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All Ass Blowout 1

All Ass Blowout 1

Studio: Digital Sin
Category:  Anal
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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picman's ratings for All Ass Blowout 1:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
All Ass Blowout 1 overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks All Ass Blowout 1 Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks All Ass Blowout 1 Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex All Ass Blowout 1 Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting All Ass Blowout 1 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras All Ass Blowout 1 DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality All Ass Blowout 1 A/V Quality rating 5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by picman  on  1/22/2006
Here's a unique situation for me. I'm reviewing a compilation and I don't even have to watch it to know I'm going to give it a good rating. Why? This is a two disk collection of scenes filmed by Jonni Darkko at NS/DS. The same body of work that caught John Stagliano's eye at Evil Angel and brought him to his place amongst the best directors in porn. I was familiar with Jonni's work here, but not with all of these scenes by a longshot.The roll call of stars is like a masturbatory hall of fame for that period of time. I'm just going to sit back and enjoy.

Disk 1

Haley Anal Perversions 1

The scene opens with Haley Paige getting her throat fucked by Ben English. She's in a wide net top that's pulled over her fabulous tits, which are nipping. Drool is running out of the bottom of her mouth and Jonni is getting up close and personal with the camera, framing her beautiful and erotic face. RCA, A2M and an attempted gape. Missionary anal, a position I think Jonni shoots better than anyone, and a big gape. They hold this prime position for awhile, giving us a great view of Haley's fantastic body and beautiful face, along with a few more gapes. A2M, more mish, and a cut to CG anal. A hot shot of Haley squat fucking Ben's big log. Cut to Haley taking a nice facial with a smile on her pretty face and some PCH.
It's Haley Paige, and she's framed just right. Jonni has a great eye for composition and he gets all the important stuff in his shots.

Taylor Rain Anal Perversions

Another scene starts with a blow job. This time it's Taylor Rain with a cock in her mouth. Manuel Ferrara's big cock to be exact, and Taylor's doing that side to side move she does to get it deeper into her throat. Manuel smears Taylor's face with her slobber using his cock and jabs deep into her throat. Taylor takes him balls deep and holds. Her face is a mess, her tits alive. Taylor looks like the ultimate fuck doll. She gets on top of him and just keeps sucking his hog nastier. Once he's hard enough to pound rivets, Taylor gives him some ass to destroy in RC. Hard and fast by him, then deep and slow by her. Cut to Taylor sticking four fingers up her dirty place before Manuel fills the browneye in spoon. He chokes and slaps her, evoking a look that's a combination of apprehension and lust. Taylor prepares for piledriver anal by prying her asshole open for Manuel. He gets a big gape out of her after a few strokes. Doggie anal, then up and over. Cut to Manuel face fucking Taylor, then mish anal. Fabulous open mouth facial with Taylor jacking Manuel's cock off herself and revelling in the shower.
Another fine scene. Taylor Rain may be controversial as hell, but what a fine butt slut she is. Manuel's cock is as thick as her leg, but her elastic asshole can take anything, and her face conveys her deep feelings.

Holly Hollywood Anal Perversions 2

Holly Hollywood with a dick in her mouth. I guess they cut out any tease to cram as much as possible onto these disks. She's making it messy, if not too deep, and having some fun getting face fucked as her hard nipples will attest. Mark Ashley screws an anal toy into her ass and licks her sweet looking pussy with Holly on her back and legs pinned to her chest. The screw toy gets replaced by a butt plug that's lubed in Holly's wet twat. Once she's good and stretched, Mark plants the flesh pipe in her dark place. Cut to doggy anal and a gape. Up and over. More gaping. Holly's keeping her pussy busy every step of the way. RCA with furious clit strumming. Wet holes gaping and a sly smile from Holly as Mark picks up the pace. Cut to Mark pooling his cum on Holly's tongue and having it slide down her chin onto her chest. PCH to end the scene.
Not quite up to the first couple of scenes but quite hot nonetheless.

