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Amateur Cream Pies 3 (Dusk til Dawn)

Amateur Cream Pies 3 (Dusk til Dawn)

Studio: Dusk til Dawn
Category:  Amateur , Cream Pies
Directed by:
Starring: , ,
Released on: 
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Zoid's ratings for Amateur Cream Pies 3 (Dusk til Dawn):
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Amateur Cream Pies 3 (Dusk til Dawn) overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Amateur Cream Pies 3 (Dusk til Dawn) Female looks rating 3 stars
Male Looks Amateur Cream Pies 3 (Dusk til Dawn) Male looks rating 2 stars
Sex Amateur Cream Pies 3 (Dusk til Dawn) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Amateur Cream Pies 3 (Dusk til Dawn) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Amateur Cream Pies 3 (Dusk til Dawn) DVD Extras rating 1/2 star
Audio/Video Quality Amateur Cream Pies 3 (Dusk til Dawn) A/V Quality rating 3 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by Zoid  on  9/28/2004

Initial Expectations

I've never heard of Tyce Bune, and neither have I seen any previous releases of ACP series. I assumed this DVD will feature cream pies and amateurs, and it does...sort of.


Runtime: 2 hrs 16 mins
Region: 0
Menu: simple, straight to the point
Extras: Only Photo Gallery
There are also some very short behind-the-scenes clips and a short interview with Katin in the final credits sequence of the main feature.


Each scene consists of a solo introduction which is followed by the sex with Tyce Bune.

Scene 1 - Katin

Katin is cute, busty teen with brown hair. We see her putting on a schoolgirl outfit: white panties, white stockings, microscopic skirt and a sexy sweater. Apparently, she is looking for a room to rent and is going to meet Tyce at his place, but before leaving, she sits down and plays with her pussy without taking panties off.

Things start off with Tyce eating and fingering Katin's pussy on the bed. They then change to 69, so Katin can return the oral favor. Missionary sex follows, then cowgirl, then RC. After every position change, Katin gives Tyce a brief BJ to clean his cock from some white, foamy "stuff" which has been forming during the intercourse. I don't think it's cum; more like whipped pussy juice or something. This scene ends with standing doggy. Tyce shoots his load, partially inside her pussy and partially outside, on the pussy.

The cream pie itself was rather unimpressive but the scene as a whole is quite nice. I liked some shots from underneath where you can see Katin's titties bouncing. Yummie. There is no anal in this scene for all concerned. Score: 3/5

Scene 2 - Redda Laccey

Redda is your typical, slutty looking, blonde porn girl with tiny breasts. She is sitting on a bar stool near a pool table and complains about the fact that no one is here to play with her. Redda starts fingering herself and hopes for some cock to show up. And what do you know -- eventually, a cock does show up.

The scene starts with some relatively mild deepthroating which is briefly shown in POV, but then camera cuts to the usual angle. Redda rides Tyce in RC position, and after just a few thrusts, he goes for her ass. Then back to pussy again. He does that vaginal to anal and back switching several times. Doggy position is next on the menu, also with some A2P/P2A action. The scene ends with vaginal, cowgirl intercourse, and Tyce shoots a weak load inside Redda's pussy. Sadly, he wipes everything away with his dick, so you barely see any cum.

The scene is quite hot except for the finale. Sex is good, and fans of ass-to-pussy action, including myself, can be happy. But, this is supposedly a cream pie video, right? Cream pie here is practically worthless. You can't see it very well and the scene ends almost immediately after the cumshot. Score: 3.5/5

Scene 3 - Layne Young

Layne is a bit chubby brunette (or a very dark blonde) with natural boobies. She's wearing black stockings, black shirt (or blouse) and ... sneakers, everything according to the latest trends in the world of fashion. Haha! Oh yes, her panties have holes in them which is not necessarily a bad thing, but I thought I'd mention that. Anyways, as can be expected, Layne claims to be very horny and proceeds to masturbate for us.

After some time, Tyce's dick appears out of nowhere and Layne sucks on it. Missionary, vaginal intercourse follows and eventually, Tyce deposits his semen inside her. The load is somewhat watery, so it's not a very good cream pie, though we can clearly see some of the cum oozing out. Layne gets up, and excavates the rest of it with her middle finger. She also taste some of it. During the entire scene, Layne is taking sexy and dirty and I liked that.

This scene is slightly short by comparison with previous ones. It's presented almost entirely in POV, with Tyce shooting (and fucking), with 2nd camera occasinaly cutting in. The intercourse is low paced; there is only one position and no anal, so the action is somewhat lacking, in my opinion. On the other hand, at least the cream pie in this scene looked like a cream pie. Score: 3/5

Scene 4 - Donna

Donna a natural brunette who's shooting some pool, alone. I wouldn't call her particularly attractive, but she does have a nice body. She's wearing all red: red stockings, red panties, red blouse. The only part of her outfit that's not red, is her white mini-skirt (I think) which is pulled up. Naturally, Donna also speaks out to the viewers and desperately wants to get fucked. She then shows us her goods and plays with herself. Unfortunately, unlike previous girls, she doesn't sound very believable.

