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Captain Jack All-Star Overdose 2 4.5 starsAll-Star Overdose 2 4.5 starsAll-Star Overdose 2 4.5 stars
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All-Star Overdose 2

All-Star Overdose 2

Studio: Jules Jordan Video
Category:  Compilation , Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for All-Star Overdose 2:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
All-Star Overdose 2 overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks All-Star Overdose 2 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks All-Star Overdose 2 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex All-Star Overdose 2 Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting All-Star Overdose 2 Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras All-Star Overdose 2 DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality All-Star Overdose 2 A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  1/25/2012
Welcome fans to a Mike John compilation dvd selected from some of his best titles which have been released over the years. If you're a big fan chances are you have most of these already but if you don't then this will be a good chance to pick up some quality smut from one of porns best gonzo directors. A great cast too with Bobbi Starr, Asa Akira, Annette Schwarz and Gracie Glam just to name some of the babes you get to enjoy over the two discs. Time for some highlights.

Bobbi Starr from Bobbi & Dana's Insatiable Voyage:

We close out the first disc with one more Bobbi scene. Seems she left a calling card when done playing with herself in the bathroom earlier. She wants some hard cocks later on that day and we have a lucky fella see this message and quickly puts the word out to his buddies that they've got a hot babe lined up later that day. Well we cut to later that day, Steve Holmes even comes in and sees the note followed shortly by the group of mopes. Bobbi then enters wearing that beautiful smile she's known for and she owns right up to writing the note and it is not long at all before she's down on her knees servicing several cocks at once. Bobbi does a great job working over those cocks but she's not taking it in her pussy or ass just the mouth but I see with a running time of nearly 30 minutes left we will probably see her do more just not with these guys perhaps. Steve Holmes took refuge inside the stall and hasn't even joined in yet so we'll see. Once the guys have left Steve comes out and takes charge of this slut! Bobbi is all to ready to give in to his urges and Steve's a great leader of a scene, Bobbi is great at being led so a perfect combination. Bobbi not only sucks his cock but she rides him in several positions-- all the while fucking on the dirty bathroom floor!! After a very good bathroom fuck session Bobbi takes a fine load in her mouth, one disc down, one more to go! Ahh as she's gathering her things she finds Steve's wallet left behind so I see now how we're going to get the Dana/ Bobbi hook up, now change those discs!

Asa Akira from Peep Show 3:

I think it was about a year ago now that most of us got our first glimpse of this pretty lady, actually at the Erotica LA show for me and since then she's been in some highly charged scenes and I expect nothing less here. Mike opens on those nice legs and then travels up to her pretty face as a nice ID flashes onscreen. Nothing but Asa showing off here, no talking, just visuals, the ass was very nice to see in his lense. We eventually get this sexy girl nude and Everhard's right there face deep in her ass-- nice going dude. Gotta love the face sitting/ squatting too she does, I know Erik had no objections whatsoever. After his fine oral display it fell on Asa to match and trust me fans, she does. Sexwise you'd have to enjoy cowgirl with the ass this woman has, loved the P2M power face fucking she does too during the scene. One last ride in cowgirl before Erik fills her mouth and Asa makes sure to get it all before swallowing, hot girl, great scene.

Gracie Glam from Peep Show 4:

So we open with Gracie, I've seen a handful of scenes so far and she's been good. Pretty typical Mike John opening as we focus right in on the girl, Gracie's in a purple outfit which doesn't leave to much to the imagination, her ass being thrust up like it is was a nice teaser shot. Mr. John enjoys a few words with the young lady who begins losing her clothes as we see two perves watching from upstairs so nice a 2 on 1 to ease into this title. Great shots of Gracie on the stairs, opening up her legs, hello pussy. Then it's the climb up the stairs and some good ass shots, lately I'm really digging on the booty shots, keep wanting some sexy girl to dive in and lick some ass. Gracie soon finds her men, Steve Holmes and James Deen moving right into some great knob polishing. The trio have a great energy working here and with vets like James and Steve leading her on Gracie kept us interested be it sucking cock or riding one. The guys do good trading off too blasting her cookie or thrusting hard into her mouth, some titty slapping too so they're being aggressive here too, Gracie seemed to eat it up like candy. Solid loads then get dropped on her waiting mouth with cleanup from Gracie. More than a good opener, Gracie will be one to watch in 2010. -- as a postscript I'd say she certainly was one to watch winning Best New Starlet!

