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Anal Academics

Anal Academics

Studio: Jules Jordan Video
Category:  Anal , Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Anal Academics:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Anal Academics overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Anal Academics Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Anal Academics Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Anal Academics Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Anal Academics Plot/Acting rating 4.5 stars
Extras Anal Academics DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Anal Academics A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  7/12/2009
Good day porn fans here in my player now I've got the new one from Jenna Haze who also assumes the hat of director for this title so she had a hand in pretty much everything for this one from cock to pussy to manning the camera!! A great list of hotties too with Jenna, Alexis, Missy Stone, Kristina Rose, Chayse Evans and we have Stevie Hart on hand doing her first on camera anal so we have that and a lot more to look forward to. Let's hit some highlights.

Jenna Haze & Alexis Texas:

Well well we have quite a treat for this first scene, both ladies are known for their asses, Alexis obviously with the bigger caboose but both have such perfect shaped asses it should be fun watching them play. They open with a shot on Jenna so she's not helming the camera for this scene. Fetish attire with black latex, nothing covering her tits and she's got on thigh high black stiletto heels and she's carrying a flogger. We just kinda follow Jenna around with the shot staying at a short distance away, you do see that ass and there are no panties on which makes sense with the type of outfit she had on. Ok we then go to Alexis who is bound to a railing. I wouldn't even say she's clothed really, the binding's pink tape and what's covering part of her body is also pink tape but both her ass and tits are free of any covering. We just watch Alexis wiggle around for a bit until Jenna joins her and they do work in a great closse ass shot with Alexis moving that perfect tush around while we're gazing in tight. Alexis 'struggles' to get free but really doesn't struggle all that much, lol.

So we finally have Jenna arriving and she starts right in with the verbal taunts and a few soft taps of the flogger to Alexis's ass. She's her pet as we saw during the scene ID to start this. Jenna leans in teasing Alexis kissing her on the lips-- which are covered still. Alexis for her part gives the great longing look with her eyes, she yearns to be free... to please her mistress I bet! Jenna does relent after a little more playful torture but she doesn't do it all at once. Nope just the mouth's uncovered first so Alexis can satisfy her craving by devouring Jenna's pussy, the hand tape soon goes too allowing her better access. Try this, Alexis arching her ass up, Jenna behind doing some great finger work, moving from there we have Alexis getting back in front of Jenna who's lying down now and there's more good oral sex. Jenna then stands up slightly, turning around which allows Alexis to bury her face deep in that sexy ass that Jenna's been blessed with. Jenna then gets back behind on that behind of her friend and does a little more fingering plus we work in some toy play too on Miss Texas's ass. So we follow with a couple different toys plugged into that ample backside with Alexis doing some TA2M as well. More face burying then from Alexis and damn who wouldn't want a chance to dive in to Jenna's booty and just lose themselves in sheer pleasure-- for her and you! Alexis also uses some toys on Miss Haze's butt so both girls get some ass action with toys'n'fingers. A good start between two women who obviously enjoyed each other.

Stevie Hart:

Up next is a girl I've met a couple times and she's a blast to hang out with and now we all get to enjoy her first on camera anal. The scene has the label of beginner but it seems Stevie isn't new to the anal arts just to having her asscapades filmed, small thing perhaps. Jenna has fun shooting Miss Hart as she strides into view wearing a sexy purple number which shows off plenty of ass, pussy and tits!! Stevie's working those bedroom eyes too reeling us in along with the great visual of her body being slowly revealed. Loved the boob shots and Stevie does a lot of caressing to them, just wished she'd lifted a nipple up to lick, that would have rocked. She flashes a winning smile too, a girl that can show me a great smile while teasing goes a long way to impressing me and making me want to watch more. Once the music stops we have Jenna coming in and she's very taken with the young lady before her giving us more good ass and tit shots. Both girls seemed excited about the anal debut and we get some toy action too after awhile. Jenna even asserts director privelege too getting her fingers in there to have a tickle on those lips!

In the backdrop you slowly see Mr. Pete coming up the winding stairs and well he decides to join in and the two get right to some kissing and Pete's working the hands on that pussy too, even dropping down to eat that pussy/ass from behind-- Jenna gives us a good open shot for this bit of action. Jenna even gets her fingers in there so we get Pete and Jenna's fingers mining that ass. Pete's got a raging hard on so he needs to work off some steam with a bit of standing pussy fucking then it's time to let Stevie have fun with a bit of dick sucking. Jenna has a good side view going here and Miss Hart's able to take Pete fairly deep and uses a nice bit of saliva to work that shaft in and out. The two then head to the base of the stairs for the anal fun, Stevie looks so damn fine with her tits hanging out but I do wish they'd taken the outfit off, there were strings dangling from it that were a bit distracting. Reverse anal was pretty good, looking up at a cock filled ass bouncing and her tits in full view. The space was a bit cramped so when they go to a side doggie anal you can't see her ass being fucked but you know he's banging it and proof comes when Jenna squeezes under but there was a bit to much of Pete's ass in the shot, ewwww! We do see on a pullout that Stevie Hart can gape pretty good. They finish off on the carpeted floor with Pete drilling that ass until he pulls out leaving his load on that newly christened ass! I would definitely watch Steve Hart get ass fucked again, just next time do it in a room, on a nice bed and have her totally naked!

