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Anal Angels (Elegant Angel)

Anal Angels (Elegant Angel)

Studio: Elegant Angel
Category:  Anal
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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snowman872's ratings for Anal Angels (Elegant Angel):
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Anal Angels (Elegant Angel) overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Anal Angels (Elegant Angel) Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Anal Angels (Elegant Angel) Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Anal Angels (Elegant Angel) Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Anal Angels (Elegant Angel) Plot/Acting rating 1 star
Extras Anal Angels (Elegant Angel) DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Anal Angels (Elegant Angel) A/V Quality rating 3 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by snowman872  on  4/14/2002


The is the first installment of Anal Angels, a new backdoor series that Elegant Angel started about a year ago. Although the video was released in 2001, the DVD version is brand new. At the time this review was written, two more installments of Anal Angels have been released.

There really is no plot here worth mentioning. At the beginning of each scene, the male performer appears after a tease sequence. The guy is always dressed in black and wears matching sunglasses. He tells the starlet that he is their "anal angel" and is there to bring them pleasure. The box cover wisely ignores this ridiculous premise, and characterizes the girls themselves as "anal angels."


Scene one features a Bridgette Kerkove, a familiar face (and ass!) to raincoaters. And to keep everything on a even keel, the scene takes place in Elegant Angel's familiar bedroom set. Bridgette has long hair here and nude except for black stockings and heels. Ms. Kerkove breasts are the "enhanced" version here. Overall, she looks OK, but not exceptional. The scene begins with "Cumback Pussy" style tease shots.

When the sex starts, Bridgette is lying back on the bed. Bobby eats her pussy. He tongue flicks impressively over her slit and ass. Then the couple engages in straight sex, in the missionary position. Bridgette talks a lot, and almost provides a running commentary of what is happening to her.

Just six minutes into the scene, the action cuts to reverse cowgirl anal. No insertion shot is shown. Bobby holds her legs up. Bridgette says "Oh my god" a lot and the guy gets some good motion going. Good camera work here. The framing is tight, but captures everything. Vitale does a great job of lifting her body up and sliding her back down his pole repeatedly. A very good A2M takes place. Now the action cuts to mish anal and then on her side. Bobby fucks her ass hard. Bridgette takes it easily and rubs her pussy. She seems to experience an orgasm. Bobby moves his cock all the way in and all the way out of her ass.

The cuts again, and now Bobby is standing up and jacking off while Bridgette licks his balls. When he gets ready to cum, Bridgette gets on her knees and assume the perfect position to catch his load. She opens her mouth and sticks her tongue out. Bobby cums on her extended tongue and chin. She cleans him off. (18 minutes)


The next scene in Anal Angels stars Charlie, who has had far less exposure than Bridgette. I believe the last time I saw Charlie she somewhat upstaged Stephanie Swift in the Swift Picks DVD. Charlie looks the same as always. She's nude here except for heels. The scene begins with some nude tease shots taken in an indoor studio set with a purple sofa. During the tease shots, she really spreads her butt nicely.

"Anal Angel" Dante licks her pussy on the sofa. Charlie is quite vocal and tells Dante what to do. He fingers her cunt. Then Charlie gives Dante a BJ on the sofa. Charlie is on her knees and she sucks his cock with gusto. She looks plum good in this position. Lots of deep and determined cock sucking. I noticed a minor technical glitch here and the lighting at times has a weird green tint. Next Charlie gets fucked on her back on the sofa, with one leg up.

After a couple of minutes, the action shifts to reverse cowgirl anal. Here Charlie does an outstanding job of grinding her ass on Dante's cock. Hot! She's in the grasshopper position now and takes it hard and deep up her butt. This sequence looks very hot! Charlie's large breasts are bouncing good from all the up and down motion. She engages in dirty talk as she slams her ass down exceptionally hard on Dante's cock. Now she performs an excellent A2M. Charlie stands up and lube drips from her butt. Then she sucks his cock from her ass. Next Charlie climbs on top again for more wild ass fucking. She bounces for a bit, and does A2M again. This time the camera comes in close, but once she starts sucking it cuts away too soon.

Next up is doggy anal. Charlie is bent over the sofa arm. Dante screws her ass decently, but the camera is not well positioned. Director Myne opts for a lame straight ahead view from the side, so it is difficult to see anything. This sequence is also marred by lighting problems and too many shadows. The green tint problem creeps in here too. Finally about two minutes later, Myne moves the camera and repositions the performers. He goes for a crotch shot, but Charlie's face cannot be seen. The next position is upside down anal with an insertion shot. Dante causes his cock to plunge all the way in and all the way out a few times and Charlie's butt gapes a couple of times.

