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Aaryanna Anabolic Cum Shots 8 4.5 starsAnabolic Cum Shots 8 4.5 starsAnabolic Cum Shots 8 4.5 stars
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Anabolic Cum Shots 8

Anabolic Cum Shots 8

Studio: Anabolic
Category:  Compilation , Cumshots
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MartyM's ratings for Anabolic Cum Shots 8:
Overall Rating 5 stars
Anabolic Cum Shots 8 overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks Anabolic Cum Shots 8 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Anabolic Cum Shots 8 Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Anabolic Cum Shots 8 Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Anabolic Cum Shots 8 Plot/Acting rating 4.5 stars
Extras Anabolic Cum Shots 8 DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Anabolic Cum Shots 8 A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by MartyM  on  10/30/2003
Fucking, sucking and swallowing! But mainly swallowing!

I love watching cumshot compilation videos, and for good reason. After all, what could be more loving than to witness dozens of gorgeous babes catching – and swallowing – their man’s delicious seed? And if we get to enjoy their last bit of sucking and fucking before hand – as we do in this movie – then that would be even better!

Cumshot videos also work well for me – because nothing gets my pencil stiffer, faster! And this issue in Anabolic’s ‘Cumshots’ series is fantastic! The girls are cute, and the cum swallowing is both wholesome and complete. I could only watch a few scenes at a time, in fact, before – wham! – and I’d have to move on. It took me literally weeks to completely watch this entire video – the cumshots were so good!

My last reason for loving cumshot videos is purely aspirational. I guess I’d like to believe that all girls will someday perform this most loving of acts for their men. My own girlfriend (and please don’t tell her I’m saying this) unfortunately reached maturity before drinking cum was well documented on film – so she thinks its disgusting! And nothing I can say or do will convince her otherwise. Girls growing up today will hopefully become more enlightened. Maybe I was just born a few years too early! (Sigh!)

Fortunately, ‘Cumshots #8’ is a great film in which to find solace. This video contains over a hundred cumshots, so it would be almost impossible for me to capture the breadth and depth of this movie’s single-minded repetitiousness – so I won’t even try. But here are some of the highlights:

The film has two halves, each of which is kicked off by the two cumshot recaps from Anabolic’s ‘Gangbang Girls #27’ which is just out-of-this-world fantastic! The first features Aurora Snow and Kami – both of whom are drop-dead gorgeous – taking turns catching multiple loads, drinking it from a champagne glass with a straw, and French kissing numerous times to trade the cum back-and-forth. The lighting in this segment is excellent which made the cum drinking extra appetizing. And for a seemingly endless amount of semen catching and sharing, this cumshot loop is easily one of the best.

The second recap highlights Justine Romee, a nasty Hispanic babe, who captures and swallows the loads from over a dozen guys – and who, at one stretch, collects about six loads in her mouth before taking it all down. She also vacuums the cum out of a champagne glass using a straw. And not wanting to miss a single drop, she scoops the extra from her face with a spoon at the end – and swallows that too!

In another scene, a beautiful brunette is fucked missionary over a black leather arm chair. She waits patiently as her man tilts her head back – and ejaculates completely up against the roof of her mouth. She sucks his cock afterwards – and lovingly swallows all of his cum completely, but of course!

A gorgeous blonde jiggles her lovely ta ta’s as her first dude comes into her mouth. She begs for more, and the director gives us a close-up view as her second gent makes her wish come true!

A cute flat-faced brunette with nice tits and big hair (who reminded me of Julie Stiles) fucks her dude missionary and then drinks his cum from a wine glass. She tosses it back and chokes, so her dude reloads – and feeds it to her again!

Another rapturous blonde (who looks like a bustier version of Charlize Theron) fucks doggy and then sticks her tongue out – as her guy comes all over it!

