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All About Anal 5 (Sex Z Pictures)

All About Anal 5 (Sex Z Pictures)

Studio: Sex Z Pictures
Category:  Anal
Directed by:
Starring: , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for All About Anal 5 (Sex Z Pictures):
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
All About Anal 5 (Sex Z Pictures) overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks All About Anal 5 (Sex Z Pictures) Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks All About Anal 5 (Sex Z Pictures) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex All About Anal 5 (Sex Z Pictures) Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting All About Anal 5 (Sex Z Pictures) Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras All About Anal 5 (Sex Z Pictures) DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality All About Anal 5 (Sex Z Pictures) A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  9/28/2008
Ok porn fans here's a pretty straight forward dvd, it's All About Anal!! These hotties under the able direction of Kylie Ireland will showcase their ass fucking skillz and with the likes of Britney Stevens, Marie Luv, Adrianna Nicole and Katja Kassin just to throw a series of names out I'd say the skill level will be pretty high. Who knows with the no holds barred approach Kylie and the folks at Sex Z pictures have this dvd might include a few other goodies so let's see what they have in store for us.

Marie Luv & Britney Stevens with Evan Stone:

Alright a great way to start a scene off, two gorgeous girls sharing your cock-- Marie and Britney seem to have been here before!! Evan is definitely in paradise having just to lie back and reap the benefits of two hotties slurping up his dick. The sound and picture are crystal clear so nothing's missed. A bit of dirty talk too is mixed in, gee did I mention it's two hotties sucking cock!! Evan gets some licking in too when Marie puts that sexy black ass squarely over his face-- I'd die and go to heaven with those gorgeous cheeks stradling my face. Oh snap!! Britney does the same with Marie gettin in some g/g ass licking-- you go Marie! Nice mixing it up too with Evan laying pipe, Marie doing P2OGM befor moving that pussy back over Evan's face, more dirty talk, lots going on, Marie going back to suck titties!! More fine shots with Evan doing anal on Marie in mish, Britney hovering over to lick that pussy, do a bit of A2OGM!!Britney also gets that ass stuffed by Evan's long schlong doggiestyle but only for a short time as he needs to blow his load, the girls sharing the spoils.

Melissa Lauren with Derrick Pierce:

Alright it's been awhile since I've seen Melissa on the blue screen, one of the best girls in the last few years for sure. We open with Melissa's arms bound lifted up over her head, she's on the bed which is covered in lavender/ dark purple bed spread which coincidentally matches her outfit!! That body is smoking hot from her face, the long flowing black hair, big boobs, very inviting and with the arms raised up preventing any resistance I'd say she's ripe for the taking. So who will come and have their way with this hottie, it's Derrick Pierce who moves in all smooth and casual, he sees the restraints and knows he can have his way, Melissa seems to enjoy matters as they unfold. She gets one arm down, there's a small bit of choking done, finally Melissa's layed out on the bed and Derrick gets over her kissing over her tits while pushing her arms down-- ahh I see her feet are still bound together. Ok we get the arms totally free of restraint so Melissa can do her thing on his cock-- very good knob polishing, taking Derrick balls deep. The best vag was probably in cowgirl, just something about a butt spread over a cock that looks so good sometimes and this was such an occasion. Anal wise you see mish and spoon before Derrick unloads over Melissa's open mouth. This was pretty solid for Melissa, not as hardcore but still pretty aggressive with the restraints, the choking.

Kylie Ireland:

I don't think any introduction is needed for this next starlet-- the legendary Kylie Ireland graces the screen and to say she's coming into her own sexually over this last half decade or so is putting it pretty accurately. Not to say she wasn't a smoking hot babe before but wow she hit 30 and damn look out world, ass fucking, hardcore to the extreme, it's been a wild ride for her fans who've been there all along and I've been one since around 1995 ish so I've seen a lot of it. Well I'm sure Kylie had a hand in the outfits and such since she's the director so kudos to her for coordinating the cat like outfit to match the bed/ couch we see her on as the scene opens here. She's got the fuck me eyes working bigtime at someone and it turns out to be two someones, lucky them! The guys are all over Kylie's body kissing and fingering that pussy/ass. Those nice big tits come out to play as well. Kylie then gets the best of both worlds having that coochie licked and a hard dick shoved in her mouth. Good hard vag sex then follows in doggie, cowgirl-- stayin in cowgirl it turns into a dp when her ass is stuffed, she is a motherfucking whore as Kylie calls out!! Some good reverse anal too turns into our second dp, more hard fucking follows-- you want good hard dick drilling these guys certainly do that here with Kylie begging for more until they finally launch their loads , blastin away to her open mouth, face!!

