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astroknight Alice (Cal Vista) 2.5 starsAlice (Cal Vista) 2.5 starsAlice (Cal Vista) 2.5 stars
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Alice (Cal Vista)
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Alice (Cal Vista)

Studio: Cal Vista
Category:  Feature film
Directed by: ,
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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bono-ONE's ratings for Alice (Cal Vista):
Overall Rating 4 stars
Alice (Cal Vista) overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Alice (Cal Vista) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Alice (Cal Vista) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Alice (Cal Vista) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Alice (Cal Vista) Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Alice (Cal Vista) DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Alice (Cal Vista) A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  8/15/2010
Good day porn fans. I just finished a movie review called Fairy Tale so I thought why not continue the theme by checking out an adult version of a timeless fairy tale, Alice In Wonderland, shortened to Alice for this version. I must confess to only being partially familiar with the story though I did watch the Hollywood version that came out this year with Johnny Depp. Well this adult version with sex was helmed by Erica McLean who helped right it along with the late Clive McLean. As with the version this year we have an older Alice returning to Wonderland and the goal as I read it is for Alice and her friend to gain access to a popular nightspot in Wonderland and as with a Hollywood or Porn feature things don't go quite as planned. The fun and sexy parts then take us and Alice on a sexual journey as she navigates through Wonderland one more time to finish her quest. The main character from the mainstream version are here and who else but Evan Stone could be the Mad Hatter, I wonder if they read anyone else for the part actually. Sunny Lane seems like an ideal Alice with the sweet innocent look down pat but then get a hard dick in her sites and she's as aggressive as any hardcore gonzo girl. The White Rabbit character is played here by Andy San Dimas and another character is the Queen = of hearts I think in the bigscreen version and here she's played by April Flores. Other stars who lend their talents to this project are Niki Hunter, Aiden Star, Kimberly Kane, Katie St. Ives, Otto Bauer and CJ Wright so we have some heavy hitters here under Erica's direction, let's get to the story shall we. I'm smiling thinking of the classic Tom Petty song which took on the Alice mythology as I begin this review, pretty good starting point eh!

So the first shots take us outside and we see Alice thumbing through a book along with her sister played by Kimberly Kane who's doing the reading. The book is definitely a page turner for Kimberly but Alice seems tired and easily distracted- speaking of this we get our first glimpse of The White Rabbit who is trying to beckon Alice to come follow her. Sunny soon follows and the two girls hop into a well which takes them down to Wonderland. Sunny then asks Andy if she can get her into The Hole which is the popular club I mentioned earlier. Andy suggest a change in threads would be a good idea. Sunny is all giddy and ready to get down'n'dirty! The scene then moves to Andy in a car with Nikki Hunter and the two share a close in tongue kiss, no idea where Sunny is. Ok Andy wants her help to get into the Hole, Nikki says so many want into her hole, lol. Nikki is willing to be convinced so a little more kissing ensues and this seems to please The Duchess. A short time later and we're outside the Hole and the line is long as people try and get in. Seems Alice is already inside shaking her ass and it takes Andy along with Aiden Starr and nonsex actor James Bartholet a bit of time to get in but they do. Once inside we role right into a rap song which gives us a chance to watch Alice and her friends to shake their asses.Ok Alice is still in her outfit we first saw her in, oh well.

Andy San Dimas & Aiden Starr:

As the song winds down we see the club clear out mysteriously leaving just Andy and Aiden to engage in our first bit of naughty fun, g/g style. Andy gets to kiss on those nice big tits of Aiden's , the girls kiss and then it's Andy going down for some pussy licking and she gets the tongue working very well here. I see a glass toy there too so I imagine some toy play will be forthcoming. We can't forget Andy and Aiden most certainly doesn't sliding behind to fingerbang her friends cookie then we flip Andy over to fuck her with the toy. Andy pipes in with a few choice words and we get some great close in shots of her wet pussy as well as good views pulled out a bit for the broader shot. I was happy to see Aiden do some non toy pussy play with her tongue too. The energy between the girls was perfect. Loved it when Aiden rises up gets her ass in perfect position and Andy slide behind to dive in, awesome. I'm not a big toy fan by any stretch but they mixed in the toy play pretty good here not letting it completely dominate the action. The girls do a great job each getting several chances to bring climxes for the other.

