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Alien Encounters

Alien Encounters

Studio: Arena
Category:  Gay
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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Joe Shaver's ratings for Alien Encounters:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Alien Encounters overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Alien Encounters Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Alien Encounters Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Alien Encounters Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Alien Encounters Plot/Acting rating 3 stars
Extras Alien Encounters DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Alien Encounters A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by Joe Shaver  on  11/7/2007
This Brazilian hardcore sci-fi begins with a group of guys checking in to a resort and heading off to their cabins. Flashing lights and weird music indicate the arrival of some alien beings.
The first to be affected by this alien invasion are Aquiles and Andrey. Aquiles is a sexy young think with a thin jaw-line beard. Andrey is quite a handsome young stud. A change comes over them and they begin feeling one another up. Andrey kisses Aquiles’ belly and they join lips. Andrey then sucks on Aquiles’ nipples and—meeting no resistance—makes his way down to Aquiles’ cock. It is however about ten minutes into the scene before the cock comes into view and Andrey gets it in his mouth. It’s a lengthy blowjob and a rather mediocre one. (The kind straight guys give when they’re paid to do it rather than loving it.)
Eventually Andrey lowers his butt onto the cock on which a condom has miraculously appeared. The fuck continues sidesaddle and then he’s riding it again to pull his prick and shoot his load. Aquiles brings himself off. Kiss, kiss.

After two more young things check in an alien transforms himself into scruffy Pablo Montejo and goes for Gabriel Lemos, the desk clerk. (The alien appears to be a nude guy wrapped in saran wrap that has been painted various colors. When we get his point of view shot it seems that he sees by heat sensors like a snake.) Gabriel succumbs to the alien with no hesitation what so ever and is soon on his knees with a big cock in his mouth. He also gets a bit of head from Pablo before getting fucked.
Gabriel dismounts from the cock he has been riding in order to administer a missionary fuck to Pablo.
As Pablo languishes in post-orgasmic bliss, Allan Marcelo—a thing guy with long hair wearing a white baseball cap—come along with machine that zaps the alien causing him to disintegrate. (Allan is as bad as those religious bigots determined to destroy everyone’s fun.)

Meanwhile another alien observe James Matarazo and decides to transform himself into James. (I wouldn’t mind transforming myself into James as he is handsome, sexy, slender, and has hair on his chest.) The real James looks out of the window and is quickly knocked unconscious by his alien double.
The alien James now makes a play for Jam Paul—a cute young twink who has dyed his hair maroon. (Rather than take the pains to dye his pubic hair a similar color, jam has simply removed it.) James licks Jam’s nipple. Jam kisses down James’ hairy chest and is soon sucking on James’ cock. While he is sucking the cock, James fingers Jam’s ass preparing it for the inevitable fuck. He continues finger-fucking Jam even when he sucks Jam’s cock. The sixty-nine position enables them to eat each other’s ass.
We cut to Jam sitting on James’ cock. After bounding a bit, the cowboy fuck turns into a sidesaddle one. James fucks him rapidly. They return to the cowboy position. James continues to buck his hips upward, driving his cock even deeper into Jam’s ass. A missionary fuck follows. James withdraws to cum on the reclining youth. (If Jam cums, the camera misses it. He does seem a little messy around the groin.)
Allan now burst into the room with his zapper and the alien James jumps out the window and flees with Allan in hot pursuit. Allan zaps the alien. The real James regains consciousness .
Abandoning his zapper, Allan sits on the porch to rest and make out with cute young Leo. Allan strips out of his clothes to reveal a cock that is already stiff and ready. (I like guys with long hair and long dicks like Allan, but I don’t like guys who are selfish when it comes to sex and Allan is certainly that. ) Leo swallows the stiff cock all the way to the balls and Allan proceeds to face-fuck relentlessly.
Allan pulls off Leo’s brief and rough pulls his ass cheeks apart. Fingers from both hands pull open Leo’s anus. He then fucks his wildly. This is more a rape than mutual sex and Leo doesn’t seem to be enjoying it. (I didn’t either.)
Allan now gets Leo to sit on his dick. Leo is not hard. Why should he be? However this is the only dick-stiffening part of the scene for this viewer.
The fuck becomes a sidesaddle plunging. Allan then rolls Leo back onto his shoulders with his butt in the air. Allan pile-drives into it as Leo screams.
Allan cums on Leo’s chest. Somewhat surprisingly Leo jacks off.

While Allan was thus distracted an alien steals his zapper. Andrey now breaks down a door to find Allan bound and gagged. Apparently it was an alien that was zapping others of his kind. (Doesn’t make sense to me.) The duplicate then appears. All chase after the alien until the alien with the zapper zaps him. Oh, me.

There are some nice looking guys here—James Matarazo being very nice indeed. (I’m looking for him in other films.) The plot as you can tell is a bit muddled, but it was a clever idea and the sex could be better. Still it’s a diverting watch.

I don’t know why but I always side with the vampires or the werewolves or—in this case—the aliens. Maybe I just don’t like humans very much.

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