Annette Schwarz from Racial Tension 2:

Our first scene actually begins with some good ole fashion same color sex as we get Annette and Steve Holmes in the bed. He's got to go but our sex crazed German slut has other ideas and after some very good and passionate kissing she slides down under the sheets to begin fellating him. Mike delivers the top notch shots he's known for and these two have an obvious comfort level with each other so the sex flows very smoothly, nasty girl she eats some serious man ass!! Moving to a 69 with Annette on top she continues to devour Steve's schlong while he gets a taste of some german girl ass. As for the sex our man bypasses the pussy to go right for Annette's ass and we get several hard driving anal positions with some good gaping and of course lots of hard gagging A2M from Annette. This first bit of action closes out with Steve lording over Annette's face dripping his load down into her mouth. Well Steve finally has to hit the road but Annette is hardly sexual satisfied. Ahh Swine is there to pick up Steve so there is our first tie in to the first movie. There's a call from Marie Luv who has some news for Swine, she's distanced herself from that brother of hers, Sean Michaels, that gave Swine such a problem in Volume 1. Swine is now heading over to Marie's to pick up the ID's he dropped last time there as Sean was chasing him out.

Chelsie Rae from Racial Tension 2:

We dissolve from Sean calling Marcus to him sitting in his luxury ride telling Tee about how Swine had shot this scene banging out his sister, check out the GQ suits these fellas got on, nice!! Well the guys are determined and we get Sean calling Marcus to tell him to meet up at the club so everyone heads out to the fine establishment. There we have entertainment provided by none other than Chelsie Rae who is showing off that gorgeous ass of hers dancing onstage. The guys watch from afar until one plucks up the courage to ask for a little bit more personal touch and Chelsie is more than accomodating. She starts with some lovely ass grinding over holstered cocks but that quickly leads to one coming out and Chelsie can't resist tasting that long and large dark meat! Miss Rae expertly goes from one cock to the next until the guys surround her in a cock circle so she's got a dick at all fronts! Lots of face slapping and a little dirty talk too from Chelsie. No sex here which surprised me a little but plenty of hard dick sucking which yields several loads dropped on that pretty face of Chelsie's. Before they're done Chelsie's face is a white mess of cum. Sean then walks in and he's like WTF we're supposed to be hunting down Swine and you're banging out this chick. Then you have Chelsie's voice barely audible saying I can't see, lol, it was funny. Well Sean escorts this lovely cum covered girl away and we then cut to her now all cleaned up still asking about some money owed to her for this extra show she just provided. Funny thing, I thought Sean was in a hurry to find Swine but a lovely piece of ass like Chelsie's sportin will make any man reorganize his priorities to at least include some banging time before we have fisticuffs! So we get some ass fingering, a little titty tasting, then it's onto a nice bedroom where Chelsie gets two more hard cocks to suck on. This time there's some fucking too as we see her pussy tapped to start with doggie, a very good cowgirl which also sees a smooth move up into Chelsie's ass. They also bang out this hottie in mish anal with dp's in reverse and cowgirl following in quick succession. Two more loads then get dropped on her face with a little bit reaching her mouth. This was a solid scene for Chelsie fans and now it's on to disc 2.