Without much delay, Donna bends over and receives some vaginal pounding from behind, from Tyce of course. Few minutes later, he cums inside her pussy, but Donna wants more. They change to missionary with Donna sitting on a chair. The action is presented in POV this time. We then get to see the action from different angle, and Tyce cums for the 2nd time. However, this is more of an imaginary cumshot. There is barely any cum, and for the most part, the residue from the 1st cumshot is visible.

I wasn't too impressed with this scene. Despite the two cumshots, the cream pies are yet again very mediocre. No offense to Donna personally, but her performance isn't convincing. The silly smile doesn't exactly keep my juices flowing. There is no anal here, and neither is there any oral sex. For me personally, absences of blowjobs is not really a problem, quite the contrary; but overall, the scene is unsatisfying. Score: 1.5/5

Scene 5 - Zerah

Zerah, a voluptuos, natural teen with brown hair, is chilling on a bed. She's dressed in black stockings, red panties and sexy black top. She is horny, of course, and wants some cock, but before that, she talks sexy to us and demonstrates her assets. She also uses a vibrator on herself.

Tyce tunes in and provides very much desired cock. Zerah gives him a brief BJ while still using a toy on herself. They then proceed to fuck in cowgirl position. This is supposed to be Zerah's first anal scene, so while still slowly fucking in CG, Tyce applies some lube onto her asshole and starts gently massaging and fingering it. They then switch to spoon and engage in anal sex. Reverse cowgirl follows with Zerah practically lying flat on Tyce while he very tenderly fucks her ass. She also uses a small vibrator on her clit. Eventually, Tyce goes from ass back to pussy, and Zerah even reaches orgasm, I think. Finally, the scene ends with vaginal mish. shown in POV, and Tyce unloads inside her pussy, leaving an average cream pie which drips out onto the bed.

I liked this scene a lot. In contrast with previous sequences, sex action here is almost tender and loving. I liked the fact that the performers whisper something to each other during the whole act, thus making it more intimate. The chemistry is quite good. Score: 4/5

Scene 6 - Gia

Gia is a playful, nighteen year old chick with a killer body. She wears a black fishnet stockings, a reddish corset, and red panties. Gia introduces herself and tells us that she left her boyfriend because he "wasn't kinky enough" for her. She demostrates her goods to the camera, and I must say, her juicy ass to kill for.

Gia gives Tyce a BJ, mixed with some deepthroating. Afterwards, they settle on the floor for some missionary sex. Tyce is also briefly probing her ass with his cock. Mish. changes into spoon and we also get see some A2P action. A cut to doggy with mixed viginal and anal intercourse. Next, we have reverse cowgirl and cowgirl, and it's a pleasure to see Gia's ass bounce. Wow! Finally, yet another mish. position, but this time Tyce is standing. He pops inside Gia's pussy and a close-up of some cum oozing out is shown.

A very good scene to finish things off. I must say that I've become a fan of Gia Paloma since I saw her in A Good Source of Iron 2; I think she's a terrific perfomer. This scene has the most variety of sexual positions as well as A2P action. The cream pie, I guess, is okay but again, not very spectacular. Score: 4/5


All things considered, let's just say that I am not unhappy with this title. It must be made clear that if you are solely interested in good, messy cream pies, ACP#3 isn't for you. On the other hand, I found the sex to be very enjoyable. The viewer is presented with a nice variety of acts and paces, ranging from typical, hard gonzo pounding to almost tender couple-like fucking. There appears to be no specific formula to the scenes, i.e. positions used, bj, vaginal, anal order. I find that refreshing. The cast may not be to everyone's liking, but it works for me.
The cover and the text in the intro credits sequence mention that this feature has "fist scenes" for practically all girls, being that first anal or just first scene. I don't want to scream about false advertisement, but I am putting some question marks here, at least in some cases. According to, ACP#3 is released in 2004 and for example, Gia Paloma had already done some stuff before that, in 2003, including anal. So did Katin. Redda Laccey is credited doing anal in Max Hardcore's title in 2001. So I am not so sure about those starlets. Zerah and Donna, however, have only this DVD to their names. To sum up:

What I liked:
  • Good variety for 1on1 sex.
  • Camera angles. Good combo of POV and "normal" style.
  • Tyce is quiet. Personally, I hate it when guys are too vocal in my porn.
  • Solo acts by girls which are, in my opinion, better than silly interviews you often get.
  • Blowjobs. Finally a video without 20 mins. of boring BJs in each scene.
  • A2P that you don't really see very often
What I didn't like:
  • Weak cream pies and small loads for a cream pie title
  • Occasional technical glitches. Camera sometimes loses focus, especially in the scene with Redda; there is a point in the last scene where you have 1-2 sec. black screen. I don't know if that's an error in editing or a DVD glitch)
  • DVD extras
There is definitely some room for improvement here, especially when it comes to finishing a scene with a juicy load, but I am looking forward to seeing the next one.


ACP#3 is a nice title with some good but for the most part, quite tame sex and internal cum shots. I won't recommend it to cream pie fanatics, but for anyone who likes diverse, 1on1 sex and especially some hot A2P action, this one is worth renting. I will even label ACP#3 couple friendly. For the record, my score is based on how I experienced the video as a whole.

-Zoid (for questions and comments:

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