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American Heroes

American Heroes

Studio: Adam & Eve
Category:  All Sex
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astroknight's ratings for American Heroes:
Overall Rating 3 stars
American Heroes overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks American Heroes Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks American Heroes Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex American Heroes Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting American Heroes Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras American Heroes DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality American Heroes A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  7/4/2007

The Little Details

Running Time: 100 min.

Production Date: 10 / 19 – 21 / 2006 (Movie) 2 / 22 / 2007 (cover)

Director: Daniel Dakota

Cast: Carmen Luvana, Celina Cross, Holly Morgan, Katie Morgan, Kayla Paige, Jack Lawrence, Johnny Castle, Tommy Gunn, and Tony DeSergio

The Short Story

Initial Expectations: It's been a while since I watched a Daniel Dakota or Carmen Luvana release. They normally seemed to do good jobs, so I'm going into this one with a touch of hope.

Initial Reaction: It's okay, but nothing too special.

Who Should Watch It : Anybody wanting a lighter porno without anything to really offend anybody

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting a full feature or harder sex

The Technical Stuff

Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are okay. The audio is clear and well balanced, but there are a few minor background noises. The video is presented in anamorphic widescreen. It often has a touch of grain and the lighting varies a bit with some noticeable shadows. There's also some noticeable pixelation and shakiness that seems more on the technical end of things than anything from the cameraman.

Music: There's music to start out each scene. It varies a little but often has a bit of a dance beat. It also always disappears when the real action begins.

Menus: The main menu works through a few clips before settling into the cover still with a little animation around it all. The chapter menu is sadly generic, and just lets you choose a scene based on a clip of each scene and a scene number.

The Feature

Many people around the United States of America work to help others. Whether it's the fireman rescuing Carmen Luvana from her burning house or the medic who comes out when Celina Cross slips on her tile floor. It could even be military babes Carmen Luvana and Katie Morgan, but don't tell anybody. Daniel Dakota wraps his latest vignette collection around these people who serve their fellow man and woman.

Scene 1 – Carmen Luvana and Johnny Castle

Busty bottle blonde Carmen starts things out lathering herself up in the shower before her hands gets distracted no doubt realizing what they're rubbing. She comes out of the shower to get a phone call from her boyfriend dumping her before settling back in the bedroom with a toy not realizing the gas stove is on and there's candles nearby. Carmen's so into working herself over with her toy that she doesn't notice the smoke coming in under her bedroom door, and when half dressed fireman Johnny comes in claiming he has to get her out since she's on fire she demands he put out her fire first. He kisses her before licking her pussy as she lays back on the bed and then lets her suck and stroke his cock in return. Carmen lays back so he can fuck her missionary style before getting on top for a reverse cowgirl ride and mixing in a little face sitting. Carmen also gets in a little doggie fucking before letting Johnny decorate her tits.

This is an okay scene that felt like it could have been better. The setup is amusing and there's great chemistry between Carmen and Johnny. Carmen puts out some great energy and vocals, but the camera work and editing lost me a bit. There were a few times when I had the feeling like one camera was used to shooting in widescreen and the other wasn't, and the gyno-cam shots jumped out a bit much for me. The editing was also a little rough and jerky. Rather than having a smooth flow taking you around the action it felt like you were jerked from one place to another. I've seen worse in couples films, but with how the chemistry was between Carmen and Johnny I couldn't help but hope for more from this scene.

Scene 2 – Kayla Paige and Jack Lawrence

When brunette Kayla hears somebody in her place she thinks its her boyfriend playing a prank. She lets him know it isn't funny and takes her top off, but when she finds it's somebody else she fights him off and calls the cops. She wakes up finding it's a dream with a knock at the door and cop Jack responding to a call about screams and loud noises. She lets him in to check it out, and when she comments on needing a massage he offers her one. He also offers to lick her pussy when she said that would be even better and soon after has her thighs acting as earmuffs as he lies back on a lounger. She gobbles his knob in return before letting Jack fuck her missionary style, and then gets up to ride him in each of the cowgirls. Jack even picks her up to fuck her in midair briefly before setting her back down to fuck from behind. Finally Jack pulls out and pops on her back.

