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Zorge All Internal 10 4 starsAll Internal 10 4 starsAll Internal 10 4 stars
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All Internal 10

All Internal 10

Studio: Jules Jordan Video
Category:  Cream Pies , Foreign , Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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astroknight's ratings for All Internal 10:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
All Internal 10 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks All Internal 10 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks All Internal 10 Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex All Internal 10 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting All Internal 10 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras All Internal 10 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality All Internal 10 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  7/27/2009

The Little Details

Running Time: 181 min. (Front cover states Over 3 Hours while the back cover states Running Time 2 Hours 6 Minutes)

Production Date: 5 / 5 / 2009

Director: Chris Rolie

Cast: Alien, Black Sonja, C.J., Clara G., Jazmin Luna Gold, Regina Moon, Sabrina Sweet (extras only), Shannya Tweeks, David Perry, Ian Scott, Lauro Giotto (extras only), Mike Angelo, Mugur, and Nick Lang

The Short Story

Initial Expectations: This has been a pretty good cream pie series, but Chris Rolie's work can be a bit hit or miss for me. I'm going in with a bit of hope along with a touch of apprehension.

Initial Reaction: It's a hot cream pie release that mixes things up a bit more than I expected.

Who Should Watch It : Cream pie fans and those looking for more intense sex with plenty of anal

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting soft and cuddly cream pie action

The Technical Stuff

Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are pretty well done. The audio is clear and well balanced, and that includes quite a few comments from behind the camera. The video is presented in anamorphic widescreen and looks quite nice. The picture is clear, but there are a few lighting imbalances and some camera motion that doesn't hurt the movie too much due to Chris Rolie's style.

Music: None

False Advertising: The cover lists cumshot recaps as being among the extras, but I couldn't find them anywhere on the DVD. I'm deducting a half point from the overall score because of this.

Menus: The main menu combines a few extremely close clips from the movie with the choices for an okay first impression. The chapter menu nicely lets you choose a scene based on a clip from each scene and the name of the girl in it.

The Feature

Chris Rolie goes with a pretty simple formula for the All Internal series. Each scene starts with the girl showing off and stripping down for him, and he'll frequently play with them a little as well. When the guy or guys arrive they go right to some good hard oral before moving directly to the fucking without bothering to give the girl any oral attention to warm her up. Finally, each guy pops in the girl's pussy or ass.

Scene 1 Alien, Mugur, and Nick Lang

Raven-tressed Alien chats briefly with Clara and shows off in a chartreuse and pink bikini before laying on the floor to start playing with her pussy. She rolls over to show off her ass and let them fill her pussy with milk a couple times before moving to a chair where Mugur checks her out while Nick goes right to fucking her face. The guys move Alien around a little as they trade off fucking her face before moving on to trade off fucking her missionary style. The guys get a little more head before Mugur rolls her around to fuck her doggie style while Nick continues to fuck her face. They continue trading off in doggie as well as spooning her and fucking her in each of the cowgirls. Finally Alien lays on her side and lets the guys each fill her pussy up with their joy juice without taking a break to push out out before the next arrives. Afterwards Clara encourages her to push all the cum out at once and gets a little extra too.

This is a pretty hot scene. Alien is cute with a very nice body, and does a great job taking on the guys. They really work her over trading off and left no doubt about whether the cream pie was real or not. This is a nice start for the movie.

Scene 2 Regina Moon and Mugur

Chris heads to pick up Regina and Mugur with the hopes of shooting her somewhere new, like beside the highway. He finds the dark haired beauty by a gas station and then heads down the road to pick up Mugur in the rain. He checks her out before hopping up with his dick sticking out of his rainsuit for her to suck and stroke as they drive down the road. Mugur licks and fingers her pussy from behind before fucking her bow and arrow style, and after Regina strips out of her little black and white outfit, gets up to ride him in each of the cowgirls with a little more cocksucking mixed in. They arrive at their destination and head beside a pool where Regina sucks Mugur a little more before letting him fuck her missionary style. They get in quite a bit more oral action as well as working through both cowgirls again before moving on with a bit of spooning. They finish up fucking missionary style on the arm of a red couch before Mugur loads up Regina's vagina with his special sauce and lets her push it back out.