For the cum shot, Dante pulls out her ass and shoots his jizz inside of her gaping asshole. Then he penetrates her butt again after he is drained. This was a nice change of pace from the usual facial. A few strokes later Dante offers his cock to Charlie for one last A2M taste test. (24 minutes)


Envy, one of Poland's best exports, is featured in the third scene. Envy doesn't seem to generate much buzz, even though I think her performances are consistently hot and nasty. This scene takes place on an office set and Envy is dressed appropriately. She's wearing a black woman's business suit with white blouse and black heels. She looks very good, as usual. There are some tease shots and Envy plays with herself for a few minutes.

The "anal angel" arrives on the scene to please the starlet. Bobby goes down on Envy. She's sitting in the office chair. Then Envy gives her male partner a blowjob. She's still in her clothes, but her shirt is unbuttoned and her tempting tits are out in the open. Director Bune positions the camera effectively under the action. Envy pays a lot of attention to the guy's balls. She makes good eye contact and looks pretty here. Then the couple begins to fuck. Envy's balls him in the reverse cowgirl position. Her pussy is shaved, but there is a substantial patch of hair up top.

At about eleven minutes into the scene, the action changes gears to focus on backdoor sex. Envy gets her pooper poked while sitting on the desk. A slow insertion shot is included. Envy's ass is very nice. She seems to have very smooth skin. Bobby works up the stroke speed in her butt gradually. Then Envy gets plowed anally doggy style. Whoops! -- Bobby sticks it in the wrong hole, Envy tells him and he fixes the problem. This time Bobby starts pumping her rump faster. Bune points the camera at her crotch, but her face is not visible. Luckily, the camera does pull back some right about the time Bobby V. starts fucking her ass hard.

The action cuts to the cum shot set up. Bobby is standing and Envy is on her knees licking his nuts as he jacks off. Bobby squirts his goo on her face. Envy sort of opens her mouth when he cums, but doesn't appear too enthused about it. (18 minutes)


Mandy Mystery is the intriguing looking girl who is featured on the boxcover. She's a bleached blond with short cropped hair. She reminded me a little bit of Lois Ayres in the late 80's around the time of Devil in Miss Jones Part III & IV. Here she's wearing a black dress, lots of silver jewelry and has blue eye shadow. She has medium sized breasts and her lips stand out. She speaks with a Euro account and sometimes in her native tongue during the scene, which seemed to be German.

This scene takes place on a studio set with a bare bed, covered with leopard sheets. The walls have red curtains on them, which I do not think was wise because the lighting in this scene already seemed to take on a reddish cast. Also, a strobe light is used as well as some smoke. However, the strobe light doesn't get in the way too much because it pulsates at a slow rate and the scene is not overly dark.

The sex begins with solo tease shots of Mandy playing with herself. She fingers her ass during this part. The Anal Angel appears and Mandy tells him that she has been "waiting all day for him." He begins by licking her pussy. Then he tongues her asshole and drools in it. Now Mandy gives his a blowjob. He is standing and the girl is on the bed. Mandy does a nice job of sucking his cock. She uses her hands at times, flicks her tongue across his head and goes deep. Maybe the Anal Angel here only gets off on butt sex. He doesn't appear overly hard. Next the scene cuts to straight sex on her back with one leg up. This goes on for quite awhile then the couple switches to reverse cowgirl fucking. Mandy displays some fine hip thrusting in the grasshopper stance.

At about 20 minutes into the scene, the action cuts abruptly to anal. Mandy is scene getting reamed on her back with one leg up. No insertion shot is included. The guy fucks her ass in a workmanlike manner, but fairly gentle. Mandy spreads her pink for the camera as she gets sodomized. The scene cuts to doggy anal. From this angle it looks like a real tight fit. Chris smacks both of her cheeks. At times Mandy does most of the work and backs up into the cock. Nice variety of camera angles covers the action here. There are some effective close ups with two or three explicit gapes. After the last one, she blows some bubbles through the lube lingering in her butt. Mandy is pretty vocal through most of the action, but her words are limited to "Oh Yea" most of the time. This anal sequence is quite long, nearly 10 minutes.