Kristina Rose from Elastic Assholes 8:

Our first girl up is one of the hotter gonzo girls working today I think and I see Kristina only getting better and better as she goes along. We open with her outside, it's a lazy day, the birds are chirping and we get Kristina on a towel wearing a nice revealing outfit. Mike and she exchange pleasantries as we check out that bod, yes you see that ass shown off and it will only get better once it's no longer covered by anything. Kristina also has a glass toy in hand and you can guess it finds a home right in her ass. There's some crawling, always a staple in porn it seems, then we head inside where we get really good ass views. Mike works in some floor shots too gazing up as Miss Rose preps her booty for action, there's a great wide open pussy spread shot as well. James Deen then enters and he's one of her faves as any ADT regular knows so the chemistry is instantaneous, James is all over that pussy/ ass licking and the two begin a spit exchange too. After a little more toy play we get Kristina's mouth used for the blowjob and she loves that. Sexwise they bypass the pussy altogether going right to her ass. A few positions are worked in and I liked the standing position in front of a big mirror, they both could see her ass being violated. Cowgirl anal takes us home until the pop which Kristina works out to her mouth, cleanup too and we're off with one awesome scene in the books.

Adrianna Nicole & Charlotte Vale from Semen Sippers 7:

After two strong scenes we have one more to appreciate on this first disc, Adrianna I'm very familiar with, been a fan for awhile, just love those titties!! As the scene opens here it seems the girls were already well on the way to fucking one another, the kissing joined already in progress, the hands seeking to shed the tops and get at one another!!Charlotte's got a pretty nice rack herself which Adrianna samples a few times as the girls also have a running dialogue, I sense Adrianna will lead the direction with Charlotte eagerly following her lead. These two do more kissing too than any of the previous scenes did, I loved that a lot. A glass toy is also brought in to widen Charlotte's ass, Adrianna nicely lends a tongue to her ass which actually does a good job snapping back into place when the toy's removed. By the hair Adrianna leads Charlotte up the shairs so you get the perve crawl shot and who's waiting for them upstairs, it's Sean Michaels but why sir do you need to wear shades inside, that just makes me chuckle. If you're blind that is one thing but it doesn't add anything to the scene for me but hey maybe's it's a cool thing which I just don't get. Charlotte does most of the early dick sucking but rest assured Adrianna's not going to be ignoring that cock for to long, the ladies get in some fine shared knob play, Adrianna deep throating while Charlotte polishes those balls!Sexwise how about straight to the A for Adrianna doggistyle with Miss Vale's face plastered right on Adrianna's ass making the A2OGM all to easy and nasty!! Turning Miss Nicole over, spreading those legs nice'n'wide we get Charlotte licking coochie as well as moving into a 69 shot giving Adrianna some kittie to lick. Charlotte then gets her own anal ride on Sean's cock in reverse-- we get a great closing shot in this same position but with Adrianna riding him anally as her young charge stays below licking at his balls, each girl gets a share of the load when he squeezes it out.

Dana DeArmond from Bobbi & Dana's Insatiable Voyage:

In the porn game of tag you're it, lol, as we're back to the lovely Miss DeArmond. We're taken to a classroom where the teach, Steve, is laying out what's up to the mopes assembled, who want to step it up to full on gangbangs! Steve is matter of fact as to what's expected of them if they want to take that next step, lots of standing around jerking off when it's not your turn-- that about covers it right there. One of potential gangbangee's asks if there's a live model they can take a look at, you know get a feel for the subject matter. Steve being a giver says yep sure enough and in comes Dana-- she's working off that rent here. She enters wearing a blue skimpy outfit but that naturally doesn't last long as these horny dudes get to try their sea legs out. Dana's good with the visual aids too, opening up her legs and stroking that pussy. Steve then gets in there too with a little ass licking and then laying some pipe-- see guys there's lots to do in a gangbang if you try it. The guys then get up and surround Dana, ready for their big chance, out come the mope cocks and Steve pulls out letting the students at her!! Dana's all into it, asking hey who's fucking me, what's your name, lol. There is some early nutting but not everyone blows it early and there's more ass fucking, more pops-- the guys seem to be growing into full on male performers right before our eyes. Not to bad and I think Dana's found a way to live rent free with Steve for awhile.