This is a hot scene. Regina looks great and the opening is fun. There's nice chemistry with plenty of energy between her and Mugur, and the cream pie looks nicely real. That said, the scene did get a little bogged down covering much of the same territory twice. This is a hot scene that might have been even hotter if it were a little shorter.

Scene 3 Clara G., Shannya Tweeks, Ian Scott, and Mike Angelo

Chris talks with hot bottle blonde Clara as Ian and Mike wait in the background wearing yellow hard hats, raincoats, and rubber gloves before he pans around to show Clara's foot in nice looking brunette Shannya's ass with her laying back in the trunk of a car. Clara moves her foot up to stretch out Shannya's pussy before they let her out of the car so Mike can work on her pussy and asshole with plenty of fingers from behind while she sucks Ian. Shannya looks like she pees a little as Mike works on her ass, and then puts her throat to work on each of them as Mike comes around to join Ian in front of her. Mike moves back around to give her a good hard doggie style assfucking and spreads her ass wide for Ian to fuck before moving back in front to get his cock sucked clean. Ian disappears as she rides Mike reverse cowgirl style with her ass and squirts before returning to work on her ass as she lays back on a couch. They head inside where Ian fucks her from behind before they DP her roughly cowgirl style with plenty of slaps, chokes, and hair pulling mixed in that Shannya seems to really get into. The guys stretch her ass out all the more double stuffing her ass reverse cowgirl style with a bit of ass to mouth action mixed in as well as giving her the traditional DP reverse cowgirl style. Finally Shannya lets them each pop in her ass from behind and then pushes a little back out.

This is a hot and nasty scene. Shannya starts things out with Clara letting you know that this is going to be a far from soft scene even by Chris Rolie's standards. She puts out each of her holes extremely well throughout the scene, and let me in awe with how well and how hard she took the double anal. The anal foot fucking in the start was also great, and although this is a bit of a rougher scene there's never any doubt as to whether or not Shannya was into it or not. The only thing that really holds the scene back is Ian disappearing for a bit in the middle gave it a slightly lopsided feeling. Even with that minor complaint, this is a hot scene.

Scene 4 Black Sonja, Ian Scott, and Mike Angelo

Mike and Ian start out wearing jeans with handcuffs hanging on their side, cop hats, and shades before heading up to try to find Black Sonja. They find her hiding in a closet wearing a sporty little blue and red outfit without any panties. She shows off her bald pussy before Mike slides a belt around her neck and has her start sucking his cock as Ian checks out her pussy. They help her strip down and show off a bit before she drops down to suck her way between their cocks while Chris slides a foot forward to toe-fuck her pussy. They take her to a bed where she continues to suck Ian while Mike fucks her ass from behind, and then slide her forward so Ian can shaft her shitpussy cowgirl style as she sucks Mike with plenty of gaping mixed in. They take her from a reverse cowgirl anal ride to a double penetration, and as she sucks her ass off Mike's cock Ian moves around to fuck her ass doggie style. The guys take Sonja out by the pool to fuck her ass and DP her cowgirl style, and take turns working her ass over spooning it and fucking it missionary style. Finally Black Sonja lays on her side and lets each of the guys pop in her asshole before they try opening it up to get it back out.

This is another hot scene. Black Sonja has a very nice tight body, and definitely knows how to make her asshole work for her. She takes a good hard anal fuck with plenty of very nice double penetration action mixed in, and as usual there was nothing about the cream pie to make me doubt it. I was hoping for a bit of cumfarting here, but even though that didn't happen it didn't hold the scene back. This is another winner of a scene.

Scene 5 Jazmin Luna Gold, David Perry, and Ian Scott

David, in doctor scrubs, and Ian, in a striped French artist type of an outfit, chat with Chris before they follow a trail of milk to Jazmin, who has a nice tight body with two toned red and black hair. They find her laying back in a swing and continuing to fill her pussy with milk before squirting it out while wearing a little black outfit with sexy fishnets. They continue to fill her up with milk and lap it out of her pussy as well as playing with it and spreading her open with a speculum as they play with her pussy and the milk. Jazmine rolls over and lets Ian fuck her from behind with the swing doing most of the work before David lubes up her ass and fucks it from behind. She rolls over to give her the ass missionary style before letting Ian spoon it as she sucks David's cock and eats his ass. Jazmine lets the guys DP her in each of the cowgirls as well as fucking her ass from behind and laying on her side. Finally, Jazmine lays back and lets each of the guys nut in her pussy, as well as taking a little on top of it before pushing it back out.