Sunny Lane:

The shot then takes us outside to once again see the sign for the Hole club swinging and we hear a voice telling Alice that The Caterpillar aka Otta Bauer is looking for her. So we see Sunny again and she has changed her outfit slightly as she arrives to where the Caterpillar is sitting in a chair. Sunny seems taken with a red/white spotted mushroom mask adorning a bust when Otto addresses her asking who she is. Sunny is not quite sure as she feels a change coming on and these new surroundings are a bit overwhelming. The two exchange some dialogue the message of which is lost on me a bit but they deliver the lines well and the whole vibe being created is cool so I went along for the ride. Sunny might feel a little disoriented but not enough that she doesn't know what to do when Otto takes his cock out. Some fine head here as she leans down to take him in. We start to see more of Sunny revealed too from those nice breasts to her amazing ass. There are several shots of her ass as she stands leaning down with Otto fingering her. Sexwise you can't go wrong with cowgirl which they include and which dominates the sex for the first couple minutes. Sunny then climbs off and moves around to a 69 but they're still in the chair so she is now leaning down towards us as she engulfs the cock and cleans her pussy juices off. They move on to reverse and I do enjoy this view a lot seeing those tits, her cute innocent face! More P2M from Sunny before she sits side saddle to ride Otto giving us more time to admire that perfect backside. The scene then wraps with a good facial blast for Sunny along with cleanup, the jizz dripping down from her tongue, cum bubbles!

Andy returns then and she's holding Alice's dress which she puts back on as the two pay a visit to The Queen April Flores who has CJ Wright standing behind her. Lots of red color here dominate the scene from the couch to the flowers to April's hair. The Queen then asks CJ who this is and when he doesn't know she gives the classic line Off with your head and he retorts which one!! April then has Sunny sit next to her and we get some Royal flirting as Alice gets to touch the royal tits which are big and squeeshy! Sunny is then allowed to pet the royal pussy but nothing further as Andy drags her away. Well April is still horny so we get a quick sex scene with CJ but nothing lasts more than a second or two. There is some head from April and some riding but again the shots are quick and don't last more than a second or two. The pop isn't even shown just the aftermath of the jizz coating her ass. The voice then returns and tells Alice that someone else is now waiting for her, The Cheshire Cat played by Michael Pacino who I'm pretty sure is Mikey Butders so perhaps he's changed his name.

Sunny Lane:

Alright so we're getting to essentially see Sunny in back to back scenes. We move to an outdoor location, a small patch of green where we find The Cheshire Cat sitting atop a couple wooden crates. His lavender outfit is pretty cool and he's got matching eye makeup too and a spot on his nose-- he is a cat afterall! So Sunny makes her way over to him and the Cat encourages her to embrace that horny side!! Her pussy is all wet and the two waste little time as he traces her breasts, she's touching her cookie and then it's time for Alice to slide down for some cock play. Our leading lady is quite good here tracing around the head before slowly engulfing it, some shaft licking too and the side views were very nice here. Sunny has on a full white lace stocking that extends from her ass all the way down her legs. Mikey then wrips those open when he slides behind to nail her pussy. He stops for a few seconds to lick at her ass/ pussy before sliding back in and this time the shots were closer and more open for our viewing. By this time Mike is all nude save for the Pimp style hat while Sunny is still largely in costume so fans who like the girls to keep their clothes on should like this. Ok we get Sunny out of the skirt and top leaving just the stockings on but those are white and very easy to see thru as they move to a good ride in reverse. Sunny delivers some good P2M and extended head then before we switch around to cowgirl and the stockings have been ripped enough that her amazing ass is very much filling the screen. We get a couple really good shots up tight on her ass and her asshole was so tempting here, why not fall down another hole Alice!! Sunny gives more pussy cleaning P2M after a return to reverse including some good ball sucking so innocent Alice is really embracing this naughty side of herself. The pop comes here as Sunny jerks'n'sucks until he first away to her face with cleanup after.

