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Alluring Cumback

Alluring Cumback

Studio: Bubble B Entertainment
Category:  Gay
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Netguy's ratings for Alluring Cumback:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Alluring Cumback overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Alluring Cumback Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Alluring Cumback Male looks rating 5 stars
Sex Alluring Cumback Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Alluring Cumback Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Alluring Cumback DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Alluring Cumback A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Netguy  on  4/29/2008

After finding some incriminating photos Robbie Masters throws his boyfriend, Caleb Tucker, out on the streets. With no where to turn Caleb boards a trolley and heads off into the night. As he heads off into the darkness a flashback recalls one morning with his sexy partner Robbie. Caleb brings Robbie his coffee but hes already awake according to the morning wood hes got! The two are fucking adorable together and after exchanging blow jobs and some rimming Caleb shoots his first load across Robbies ass whereby Robbie sprays a huge load into the air and in the palm of his hand. Breakfast is served! What a nice way to wake up!

Another flashback follows as the adorable, blond, Jack Woody is in the middle of a photoshoot with Ian Bonner and Toby Garret. Caleb arrives at the studio and quickly takes the reins of the camers leaving Jack to head off and have his own fun with a coworker Kip Bailey. The two waste no time and Jacks shirt is off leaving his smooth chest and nipples open for Kip to enjoy. Kip removes his as well, exposing an incredible chest as well and the two get into some nice kissing and body worship as the two strapping lads kiss and caress one another. Soon the uncut cocks are out and the two are blowing one another and shortly thereafter their both shooting their loads. Kip eventually finds himself on a desk in the missionary position and Jack delivers a nice even fuck to his stocky friend. Jack continues his fuck from behind before dropping a huge load across Kips chest, leaving him covered in boy juice. Kip jerks off to complete the scene and leaves him covered in jizz.

Back on the set Ian and Toby have begun to get frisky as Ian nibbles at the sexy Tobys nipples before working his way to his big, erect cock. Meanwhile Caleb is too busy rubbing his cock to take any photos as he watches the young studs get it on. Again the guys are just incredible looking and the only hindrance is the dubbed in audio of oohs and ahhs but its a minor flaw. Toby works over Ians thick cock with his mouth, getting it nice and hard. After some 69-ing Ian rims Tobys tight hairy hole, spreading his cheeks apart to get a better taste with his tongue. Toby has a great round ass that just begs to be fucked! And soon Ian obliges, delivering quick little jabs to the bubble butt. Toby take Ian for a ride and in one of my favorite positions, Toby gets his ass up in the air and Ian shoves his big cock straight down and pounds away with Toby taking every inch with ease. Ian delivers a spectacular load!

In another part of the studio two young studs, Glen Harper and Mack Rollins, are moving props and furniture around and the two decide to take full advantage of the sofa they just moved. Mack has a great cock and it appears Glen thinks so too as he wraps his lips around it. The scene pretty much follows the standard formula with the two delivering enjoyable blow jobs before ending with a nice fuck session. Glen bottoms here and takes the big tool with ease in a number of positions before ending in a cum explosion.

Two more prop hands, Vince Talbot and Russel Winfield are moving various set pieces around when Russel decides to take a much earned break and play with himself. As he strokes his big, uncut cock Vince walks in. Vince immediately drops his pants and Russel goes down on him. Vince, has always been one of my favorite performers looks ripped and hotter then ever. Vince now down on his knees and returning the favor, while in walks the tall, slender, Skye Janson. Not wanting to miss out on any fun he unleashes his monster cock and Vince and Russel work him over. The two spit and suck while Skye remains hard as a rock enjoying the deep throating hes receiving. After Vince and Russel drop their loads across Skyes chest the trio continue with Skye bottoming for Vince as Russel watches patiently. Russel eventually gets a turn and takes Vinces cock for a ride before ending in a daisy chain fuck with Skye in the middle and Vince on the end fucking Skye once more.

The finale finds the studio revealing its latest photographic exhibit and features and incredible 9 man orgy! As the patrons admire the phtotos and more often then not, one another. Warren Beaumont and Jordan Tracey, serving champagne and wearing only a bow tie get things rolling by offering up their cocks for anyone who wants them. What follows is an incredible orgy with the rest of the cast, Jaime Walis, Derek Young, Patrick Archer, Mathew Cassidy, Zack Jones, Roland Brooks, and Sven Capsson. Its an exceptional scene with incredible looking guys getting sucked and fucked. The scene tends to focus a bit on Sven and Jordan who initially get blown by Jordan and ends with Roland getting fucked in both ends. The rest of the cast end up in threesomes and are equally enjoyable when the camera is on them. It ends with the cast standing in a semi circle and one by one jerk off onto a silver tray each shooting nice, impressive loads leaving the platter covered in thick, creamy cum, and their cocks spent and dangling.

The guys are all incredibly hot, sport some great cocks, and deliver some impressive loads to say the least! The all out orgy finale was great and Robbie and Caleb had my cock hard as a rock right from the start! Ian and Toby delivered a great performance as well! My only fault with the film is the dubbing and at times the performances may be a tad rigid, but if you can look past that its a great fuck film from Jan Novak.

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