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All About Sadie 2

All About Sadie 2

Studio: Digital Sin
Category:  All Sex
Directed by: ,
Starring: , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for All About Sadie 2:
Overall Rating 4 stars
All About Sadie 2 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks All About Sadie 2 Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks All About Sadie 2 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex All About Sadie 2 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting All About Sadie 2 Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras All About Sadie 2 DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality All About Sadie 2 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  10/17/2009
Ok fans time to check out a new Sadie West title and it's from when she was still under contract to New Sensations/ Digital Sin. The good thing for Sadie fans is this is a movie all about her as she appears in all five scenes plus the bonus scene which is lifted from a previously released flick- she takes on Tony DeSergio there. So if you're a Sadie fan and liked her work for Digital here's probably your best opportunity to see her do a lot of work at once and I'm pretty happy about that. Highlight time.

Sadie with Ben English:

Wow no messing around here as the two instantly begin kissing, Ben goes for her tits sucking on them, hello this is Ben English right, lol. I don't usually see him doing this for the girls so I was happy. Some good aggressive making out between the two and Ben's doing some strong finger banging down below. Loved the doggie pose where there's more fingering but alas no pussy eating from Ben which is more like what I see with him. Sadie then gets to work, some fine knob polishing which we see from floor level- also get the titties in and she does some serious gagging here. The sex gets nice'n'sweaty here as they hit the positions, some P2M too from Sadie and Ben splashes his seed against her face to close it out.

Sadie with Lana Violet & J Mac:

Ok we're not getting any BTS in the extras so it was nice to get a little interview time here with the girls. Sadie has just recently turned 21 while Lana had yet to but has since this was shot. The girls are nice and giggly here too as they chat with the female camera person. They have a little set up for the scene. Lana's guy is late coming over to fix Sadie's car so she can hit a photo shoot. Well J Mac arrives but there's no fixing of the car as he uses the charm on the ladies and we soon have a hot three way going on. Sadie remains the center of attention getting maked while Lana and her man get shots at the pussy, J Mac staying down longer. Soon the girls switch and J gets a sample of his ladies goodies with Sadie not far away and she adds a finger to the mix. The ladies then share the schlong, some floor shots from underneath and a good side angle too as the girls trade off the sword. Onto the couch they go for a much better shared blowjob from the girls, sex then follows with cowgirl taking us to Sadie first, P2OGM from Lana. The ladies then switch with Lana riding in reverse, some P2M from her. Later on we try piledriver with Lana and we end with the girls faces right next to each other as J stands over dropping his load.

Sadie with Mark Wood:

Ok we're back to just Sadie here, she's losing the voice here but keeps on truckin and the energy I see from her in the BTS clips is there. She's a fun person to listen to talk and she's enjoying a ciggy too for those that like smokers. Fairly short chat here before we hit the scene which begins with a car arriving and Sadie getting out. She lets herself in a big house and heads right upstairs. Outside we have another car pulling up as some ominous music starts playing. The camera then takes us to that person as he makes his way in, going back behind the house to try and gain entry without being detected I guess. Back to Sadie who hits the bathroom as down below our unknown male has entered the house, music still playing along. Sadie then gets naked and appears to be getting ready for a shower as our perp has now gained the upstairs. Some fine views of a naked Miss West, that ass always impresses me. Into the shower she goes and I hope we get a little water tease and sure enough the water turns on just as our perp is entering the bathroom. They stand back to watch a bit but slowly enter, scaring Sadie who opens the door and then she knows who it is. Sadie starts teasing, rubbing her wet breasts, those eyes seeking out too. The shower then turns off and Sadie wraps a white towel around as she goes into the room to do what I imagine is a bit of the sex!The towel comes off and looks like we're in for POV scene. Sadie soon has the cock out and does a wonderful job working that bad boy over. Playing with the balls and giving 'us' great eye contact too. Sadie has that great all around bod so the shots of her riding facing us with either her tits or ass were great, doggie was pretty nice too. I love her skin and the clear picture shows it beautifully. Solid mish finish yields the pop up her belly so we never know it's Mark Wood laying pipe though he's listed in the menu credits so nice job Mark.