Lucy Lee Anal Perversions 2

This scene has a different beginning. A beaded glass toy is planted in Lucy Lee's ass. Then we see her head bobbing on cock in the distance. Mr. Pete is making sure there's room in her tight little ass for the buggering to come. She cleans the toy and gets serious on Pete's cock. Deep throat and runny slobber. Lucy's nipples sticking out like twin hardons. Lubed up, ass ready, Pete sticks it to her in doggy. Nice easy slide as Pete goes deep, then up and over. Lucy breaks a nice sweat as Pete scissors her in that position, pretty much jamming everything but his balls into her hot dirt pipe. They do some gaping and Jonni takes us to pseudo POV looking down on her split cheeks. Spoon anal gives us a great view of Lucy's fine body. A2M and back to spoon. Cut to RCA shot from the floor with a nice view of Lucy's unused pussy, gaping and sticky looking. Throat filling A2M and a cut to mish anal insertion. Mild slapping and a hard choke out raises Lucy's intensity a notch. More A2M with Lucy giving Pete a good thorough cleaning. He just stays there and makes a deposit directly into her mouth.
I can't help but love this scene. Lucy Lee turns me on, especially pre-enhanced. Great oral and deep sodomy.

Gia Paloma Anal Perversions 3

From very early in her career, before weight loss and new boobs, Gia Paloma requires more than one cock. Mr. Pete is spanking her and making Gia wriggle on the cock planted down her throat. He also plays with a big blue ball that's inserted in her rectum along with its friends. Hard face fuck by Mr. Pete, then back and forth in tandem with deep throat, ball licking and nose pinching. Tit slapping by Ben Brat, slobber hanging off those pretty puppies. Gia's breathless and excited as they use her mouth like a pussy. Pete fucks her pussy in spoon. Ben sits on her face for a rim job. More face action, then a titty fuck. These guys are going to put their cocks anyplace then can fit it in Gia's beautifully soft body. Ben gets some pussy in mish and we see the blue loop still sticking out of her butt. Deep fucking and P2M before the anal unveiling. The balls are pulled out and Pete takes their place, putting Gia on the rotisserie. He hammers her colon, then the guys trade spaces. Ben goes up and over while Gia titty fucks Pete. Light slapping, choking, and even some kissing. A2M, then RCA on Pete that looks like it's hitting her spot. CG anal on Ben, then a CGDP with Pete driving the ass. Gia's purring sweetly from the double sensation, then the guys trade spaces. Piledriver anal with Pete. Ben gives her a foot to suck on. Reverse piledriver for Ben. Gia sucks on the anal balls, fitting both into her mouth. They aren't small. A little choking as Ben scissors her, then A2M held at the pubes. On her knees, Gia takes two open mouth facials. She revels in the cum, tasting it off of her face and tits.
Sometimes I forget how hot Gia Paloma really is. Scenes like this remind me of her natural nastiness and do anything attitude.

Katsumi Anal Perversions 3

A dick in her face and someone playing around by her backdoor. Quintessential Katsumi. Steve Holmes pulls an anal ball out of her ass with his teeth, then replaces it. A couple of anal pumps with his long schwanz gives Katsumi an erotic shudder. Does anyone have a brighter smile with cock in her mouth? She's on the rotisserie and Steve tees off on her sweet ass with a couple of hard smacks. His partner releases her beautiful tits from their classy white finery. Panties remain on and pushed aside. A2M and she deep throats them both, kissing Steve's pubes for several seconds. Cut to a missionary anal train, Katsumi's nipples looking like they could re-facet the hardest of diamonds. A return to the rotisserie, and a spanking for being such a naughty girl. She goes to RCA and Steve positions himself over her head for a gentle skull fuck. Katsumi's painfully ignored clit looks engorged and her pussy has an inviting gape. A2M and back to RCA with a quick cut to spoon anal with Steve. She keeps working the other cock with her world class head, cooing and whimpering from the anal assault. The guys trade spaces as Katsumi gets dogged. The intensity picks up as her ass gets pounded and Katsumi howls. CG anal on Steve. Some attempted gapes but Katsumi's sphincter seals tight. Cut to mish anal. She savors the taste of cock with her sodomy. Deep mish from Steve with multiple pullouts to watch her ass snap close. Katsumi kneels to await her creamy rewards, delivered in succession, and lovingly sucks the cum guns that have decorated her face so nicely.
One of porn's most beautiful and exotic women, shot beautifully. The only thing missing was a DP. Hard to imagine that they wouldn't want to fill her pussy up a little.