Jenna Haze:

Well we've had two pretty good scene so far but now it's time to raise the ante and who better to take us to the next level than Miss Jenna Haze herself. The scene here has the heading of The Gaper so let's see how much of that there is. So we open with some purposefully grainy footage of Jenna who at first is a bit of a distance away from the camera but she slowly makes her way across some water towards us. I see some sexy lace lingerie on her body, I am guessing purple but it also could be blue, lol. As the shot gets in closer on her face we see those legendary bedroom eyes working their magic and she doesn't need to speak just set those pupils in a forward motion towards the camera and as the viewer you're toast, in her spell. Wonder why they choose the grainy style for the tease, it was different and yeah we lose it eventually and it's clear shots on Jenna and the color did turn out to be blue!! Awesome body hugging shots here on Miss Haze, a great floor ass glimpse too, it's no surprise to most but Jenna Haze is fantastically gorgeous. She makes a few noises but there really isn't any dirty talk from Jenna here. The only talking needed came from her sexy body and it did more than an adequate job of turning me on.

Still in the tease we work some awesome ground shots in of Jenna's fingers slipping inside her panties to test those pussy lips which were most receptive. Staying with the upward looking shot we get Jenna turning around, lowering the panties and hello perfect bubble butt!! The Hate Plow himself then joins in, Erik Everhard, and he makes a beeline for that ass, burying his face in there, that could satisfy for a few hours just tasting that pussy and ass! Jenna sure seemed to appreciate it and her vocal utterances got a bit louder here, understandably. After her pussy and ass were temporarily satisfied it was time for Miss Haze to work those other lips which are quite famous for their ability to please a cock and we get a super demonstration of those skillz on Mr. Everhards very lucky cock. Sexwise they do some great ass friendly positions here starting with doggie vag with awesome P2M from Jenna. You get some cowgirl too before they switch to that sexy ass, Erik slides it in for a spoon anal to open. After a couple minutes there's a pullout and indeed Miss Haze has developed a nice gape which is further shown off in reverse anal. You also saw Jenna do some A2M too during the anal festivities. We end with a fine load being dropped on her face/ in the mouth with cleanup immediately from Jenna. Another winner for this young lady's rather impressive list of hot scenes.

Chayse Evans:

We get one more scene on the first disc to check out and it's entitled " The Girlfriend." It opens with Chayse outside enjoying the porn valley sun, topless too I should say. A pleasant musical track is played while we enjoy the footage of Chayse relaxing poolside. Ahh she's totally nude save for footwear which aren't porno heels, lol. A little lotion is rubbed in, gotta protect yourself from those harmful UV rays, even on a porn set! How would you like to peek over your fence and see the hot next door neighbor doing this, oh yeah. Chayse enjoys it too, slowly caressing over her body and we move in nice'n'tight too for a few shots here. The hands then make their way down between the thighs and her pussy gets some action. Chayse's personal enjoyment is interrupted by a cell call, guess she was supposed to meet some friends who evidently got to the meeting place early so Chayse hurriedly gets up and slips on a multi colored dress. She forgets the cell phone though, lol, leaving it in the hot sun.

So she goes in search of her man, Prince Yahshua, and she finds him in the bedroom, laptop on and it was showing porn, Jenna Haze of course! Prince sure seems taken with the visual image on the screen and he does a little self stroking and this is when Chayse enters, as he's stroking the rod watching Jenna Haze. He takes a couple peeks to see if Chayse is coming but naturally he's not looking when she actually arrives, lol. Prince like how nasty Jenna gets in her scenes and it seems Chayse hasn't been nasty enough so the two strike up a bargain. She'll get nastier and he'll stop watching Jenna, at least for now! Chayse gets down to business and I'd say her blowjob was fairly aggressive, though I wouldn't keep dropping Jenna's name while your lady is sucking you off, she might take a bite! Prince gets a few licks in on that pussy before the pipe laying begins. Well I guess both like Jenna because they keep the scene rolling on the laptop even as Chayse is doing her thing with more great knob polishing. There is strong vag fucking here, even a little piledriver pussy licking from Prince which I loved. Anal is not far off and that ass is tested with Chayse passing with flying colors. Reverse and doggie highlight this bit of action leading to Prince droping his load all over Chayse's chest, cleanup as well. Now we have a couple more scenes to enjoy, just need to change discs.