This is a darn hot scene that turned out to be one of my favorites in the movie. I love Jazmine's exotic look and she took it in each of her holes extremely well. The double penetrations were done extremely well and there looks to be a nice balance between the guys. This scene worked extremely well for me.

Scene 6 CJ and Ian Scott

CJ, who has a butch bottle blonde haircut and very tight body, starts out in a little white top, gloves, panties, and socks showing off for Chris as well as Ian, who watches in a pirate cap and eye patch. After stripping down a bit CJ comes back and strokes Ian's cock before dropping down to suck it. She moves to a chair for Chris to fill her pussy with milk so she can squirt it back out before going back to sucking Ian, and then lets him fuck her from behind. CJ also rides Ian in each of the cowgirls and lets him spoon her pussy before laying back to take him missionary style. Ian pops in CJ's pussy, and she spreads it wide to show his creamy load as it runs out.

This is a pretty hot scene. CJ and Ian had very nice chemistry, and put out some very good energy and vocals. At the same time the scene took a back seat to many of the other scenes here simply because CJ's look did virtually nothing for me. I can't deny that there's some good heat in this scene, but it just didn't work for me nearly as well as some of the others.

All Internal 10 is another nicely done cream pie release from Chris Rolie. As usual with this series the action is often a bit on the intense side and never leaves a doubt as to the authenticity of the cream pies. Rolie's scenes can sometimes be a touch wild on the camera work, but he always seems to be into the action and over time I think I've warmed to it a little as well as it being a little toned down as Rolie perfected his craft. I think Jazmin Luna Gold and Black Sonja turned out my favorite scenes here, with both of them giving up both the pussy and the ass extremely well, but Shannya Tweeks also really impressed me. CJ's scene came out as the weakest for me, and that's simply because her look didn't do much for me as opposed to anything she, Ian or Chris was doing that didn't seem quite right. All Internal 10 is a hot release that's definitely worth checking out if you're a cream pie fan.

The Extra Stuff

The photo gallery lasts something like twenty five minutes with about fifteen seconds per very nice looking snapshot. Supposedly one can move through faster, but as usual with the Cruel Media releases I couldn't get it to. There's also website information and a bonus scene.

Bonus Scene Sabrina Sweet, Lauro Giotto, and Mugur

Long haired brunette Sandy shows off her killer ass and small tits for the camera before starting to masturbate and watch herself in a mirror. She lets Chris reach in to play with her pussy before Mugur and Lauro arrive and help her up so she can suck and stroke her way between their cocks. She lets Mugur have the first fuck reverse cowgirl style as she sucks Lauro, and lets him move in to mix in a few missionary fucks before moving over to Lauro for a reverse cowgirl ride with Mugur getting his cock sucked and working in a little doggie fucking. The guys take turns spooning Sandy and fucking her face, and keep trading off on her in doggie, missionary, and pile driver. The guys finally nut in Sandy's pussy as she lays on her side one after another without giving her a chance to squeeze any out until the end. She lets some of the cum run out and pulls a bit more out with her fingers before taking a taste.

This is a pretty good scene. Sandy is cute and has a very nice body, and takes on both cocks very well. The cream pies look nicely real to end the scene, and she takes it all with a nice smile. That said, the scene seemed a bit dragged out for me with the opening tease and masturbation lasting a little long and the action being a little too bogged down in the guys taking turns back and forth. This scene easily makes it past the average mark, but it has a hard time making it much past the above average mark.

The Down -n- Dirty Sex Stuff

Themes: Straight, tease, group, cream pie (vaginal and anal), lesbian, feet, anal, ass to mouth, DP, DAP, and rimming (male > female and female male)

Raincoat Factor: Very high

Condom Usage: None

The Bottom Line:

Currently, many of Jules Jordan Video's DVDs can be found online for between about $24 and $37 with very few stores offering them near the low end. If you're a fan of cream pies, this one should be well worth the money. There's plenty of chemistry and energy in each scene, and there wasn't a single cream pie that left me in doubt watching the movie. The technical aspects are nicely done and there's also some nice effort put into the extras with a hot bonus scene. This release worked very well for me.

Note to Jules Jordan Video / Cruel Media: Please watch your cover claims a little better. You put out too good of a product to have it held back by sloppiness and misleading claims on the cover.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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