This is an above average scene. The opening is very nicely done and adds some good tension to the movie. When it comes to the sex, the chemistry is nice between Kayla and Jack and they put out some nicely realistic energy. The camera work is slightly better here but had a very softcore feel at times, while the editing was a little on the weak side again. This is a decent scene with a nice twist.

Scene 3 – Celina Cross and Tony DeSergio

Brunette Celina is excited that she gets paid to house sit for a famous guy, and so into talking that she spills some of her juice on her shirt. When she washes it out she puts her friend on speakerphone, and slips on the wet tile. Medic Tony is there when Celina comes to thanks to a call from her friend recommending she take his cock down her throat and a good fucking. When she double checks what he said she's just told to get rest, and she insists on taking his cock down her throat whether he sees any medical benefit to it or not. She lays back as Tony straddles her chest and fucks her face and even lets him turn around and stand over her head fucking her throat. Tony thinks about fucking her doggie style, but when Celina mentions a headache he instead has her lie back so he can lick her pussy. He moves on to fuck her missionary style before letting her up for a reverse cowgirl ride. They even get in a quick spooning before Tony takes her doggie style. Finally Celina gets down and has Tony cum all over her tongue and around her mouth.

This is another pretty good scene. The opening is nicely done and Tony playing the medic helps give the scene a nice touch of humor leading into the sex. The chemistry is pretty good and Celina and Tony put out some decent energy. Once again the action seems a bit dark at times and the editing is choppy as they work from position to position. The camera work is a little better again but still had a hard time really drawing me in. This is another above average scene.

Scene 4 – Carmen Luvana and Katie Morgan

When Private Carmen checks to make sure the bedroom is secure for the President and Mrs. President she finds a pink dildo shortly before superior office Katie arrives. Katie lets Carmen know that she wants to see pussy juice other than Mrs. President's on the bed, so Carmen heads over to the bench in front of the bed and “assumes the position” for Katie lying back with her head on the bed as Katie strips down and climbs up to ride her tongue. Katie fingers her ass while Carmen tongues her before letting Carmen get up on the bed, strip down, and lie back to get a turn with Katie tonguing her twat. Katie begets on her knees and starts working on herself with a pocket rocket as Carmen watches before laying back and letting Carmen fuck her with a glass dildo at the same time. She also gets on all fours and has Carmen spank her ass before eating it, and Carmen continues to eat it as they fuck Katie's pussy with her toy. Carmen also licks and spanks Katie's pussy a bit before the scene cuts to Katie coming back in wearing a strap-on that she demands Carmen suck. Carmen eagerly works over Katie's cock before laying back and letting Katie work her pussy over with her pink cock. Katie also takes Carmen from behind before they finish just in time for the announcement that the President has arrived.

This is a pretty hot scene. I love how Katie dominates Carmen a bit throughout the scene and the chemistry between the girls is also nicely done. The toys fit into the scene rather than feeling like a crutch, and the scene has a pretty good pace despite the editing cut to work in the strap-on. The scene is a little dark and soft at times, but it still worked well for me.

Scene 5 – Holly Morgan and Tommy Gunn

Teacher Tommy meets up with hot dirty blonde Holly on his own time because she's failing his class and he really wants to see her pass. They agree that the only way she'll learn is if he pounds it into her, and moments later he's reading from the text as she works his cock over orally. Holly lays back to take her next lesson with Tommy tonguing and fingering her pussy before she gets on all fours and lets him take her from behind. Holly also shows off her great ass riding him cowgirl style before turning around for the reverse cowgirl ride. They even get in a bit of spooning before returning to doggie. Finally Tommy unloads in and around Holly's mouth.

This is a pretty hot scene. It's nothing special, but both Tommy and Holly turn out their typical nicely done performances. The opening is a bit fun, but most importantly the camera does a great job eating up Holly's pretty face and great body. This is another scene that isn't anything overly special but just works nicely.

