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All Star

All Star

Studio: Digital Playground
Category:  All Sex , Straight
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
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Oneloa's ratings for All Star:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
All Star overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks All Star Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks All Star Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex All Star Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting All Star Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras All Star DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality All Star A/V Quality rating 5 stars
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Reviewed by Oneloa  on  11/9/2000

Finally, a movie made for DVD! It was only a matter of time before this was to happen. The only differences with this movie compared to a movie captured on video or film are picture quality, sound quality and true multiple angles. I know that a lot of people aren't fans of this, but you have to give credit where credit is do. All of my complaints with multiple angles in the past have been corrected in this movie. First, there's no icon on the screen at all. The multi- angles are throughout the entire movie for the whole scene. Both angles are great. The colors and brightness match. The angles are real-time. Meaning that you see the exact moment in the film, just a different angle. This is the way I think we all envisioned it to be in the first place... all movies until now have failed at it. The only other movie I thought that had good multi-angles was the solo scene in Rocki Roads' Wet Dreams.

Ok ok... I'm done talking about the multiple angles... for now. This is a gonzo film, so there's no dialog or plot, just scene after scene of sex. Yes, the sex is good. It's tame by Diabolic or Anabolic standards, but very hot and erotic. Each of the scenes are straight b/g sex. No g/g, no group. The closest it comes is in the first scene with Rocki, Envy and Alex. Yeah Envy's in it, but she's just there for moral support while Rocki gets her first on-screen anal. She never gets involved... just eye candy. I don't want to give a blow by blow or stroke by stroke of each scene. So, I'll just tell you what to expect from each.

Scene one

Rocki, Envy and Alex. First, Rocki just screams sexuality. Other than her being extremely pretty, she's just so hot to me. Alex finds Rocki outside getting some sun. After a "How YOU doin'?" greeting, Alex pulls her thong bikini aside and starts running his tongue along the crack of her ass. Rocki has a great ass. It's not at a Tiffany Mynx or Raquel Darrian ass, but it's perfectly rounded and tight. The sex takes place on an inflatable mattress in the backyard of this mansion. After a few different positions, Alex gets to initiate that ass to your TV. After he starts slow, he reams her good while she lays on her stomach. Afterwards, he pulls out and literally explodes on her stomach and pussy. You can tell from the force of his orgasm and the bloopers feature that Alex was way into this scene. I don't blame him... Rock is one hot chick. I have to point out something else... during the commentary, it's mentioned that Rocki was engaged during the filming of this movie and apparently her (now) husband doesn't know she did an anal scene. I don't know how she's going to hide this movie from him. She doesn't make very many movies, and this movie has a big sticker on the front saying that this has her first anal scene. No condoms used.

Scene Two

Sadie and her man do it on the couch. I think this was the hottest scene out of the whole movie. Mostly because it looks like Sadie was really into it. She started off really slow while giving a BJ with some dirty talk in a low whisper. Thank God for the sound quality, because you can hear every word without hearing other background noises. The heat builds slowly from position to position until we see Sadie have a body shaking orgasm. To me, watching a woman orgasm is the sexist thing on Earth!! In the reverse cow girl position, her man pops out and blows a respectable load all over her stomach and pussy. Hot scene! No condoms used.

Scene Three

Bonita and her boyfriend are in the bathroom next to the tub. This scene didn't do much for me. It takes him a while to get hard and there's just no heat generated. It looks like he wants to be somewhere else. Also, I watched the bloopers and behind the scenes first, and I got a bad impression of Bontia. She just seems bitchy and cold. Oh well. The scene ends with a pop shot on her gaping ass. No condoms used.

Scene Four

Lisa and her man do it on the tennis court. She has a great body! It was filmed well and much better than the last scene. They go through several positions (while she uses the tennis net for support), including an anal. The scene ends with a cumshot on and in her mouth. No condoms used.

