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Amazing Penetrations 3

Amazing Penetrations 3

Studio: Sticky Video
Category:  Fetish , Masturbation
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The Critic's ratings for Amazing Penetrations 3:
Overall Rating 2 stars
Amazing Penetrations 3 overall rating 2 stars
Female Looks Amazing Penetrations 3 Female looks rating 2.5 stars
Male Looks Amazing Penetrations 3 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Amazing Penetrations 3 Sex rating 2.5 stars
Plot/Acting Amazing Penetrations 3 Plot/Acting rating 2.5 stars
Extras Amazing Penetrations 3 DVD Extras rating 0 stars
Audio/Video Quality Amazing Penetrations 3 A/V Quality rating 1 star
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Reviewed by The Critic  on  12/23/2002
By looking at the scores you would think that this title is rubbish, and in many cases it is. But what the scores do not account for is the unique content of the film, which will attract many avid viewers. But the title does something more too in the process, and therefore is quite important to the industry in general. Let me explain...

The industry is flooded with very similar titles by very similar companies that range in quality. Some are crap and cashing-in and others take the a new idea but apply their own style to it. Often, it is only by buying films from a range of studios that you can determine who is hot and who is not for yourself... For example, Hustler have high production qualities, but their films do not appeal to me because they are not gritty enough - more something I would watch with a girlfriend.

Jules Jordan is an excellent example too as he has introduced many themes to the mass market that were either left for the niche market or not dealt with at all. More importantly, he has introduced them with exceptionally high standards that are easily on par if not better than a company such as Hustler. Particuarly on the camera work.

Just as important, Jules likes to up-the-ante and a string of similar releases soon follow from the other studios. Companies like Hustler have (to my knowledge) never produced a film like Space Invaderz, which was an excellent success. For those of you who don't know, in Space Invaderz the girls took two slabs of man-meat in the same hole with another pole up the other hole. (I am a poet and didn't even know it).

So, with such fierce competition, why should you part with your money for a film such as AP3 that has received such low scores? Simply put, because it is unique. Although Jules will never use this type of content, it still important for new boundaries to be set and new themes to be introduced. She Squirts is taking the main theme of this title (big dildos) but with much higher quality. Sticky you had better watch out!

Now to review the film, which will be broken down as follows:

Video quality:

The film is a low budget production. The quality of the footage is sub-standard and is like a worn video. There is noise, lines and other types of artifacts present. However, because of the theme you can forgive the poor quality slightly as it adds a sense of gritty realism and that you really need to keep it secret like a teenager hiding the stash from their mom.

My only advice to Sticky is: if money really is that short invest in a digital camcorder instead. If the quality does not improve, I will not try to convince any one to buy your titles again let alone buy them myself.

Camera work:

I had the distinct impression that the camera man was working secondary to the photographer. many scenes were ruined by the camera man moving over so the photographer could get the best shot. To add insult to injury, the pictures on the slideshow (the only extra on the disc) are blurry making them about as much use as a chocolate firegaurd.

I will never purchase a title if I know that the photographer's are working at the same time as the cameraman. It is amaterish and breaks the flow to see the flashes going off every few seconds.

Again, Jules and Red Light District rule the roost by separating these two production elements and even including them as extras on behind-the-scenes footage. Sticky, surely an extra hour just to take the photo's wont be too much hardship?

Oh dear, I am still not convincing you yet am I?


The sound is on par with the video quality so there is not much to add. However...

Dialogue and noise:

Oh dear. This sounds like it has been filmed in some hotel room than in a proper location. You can hear people talking in the background to the extent that it sounds like there is a conferance room next door. Even a train whizzes by, which will make you go limper than seeing your grandma in the nude!

This effect is heightened by the cameraman whispering like he is some wild life presenter. The woman is maoning and groaning so don't worry too much about the neighbours! It isn't a safari film and you most certainly are not going to scare away the lions! This is very annoying and either the crew should stay silent or it should be made an integral part of the film.

The last point is particuarly apt as at the end of the film the dialogue is actually funny. The camera man and photographer have a banter about why the scene was going to make a good finale... And they even had a laugh themselves. More of this please as it does add an extra element and is quite fun! Just no David Ateenborough type whispers!

Last, the star, actually speaks to the camera as if you were actually there and, again, this makes some of the other misgivings on the sound more acceptable. She knows how to talk dirty and get you involved without being vulgar. This is goods and gets a big thumbs up.


Now this is where the film really shines. As the title suggests it is about Amazing Penetrations and amazing penetrations they are. This lady can put away dongs that your arm look like a weaner!

What really sets the ball rolling is the way the woman gets off on them. She absolutely loves it and has no qualms about trying to up-the-ante herself. In one scene she squirts which is looks realistic to me and should put to bed the whole debate on whether a woman can actually shoot cum or not.

The main selling point of this film is that she opens up her pussy so much you can see her cervix. If it wasn't for the photographer stealing the best angles this could have been so much better. The bit with the hand-held touch was useless (and not even directed right), get a proper camera man's light to illumiate the tunnel to its fullest!

There is not much more to add than the finale. Ashlyn actually pops her cervix outside of her body and fingers as clear as day. (Well as clear as the poor footage will allow)! Now that is unique. She has abused her body to the extent that she can achieve these amazing feats.

Personally I would like to have this subject taken to a whole new level. There was plenty of opportunity for the camera man or an actor male or femalee to get in there with their tongue and then we would have an explosion of squirting like no other. Ah, the missed opportunities!

There is so much that can be done with a film like this to ellivate it much higher and in the process achieve much more sales for Sticky... You need to put in the investment to reap the rewards. It will not be long before a true master, like young Jules, to try something like this and wipe the floor with you. His ass gaping scenes in Ass Worship, especially with the men comming into their asses should make you nervous... Jules likes his tools too!

Sticky are clearly attending to the niche market and are breaking boundaries that others haven't even touched on yet. This is quite an old production and the actual video series are now up to vol. nine or something, so hopefully the quality can only get better.

Just as a taster... In the Amazing Ty series, Ashlyn and co have managed to stretch their pee-holes so wide that they now act like another vagina and (apparently) they open them up so you can see in to their bladders. It would also seem that she has been abusing her cervix too, to the extent that she can now insert dildo's and other devices in to it.

While some one like Jules would never go there (yet), due to it probably deterring than attracting people Sticky has best watch out. It is about time Sticky took note what the other comapnies and people like Jules have achieved just by settign standards. But, I do not want to repeat myself again. I for one will spend much more money if you produce a DVD with DVD qualities.

Oh yes, at least her tits are real too! Droopy, but real and much, much better than those awefull implants.

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