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American Anal Sluts

American Anal Sluts

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  All Sex , Anal
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Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Long Noel's ratings for American Anal Sluts:
Overall Rating 5 stars
American Anal Sluts overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks American Anal Sluts Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks American Anal Sluts Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex American Anal Sluts Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting American Anal Sluts Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras American Anal Sluts DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality American Anal Sluts A/V Quality rating 5 stars
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Reviewed by Long Noel  on  8/10/2010
A Special Long Noel Review

“How in the fuck did American Anal Sluts become the greatest adult video I’ve ever seen in my entire life?!”
Long Noel

American Anal Sluts (2010)
THEMES: Ass Obsession, Anal, Group Sex, POV, Gonzo, Circus Acts
STARRING: Kirra Lynne, Samantha Sin, Summer Bailey, Amy Brooke, Jennifer White, Kiera King, Ashli Orion, Beverly Hills, Missy Woods, Tatianna Kush, Jenna Moretti, McKenzie Miles & Mike Adriano
Produced & Directed by: Mike Adriano

You know, I’ve been off and on about wanting to see this video. And I sincerely dread the fucking thought of watching any more adult videos, which adds more of a reason why I put this one off, unfortunately. Judging by the trailer, I thought it wasn’t going to be spontaneous, but never judge a porno by it’s trailer… well, not always. Then, I browsed through the screenshots for this movie at ADE and I just bought it without even watching the movie in itself. Now, I’ve parted with half of my porn collection and I only own 6 adult DVDs and these are the 6 videos that are the best of the best that I’ve looked at in my extensive porn viewing, which requires repeated viewing, even from me (which includes Gapeman, Belladonna: Fetish Fanatic 4, Pretty Sloppy and Buttman’s Rolling Cheeks, all listed in my top five favorites-of-all-times list… until now).

Let it be known, like Jay Sin and B. Pumper (who recently turned out Laurence Fishburne’s daughter), Mike Adriano is a real doo-doo chaser. A pure fudge packer. However, he doesn’t shoot ass like the two directors I’ve just mentioned (and I thought no one shot ass like Pumper). In many ways, he’s a lot better! Fortunately, his movies aren’t packed with senseless anal gapes as Jay Sin’s videos are. Adriano’s videos aren’t straight to the point like most directors at Evil Angel, fortunately. The man takes time getting to know the women, having them all wear spandexes and Speedos with loud-ass colors, having the switch, walk and bend over with the clothes on before they strip, show their buns, assholes, titties and lips, spreading their asses as wide and vigorously as humanly possible, as if they’re trying to pry open their assholes and such… Plus, he spreads the women’s buttcheeks open with his thumbs, vigorously on purpose just to expose their tight anuses, as if he’s about to rip a patch out of these women’s asses. Even B. Pumper couldn’t shoot ass like this! Lots of items go up the women’s asses, from dick to popsicles, KY Jelly, lollipops, honey, tons of spit, flashlights (could Adriano have been influenced by doctoral or prison procedures, where doctors and prison guards search up people’s assholes with flashlights?) and more! Did I mention, fortunately, the women don’t look like adult versions of Jon Benet Ramsey (like they would have in a Jules Jordan video, thanks to heavy makeup)?! The women are all natural. No fake tits, no implants and shit… The women, like women in real life, have zesty bumps, goosebumps and pimples on their booties, which is so sexy to me! The video is loaded with as much spit as there is ass obsession, white butts, POV-style direction and A2M. It’s a nasty video and purposely nasty, (if not nastier than any of the videos I’ve mentioned above, which are in my personal collection) and it seems like at times, he pops his dick out of their assholes on purpose amid the sexual activity.

Mike Adriano, a former director for Bang Bros.’ series such as Ass Parade, joined forces with Evil Angel and while it may have been long overdue, it probably happened at the right time, for reasons I won’t get into now. I assumed that this video was going to be some sort of pissing contest with a conceited guy saying “Look at me, I’m fucking three women at the same time! I’m the luckiest bastard on Earth!” This is why I purposely avoided it for a short-ass while as I’m not into too much group sex, gangbangs or reverse gangbangs. Boy, was I wrong. Sexually, this video is extremely beautiful, just as much as the lengthy tease sequences. The sodomy is very nasty as it would be in most Belladonna and B. Pumper videos. There’s no hate sex or violent sodomy like you’d see in a Rocco Siffredi, a Jake Malone or a Raul Cristian video. I have faith that he could be the next Jules Jordan, Jay Sin, Santino Lee or even Justin Slayer (because of how energetic and full-of-life his videos are). And I never, ever thought that American Anal Sluts would be the greatest adult video I have ever laid eyes on. It took me weeks to finish it up for various reasons. This is quality porn that is worth spending 50 dollars on and I usually don’t speculate like this (if at all).

