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Anal Asses

Anal Asses

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Anal , Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
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Rosco Fuji's ratings for Anal Asses:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Anal Asses overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Anal Asses Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Anal Asses Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Anal Asses Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Anal Asses Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Anal Asses DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Anal Asses A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by Rosco Fuji  on  5/7/2013
Anal Asses, great title by the way, is the latest 6 scene including bonus 2 disk anal extravaganza from Mike Adriano that runs 5 & ½ hours and probably delivers the 1st ever Skittles Cumfart Facial in porn. This release continues the Adriano tradition of lots and lots of hardcore anal action and is a must have for any anal aficionado.

Extras: The first disc had a cast list, a company website trailer, and direct websites but the second offered trailers, filmographies, photogalleries, a cumshot recap, cast list, and websites but the best extra was the hour long bonus scene from Anal Pornsluts starring Ashlynn Leigh.

Allie Jordan/Kimmy Olsen:

Allie’s been in the business for a few years now and has a middle eastern flair to her having a Jordanian background. She has about 40 credits and her costar Kimmy has been around for a couple of years but only has 11 credits. I don’t’ recall ever seeing either one fuck before so let’s get right to it. They start things off in workout gear with a little fondling of each other’s asses. They get on the treadmill to give us the standard Adriano shot of an ass as it’s moving back and forth. The clothes soon come off and chocolate syrup is drizzled on some nipples for the other to taste. They move inside and the guy takes turns tossing the some salad. Kimmy then starts working over Allie’s backdoor with a rather large black dildo but not before giving her a few licks. Allie bobs up and down for a minute on a butt plug before the girls share a taste of Allie’s ass and before they double team on the guy’s hard cock. Kimmy does some serious ball sucking while Allie works the rod. The girls then bend over in doggy and Kimmy’s backdoor is the 1st to get plundered this time around. Allie’s also quick to do some A2OGM and looks great doing it. After the tasting break, its Allie’s turn for anal and Kimmy returns the A2OGM favor. The guy goes back and forth between the girls in doggy with Kimmy being the only one doing A2M. The girls then get stacked up as the guy alternates between the 2. A quick tasting break by both girls leads into Kimmy getting it in doggy while Allie provides a constant stream of dirty talking complete with some anal tastings. I love the way Allie pronounces “cock” when she’s telling Kimmy to take it. Kimmy then tosses guy salad while Allie sucks the guy’s balls. More anal with the non anal girl sucking the guy’s balls before the guy shoots his cum into Allie’s mouth who in turn shares it with Kimmy. The girls share a messy kiss to close it out. This scene started a little slow but definitely picked up for the second half.

Nikki Delano:

I’ve never heard of this Latin girl before and it looks like she only has a few anal credits, but she tells us that her ass is really tight and it looks like a cock is ripping her apart when she goes anal. We’ll have to see. She climbs on the treadmill and gives us a little dirty talk while she’s walking. The guy does some serious ass licking before giving her pussy a few licks just for good measure. After this opening segment, we go to a more traditional porn setup with Nikki providing nonstop dirty talk about how much she loves to suck cock and how she likes to make the cock nice and wet with her spit. The guy immediately puts his cock in her face for her to go to work on. There is truth in advertising in this scene as Nikki does slobber a lot as she works the cock. She then tells us “a sloppy blowjob is the best blowjob.” This girl is a great cocksucker! She lies on her back and the guy goes straight for the A.

He rotates once or twice between her ass, mouth, and pussy. Nikki delivers some very nice gapes for us before climbing on in CGA complete with A2M. They move back to mish anal then side saddle anal for before the guy strokes if off onto her ass cheek which is a little bit of a letdown because given her blowjob earlier, one would have thought she’d relish the opportunity to get a mouth full of baby batter. Nikki then scoops up some cum with her fingers and licks them clean.

Katja Kassin/AJ Applegate: :

We all know who Katja is, but I’ve only been vaguely familiar with AJ, a cute bespectacled blonde with about 20 credits to her resume, the majority being anal scenes. We start out with the standard walking on the treadmill to get a glimpse of their asses, before they do a little tease pussy and ass tasting. Some very nice close-ups of Katja licking AJ’s ass while she looks into the camera and vice versa. AJ then probes Katja’s backdoor with her fingers while saying, “I want to taste her asshole.” Katja then gets warmed up with a rather large peach shaped Pyrex butt plug which AJ pulls out and licks clean.

We then have about 15 minutes of nonstop 2 on 1 cocksucking with lots of rough looking ball sucking and lots of Katja playing the icon that she is by holding AJ’s hair back and talking words of encouragement in her ear. I love that part. A very brief pussy fuck on Katja before AJ bends over and has her backdoor probed by Katja and a glass dildo. More commentary by Katja as she says “Yeah feed it to me. Feed it to me! Pull it out and stick it in my mouth!”

Both girls do plenty of A2OGM while the other is getting buttfucked. Both girls also taste their own asses once or twice during their scene. They hit doggy anal, mish anal, side saddle anal, and also some POV RCGA. While in side saddle, AJ looks to the camera and says “I want to taste and suck her fucking asshole juice right off that fucking dick!” before the guy pulls it out and sticks it deep into her mouth. The guy then fucks AJ’s ass for a bit, cums on her ass cheek then moves back to fuck her pussy. He pulls out and sticks his cock in Katja’s mouth to deposit any remnants who then drools some saliva into AJ’s mouth.