Jenna & Kristina Rose:

So as we open the second disc we see the words The Lesson come onscreen followed shortly by us trailing up from behind as two schoolgirls, Jenna & Kristina, make their way towards a house-- ok whatever they're selling I'm buying two! Oh nice we even have Jenna working in some glasses, love a girl in glasses to start a scene. Manuel Ferrara then answers and we learn the two are here for their french lessons, ahh the language of love! We follow again behind the two as they head in, we get a quick perve upskirt shot and hello I recognize this house, was just in it last month, haha. Sadly the girls don't know a lot of the language so they're going to need a crash course to learn the language. This might require drastic measures on Manuel's part, unorthodox methods! Before we get to those we get to enjoy some actual french teaching as Manuel gives the girls some basics which should help get them around Paris. We then go around the girls to see what they're actually writing down and it's not french words, more like he's hot and I know so I'm thinking those other methods are about to unfold!

Finally they get around to learning about love in France, lol. The girls are all over that cock doing a fine job sharing and Jenna has kept the glasses on so far too. Jenna has done most of the talking for the girls but they each do an equally hot job working over Manuel's dick and we all know the special connection Kristina has with Mr. Ferrara. But I move on to Jenna moving up to take a seat on Manuel's face-- now that's a special connection, haha. Kristina has kept herself busy sucking on his cock and dry humping his leg with her thighs! Manuel tries to give them more tips but my mind was totally preoccumpied on the side by side ass shots the girls give, so much booty and Manuel is Mr. Romance here sampling both behinds leading to some giggling from the girls and some g/g play begins to develop too, Jenna diving in to eat pussy and stroke him off. The highlights continue to mount to many really to describe. Suffice to say you see the trio interact beautifully and we're treated to great views upclose and pulled back. Some fine ass munching and there is A2OGM as well. Manuel ends this successful language session by blasting off several ropes to both faces, Paris here they cum!!

Jenna & Missy Stone:

We've reached the finale and it's a continuation of the My Pet line started with Alexis in the first scene but now concluding with Missy Stone. We open on Missy who's in a kneeling position, wearing a combo of black latex corset and blue mesh stocking/ top under. She's also got on black boots. Missy engages in some self caressing and we watch as the shot moves all around her. When she bends over/ up we see there are no panties on, nice. Missy looked so good arching that ass up, bare asshole, just made me want to dive in. Missy then lies back and begins some pussy fingering then she spots a butt plug and crawls over, you can guess it ends up in her ass in short order. She struggles a bit but gets pretty much all of it up her sphincter. The front door then opens and we see someone come in and start striding over to Missy.

Turns out it is Jenna and she is none to pleased that Missy started without her, not good!!! Jenna gives a little verbal abuse to Missy for doing these naughty things without her being there so punishment time! Jenna then puts a chain on to the collar already around Missy's neck. Missy is all pretty for Jenna but she just couldn't wait for Jenna. The verbal taunts continue but it's all out of love, Missy needs to be taught a lesson, be the slut Jenna trained her to be. Jenna then leads Missy over to a couch, by pulling her chain and this leads to Missy's face going between Jenna's thighs, service me!!Mark Ashley then comes into the scene, he's told to have his way with Missy! Pulling her in close Mark dives in to Missy's pussy and ass- he's quite good at servicing the ladies. The tongue work on her ass was particularly good here. Jenna isn't far off but we go back to Mark who eases his long schlong in for some vag fun and he drills that pussy for a couple good minutes, lots of moaning from the young lady here. Wrapping the chain around his shaft we get some in close face fucking for Missy-- no romantic lovey dovey stuff here, she's being taught a lesson in Whore 101. They stay with the pussy a little while longer as there's a spirited romp in cowgirl. Finally that ass is tapped in mish with A2M, then it's doggie anal with Jenna getting back involved letting Missy eat her pussy some more. So it seems Jenna isn't being fucked this scene beyond the oral. The load ends up being dropped upon Missy's ass and it drips right off onto the large round thing they were fucking on, pooling up in a nice easy pile for Missy to lick up-- but they don't have her do it, lost opportunity there. We do get a nice fade out shot of her ass which is still glistening with jizz.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well fans this was Jenna's second title and she certainly does good here. The years of buttfucking have definitely paid off as Jenna knows what the fans like delivering it here in every scene. Good closeups, nice ass views, girls who most certainly love sucking cock as well as taking it in the ass. Some minor complaints here and there but nothing to serious to downgrade this one. Extras included a photo gallery, there's an interview with Missy Stone also. The behind the scene goes on for 54 minutes so definitely have a look see at your leisure and finally a bonus scene-- Jenna Haze coming out in an Hawaian style bikini complete with a flower in her hair, just enjoy fans Jenna is the goods!! Well worth a purchase for the action which lasts four hours I think, lots to see that's for sure.

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