From top to bottom, this video has every thing I love about porn… Well, almost everything (there’s no interracial action here). I cannot say anything bad about this video, in it’s entirety. Every scene is a flawless victory, although some scenes are longer than others, not to mention, nastier than others. The first scene (Jennifer White & Kiera King) includes two fucking butt-delicious and pale white girls with some of the hottest buttocks and beautiful facial features I’ve ever seen. They both share a cold Popsicle, with ends up in their rectums, right before they get sodomized deep, ugly, mean and nasty by Mike Adriano. This scene lasts for almost an hour and rightfully so. So far, I’m thinking… This is too good to be true. If I were a chronic masturbator, I would be in trouble by now, as I would have destroyed about twelve nuts to this scene alone. The second scene stars a long time favorite of mine… Kirra Lynne. Tatianna Kush and Jenna Moretti (an Italian girl) join her in this nasty, lengthy foursome, which lasts for almost 80 minutes. This scene was another flawless victory, although Tatianna couldn’t take it as hard and energetic as the other two women did. The tease sequence lasts for over 30 minutes before there’s ever any actual penetration and it includes heavy ass obsession (with the women being either clothed or butt naked), spit, ass play, more ass obsession and intimate blowjob sessions. All three women get sodomized by Mike in various positions, with the camera showing the action in POV a majority of the time. The women seem to enjoy and love what’s up in the air and they’re all smiles, fun, games and orgasms while being buttfucked by the man. The action is severely nasty and there are points where semen and spit drips from one girl’s asshole inside of another woman’s gaping asshole as she’s bent over under the other. Adriano even takes his dick from one girl’s ass and placing it into the other two women’s asses without having it cleaned off, contaminating one girl’s rectum with the other women’s booty juices. Yes, these are nasty anal antics, indeed. But this is what real pornography should look like

This was also my first time seeing Amy Brooke (a fine-ass blonde bunny, too) and she along with McKenzie Miles show off their delicate white bodies, having honey and KY poured into their asses before giving Mike Adriano the nastiest, sloppiest, sweatiest blowjob I’ve ever seen. The two get sodomized lovely, with Mike Adriano giving his dick to Amy more than he gives McKenzie (thank goodness)! While Amy Brooke is a fine-ass pony, I think I was more attentive to McKenzie’s tight butt during the tease sequence (McKenzie is tanned, wearing a gold v-string that drove me to the point of no return). Towards the end, McKenzie even uses an electric vibrator on her coochie, squirting all over the scene of Adriano fucking Amy in missionary. This scene was a slow one (especially given the fact that it’s 55 minutes), turning out to be the weakest in the entire video, but it’s still a flawless victory. The first disc ends with this scene and the second disc begins with the fourth scene, which stars Ashli Orion, Missy Woods and Summer Bailey. And it just gets better and better. Summer Bailey (who looks biracial or Latina, acting like it as well) is having her first butt fuck and she’s the first to show her skin. Missy Woods is the pale one and Ashli Orion is a tanned hotass, sucking a blow pop. Ashli switches and walks before she gets the lollipop plugged in her ass and they all lick it… Missy bounces in daisy dukes and though I don’t think she’s a knockout in the facial area (though she’s way more attractive than someone like Sara Jay or Andi Anderson), her ass is incredible and deserves the “whale tail” title the other girls give it. The women lick and taste each other’s asses so nastily, swimming in a pool, pulling their drawers up and down repeatedly, using anal toys and having their asses spat on excessively. The blowjobs the women give are fabulous as they stare directly into the camera lens while sucking dick, looking like immaculate doll-faced hotties! The women also refer to their asses as a “shit box” or a “shit maker”. In the end, he comes on one woman’s ass, scraping it off with a spoon and feeding it to the ladies). If anal sex smells bad on the set of a porno scene, I bet this one was wreaking with it so bad, butt... so good! I just wanted to transform myself through the TV screen and rip Summer Bailey’s fine-ass apart! This is what the fuck real porn is all about! This turns out to be my number one favorite scene in the video and I can honestly say I’ve seen every minute of it without using the fast-forward button and get this: The scene lasts for 86 minutes (with the tease sequence lasting for over 45 minutes)!