Sadie with Michael Stefano:

Onto the next scene and I recognized the house immediately, was just in it during June just after Erotica LA. They open with Sadie already naked and damn she is just a gorgeous young woman and it's so cool we're watching her play, I think anyway. Sadie is her usual fun and bubbly self as she chats with us, everyone else bustling behind her getting things ready. We have the same female camera person from the earlier scene shooting. The dark hair just helps set those eyes off every time, especially here where the lighting is natural. A short time later and we're outside where it's sunny but not to bad and Sadie's got clothes on as we take some pictures. Some clothes on I say which easily move about so her tits come out, a super good close on those babies. Sadie uses the smoldering eye looks too and again the darker hair just works here with those kind of eyes. Sadie is good with the caressing and we get a little water play too as she pours some over her tits and then that fine ass. Stefano then eases in, he was taking the pics but needs to get a little more involved with his subject! How about a little breast kissing, fingers to the pussy and finally it's inside where Sadie wraps those lips firmly around Michael's cock. Moving on it's a fun'n'fast ride in cowgirl followed by Michael taking a pause for the cause burying his face in that wet pussy-- lots of loud moaning here from Sadie. Reverse and spoon follow culminating in the best pop by far as Michael lets one out just over her mouth, some in but it's a great load with cleanup too-- best scene so far easily.

Sadie with Pike Nelson:

One more scene to check out and it begins with Sadie casually sitting on the couch chatting with the usual camera guy that shoots the BTS for Digital. I think this scene will involve feet and toys- not sure what that will entail, stay tuned. The tease opens with a shot of those feet before moving up to the titties, back down then to the pussy area where Sadie's fingers trace over. The panties are moved so those lips can be fully visible and we zoom in nice'n'tight as Sadie does more finger play. There is some pocket rocket action too before Pike joins in and Sadie's using a much bigger toy then and you see that cookie's real wet here-- needed a tongue down there then instead of a plastic toy I think. Pike gets down there and does lick a little but we still keep the toy as the big focus. Miss West then gets a go at Pike's cock and we get another fine oral display from our girl, the POV shot was real good here. The sex features some fine doggie action, then it's a flip over to mish where Pike does a much better job and longer too of licking her pussy, lots of moaning here! Fairly standard sex after that but she's so fucking hot it still rocks- reverse, cowgirl and spoon. Not much foot play at all until the end where Pike pops over those feet and they keep a nice shot on the cum soaked feet but she doesn't lift them up to lick the cum off which would have rocked.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well for fans of Sadie West this is an easy pick up. She's fucking hot and that's shown off very well in each scene, the best overall was easily the pairing with Michael Stefano. The POV with Woodie was pretty solid as were the two other scenes with Lana and the finale with Pike. Extra wise it's fairly thin with the biggest being the bonus scene where she fucks Tony DeSergio. The scene is lifted from the first All About Sadie volume.

We open the next scene with another chat session with Sadie but this one was more like you'd get in a BTS interview, heck the guy talking to her is the one who usually conducts them, just doing it at the start this time. Ok we get to the scene and it takes us to a garage where Tony and Sadie were playing ping pong, she seems to do pretty good but then the paddles are put down and with a gleeming smile Sadie shifts the game from pong to schlong!! Sadie lets Tony know her intentions cupping over his cock which is soon unleashed and Sadie's mouth is there to greet it. The flirting between the two is good and also funny. Tony gets a few licks in too before sliding into Sadie from behind-- they use the table to prop themselves up. To get more comfortable they move to a couch where we see reverse, cowgirl, spoon and mish. Popwise Tony launches to her outstretched tongue with some fine cleanup right after from Sadie as the jizz drips from her chin!

So an easy purchase for fans of Sadie who want everything they can get with her in it and this one is solid with six overall scenes of which five are brand new.

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