Andy San Dimas from Peep Show 4:

The title wraps up with another newbie in Andy and it's back poolside as Mike captures one last beauty. We have a few good shots here as Mike circles here, the perve shot looking up at her ass is worked in and Andy does a great job playing along by spreading those cheeks just a little. She's into the chatting to as the two exchange pleasantries while also not forgetting to deliver the good perve shots, this is after all a Peepshow! Watching Andy shake those thigs making her ass quiver was hot and the picture is so good you see the peach fuzz on her body. Andy does good working those items of clothing off, more hot perve views up as she now spreads those pussy lips for us and there's a return to her spreading the ass, this time it's naked and if you don't to jump through the screen then and attack that ass with your tongue then you have no business watching porn, awesome shot. Mr. Smooth is back for one more go round and this time it makes sense for Sean to be wearing shades as they are outside, I have to laugh when he wears them inside where there is obviously no sun but here it was ok. Andy drops down and is quite interested in his cock even going so far as to lick over the buldge before we finally free that bad boy. Andy works in some dirty talk too, I want to taste it and soon enough she is, side view here was great. It takes two hands but she does it and there's some strong aggressive head here too, not over the top at all but right on as she works him over, tongue was good and even some head shaking. The duo work it inside then where Sean trades shades for glasses but Andy doesn't miss a beat going right back to sucking that dick before we finally turn our sites on that pussy, first with Sean doing a little ass/ pussy licking from behind- think this is a great shot as you have the ass arched just a little. As for the fucking that was solid here too, cowgirl with some gagging P2M from Andy, a little more with the oral from Sean before resuming that pussy drilling and after a few more positions we get Mr. Michaels unloading to Andy's face and Sean has pretty good aim here hitting mostly inside her mouth with Andy delivering some post pop head.

London Keyes from Teenage Spermaholics 6:

Ok fans time for one more scene on disc one before we flip the next one in and it's time to take a trip to London!! We open with the current male performer of the year, James Deen, chilling out at home, on the cell when he's told to get off by Steve Holmes-- I think he was deported in the last Mike John title, he's James's daddy, hehe. Seems the sluts at James's last party left sperm everywhere and Steve's pissed at cleaning up, he says tell those sluts to swallow next time, lol. But before we can have fun James must cleanup and so the porn couch gets a little love from his spoonge, hehe!! Cut then to London arriving and entering she finds James cleaning up and well she gets on the couch, wearing shorty shorts and this distracts James. Off comes the top, her titties are looking good and James decides it's break time and we get 1-1 fun. Gotta like the ass/ pussy licking he does from behind, London sure does judging by her purring. Just as she's getting into face fucking James's cock Steve and Erik Everhard pop in and well London doesn't skip a beat adding Daddies cock and Erik's into the mix. Lots of good oral/ fucking here as the guys trade off blasting their dicks into London-- this is a type of blitzkrieg I can get behind, cocks torpedoing a hot young girl. We close with them firing off their rockets all over London's face and she gives good cleanup too before we fade out. No mopes to follow up but we had a pretty good scene just with the three guys, now on to disc two.

Final Thoughts:

So there you have it, a big compilation of scenes from Mike John spread out over a few of his big titles from Jules Jordan Video and it features some of porns best of today and some of the not so recent past. It would seem bits of the scenes were cut down to help the added scenes but these various scene descriptions as I wrote them so far as the main action still apply and give you a good idea of what happened in the various scenes. No real extras here but with this type of title the scenes are the main draw and Mike's given you two full discs of gonzo greatness here so if you don't already have these individual titles and enjoy the girls cast in this comp then by all means snap this one up. Mike's one of the best so his comps will feature some of the best gonzo action you can get.

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