Gia Paloma, Adrianna Nicole, & Lexi Bardot:

Well time to let three girls have their fun and you'll see the familiar cage that's appeared in many a movie but this time it's empty as the scene opens. Moving over a few feet we find Lexi spread out on a black stool, arms in restraints with her legs opened wide-- ready for what we shall see!! Gia walks over and she's great for this type of dom scene and she has a little bit of fun for sure. Slapping to those tits, rubbing over Lexi's face before spitting into her open mouth-- this won't be one of those soft romantic type g/g scenes, lol. The verbal domination is nonstop too and coming from Gia's lips you hear all sorts of sweet nothings. Alright Gia takes a seat--- over Lexi's face! Using a horse feather type thing- I don't know the exact terminology as I'm not a fetish fan per se she slaps at Lexi's pussy before replacing that with what looks like a Hitachi wand and I know those things bring about good orgasms having seen that for myself in person. Ok we get a cut in the action which resumes with Lexi on all fours barking like a dog. We move then to Gia in a chair with a jar of peanut butter in her hand, some is spooned out to Lexi's tongue, then some is spread over both of Gia's large breasts for Lexi to suck off, now that's something I'd love to do, lick peanut butter of large hooters!! The stockings are then ripped open so Lexi can get at Gia's wet pussy and she laps at that for awhile, again something I wouldn't mind doing. Finally for the foot lovers out there we get Gia's tootsies made love to by Miss Bardot's mouth. Another cut and ok I wondered when Adrianna was going to come in, now she's here too as you see Gia sitting atop that famous cage and Lexi's made to get in under her to lick at that asshole, love g/g ass eating!! Well it would've been nice to have more Adrianna in this scene, she came on almost at the end was there missing footage I wonder?

Katja Kassin with Christian:

The finale opens with the two already close the big hands of Christian moving over both breasts and down to Katja's covered cooter. Ok this is a scene before Katja's boob job, she's looking pretty good here as Christian does a fair amount of pussy fingering, then it's time for Miss Kassin to work those pretty lips on some cock and she does just fine thank you. Good deep throating, no hands sucking and the side view showed this well. After a good strong blowjob it was time to ride that cock and beginning with cowgirl you see the best shot with Katja and that's putting the emphasis squarely on that tushy!! A bit of P2M to bridge the gap before the sex resumes in reverse-- very nice open shot here as Christian pumps hard up into her. Staying with reverse we get the first anal, also seeing that ass plugged in spoon, mish and finally doggie-- you wanted more ass shots they knew you wanted more as shots so bingo, great open butt shot as there's one last round of ass drilling. ending with Christian standin over Katja jerking his load into her mouth, some cleanup as well closing out a good title.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Ok this was good but it wasn't actually as nasty as I had thought it might be, that can be a good or bad thing depending on how much you enjoy the real nasty type sex which Kylie has become so good at over the years, me I liked it just fine. The best scene was probably that first with Marie and Britney though I'd give Kylie's romp with two guys a big time A grade as well. The three girl scene just wasn't the type of g/g action that excites me but it was shot well and those who favor the more verbally dominated scenes with toy usage will probably get more from this one. Katja closes it out with a great scene fucking Christian hard and all the girls take solid loads so that area was covered pretty good. No extras really which is a bit of a disappoitment and I'm wondering if this wasn't just a gathering of loose scenes Kylie had shot over the last couple years or so and they wanted to get them out-- again that's good for us as we get five good scenes from some strong performers, a good rental option for sure for the action that's captured here.

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