Andy then takes Alice to a tea party-- this is a tea party I'd think of going to, lol. Once there we find three people and this offers us the first shots of Evan Stones Mad Hatter along with Seth Gamble as The March Hare and Katie St. Ives as Field Mouse. Evan starts in yelling out the classic line you're late, you're late. There's no room to sit and Seth repeats this but Sunny is like I'm sitting anyway and she does. Evan moves close and tells Sunny he'd like to shave her pussy- talk about being direct. We get several witty and quick exchanges then amongst the characters here. I must say the costumes and makeup for this movie have been really well done and you get three more fantastic examples here with Katie, Seth and Evan. The time is 4:20-- I think this was meant for a select few out there! Evan gets more intense with his flirting and the foursome enjoy some pastries too.

Katie St. Ives:

The party splits with Evan/ Sunny leaving and this lets Seth and Katie engage in some sexy fun.Katie's shirt is ripped off letting those fine looking titties out and she gets busy early on enveloping Seth's cock- this is in black & white. They actually stay with this color for the entire scene which sees Seth move down to finger and lick Katie's pussy. Can't say I was sold on this as you had the two in such interesting makeup which we saw at the scene's outset to so now stick with black & white took that away. The action was good as we work in mish, doggie, cowgirl-- some good teasing asshole shots here as the two are rocking the table now! Katie ends up taking several good blasts from Seth's cock along with cleanup, like any good mouse she makes it all disappear.


The scene begins with a morphing of the black/ white to full color as we're rejoining Sunny and the Mad Hatter who are continuing their flirtations taking them to their fruition. Evan rips off Sunny's shirt devouring her tits and Sunny seemed to enjoy this quite a bit. Ahh she wants to be a dirty girl!!The Mad Hatter is more than willing to teach her. The dress and stockings are ripped/ moved letting us get a gander at her ass with Evan slipping his cock in her pussy for some early doggie pounding. They flip Sunny around to mish as Evan continues to drill. Lots to take in as they're in a forest area but the focus stays pretty strong on Evan/ Sunny. Alice requests the cum on her ass but Evan has other ideas taking Sunny to a different tree area and she sits as he rains the jizz down upon Sunny's waiting face.

The shot then takes us back to Kimberly Kane who's now alone thumbing through the book and all this naughty story time has turned her on so why not some sexiness for her too. Kimberly starts losing her clothing, slowly and she does a nice job reaching a few fingers inside her panties to tickle her pussy lips before pulling the panties aside giving us the full on view. Kimberly does a great job here using her fingers licking them clean before bringing in a friend to help out. Kimberly is talking out loud reliving these stories helping her toy bring about her own juicy climax. Once she's satisfied we get the book back on her lap and the sun sets on this sexy tale. The last shot then brings Alice back sitting alongside Kimberly. Alice says she's had the most interesting dream prompting Kimberly to say she wasn't listening to a word she said-- well if what she was saying was from that book and I think it was Alice might've been asleep but her sexual radar picked up everything as the images we just witnessed documented.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well fans this was interesting, visually very interesting. The costumes and makeup were awesome here and will get some much deserved recognition I think come awards time. As for the principals Sunny makes for a great Alice as we get the cute innocent face but then once she's in Wonderland there are three scenes where her naughty side is allowed to flourish- the best I think was probably with The Cheshire Cat. Andy had some great g/g fun with Aiden Star in the club. I was a little disappointed with the b/g scene with Katie and it wasn't because of her performance, I just wish they'd used color as opposed to keeping the scene black & white. I'm surprised we didn't get more with the Mad Hatter who was perfectly played by Evan who brings just the right kind of frenetic energy and chaos to the role. As for extras you get a whole separate disc for that. You get a video for the song used of which footage is in the movie. There is also some Photoshoot BTS for the project as well as other BTS of the movie itself. I liked that they used paintings to offer up the choices with moving video inside each showing what's there. If you like some costumes in your porn along with good strong sex I'd give this one a look for sure. Sunny Lane fans will definitel want to snap this up as she gives three terrific scenes here as well as handling her dialogue in between scenes. I wouldn't have minded more with Andy San Dimas either who has had quite the good year with this movie being another feather in her cap. Interesting use of colors and music, style of film--- I'm by no means a technical person so hopefully others can chime in with opinion there but I liked the movie and wouldn't mind a return to Wonderland in the future!

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