Mischa Brooks:

Disk 2 kicks off this babe’s scene and I’m not sure if I’ve ever heard of her before. Might have, but I really don’t recall. She has about 50 credits under her belt with a half dozen of them being anal scenes. She’s sporting some nice booty shoots as she hits the treadmill. They move inside so she can get her ass warmed up with plenty of tongue and finger action, along with some pussy licking by the guy. In a change of pace, they actually do quite a bit of pussy fucking before the guy goes for the A. We jump from pussy fucking to a very energetic blowjob complete with some stringers all the while in POV. Mischa uses plenty of spit to also toss his salad a bit before she stands and says, “Okay!” as a queue to tap the back door. She bends over and has her cheeks oiled up before the guy moves right in doggy style. She takes the quick tasting before climbing on in CGA. She alternates CGA with A2M numerous times before lying on her back and taking it mish anal while she rubs her pussy. They them show us her puckered backdoor several times while she does A2M during a POV RCGA segment before getting on her knees and taking a batch of baby batter onto her tongue, complete with drippage onto her chin.

Jynx Maze/Casey Stone :

We all know who Jynx is, but Casey is a relative newcomer with only 9 credits to her name, half of which are girl only. Casey is clearly star struck by Jynx who starts her scene sucking on a penis lollipop. When asked what is going to happen in the scene Casey replies, : “He will be fucking her ass with his penis, then I am going to put his penis in my mouth and probably lick her asshole!” : Jynx winks her backdoor for us before she climbs on a treadmill and does a walking segment. This leads into Casey tossing some serious salad before some link lipstick is used to make Jynx’s ass a target. Jynx’s multicolored lollipop dildo is inserted next and we had some serious sticky drippage from Jynx’s ass as Casey sucks on the candy. “It tastes like a rainbow!” she exclaims. Jynx then gives Casey’s backdoor a cursory lick along with the guy. Speaking of “tasting the rainbow” What happens next is clearly not what Skittles had in mind when they coined the phrase “Taste the Rainbow. Jynx breaks out a bag of Skittles and tells us that the red ones won’t be used so that there won’t be the appearance of blood. Jynx puts some Skittles up her ass and Casey positions herself underneath Jynx's ass.


Jynx farts the melted Skittles onto Casey’s face for a “Skittles Facial”. “Fucking delish!” Casey tells us.

They move inside and the girls take turns on the guy’s hard cock complete with spit stringers and Jynx drooling into Casey’s mouth. The girls take turn tossing the guy’s salad while the other gives him head. Another lipstick target is drawn around Jynx’s brown eye as they alternate fucking her ass with Casey licking the gape. Plenty of A2M and gape licking by Casey. The majority of the scene is spent with Jynx on her back in an anal mish. They then do a RCGA shot in POV for a bit before moving into doggy anal with more ATOGM by Casey. Very nice visuals of a spit covered Jynx gape. The girls give some more head before the guy strokes it off onto a kitchen spoon for the girls to lick up. Excellent performance by both girls but after the scene was over, I sensed a little trepidation in Casey’s face, so who knows if she stick around in porn.

Ashlynn Leigh :

I think I’ve heard of this now retired babe, but not sure even though she has about 75 titles to her resume which includes lots of anal scenes. I say retired because at the present moment, this do everything girl hasn’t had any releases out in 2013. Anyway, this hour long scene is culled from Anal Pornsluts released back in 2011. This scene was shot on Christmas Day and she tells us she’s 18. She also tells us she hasn’t finished High School. After a bit of anal warm-up, she sucks a finger, looks into the camera and tells us, “I want to suck cock!” Works for me. Lots of spit covered cock work with eye contact from a side view and also POV leads into her rimming the guy for a bit while still looking at us. She goes back to trying to put as much of the cock in her mouth as possible complete with drooling spit. She then lays on her back and vibes herself while talking dirty to the camera at the same time as the guy lubes her up and ventures into anal. The guy then sticks a lit speculum into her ass so we can see what she has going on back there. She gives a quick blowjob before a CGA ride, bouncing off a few times so the cock can be reinserted. Throw in some A2M and then its doggy anal for a bit giving us some rather nice gape shots. The scene closes out with Ashlynn giving the guy head until her strokes of a load of hot cum right into her closed mouth which she swallows immediately. She then tells us it’s only her 4th scene and seems genuinely happy with the compliments the guy gives her.

Pluses: Casey tastes the rainbow with a skittles cumfart facial from Jynx. Lots and lots of hot anal action. The girls aren’t the usual ones you’ve seen hundreds and hundreds of times, except for maybe Katja. A2M, A2OGM, Cumswapping is all here.

Minuses: Some of the cumshots are a little light.

Sleaziness Factor (1-10): 10 for the Skittles Cumfart alone.

Is it worth it? 6 scenes of anal over 5+ hours, of course it’s worth it.

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