For the cumshot, Director Bune brings the camera in close. Chris pumps away at her ass and pulls his cock out when he ready to climax. Then he cums on Mandy's gaping butthole. She then pushes the goo out of her butt on request. This is a nasty money shot! (29 minutes)


The last scene features the husband and wife team of Pat and Shelbee Myne. Like the others, this scene takes place indoors, but this time it appears to be shot at a home. This is a good thing because some natural lighting is used resulting in better colors. Shelbee is dressed in a black and white French maid outfit with black net stockings and matching heels. For a couple of minutes at the beginning of this scene, Shelbee is seen in solo tease shots involving a clear dildo. In case you don't know what Shelbee looks like, she has straight hair that is brown and slightly reddish. She also is a wild one with a very large tattoo above her waist and top right shoulder and several piercings. She looks pretty attractive here, and the director manages to hide the tattoos for most of the scene.

The "Anal Angel" appears as Shelbee is slumping on a sofa. Pat then proceeds to eat her pussy briefly. Then she begins to give him a blowjob. She's on her knees and he is standing. She tries to swallow his entire pole a few times, but doesn't really stick with that plan. She's still in costume here, which adds to the sexiness of the blowjob. There are some male POV shots and she spits on Pat's cock a few times.

This scene moves along at a much faster pace than Mandy's. It now cuts directly to an anal insertion shot. It's a close up from the point of view of Shelbee. She's slumping now in a lounge chair. He begins to fuck her pretty quickly without much delay. Shelbee grabs onto her cheeks and holds her ass open. At this point she has part of the maid outfit on, but is missing the stockings and (oddly enough for a porno) her shoes. Now Director Bune puts the camera in a raincoater position and provides a great eye level close up of her ass as it gets pounded. Viewers can see her face peeking over the horizon of her pussy. Although depth of field limitations cause her face to be out of focus, it is still an effective shot. Pat gapes Shelbee's asshole two or three times. Then, an excellent ass to mouth shots where the camera tilts up just slightly but stays in the same position and the focus changes to her face sucking the dick. Pat goes back to pumping her butt and now the camera pulls back to show more of her bottom area and legs. After some more ass plugging there's another great A2M shot.

Now the couple changes position to doggy style. For quite some time, the camera stays on Shelbee's face only as she talks dirty. She urges Pat to squeeze her tits as he fucks her butt. Then the camera moves back again to her ass. There's three or so instances of good gaping in this position. Pat mounts her and penetrates her a little deeper. The scene cuts again and now Shelbee is receiving anal sex in the upside down position. There's some slow in and out which causes slight gaping. Director Bune opts for mainly up close raincoater camera work here. After a bit, he pulls back and shows her full body. The framing is OK, but just barely. The guy and even most of his cock is completely cut off the left side of the screen. Shelbee looks pretty hot in this position and there's lots of dirty talk too. Pat fucks her ass until he is ready to explode. Then he takes his cock out of her bum and shoots his jizz on her exposed and winking asshole. After he is drained, he goes back in briefly after coming. (17 minutes)


The main menu of the DVD is simple and clean. Viewers can "Play Movie", "Jump to a Chapter" or go to the "Extras". The movie is broken into six chapters - one for each scene and the open credits.

There is some notable DVD bonus footage included. This feature has two such bonus segments. The first sort of like a music video built about a humorous song called "DVD Bonus Footage For You". The lyrics of this song are quite amusing. In between shots of "William Nutsack" performing the song, there are behind the scenes clips featuring a black girl named Kiwi and Asian girl Kiana. This clip is about seven minutes long. The second bonus clip is some footage from the 2002 CES show set to music. Viewers can see what the Elegant Angel booth looked like and some of the girls who signed autographs. I spotted Bella Donna, Sabrina Johnson (who looked quite good), and Patrick Collins. The CES short is about four minutes. There are also some photographs taken at the showand a photo gallery of hard and soft shots.

The technical quality of the DVD disc seemed fine. Other than some funky lighting hues, the picture quality was good. No artifacts or major glitches were noticed on my standalone Sony player. Sound quality was good also. The menus worked as expected.


This installment of Anal Angels is good package for raincoaters who are into plowing the back field. Every scene is better than average. The girls are pretty attractive, all of them are nasty and there's plenty of anal action. I should also note that the action is very pure to the anal theme. None of those hard to see, pesky DPs get in the way! Tyce Bune shows some real promise here as a raincoat oriented director.

Feature Grade Point Average: 2.94 (B-)

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