Scene Five

Rocki and Vince have sex in an aquarium. The lighting is blue, so it gives a soft glow to their skin. Rocki looks great in this scene as she did in the first. We don't get any anal action in this one, but Vince makes up it by pounding her pussy pretty good. Both of them seem to really want each other, so there's definitely chemistry. As their pumping away, you can see big tropical fish swimming behind them. Very cool location. The scene ends with Rocki getting Vince's load all over her ass. Nice scene. Condom used.

Scene Six

Rebecca and Mr. Marcus get it on outside on the deck. This is another great location. The sky is so blue, along with all the landscaping. Well, Rebecca certainly belongs in this perfect setting. She's is so gorgeous.. with her dark hair and crystal eyes. This is another scene with chemistry. Both of them appear to be really into each other. She gave a great blowjob. As the scene goes on, you can see the sweat on Rebecca's back start to flow. If you listen to the commentary, they mention how hot it is outside. Well, you can't tell from their performance. They just look like they're "in heat". The scene ends with a good sized facial. She takes his head in her mouth and sucks out the last couple of drops. Very hot scene to end the movie. Condom used.


I know a lot of us never use multiple angles, but this movie needs to be the example for all other movies to follow. The way I look at it is... if you film a movie with 2 cameras anyway, why not include the extra footage and a multiple angle. If you don't like multiple angles, then don't hit the Angle button on your remote. I used them in this movie, since the cover claims to have True Multi-angles. Each scene has two different angles. What make this movie different is that both angles are really good. The angles aren't just for some scenes or parts of scenes, it's throughout the whole movie. Plus the transition is seamless. You don't see it pause or stutter while switching.

There's a Behind the Scenes feature which is decent. I guess I'm just spoiled since I saw DreamQuest. The only really interesting part of the whole thing is hearing Bonita and Rocki bitch at each other. We don't get the whole story, but later you hear from Rocki that her and Lisa had a run it too. After watching the whole Behind the Scenes (and bloopers) piece, it looks like Bonita's a bit on the bitchy side anyway. Rocki's head may be a little swollen, but I think that's common for stars.

The Bloopers feature is kind of funny. During Sadie's (very hot) scene while she's giving a BJ, she gets the giggles. You get to hear Bonita lose her patience with her boyfriend while he keeps going limp or putting oil on her the wrong way. She just seems icy to me. Also, while Alex is ramming Rocki in the ass, he has to quickly stop and pull out before popping inside her.

The Audio commentary is great. They discuss each scene and have fun doing it. You'll learn lots of secrets and other interesting info.

The Bios was kind of a waste. I assumed that a groundbreaking DVD would at least have it narrated (like Flashpoint), show a scene or have more info on the star. Basically it was a bio that the girl's agent put together. Skip it.

Audio/Video Quality

This is the best picture quality I've ever seen in a porn. I was amazed how clear and crisp everything looked. This is due to the movie being shot digitally instead of it being on film or video. They also got to take advantage of shooting some of the scenes outdoors in the Hollywood hills on a hot 90 degree summer day. Although it was hot for the actors, it was beautiful on camera. The sky was perfectly blue and smog free. Hey... that's a big thing out here in L.A. The only issue I found was a bit of a stutter in the video while it changed layers. At least it appears that way. The stutter lasted about a second, but it was enough to notice and annoy me. The sound was also superb. You could hear every little whisper and wet thrust in each scene. I'm usually very disappointed in audio in porn, but this movie has restored my faith. In Rocki's scene with Alex, you can hear their bodies move on the air mattress as well as how lubed her ass was with each thrust.


I loved this movie! There's no plot, no dialog... it's gonzo. If you only like movies with a plot, then this is not the movie for you. I think each type has its place just like mainstream has action, comedy, horror, etc. Different types for different moods. All of the girls are gorgeous. Rebecca is just breath taking (IMHO). The picture and sound quality was fantastic. The music was good. The sex was hot... especially Sadie's scene. I found it refreshing to see cumshots on different parts of the body as well as not seeing the guy jerk himself for 5 minutes before he can pop. I can't find much to complain about with this movie. If you're a fan of gonzo with exceptional picture and sound quality, check this one out. Also, this is a great couples flick.

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