silly dialogue we had earlier. There's a good pop to finding a home inside her mouth and a little dribbles out and she does some cleanup before we fade out. An ok scene for me, the hair got in the way to much and some of the dialogue was a bit funny and I wished they had chosen a real trainers outfit with sneakers for Shyla as those girls can look incredibly sexy as Shyla would have.

Courtney Cummz from Anal Cavity Search:

Ok we lead strong with the covergirl and damn if she doesn't look hot in her blue feathery wrap, the green top was nice and the matching blue bottoms aren't bad either. There's some bling around her neck and waist and Courtney does a fine job with the eye contact and also we get in up close when Erik creates a cameltoe with the bottoms. The tease also includes a very good butt shot from the floor and those cheeks look fine to me. You soon get her walkin with Erik trailing behind and the butt cheeks get to move ever so slightly which should help your cock start to rise up even faster. Ok we are taken outside where LAPD officers Michael Stefano and John Strong come striding up to the house but we're quickly taken back inside where Courtney is on her knees in prime POV sucking position and the Hate Plow gets some oral done on his schlong. Sadly the cops start banging on the door and Erik goes to answer and accusations of porn being shot are thrown out right away. The officers,lol, demand to see the permit to shoot and Erik tries to make the best of the situation and his solution shouldn't surprise you at all! They go upstairs where Courtney is still waiting, she's put in cuffs but not taken away to the pokie, no we have some ass eating and fingering done by the officers, think they were looking for contraband or something! Well I think all pretense is then abandoned as Courtney starts sucking hard on John Strong's cock and Michael also begins fucking our girl hard in her ass with a good underneath shot showing off the doggie anal. There's plenty of A2M from Courtney and our cop fuckers continue to really lay the pipe to Miss Cummz and Erik delivers well with the shots up close and he's sure to include as much of Courtney's hot bod as he can. Reverse cowgirl was a very nice position including both vag, anal, and a dp. You had all 3 dicks involved here as there was some skull fucking done to Courtney's face. You also have her dp'd in cowgirl, there's anal in spoon to a couple guys with some hot A2M included. The sperm soon starts to coat her face and the guys have good aim so plenty of jizz for Courtney to taste and we end with a creampie doggiestyle. No word how all the legal stuff played out but I suspect the cops will let Erik slide after he did them such a solid with Courtney, don't ya think!

Aphrodite Night from Jailbait 2:

Ok we get going with a shot of Steve Holmes looking at a young girl sitting on a park bench, naturally she's holding a teddy bear and wearing suitable young girl clothes! The day is sunny and you see the wheels turning in Steve's head as he stares out at this young babe. He pulls out a sucker and we get shots of Aphrodite playing with her bear, I think she'll be playing with something else soon! Well Mr. Holmes makes his way over and works his magic on young Aphrodite, he's so suave and romantic the way he gets her into his car. Erik gives us one upskirt shot before they head off in the car. It doesn't take long until Steve's hand is playing with her pussy and our young lady even shows off her tits and folks these are some major league hooters. After a little tit play she moves over giving his cock a few sucks while he drives. The action then makes it to his apartment and you get more awesome shots of her tits but sadly Steve doesn't lift up a breast so they can both suck her boob. Steve then gets her a bit more naked, uses the sucker to fuck her pussy then let Aphrodite clean it off plus there's more cock sucking. Sexwise here we get doggie, cowgirl, mish and then a pop which she swallows. Not done though he leads Aphrodite to another room where two more cocks come in and she doesn't miss a beat sucking and letting her pussy get licked and fucked some more. They also manage to ass fuck her with dp's too before she swallows more cum. This girl's got a fabulous body, I liked her attitude here and definitely want to see more of her.

Dani Ricci from Cum In My Ass Not In My Mouth 4:

This is another dip back into the time machine from Erik going back to his Red Light days where he and the fellas made several sojourns over to the other side of the pond to fuck hot Euro talent. Dani was one of those girls. The scene opens with a shot right on her ass while Dani is crawling across the floor. Not terribly enamored with the white mesh pants she wore. It was see through in parts but to much is covered! Dani finds a mirror and does a little self checking out before moving to a wicker chair. Sitting down she begins to play with herself and slowly peels down the white pants exposing her pussy and using her fingers. Not to much longer before the guys show up, Erik, Steve Holmes and Robert Rosenberg. Cocks out and hard too with Dani dropping down to take Steve in as he was first through the door. Soon all three have the cock circle working and Dani trading off their schlongs and double stuffing too. The sex features lots of good double penetration action in both versions including the guys standing up to pop both holes. Gaping seen as well here leading up to the pops which as you can imagine were tucked neatly into her ass hole. A glass is held under to collect some of the liquid that spills out and like a good slut Dani lets Erik pour it down over her face with Dani rubbing it in. On to the second disc.