Ander Paige Anal Trainer

Decked out in nylons and garters, Ander Paige is bobbing her head on some cock. Ben English fucks her face till his cock is nasty with slobbery streamers, then she goes to work on his balls. Cut to some anal training with a screw toy. Ben switches to a life-like dildo while Ander suckles on his dick. Cut to an RCA insertion. Ander strums her clit while her ass loosens up on the hard peg. A2M and a doggy anal insertion. Up and over with more A2M. Spoon anal. Ander looks a little worn out. Ben picks up the pace and Ander has an apparent orgasm. She takes more hard pounding, then a face fucking A2M. Back to spoon and Ander coaxes/orders Ben to cum in her mouth, which he does. PCH to the fade.
If this turns out to be the runt of the litter, it's still pretty good. Rudimentary fucking with a lovely woman.

Brooke Balentyne Anal Trainer

On her knees, hands behind her back, getting a throat probing and lesson in submission by Nacho Vidal, is Brooke Balentyne. He takes a little break to give her some g-spot manipulation and a taste of her juices. More cock feeding, nose pinching and ball sucking. Time to train another hole. A medium sized blue butt plug is employed as Nacho strokes his thick cock in anticipation of popping it into Brooke's oven. He switches to a black dildo and plants it while getting more head for lube. Nacho slides into Brooke's ass slowly, gathering speed like a locomotive and smacking her ass as though guiding a racehorse into the stretch. Up and over, giving Brooke a toe to suck on. A2M, then a standing anal penetration with Nacho pulling her back on him for RCA. The ass stretching has Brooke howling and doing Lamaze breathing. A2M and more throat training. Brooke tosses Nacho'salad and swabs his balls. Speaking of balls, he next inserts a bead of large purple one's in her anus. Two big one's go up there that she shits out and cleans. Mish anal taken to the root with Nacho showing her how to rub her clit to take her mind off the unholy invasion. Nacho steams away with Brooke rubbing furiously, nipples alive, smiling and grimacing alternately, then asking to suck his dirty dick. He skull fucks the cute submissive, then goes back to training her ass. Brooke pulled to her knees for a throatful of cock to get Nacho off. He dumps his seed in her mouth and makes sure that Brooke gets it clean.
A little uncomfortable at times. Nacho's big and Brooke was in need of some anal training.

Taylor Rain Anal Trainer 2

Taylor Rain is back again, this time for training. She's got a dick sliding in her throat and a firm hand behind her head for guidance. She's wearing a pink fishnet top and has a red buttplug parked in her elastic asshole. First penetration is RCA, Taylor undulating her supple body on the cock, then being used like a masturbatory aid. Cut to Taylor pumping four fingers into her ass in preparation for Trent Tesoro's doggy penetration. Up and over scissor move designed to enter the digestive system. A2M, then another four fingered stretching (two from each hand) to facilitate mish anal with Taylor bunched up in a chair. Trent digs into her pretty hard, just the way Taylor should get fucked. Some gaping, more mish pounding, and Taylor stretching her tongue out for the only protein she ever seems to get. Post pop cumplay.
Short and sweet. Just Taylor Rain taking it in the ass.

Jessica Darlin Anal Trainer 3

Jessica Darlin gagging on an already slobbery cock. Her black top pulled up to display a perfect set of tits and Ben English enlisted to do her training. Cut to Jessica face down, ass up, getting her asshole stretched by Ben's fingers. He fucks her with a glass butt plug that has a turn handle and spins it like a top in her rectum. The purple anal ball toy is employed and Jessica takes two. She's ready for cock and Ben takes her in an up and over, then piledriver. A very active RCA follows, then A2M. A few rounds of this, then spoon anal. A2M, back to spoon, then the cumshot taken in Jessica's mouth.
Kind of short, both timewise and on positions. Not Jessica's best scene by any stretch of the imagination, but still not bad.