American Heroes is a decent fuck flick. Daniel Dakota does a nice job working in a little humor into setups that revolve around those who serve. The scenes are far from original, but they all work well due to some of that humor as well as a great looking cast. The action is a bit limited, which is nothing new with Dakota or Adam & Eve, but it rarely kills the heat in the scenes like some of Adam & Eve's other directors have had a habit of doing. It's bigger problem was the lighting, which was consistently too low, as well as a little weak camera work and editing. I think Carmen Luvana's scene with Katie Morgan was my favorite here, but Holly Morgan's lesson from Tommy Gunn was right up there. Carmen's opening scene with Johnny Castle, however, ended up at the other end due to the editing style as well as the scene seeming a bit too brainless compared to the rest. American Heroes has a decent style and pretty girls, but feels just a little too generic to make it too far past the average level.

The Extra Stuff

The photo gallery lasts about six and a half minutes with about seven seconds per good looking but annoyingly moving snapshot. I hate this style and I don't think I made it three photos into the gallery because of this. Trailers are included for O: The Power of Submission, Carmen's Dirty Secrets, University of Austyn 2, Rawditions 2, Black in White 3, Tailgunners, The More the Merrier, and Carmen & Austyn. There's also a behind the scenes featurette, a bonus scene, and commercials.

The behind the scenes featurette lasts about fifteen minutes. Daniel starts out on a bed having a few words with Carmen before it quickly moves through shooting Johnny's entrance and onto the photo shoot between Kayla Paige and Jack Lawrence and working with Kayla for the opening of her scene. There's also a little fun as Kayla gets touched up and Celina arrives on the set. Celina works on her lines a little with a bit of fun before Holly chats about her tattoo and pussy while showing off her fantastic body. Carmen returns to talk about fireman and how she has all of the Army guys serving overseas in mind making this movie. She also talks about how fans can meet her and how busy she is before things move in to Katie getting fitted for the scene. This is a pretty good behind the scenes featurette. It does a nice job of featuring most of the cast and has some nice eye candy as well as a little personality and humor. If you want to see a little more of the stars, make sure to check this featurette out.

Bonus Scene – Ava Rose and Donny Long

Hot dark brunette starts things out in the shower with Donny in a bonus scene which comes from Double Trouble. They kiss as they let their hands explore each other, and after a bit Ava leans over and stoops down to start sucking his cock. They mix in a little kissing as she sucks him, and Donny nicely repays her by licking her pussy as she lies back on the built-in bench. They each finger her pussy a bit as he eats her out, and Ava can't resist sucking him a bit more after letting him give her a few strokes from behind. She lets him fuck her from behind a bit more before getting up and riding him cowgirl style to show off her fantastic ass. She sucks him clean a few more times and of course gets in the reverse cowgirl ride. Ava even gets in a little missionary work on the bench before Donny gives her a nice facial and lets him suck out what's left.

This is a pretty darn hot scene. Ava looks fantastic, and shows a great love for giving as well as receiving. I really like how the scene stayed in the shower and they both got wet rather than having the shower with the water just running in the background or having them be in the shower for five seconds and then leave. Donny, on the other hand, seemed like he was having wood problems. Since he was with Ava I can't help but think that they must have been running low on hot water, otherwise I can't see him lasting long in this business. This is a decent bonus scene.

The Down -n- Dirty Sex Stuff

Themes: Straight, masturbation, toys, lesbian, rimming (female > female), and anal (finger)

Raincoat Factor: High

Condom Usage: Between Johnny Castle and Carmen Luvana

The Bottom Line:

Currently, many of Adam & Eve's DVDs can be found online for between about $15 and $25 with a few stores offering them near the low end. Aim low here. The movie isn't bad, but it also isn't anything too special. The technical aspects are pretty average but do show a bit of care with an anamorphic transfer. The extras also show a bit of care and effort to help bump up the overall DVD. This is a pretty good release especially if you want softer sex.

Note to Adam & Eve: It appears that you leave the condom choice up to the performers rather than dictating whether they will be worn or not. Thank you for letting the performers decide what they think is best for them.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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