Kristina Rose from The Letter A is for Asshole:

We close out the first disc with a young lady who is as hot as you can be in the porn biz now. Kristina had a kick ass 2009 and 2010 promises more of the same I think. As the scene opens you see Kristina, James Deen a few other folks who I don't recognize milling about outside a teachers class. Kristina's got her longer hair here so this scene is a few months old. The door opens and it's Papa Steve Holmes who calls the group in. The class is pretty jealous of Kristina's academic success, such a kiss ass one guy comments. She needs a good hard cock shoved in that mouth is one comment heard. It's a short class as the bell rings with Kristina staying behind. She's going to learn about addition in a more advanced way. You know add Steve's cock to her moist mouth and you get a superbly shot blowjob! Kristina keeps her glasses on but loses parts of her clothes as we get that sweet pussy fucked followed nicely by Steve slipping behind to nail that ass. James comes back to get his notebook, lol, and decides to stay and ADD his cock to the equation! The guys do a fine job taking turns nailing that ass, Kristina keeps up with the excellent cock sucking and she even ADDS her tongue in there for a little man ass licking, ewww! Closing out Kristina does a great job trading off their dicks, sucking and finally it's time to unload all over that pretty smart face of hers. Now time to change discs, more smut!

Missy Stone from Anal POV 6:

Wow, try this for an opening shot, Missy coming into a hallway, the action almost slo-mo. She looks up at us and the eyes immediately stand out to me along with the outfit which is killer. It's a checkered skirt, white shirt with black tie and matching suspenders and to cap it off a dark fedora. The skirt is short as you might guess, it is porno, so those legs are looking pretty sexy too as she starts striding towards us. Erik does a nice swing around shot to the back and you see just how short that skirt is as there is nice ass cheekage showing. The look for Missy is definitely a huge turn on here and Erik does a great job of showing her off for a good 2-3 minutes it seems before there is any other action. The tits come out and as the music stops you see her outfit gone, the ass spread out before us as we go floor level, the heat factor is rising big time. Miss is cool keeping the fedora on though as she starts engulfing Erik's cock. Sexwise you get a couple vag positions before he slides the hate plow in anally, from behind. The overhead view for the doggie anal was way cool, shows her ass spread out beautifully, more great shots as Missy rides Erik facing us with her coochie and just how she had the legs open was turning me on big time. Missy does a fine job at the end with some head, also jerking the load up and out as her mouth is sucking. A fantastic scene for Missy Stone fans.

Missy Woods from This Butts 4U 6:

Alright we move on to side two and it opens with a familiar shot. I've seen this roof a few times now. We have Missy coming out wearing a sexy purple robe which quickly gets shed leaving just a pink lingerie outfit. Missy's wearing shades too as she starts shaking that ass. Ok we don't stay outside long, in fact she heads inside where it's nearly all dark to continue the dancing. She's got Erik there to snuggle up to, even put on his fedora hat as she gyrates for him. This spurs Erik on to action, face diving between her thighs, missed that in the last scene. Still wearing his hat we watch Missy drop down to engulf Erik's cock, side view is always good here. Erik then stands her up to drive him hard from behind, there's even a standing cowgirl where Erik holds firmly to that ass as she's riding him. They hit a normal version of cowgirl, some P2M, pussy licking and then it's a frontal shot with reverse anal, alright some butt love finally. Erik really pounds Missy anally in doggie, then slows it so she can grind her ass on that cock, yeah! We close with Missy delivering some fine head to Erik until he can take it no more, releasing the load to Missy's mouth, not quite an internal mouth pop but right at the open mouth as she keeps on sucking.

Lisa Ann from Anal POV 7:

Nice opening here as Erik's sitting down to write a letter to Dear Old Santa. At least Erik's honest and begins by saying he's been a bad boy this year but hopes that Santa might forgive him and show him a little mercy with the gifts. As he's writing and talking the letter out to us we see Lisa coming with gifts in hand and she's got on an nice holiday themed naughty outfit complete with the Santa hat so I think Eriks wish has been granted. Hmm Lisa's pretty honest too saying she only brings gifts for those that have been very naughty so she's come to the right place! We're in POV mode here and Lisa looks so good in holiday red and she does bring gifts-- dvds, lol, at least they are Jules Jordan ones! Well time to play for real and tits come out, Erik gets to feel those nipples then it's turned over to Lisa who shows off that ass, there's some finger and toy play too on that ass which we know will see some action, anal with Lisa Ann!! But before that we thankfully get those pretty lips wrapped around Erik'c Candy Cane and it's hard one too. It's holiday time nearly so it's great to have a bit of the ole cheer spread. Great POV shots as Erik nails her in vag, mish saw those boobs dancing and the overhead shot looking down on her quivering ass cheeks in vag doggie might cause a few loads to shoot out prematurely so slap Mr. Happy if you're close here. So they stay with doggie for the first anal and again the shots looking down here were quite good. Shot of the scene for me anyway comes shortly as Lisa's on top tits/ pussy/ass all facing to us and she rides and rides and rides! Not a huge fan of the girl jerking the load out as she hovers over the cock which is what we get here but still some real nice anal work here from Lisa Ann and I'd love to come out Christmas Morning and find her under my tree!!

Final Thoughts:

This was a nice blast from the past for several of these scenes that take you back to his Red Light days. Interesting to see some of the male talent Erik used besides himself like Robert Rosenberg and even Michael Stefano shows up in one of the scenes. Papa Steve Holmes is a long time partner in Erik scenes as is Toni Ribas and John Strong. Memories of 2004-2009 came flooding back looking back at some of these reviews. A fine selection of talent too is chosen for this compilation and if you like anal with some ummph this might be right up your alley. No real extras but there is a cum shot recap and a photo gallery. I imagine putting the BTS clips might have made a 3rd disc necessary as all those titles I'm pretty sure came with a BTS clip. So perhaps this will entice you to get a few of those as each should have one or two or even three hotties to interest you.

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