Disk 2

Petra Anal Trainer 4

Darkko's camera is underneath Mark Ashley, looking up as his big dick dips into Petra's mouth. She's pretty, with a look that's reminiscent of Inari Vachs. Petra seems to be ennervated by sucking Mark's cock. Some submissive face fucking, then she savors the taste and feel of his hard truncheon with the camera in a POV type position. They go right to missionary anal with Petra opening up wide and holding a leg behind her ear. Gaping right away, Petra's sphincter actually opens after Mark's cock is removed, in a natural pulse or throb, no hand stretching. Several camera angles used for this position, then a switch to up and over doggy anal. Spoon anal and a messy open mouth facial.
This was one scene I was familiar with and looked forward to seeing again. Something about Petra's almost cross eyed look during the sodomy that stuck out in my mind. Nice to see that anal sex can bring someone closer to the Lord, as evidenced by the many "Oh my God's" uttered by Petra.

Crystal Ray Anal Trainer 5

One of the delights of a compilation like this is to get another look at starlets from the recent past who have walked, or run, away from the industry. This scene has Crystal Ray looking fresh, healthy and even a little glamorous with a nicely coiffed hairdo. She's happily bobbing on some knob, her lithe body promising more by its very nakedness. Ashley decides to return the favor and goes down on her, then fingers Crystal to a wet climax. Next, he opens her asshole, first with fingers, then the screw toy. Technical DP as Mark fills Crystal's pussy with big dick in mish up and over. Mish anal with real flesh pipe and A2M. Doggy anal with gaping. Up and over, then an A2M bj. They 69 with Mark sticking about eight fingers in Crystal's snatch. RCA shot from the floor as she eases down the pole. Open mouth facial with Crystal kneeling on the floor.
Crystal Ray gets my juices running and Mark gets hers the same. She really looked good here and seemed to enjoy the deep reaming.

Nicole Sheridan Anal Trainer 5

Nicole Sheridan is sucking hubby Voodoo's cock while he pumps a red butt plug in her rump. This seems to be a perfect marriage because Nicole just loves Voodoo's dick. She teases and plays with it, sucking and chewing on his balls. Then she shares the cock drool with him, which he uses as lube for the toy. He trains her hot ass good, then fucks her pussy in doggy for the technical DP. When he gets a little rough she squeals in delight. RCA shot from the floor with Nicole doing a hot grind on the huge cock. Voodoo gives Nicole a reach around and taste, plays with her tits and lets her ride to orgasm. She can't seem to get enough of his cock into her ass as she jams down on him. Doggy anal with Voodoo teasing, then spanking Nicole. Up and over with a gape that Nicole fingers herself. Piledriver anal, Nicole sweating and gasping in delight. Voodoo fucks her into a headstand and orgasm. He collapses onto the couch and picks things back up again in mish anal. Nicole is begging for cum and Voodoo shoots off into her gaping ass, then across her body to her face.
Fucking hot scene! It's too bad these two have limited themselves so much. Voodoo more than Nicole. They must save all their fucking for the cameras to go at each other with this much passion. She's such a dirty girl and he seems to have a healthy taste for kink. The cumshot was almost Northian.

Katrina Kraven Anal Trainer 6

Missionary anal insertion right from the outset for Katrina Kraven. She really loves it and asks for it deep. A2M that turns into a full scaled slobbering face fuck for Mark Ashley. Doggy anal and a spanking for the wild child. A2P. Katrina's delighted that Mark likes her pussy but tells him to put it back in the fudge tunnel anyway. Gaping, then an up and over hammering. Every deep plunge elicits happy gasps. A2M with a deep throat attempt. Mark uses a big pink butt plug on Katrina. RCA, A2M and CG anal. Katrina puts her undeniable love of sodomy on display. Mark streams his load onto Katrina's tongue, flowing down her body on her tits. Katrina rubs it in like a fine moisturizer.
There are many more glamorous women in porn than Katrina, but few are as sexually beautiful. She's always fully engaged in the act and verbalizes her pleasures and demands perfectly. This was a rousing scene, beautifully captured.