The final scene stars Samantha Sin (who was abused and driven to tears in Jake Malone’s Fetish Fuck Dolls and as odd as it sounds, it was so sexy seeing her cry. I’ll explain more later) and Beverly Hills. I’m not saying the third scene with Amy Brooke & McKenzie Miles was bad, but this scene is so much better, although it was similar in many areas. Unfortunately, there’s not too much attention paid to Samantha’s skinny white booty in the tease sequence. More was paid to Beverly Hills’ bubble butt. Both women engage in anal play, girl-on-girl kissing, nasty sodomizing sensations and at one point, Mike Adriano even licks from one woman’s pussy and rectum straight to another, as they lay on top of each other. Samantha Sin is a real man’s white girl (delicate, soft, petite, delicious, sexual) and she has a precious-ass set of eyes that a real man will easily stare into as she’s being made love to or fucked! I loved this scene dearly, but why should I reserve my love for one scene only? The entire movie is seriously the best porno-flick I have ever seen in my entire life. I wish this video came out years earlier and I say this because I would not have wasted my energy, time, senses and excitement on so many other adult videos!

Shot in HD, the a/v quality is immaculate and the film lasts for almost 6 hours. This 2DVD set includes the entire film, split up into 2 parts, filmographies, a huge photo gallery and a bonus scene (which doesn’t necessarily fit the mode of the film, but is a good one). There is a little bit of false advertisement, but it’s nothing worth griping about and that is… despite what the boxcover says, there’s no trailers whatsoever. I don’t think there would have been any room for any trailers, because the movie was so long, plus the bonus scene. Also, no BTS footage.

American Anal Sluts is sincerely the end all be all of pornography and not just for the genre of ass obsession, circus acts and anal sex, either. I saw this entire 6-hour movie from top to bottom without any fast-forwarding, but I couldn’t watch it all in one day. So, it took me weeks to finish it and I made the right decision buying this video without seeing it first.

While American Anal Sluts is instantly my favorite adult video of all time and number one on my list of the top adult videos, I still couldn’t part with my other five adult videos. But for the average porn viewer or a new porn viewer, this will probably be the only video you will ever need to possess and you probably would end up selling your other videos, if not trashing them. This video also gives new meaning to the genre of Circus Acts (which has been very rampant since, I’d probably say, 2004 and 2006, when a whole new bevy of directors, such as Jake Malone and Belladonna coming to Evil Angel, taking deviant sex to a whole new level). This video might as well fall in the same category of other circus act/ass obsessed videos as B. Pumper’s disturbing-yet-tasteful Gapeman, the futuristic Pretty Sloppy, the brutally nasty Belladonna: Fetish Fanatic 4 and the sensationalism of Buttman’s Rolling Cheeks (all of which I own). However, American Anal Sluts stands out and ahead of the latter films. There’s absolutely no ass-smelling fetishes (I recently heard that B. Pumper pays women to go days without bathing to smell their dirty asses off and on set), no butt noises (a la Erik Everhard) and fortunately, no gapes. However, there are times when lube drips from a woman's ass, which goes from clear to a nasty yellowish glob!

Every woman in such a badass, although McKenzie Miles is the least attractive woman of the bunch (I was like… where’s Tricia Oaks or Kelly Wells instead?). I’m damn glad the lineup included most of the best women active in the industry today (Lynne, Sin, Bailey, White, King, Brooke and Hills). The women are all natural. No fake titties (and if so, I couldn’t tell), no butt implants or 500 lbs. of makeup being used on the women (a la Jules Jordan), no injections -- on one female, you see stretch marks, which is actually a good thing. Let’s you know her shit is real and she’s not trying to enhance it or hide it with makeup or plastic surgery).

In my extensive porn reviewing, I may have speculated very few times, but exaggeration isn’t even an option here. I may have said Phat Bottom Girls 3 was "the best release of 2010", but... fuck that! Mike Adriano’s debut at Evil Angel is the perfect adult videos I’ve been in search of for years and years (if not the only one I’ve awaited). More butt and asshole shots, dirty butt antics, butt talk and hard sodomy than you could bear to look at in an entire month! This is not the kind of video anyone wants to skim through or judge based on the trailer or screenshots. When I remodel my place of residence, I would create a movie poster for this movie and put it in my home theater. After watching this, I seriously doubt if I could ever watch anymore porn -- as far as new movies. I hope this video doesn't get into the wrong hands. The chronic masturbator's sex life will be dead and he suffer from E.D. and P.E. for the rest of his life that no vitamin could ever cure!

American Anal Sluts is sincerely the end all be all of pornography…

REPLAY VALUE: 100% - Extreme and obsessive.
OVERALL RATING: 100% - Buy it this minute!

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