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All About Eve (Viv Thomas)

All About Eve (Viv Thomas)

Studio: Viv Thomas
Category:  All Girl
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bono-ONE's ratings for All About Eve (Viv Thomas):
Overall Rating 4 stars
All About Eve (Viv Thomas) overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks All About Eve (Viv Thomas) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks All About Eve (Viv Thomas) Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex All About Eve (Viv Thomas) Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting All About Eve (Viv Thomas) Plot/Acting rating 4.5 stars
Extras All About Eve (Viv Thomas) DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality All About Eve (Viv Thomas) A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  11/4/2006
Here we go fans with one of those reviews I just love to write. It's a lesbian title from Viv Thomas who I think puts out the best shot g/g dvds on either side of the Atlantic, bar none. This dvd features one girl in particular which Viv's done at least one other time with the Vera Weekend dvds last year. The girl this time is Eve Angel and this dark haired Hungarian is perhaps my favorite Viv model along with Sandra Shine who as luck would have it makes an appearance in this one. There are five scenes with Eve in each one so if you are a fan of this woman you'll for sure want to add this to your collection. There is minimal set up, there's a paragraph to read before each scene giving you the run down on the situation and then it's usually on to the sex pretty quick. Let's hit a few highlights.

Eve & Sandra Shine:

They lead off with the scene going into this title I was looking forward to the most. The two girls in this one put on an amazing scene in Pink Velvet 3 and I'd been waiting for another opportunity to see them hook up and here it is. The gist of the story is Eve's a PI and Sandra hired her to investigate hubby whom she thinks is cheating. Well the results are in and sure enough he was banging not one, not two, not three, but 8 other women. Sandra takes the news pretty good and Eve's advice is to get back at him using his own game. Sandra suggests another man but Eve has a better suggestion, another woman and she makes it clear she wants to be that woman. So the two head to another room where the lighting was a bit dark for my tastes but the ladies get hot 'n' heavy very fast with some sensual kissing and I mean they make out like I love seeing girls make out. There's some very good boob sucking done by Eve who is the first to please and she works all over Sandra's front side mixing in kissing and breast sucking. The two girls are also busy the whole time with their hands which we see seeking out the other's pussy where we get a little stroke action. It's so hot to me to see girls kissing with another's hand slipping inside the lace panties to masturbate their partner, just gets me going. The oral by both is beautiful and like their scene in Pink Velvet 3 Sandra really gets into sucking those perfect sized titties of Eve's. My only complaint with this scene was the lighting being to dark for me at times, otherwise the passion was there in boundless quantities. These two definitely need to hook up again and again!

Eve & Jamie:

The theme of this scene is a slumber party and we all know what happens when girls get together for sleep overs-- hot lesbian sex!! The gist here is that Eve's been having the hots for Jamie for some time so with her friend over for the night this was her chance and they go to bed with nothing happening but Eve soon sits up and starts caressing over Jamie's body. This rouses her from her slumber and the two start making out. Again like the first scene the lighting was a bit dark I thought, otherwise the passion was spot on between the girls. Another thing I liked was they wore regular type clothes, usually a bra, panties and no latex or dildos in sight!! The music wasn't annoying to me either. The scene follows a fairly normal pattern but it's how the girls do what they do to one another with such obvious enjoyment that makes watching so much fun. Good breast kissing and once more the pussy eating was lovely.

Eve & Sylvia:

Now this next scene has EVe dropping in on a friend who has been a mentor for her in the sapphic arts and now Eve wants to show her just how much she's learned. The scene begins with the girls already kissing and right away you see the lighting is 100% improved from the first two scenes. You have Sylvia dressed in lavender with Eve in a halter top and blue jeans! The kissing here was my favorite so far mainly because you could see it so much better. Eve takes charge right away too after they kiss for awhile moving down to sample Sylvia's modest breasts and then it's on to some kittie licking. The clothes stay on for awhile until Eve fully removes hers letting Sylvia get some time between her sexy thighs with the girls then engaging in a hot 69 with Sylvia on top. The one thing which is striking me over and over watching this dvd and so many others Viv puts out are how much the women are into what they're doing. They thoroughly enjoy the art of making out, sucking breasts, and most especially eating pussy so again another hot scene to enjoy by the master.

Eve & Judit Fox:

In this scene we have Eve out of town and she gets that itch for some female companionship so she orders a stripper so Judit comes over and does a slow dance removing her clothes. She finishes as Eve watches with a quiet intensity and when Judit tries to make ready to go Eve lets her intentions be known and it's very much to Judit's liking. The two are soon lying on the bed with Eve on top kissing rather passionately leading to the same wonderful lesbian lovemaking we've been witnessing in the other scenes. Great breast play and oral by both girls during the remainder of this scene. The lighting too was good in this one.

Eve & Mia Stone:

Ok we arrive to the last scene and Eve's all by herself with her girlfriends no where around so she calls once more for some female companionship and damn if Mia isn't a sexy young girl. The two are presumably strangers but the kissing they are doing seconds after meeting leads one to believe otherwise. I am still amazed at just how beautiful these girls are and seeing them do such sensual and erotic things to each other just works wonders for me. They don't speak english so there are some subtitles but the kissing they do is translatable in any language!! I can only say it so many times but great breast sucking and the oral was equisite.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

This was another great one from Viv Thomas with the first two scenes offering the only trouble spots I saw with the lighting being to dark especially the second scene but those scenes still had plenty of hot action you could make out enough to enjoy yourself. The remaining 3 scenes had no such problems with visibility and of those the last scene with Mia was probably my fave but you can get your rocks off to any of them with little problem. The extras for this one include previews for a number of Viv releases and normally trailers aren't to important to me but since I'm such a huge fan of Viv's work I'd give these a look see as you'll get some great kissing and oral glimpses into more hot titles. If you're an Eve Angel fan this is a must have as she's flat out gorgeous to watch and her costars in this are also very sexy and fun to watch. Highly recommended.

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