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Anal Beauties (Platinum X Pictures)

Anal Beauties (Platinum X Pictures)

Studio: Platinum X Pictures
Category:  Anal , Interracial , Straight
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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picman's ratings for Anal Beauties (Platinum X Pictures):
Overall Rating 4 stars
Anal Beauties (Platinum X Pictures) overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Anal Beauties (Platinum X Pictures) Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Anal Beauties (Platinum X Pictures) Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Anal Beauties (Platinum X Pictures) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Anal Beauties (Platinum X Pictures) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Anal Beauties (Platinum X Pictures) DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Anal Beauties (Platinum X Pictures) A/V Quality rating 4 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by picman  on  10/29/2004


Prologue Sean Michaels has been taking a lot of heat about his releases for PXP and I don't think it's fully justified. Some scenes don't hit the spot, but when he steps in front of the camera, Sean remains one of the top male performers in the industry. Given the presence of some very hot women on this disk, I have high hopes for the outcome.
The video opens with Lucy Lee doing something she's very good at: sucking cock. The object of her affection is Sean Michaels. Lucy has deep throat skills and takes Sean almost to the pubes. She sits on his spit shined spear in RC and almost immediately is leaving her own cream on it. Cut to mish and we can see that Lucy is sweating up a storm, her face covered in perspiration and body glowing. Sean goes up and over to long pole Lucy, giving her sweet kisses and deep dicking. He toys with her and she begs him to put it back. P2M, almost a skull fuck, and then doggy. Lucy's sopping wet pussy's making Sean's cock glisten. Cut to anal in the doggy position with some hair pulling. Nothing extreme, just having fun. Cut to RCA with a ton of lube running down Sean's cock and Lucy impaling herself, though not taking it all the way. Cut to mish anal with Lucy strumming her clit furiously. They play nicely in this position. Some thigh slapping seems to turn Lucy on even more. Cut to more deep throat and back to mish anal. Sean pulls it out of Lucy's oven and she sucks his cock to get him started on the pop, which hits her cheek, nose and mouth. Some lovely PCH from Lucy and a nice smile. I think she left the set with a tingle in her body and a smile on her face. Lucy looked like she enjoyed this encounter.
Jada Fire and Rio Mariah are paired up in the second scene. They have just enough time to strike a pose on some steps before John Strong and Julian St. Jox appear. Jada gets John and Rio takes on Julian, both sucking their man's respective dick. Rio looks lovely in a hot pink nighty and Jada is as cute as I've ever seen her, wearing a black one. They both show great oral skills. While Julian is undressing, Rio lends a suck to John's cock and when Julian's ready she deep throats him with lots of saliva while Jada rims John. Jada climbs on John in RC for a quick cum and Rio follows suit on Julian. P2M for Jada and back to RC. The girls switch horses and both ride CG. Those are amazing asses on display. Rio does P2M and John carries it further, to skull fucking, jaw breaking and ball licking. Jada gets into a 69 and hops back on in RC as Rio rides John again in CG. The girls get doggy side by side and Rio climbs on John in RCA. Julian fucks Jada in doggy and looks like he's pregnant. That's probably why he's so lacking in energy. Rio does A2M and back to RCA. Jada gets fucked in mish, trying to egg Julian on. P2M then A2OGM before Jada gets on John in RCA. Rio gets doggy anal from Julian. Jada does A2M, as does Rio. CG anal for Jada. A2M and then doggy anal for Jada, side by side with Rio. A2M for everybody and Jada tosses John's salad. Back to doggy anal for Rio and then mish anal for both. A2M for Jada. The girls switch mounts again and Rio gets spoon anal from John as Jada does A2OGM and then mish anal. No hands A2M for Rio followed by CG anal. Cut to RCA for Rio and spoon for Jada. More A2M for Rio with ball licking and A2M for Jada with another switch in mounts. Jada in RCA and Rio in CG. Both girls get down to suck John off and he paints both their faces. The girls go at each other and then congregate over the prone Julian to get his seed and share it. Post pop play for the ladies and the scene is over.
Angelica Sin is on her bed telling us how bored she is waiting for someone to play with. She has a vibrator, so that'll have to do until something better shows up. As she does herself, Angelica regales us with her sexual preferences. She has a devil's tail butt plug, which gets planted in her rosebud for a technical DP. When she's exhausted herself Sean shows up and starts playing with her store bought titties. They're actually not too bad and Angelica is a pretty woman with some padding all over. She finds his cock and wraps her lips around it. She can't take too much of it on her own, so Sean helps out by holding the back of her head. It gets deep enough to make Angelica's mascara run and she seems to enjoy the work. Cut to mish and you can tell that Sean is hitting unchartered territory right away. He quickly switches to her bunghole. The reaction is the same. That's a lot of dick for Angelica. She's completely spread eagled for Sean as he works his cock in deeper. Angelica is squirming and squealing throughout. They move to spoon and Sean is getting about as deep as he can. 8" or so. Cut to RCA and back to mish anal. That must be her most comfortable position because Sean clearly has too much dick for her, no matter what she says. Cut to the pop shot which is typically small for Sean and lands on her face and mouth. PCH and kisses for the camera.