Audrey Hollander Anal Trainer 7

As is usually the case with Audrey Hollander, there's more than one dick to play with. The carrot topped lovely has two cocks in her face and a red butt plug sticking out of her ass. She gets bent over a bar stool for a face fucking by Manuel Ferrara while hubby Otto Bauer manipulates the plug. This girl loves being used. Manuel takes over the toy play and feeds Audrey her taste. He gives her some real dick in doggy, sitting on the stool, and even does DAP with the plug. Otto goes to the northside for a little action while Manuel is dominating her. She's flipped over for mish and Manuel shoves his hand into her rectum. Otto gets to fuck her gaping ass in mish while Manuel fucks her face. Some face smacking by Otto and Manuel takes over again with another DAP using the toy. Audrey pacifies herself on Otto's cock. A2M on Manuel and the toy simultaneously. Up and over doggy anal with Manuel. Huge gape. RCA with Manuel. A2M with some face slapping. CG anal on Manuel and Audrey begs for two cocks. Otto stuffs her like a Thanksgiving turkey for a short DAP. Doggy anal with Manuel. Up and over reaming. More toy play for another DAP. Audrey sucks Manuel's foot, then takes a hard face fucking by Otto. Manuel bends her head back for a skull fuck and Audrey's begging for cum. Otto jets his seed into Audrey's open mouth. She shows and holds, waiting for Manuel's contribution. He gives her a half dozen squirts to swallow but the video fades before we can see that.
Audrey was one of the hottest and sluttiest women extant right out of the gate. She has the kind of face, body and demeanor that makes you just want to tear into her, and nothing would please her more. Hot scene.

Shy Love Anal Trainer 7

Shy Love has her lips wrapped around a big dick. Slow, sensuous licking and sucking, head descending to make room in her throat. Looks good. Shy looks very sexy in hot pink lacy undies. Her panties are lowered to her knees, lube poured into the anus, cock placed at the backdoor opening, and Shy fucks the cock backing up in doggy. It's incredibly hot watching Shy just use the hardon and getting it deep in her tract before relinquishing control. Her moaning is from the heart as they get a nice steady rhythm going. Up and over as she rubs her nubbin. Possible orgasm and some gaping. Mish anal. More furious clit rubbing and another possible "O". She takes a hard railing in mish and this time definitely cums. Gaping and insertion shots in the aftermath. CG anal with Shy rocking back slowly to get maximum penetration. Some championship riding ensues. Shy gets her tits doused with semen.
I'm not a big fan of Shy's enhancements but Darkko does a great job of only providing flattering shots. But that's the only thing I don't like about the gorgeous buck toothed butt slut. She's hot and so is this scene.

Demi Marx Anal Trainer 8

Demi Marx could be a poster girl for a WEHT thread. She was hot for about fifteen minutes and has seemed to flit in and out of our collective consciousnesses ever since. Her she's handling a big, thick cock courtesy of Manuel Ferrara. She's jerking and sucking him as per orders. Manuel seems to be extra excited because I've never seen the head stay out of the foreskin for very long with him, and it is here. Cut to doggy anal insertion in an up and over. Manuel looks impossibly big for her tight ass and it's slow going at first. A2M and a renewed attempt that has Demi striking a sprinter's pose on the blocks. Another A2M, giving her sphincter a break. Back to the up and over and more A2M. Demi gapes and Manuel stabs the pucker with his dickhead. Another A2M and they try spoon anal. RCA and an A2M 69. A couple more rounds of this and they go to mish anal. At this point Demi's looking around for a clock. A2M and Manuel gives her something to swallow and wear. Demi's happy now.
Unless you like seeing lovely women in discomfort, this scene doesn't cut it and should never have been used in a comp. Manuel is just to big for the inexperienced Demi and she couldn't get comfortable. Maybe some pussy fucking would have made a difference.

Katja Kassin Anal Trainer 8

Mouthful of cock, peering up at the lucky recipient while sitting on Manuel Ferrara's face, is Katja Kassin. Manuel hops to his feet to do some throat training with Katja. Cut to Katja blowing the other guy on a bed and Manuel playing around with her ass. He licks her holes and plants a pink buttplug before inserting his flesh one. Her perfect teacup titties have pebbles sticking out. Manuel fucks her ass hard in an up and over doggy, then A2M. Doggy vag for the other guy as Katja gets put on the rotisserie. CG anal on Manuel, Katja's mouth wrapped around dick. Big gape. Doggy anal with Manuel. Quick cut to mish anal. Katja sticks four fingers up her ass and begs to be fucked. More mish anal, Katja's tits flouncing around. RCA with Manuel jamming in her mouth. Gaping and skull fucking. Katja takes Manuel's ball blasts while sucking on a big blue anal ball. Open mouth facial by the other guy that streaks Katja's brow and hair.
Katja's hot and the chemistry with Manuel is solid. The other guy is just an afterthought.