Sunrise Adams, a luscious broad-cheekboned blonde (and one of my favorites) drinks numerous loads. In one scene, Sunrise is fucked missionary by two guys, and each takes a turn releasing into Sunrise’s passionately flushed face. In another, she kneels on the floor and the camera gives us a very satisfying first-person view of the cum flowing right down the center of her tongue (which really made me feel as though I was the one feeding her!). In yet another scene, Sunrise swallows the cum from a big black dick – and sucks it romantically afterwards (which appears to be one her trademarks). And in her last appearance, Sunrise catches the cum and lovingly sucks her dude’s cock afterwards. The guy asks to see the cum in her mouth, but Sunrise looks up at him and says apologetically, “But I swallowed it!” (Gosh! I think I’m in love!)

There are numerous cum sharing scenes where two girls refreshingly pass the cum back-and-forth amongst themselves. One of the best has a high-cheekboned brunette accepting the cream and holding it. She then tries to share it with her fair-haired friend -- but the inconsiderate wench keeps her lips tightly clenched. So the brunette ends up spitting it all over the second girl’s face – her lips, nose, cheeks and brow – and then deliciously licking it back up!

Some of the best cumshots come from Anabolic’s ‘Assman’ series from France. A blonde with her hair tied up takes three loads from three men. A gorgeous brunette is fucked in her ass, catches the cum – and then feeds it into the mouth of another equally lovely blonde. Another cute blonde has the cum dripped over her asshole – and the guy then uses his own sperm as a lubricant to fuck her back there. Afterwards, she sucks the director’s dick – and he jerks off into her face!

For interracial fans, a bevy of white chicks enjoy drinking the cum from their massive black dicks. A pony-tailed blonde waits patiently as two black guys take turns injecting their cum between her wispy pink lips. Another cute Caucasian babe is fucked missionary – by a white guy and two black guys (one of whom is Mr. Marcus) – and she uses her tongue to capture every delicious drop. And another girl (who looks like Nina Hartley) then accepts her back-to-back loads from a pair of dark, foot-long dogs!

In one of the nastier scenes, two guys spray their loads simultaneously over a kneeling girl’s asshole. Another girl lying beneath her then catches the cum that drips like rain into her mouth and about her face. In another anal-focused vignette, a dude fucks a girl in the ass – and comes into it – and two girls then take turns using their tongues to scoop his semen out!! Wow!

In one of the more romantic scenes, Judy Star (from England) lies in the bottom half of a sixty-nine. The guy fucks the pussy of the girl above her, but then withdraws to come straight down into the back of Judy’s throat. The girl on top dismounts from the sixty-nine, asks for the cum in French – and then tongue kisses with Judy to suck the delicious cream right out of her mouth! In another colorful segment, Judy kneels on the floor in front of a pretty plaid bedspread (where she must’ve just fucked). With her puppy dog eyes, she watches as her dude uses his pink prick to feed her her daily ration of cum!

Other actresses in the film I recognize include Monica Sweetheart (who takes a load each from two black dicks), Jewel De’Nyle (who fucks doggy before swallowing), Sophie Evans (who licks the cum lovingly off of her man’s cock – which makes him come again!), Catalina (who fucks her dude cowgirl and then begs for it), Belladonna (who shares her cum with another babe), big-titted Scotty Andrews (who captures two loads after being DP’d), Jessie J. (who satisfies three guys while wearing black lace), and Shyla Stylz (who downs two servings while corseted in a black leather bustier). Nobody, incidentally, looks lovelier with a load of sperm deposited squarely on her tongue – than Shyla!

For the movie’s finale, two girls lie back-to-back and cheek-to-cheek as about a dozen guys ejaculate all about their faces. They each take about a gallon of cum apiece. And not wanting it to go to waste, they then spend the middle and end of their scene tongue kissing and licking the flavorful gametes off of each other’s features – which was a splendid way to conclude this truly marvelous film!

In case you’re interested, this video’s segments were culled from episodes of the ‘Gangbang Girl,’ ‘Nasty Nymphos,’ ’Initiations,’ ’Up Your Ass,’ ’World Sex Tour,’ ’Assman,’ ’Oral Consumption,’ ’Nice Rack,’ ’Bring Um Young,’ ’Balls Deep,’ and ‘Rough Sex’ series.

If watching girls drinking cum is something that really floats your boat, Anabolic’s ‘Cumshots #8’ is an issue you surely won’t want to miss! Enjoy.

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