Lisa Sparxxx is a BBW. Not sloppy fat, but definitely zaftig, and really quite lovely. She's playing Tee Reel's maid or house cleaner and informs him that she doesn't do windows. Where have I heard that before? Lisa does suck cock, so Tee isn't put out too much about it. She shows us that she means it by going down on Tee and Zenza Raggi walks in. He just finished washing the car. Tee is a generous boss, so he offers some of Lisa to Zenza. Believe me, there's plenty of Lisa to go around. Raggi's super hard in no time and Reel gets back into the action, turning it into a tandem bj. Zenza plays with Lisa's ass and starts to fuck her in doggy, effectively putting her on the rotisserie. Cut to a reversal in positions, with Tee fucking Lisa in doggy. Her tits are hanging out of her corset now and they are huge, swinging pendulously. Cut to CG on Zenza and Tee's meat in Lisa's mouth. He skull fucks her for a bit as Zenza switches holes and then gapes her ass. There's some deep ass fucking here and some of it is initiated by Lisa, who really buries it. Cut to mish vag for Tee and Zenza gets head. Her tits make a nice target and Tee gives them some hard grabs. He changes holes on a nicely spread eagled Lisa. Zenza fucks her feet. He titty fucks her next. Hope she doesn't get athlete's tit. A little face fucking next. Cut to CGDP, Tee in her ass. They fuck her through an orgasm and cut to an RCDP with the guys manning the same holes. Quickly, there's a switch in holes, Zenza getting some ass this time. They seem to take her through some more orgasms and are making happy noises themselves. Cut to Lisa on the floor awaiting the flow of cum. Tee delivers his right into her mouth and she lets it flow out onto her chin. Zenza streams his into her open maw, which she swallows, and then waves goodbye.
Venus is posing for us. I'm not a fan of enhancements, but Venus has hers nicely done and they look good from most angles. She is also one of the prettiest women in porn, but with a slutty edge that I like. And she's a very nasty girl, which I also like. Sean shows up while Venus is fingering her ass and he's wearing his driving gloves. I guess that means he's in his Iceberg Slim mode and is going to show Venus his pimp hand. He grabs her by the hair, kisses her deeply and sucks a tit. More kissing and some light face slaps with orders for her to ask for more of the same. All this time Venus has her hand in her ass. Sean takes over, spitting in the hole, fingering the bud, licking and smacking her ass. He has her pull off her panties and gets a nice whiff of them, commenting on her sweet smell. He's alternately kissing and smacking her face, topping Venus very effectively as she's responding to it very well. She finally gets to play with that tent pole sticking out of his pants and takes some deep draws on it when it hits the air. An enforced no hands bj ensues, but Venus is determined to get it all down her throat, so she has to grab it. Sean sets her up in doggy and pinks her ass up a bit before planting his pole. He hits bottom quickly and Venus couldn't be happier. She puts her hand back to restrain, then pull him in. She doesn't know what she wants, but she knows she likes it. They move to mish and do some long poling. Sean decides he wants a taste of that hot pussy and laps at it for awhile. Back to mish and P2M. It's time for anal and doggy is the first position. Sean goes up and over for some serious penetration. A2M with some deep drags and then mish anal. Venus gives herself a hand and cums. Sean is slapping, tweaking and kissing Venus. Punishment and reward? Deep A2M and then RCA. Nice floor shot. Venus is pounding him balls deep now. Cut to vag mish as Sean is priming the pump. He spurts onto and into Venus' mouth and she cleans his cock nicely. Sean gives her a nice kiss on her cum covered mouth for a job well done.
Epilogue I think we have a winner here. Sean didn't completely knock one out of the park but there are three outstanding scenes, one good one and one disappointment. Sean has Lucy creaming on his cock and masters Venus beautifully. Angelica was more show than go. Maybe there are other male performers who wouldn't respect her barriers, but to his credit, Sean didn't give her more than she could handle. Jada and Rio were great but got very little out of Julian St. Jox, who is grossly out of shape and lazy, spending most of his time lying on his back. John Strong is a good soldier but couldn't compensate. It was still a good scene, just not as good as it might have been. A satisfying video, all in all. I really need to see more of Venus. She rocks.
The Disk BTS, photo gallery and trailers. A lot of advertisement for Sean's website in the BTS and even between the scenes of the feature. A little overkill there and somewhat annoying.
Recommendation Strong rental recommendation and a decent buy at the right price.

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