Julie Night Anal Trainer 3

Julie Night, who has been known to get involved in some extreme scenes, has two playthings in Billy Glide and Trent Tesoro. She throats both guys alternately with all the nasty energy she can muster. She gets put on the rotisserie with Trent taking her ass from behind. RCA on Trent, Billy skull fucking her. Billy plays with her pussy and Julie spanks her own tits. A2M deep throat, Julie holding at the pubes for several seconds. Mish anal for Billy, Trent gets her sweet mouth. A2M for Billy, Trent takes her in mish. Back on the spit, Trent goes up and over deep in Julie's ass. He sticks a dildo in Julie's pooper and joins it for a technical DAP. The guys ram her at both ends, then trade spaces. Billy cums in her ass and feeds Julie some from the head of his dick. One helping isn't enough so he digs back in for more. Trent takes the more direct route, cumming in and around Julie's mouth.
A good scene with slight wood problems for Billy in the middle. Julie has wonderful energy and enjoys the debauchery.

Lauren Phoenix Anal Trainer 3

Lauren Phoenix is hammerheading a dick. Sucking it hard and fast, looking like she wants to end the scene before it gets started. Trent Tesoro hangs in there, withstanding the oral onslaught by the beautiful amazon. Cut to an RCA insertion, Lauren impaling herself, then A2M. She sucks the taste right off Trent's cock and returns to her ride. Her pussy's gaping open, beef curtains flapping as Lauren works the cock with enormous energy. She has that trademark sheen of perspiration coating her torso and begs to be fucked like a dog. First a thorough cock cleaning, then the canine buttfucking. A2M again and a reset. Mish anal next. Then spoon. Up and over doggy anal with pullouts for gaping. Trent pops on Lauren's outstretched tongue with lots of PCH for a nice nasty finish.
She's physically imposing and brings tons of energy to this scene. Her ass looked like it swallowed up Trent's cock and she seems to really enjoy A2M immensely.

Katsumi Anal Trainer 4

Another helping of Katsumi. I'm not complaining. She's making oral love and looking the lucky recipient right in the eyes. Deep throat down that velvet gullet brings moans from Randy Spears and giggles from Katsumi. She sits on his dick in RCA, her physical perfection on display with nice floor shots. Nipples ready to poke out an eye. A2M leading to CG anal, Katsumi's ass full and firm. More A2M. She deep throats Randy again and he almost loses it right then and there. Up and over doggy anal. Another A2M leading to full on cock worship, then doggy anal. Mish anal, gentle and deep. Pullouts for gaping. Randy strokes off onto Katsumi's cheek, even though her mouth was wide open. PCH to end the video.
Katsumi is exotic and erotic. Randy fucks her with love and ends the compilation on a sweet note.
Epilogue This is probably as good as a comp can get. It's not unusual for companies to package a shitload of scenes taking up more than five hours of screen time, but not at this quality. The only things keeping this from being perfect is the fact that there was editing to make room for more scenes. Not a moment of tease in the whole compilation. Another quibble I have, and it's strictly a personal preference, is that no pussies were hurt in the making of these videos. I know that a lot of people feel that anal titles should be 100% anal, and they get huffy if someone deigns to fuck a nice inviting vagina. I'm just the opposite. I want to see a woman pleasured and warmed to the task before her dirt road is violated. I think Demi's scene would have gone much better if that was an alternative when things got rough. As it was, Manuel was giving her all the breaks he could by suggesting A2M so frequently. I'm still mystified as to why that scene would even be chosen for a showcase like this. They should have substituted the notorious shaved head Belladonna from Anal Trainer 4. That would have fit in perfectly. Maybe on the next compilation. That being said, there's more than five hours of quality video here. Darkko's style can seem coldly clinical with all the closeups and gaping, but it comes off as very erotic. Despite the undertow of music and natural sounds there's a feeling of quiet to his production. And what dialogue does come through never feels forced or phony. It really is very good.
The Disk Not much on here. Some trailers and photo galleries. I didn't expect much and it shouldn't even apply in this case.
Recommendation Do I even have to say this? Don't bother renting, this is being sold at a very reasonable price. I saw it for as low as $16. If you want to experience early Darkko, this is a sure thing.

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