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Anal Cavity Search 7

Anal Cavity Search 7

Studio: Jules Jordan Video
Category:  All Sex , Anal
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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bono-ONE's ratings for Anal Cavity Search 7:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Anal Cavity Search 7 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Anal Cavity Search 7 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Anal Cavity Search 7 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Anal Cavity Search 7 Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Anal Cavity Search 7 Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Anal Cavity Search 7 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Anal Cavity Search 7 A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  9/18/2009
Alright fans time to check in with Erik Everhard who's captured another quest in the Anal Cavity Search line and he's got quite the cast of hotties for us to enjoy. Aletta Ocean a hot as fuck Eastern Euro girl, Kristina Rose and Phoenix Marie, both hot US chicks with asses which will make you jumpy up and scream Eureeka!! That's just the first disc of two so all told 6 lovelies get their shit pussies violated and Erik & co. certainly know the best and most direct ways to do that so enjoy the ride.

Aletta Ocean:

This one opens with Erik and Mr. Pete catching up as Pete sees the new digs for Erik and it's quite expansive too, all on one floor. Mr. Pete's like well you're not the cleanest person so you're gonna need some help in keeping this place tidy so he calls up a friend to get a girl to head over that's doing his place. Pete's only seen her briefly so when Aletta shows up in her hot porno maids outfit the surprise on his face was cool and Erik's like whoah as Aletta tours the place with her feather duster. Lots of great up skirt shots as her ass is practically bubbling out, loved her booty. The negotiations soon take place on the 'services' that will be provided and well everyone's horny mode was kicking in, Aletta's too so these were pretty shot and sweet before we get cocks out, Erik face diving in her ass and Pete's dick being enveloped by Aletta. Solid action here as the boys pound that pussy, taking turns before we have the ass violated and some fine anal work here which included dp's and finally they nut to her open mouth/ face. Aletta's got a great look, the eyes work for me as does her body, hope she sticks around for awhile.

Kristina Rose:

Our next girl up is one I think most any porn fan who's watched any smut over the last 1/2 or so knows. Kristina is sizzling hot with a body and ass especially that would wake the dead, giving a hard on to any 'stiff'!! well for this scene we open with her in a nice red dress, it cuts off right after her ass. Kristina's got a map of the stars and we watch her walking around and finally she finds what she's looking for, the location of one Erik Everhard. Loved how she kept trying to gain admission to his pad. It's quite funny and you should get a couple hard laughs as these two have fun. Erik of course lets her in eventually and we get I'm the biggest fan of yours and I want you to fuck me, lol. Well Kristina's going to seal the deal right, how to you wonder. Why now show off that ass and Kristina does just that, using a toy too. I'm all for gratuitous ass footage of Kristina Rose's caboose!! Erik's turned on, no shocker there so we move smoothly to an excited Kristina working his stick, side view was great and her whole vibe is sexy here. I've seen a lot of her scenes and Kristina just slips into a zone most times and you just need to enjoy it. The head gets pretty intense there towards the end. Sexwise some fine ass friendly shots in doggie but it's cowgirl where Kristina's greatness really gets captured best. Her booty spread out wonderfully, it's the pussy now but you know that ass will see it's fair share of action shortly. Indeed it's in that same cowgirl we see the ease up into her backdoor, the soft moans escaping from her lips. You see reverse, doggie and mish ass fucking too before he nuts to Kristina's mouth, Erik's right on target dropping his DNA into her waiting mouth. Another winner for Kristina Rose fans and some comedy too!!

Phoenix Marie:

One more scene and guess Toni Ribas has only one more day in LA as he and Erik chat in this expansive loft. There's a hot lady friend coming over soon. Hmm he moves the camera slightly to his left and guess she's already here! Phoenix does the slow pull down as Erik zooms up and yeah that's one nice ass which jiggles in all the right places. You see toys on the couch too and I'm thinking a bit of pussy/ anal play for Phoenix before the pipe's take over. Erik is generous with the ground ass shots too and Toni is moving over getting a better look. No lube needed here as it's Toni doing the toy play intro, right into her ass for a snug fit. His cock's anxious too slipping in her pussy for a toy'n'dick dp. Loved the sky blue color to the lingerie too. Erik keeps up with the closeups too as we now get some cock sucking mixed in from Phoenix as well as cleaning her ass juice off the glass toy. I think once she got on in cowgirl Erik had enough and turned over camera duties so he could slip in and give Phoenix another hard on to play with and damn if she doesn't engulf him fully. The anal pounding doesn't wait longer either with the Hate Plow drilling for oil he pumps that ass so hard. Sweet we get piledriver anal, love this shot and the anal looks so good here. Great doggie anal here to close too, the shots right on that backside and finally the pops which turn out to be anal creampies and trust me they seep out pretty good with a cumfart to boot. Very good scene to close with, three hotties who all got their asses royally reamed. Now to disc two....

Chayse Evans:

The second disc opens and it's dire times for Steve and Erik. With the economoy the way it is there just isn't enough work for Chayse to do so Erik thinks letting her go might be their only option. Steve is a big horn dog and he wants them to be creative and keep her. But Erik's pretty set on this course so they go and share the news with Chayse who damn looks smoking hot in the grey jacket, silver shirt underneath, the hair styled really nice and the kicker, glasses! Chayse does her best here begging, I'll take a pay cut even. Chayse likes it with these guys and even after they've said their goodbyes she's thinking about how to stay. She finds a mask like you'd wear at one of those masqeurade balls and puts it on. Heading out she finds the two distraught men sitting and puts on a show for them, one last plea to keep her position. We get some fine views too including a great butt shot as she does the slow crawl over to the couch where the two are sitting. Pretty soon we have Chayse face deep in dick and the energy is right on from our girl, don't want to hit the unemployment lines in CA, nope, lol. A great mix of fucking'n'sucking ensues including some for Chayse courtesy of Papa Steve Holmes. Solid action sexwise including the anal and dp loving culminating with the main veins drained in Chayse's mouth. I'd keep her after that performance!

Larissa Dee:

Next scene begins with an elevator door opening and we have Toni hard at it making out with Larissa. The two make it out of the elevator only to stop so Toni can face dive in her ass, hell yeah. Toni gets creative pouring the vino down her ass crack and slurpign it up. The two keep stopping and this time it was so Larissa could get started on that hard cock, deep throating pretty good too. Finally the two make it to Erik's pad where the natural light takes over as we continue the fine oral work from Larissa. Our girl pauses to go freshen up and also to paint a lipstick message on the bathroom mirror-- Toni please fuck my ass!! Toni gets all excited and doesn't have to wait long as Larissa comes from behind pouncing on him and the two passionately continue their tryst. A short bit of dick sucking leads to Toni nailing her coochie standing up from behind but it's not long before she's riding him in anal, reverse looked good as did cowgirl with A2M too from Larissa. They do make it back out to the big living room area to finish off with a blaze of ass fucking and we get our third anal creampie, two for Phoenix if you recall. Well Larissa does the squat down but sadly Toni buried his seed to deep and not much shows. Still I liked the passion the two had working here.

Cecilia Vega:

One last scene and it begins with Steve stopping by to visit Erik and the two start catching up. Guess we're at his old pad and he's donig the whole move thing and Steve's here to help, what a nice friend. So the movers arrive and turns out it's just one person, a girl and she cuts a nice figure in her pants and the hat too, very business like! Hmm Cecilia gets curious when she hears a rattle so one box is opened up and she finds a few sex toys within. The guys have left for the time being so she's all alone to 'test' them and make sure they are safe for transport, only way naturally is to test on her own pussy'n'ass!! Miss Vega needs to lose those clothes to some extent to really test them so off go the pants and hat leaving her pink lingerie and even that gets lost too as we gaze up at her ass, awesome view and then it swings back around as she loses the bra too, titties!! So Cecilia's comfortable now and the anal toy play can begin, the guys won't be coming back--- sure they won't!! Ooops the guys do come back and watch for a bit from the upstairs as Cecilia's having her solo fun but this gets them excited too so one last fuck in the old place!! The buzz is working so good with Cecilia she doesn't object in the slightest when the gusy come back and interject themselves, Erik doing some good pussy/ ass face diving and Steve-O getting his dick wet in her mouth. Not long after we get some strong double bj work with Cecilia then it's the fucking which doesn't seem to take long before her ass is tapped with a dp too. Actually there's quite a long session in dp and hello they even do the rare double anal in reverse. Finishing off in doggie anal and like Phoenix's scene to close disc one we close disc two with the anal creampie finish for both guys. As we gaze up Cecilia's able to push out a nice bit. Now back to moving me please!!

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well this was quite the effort from Erik and co. here. Some real nice anal work with the ladies here including double anal for Cecilia Vega. There were a few creamies in this, some more visible than others and we got some good open mouth/ facial finishes too, it ended up about 1/2 and 1/2. Now for extras we get those pops repeated, there are some still pics and yes some BTS too and Erik usually does it right and this time was no different as we get a whole hour's worth of extra footage. An easy pick up for fans of anal sex, hard fucking'n'sucking and you don't mind the occassional creampie finish mixed in with the open mouth or facial pop.

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