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fu_q Alibi, The 4 starsAlibi, The 4 starsAlibi, The 4 stars
astroknight Alibi, The 4 starsAlibi, The 4 starsAlibi, The 4 stars
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Alibi, The

Alibi, The

Studio: Wicked
Category:  Feature film
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Alibi, The:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Alibi, The overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Alibi, The Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Alibi, The Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Alibi, The Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Alibi, The Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Alibi, The DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Alibi, The A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  3/26/2010
Good afternoon porn fans, time to check out a new one starring the ultra talented and sexy jessica drake. This one seems to be a thriller, someone's dead, there's lots of fucking and we don't know who the bad guy or girl is until the end! Sound good, then keep on going. As a lot of her movies do we get a nice opening dialogue delivered by jessica as we see a sexy visual of her and Eric Masterson about to do the nasty. Perhaps there are clues in this and perhaps not but for me I just enjoy hearing jessica talk, she's got one of those voices that's perfect for this sort of movie device.

jessica drake & Eric Masterson:

So we move nicely into our first scene which has a good open shot of Eric's face diving between jessica's juicy thighs! There's a bit of music playing underneath the visuals which helped but mostly it was jessica's hot bod carrying the day. After warming her up we have jessica dropping down for some oral of her own, the sensual style is always appreciated by this reviewer and our girl does it just right. You get some gagging too, the flicking of the cock head sent shivers down my spine, love that. It took past half way but jessica does get fully naked, love seeing everything. Eric works it out in a few positions ending with a facial pop and some nice cleanup from jessica, cum dripping off her chin!

Ok that's done and it's time for jessica to take off but first a cell call. Not answered but it's something she'll take care of later I suspect. Before leaving she gives Eric her black thong as a keepsake! Arriving at her place of work we find out a detective's there to see her, no one's dead yet so what's this about, lol. It's Randy Spears who's waiting and he's got some bad news-- her husband was found dead a couple of hours ago. jessica's emotional reaction was good but was it too good? So it's off to the station where we have Randy and Veronica Rayne posing questions to jessica-- the usual from how's the relationship to are you fucking around. jessica does come clean saying she was with someone. The cops don't press to hard and jessica even offers up that her dearly departed hubby was also fooling around and suggests they talk to the bitch he was banging. This takes us to the cops catching up to Raylene as she's about to leave. She doesn't deny it and this takes us to Raylene fucking!!

Raylene & Tommy Gunn:

So we see the hubby's played by Tommy Gunn but he's most certainly not thinking about jessica here as he's fully engaged in banging the busty beauty known as Raylene-- so great having you back! Great to see she's already naked as we join this scene in progress. Those large boobs are very nice to see but we don't linger to long on them as Raylene works down to engulfing Tommy's cock. With her dark hair it helps her eye contact stand out. Nice to see Raylene move over Tommy's face so he can get smothered, pussy tickling time! Doggie and mish worked in before Tommy nuts to her face. The scene's aren't long so far, probably to work in the dialogue.

So we go back to Raylene being interviewed but she seems genuinely surprised to learn of his murder. The plot thickens when a man walks up and oops it's Raylene's husband- Brad Armstrong. He doesn't know who Tommy Gunn's character is and learns he works with his wife. This closes the interview right off but no confrontation as Raylene doesn't spill the beans. We head back to jessica who's in bed looking at a pic before slumbering off. Cut to the next day and it's Randy Spears showing up with coffee and pastries. jessica wakes so I guess he rang the doorbell-- she answers wearing nothing but panties and a white shirt! Not sure why Randy's here but the smell of the pastries got to jessica so he's let in. Ok Randy does share news about the cause of death, what was in Tommy's system at the time. jessica wasn't overly shocked so there wasn't a huge love thing going at this time in their marriage. Damn jessica's harsh on Randy and asks him to leave which he does so no nookie then. Back at the station the two partners are chatting on the case and Veronica knew exactly what he'd tried-- the coffee and danish routine. jessica then receives a call from Eric who's none to pleased that his name was dragged into it. The police had come by and his wife was there-- damn everyone's fucking around! Eric's not to nice to jessice either and she shows some emotion which seemed more genuine while Eric's very cold then hangs up.

jessica & Randy Spears:

So Randy's come by again to try and talk but he seems a bit distracted-- could be the hot workout outfit jessica's wearing. jessica then stops the stairmaster and gets right to it, yeah I know you're looking at my hot ass in these shorts and you want to fuck me! Randy doesn't stop her as jessica comes over and makes a move. There's kissing and cock fondling over the pants-- good thing she didn't squeeze the other gun and shoot him, lol. Damn those grey shorts were smoking hot and so tight on jessica's ass, awesome. A few more kisses and then it's time for another sensual delight as jessica's lips work their magic once more on a cock. Randy gets a few licks in too before they fuck, the nearly all white room helped the two stand out. The workout bench is then puts to it's better use as staging area for Randy to bang jessica- mish, reverse, cowgirl-- the ass was looking great here. Still thinking about those shorts. We end with Randy splooging to jessica's pretty face and he gives a good load too for her to taste. Now we need to really talk about your husbands murder, lol.

Randy then gets a cell beep so he has to go. Randy naturally wants to keep this between them, lol. He's been called to a new murder scene and turns out it's Eric Masterson, not looking so good with a bullet wound, a fresh one too. We head back to jessica working out when she's called, we don't know who. Raylene then enters from behind and walks up all quiet like on jessica. Ok she's going on to this person who I guess helped her kill her husband and Raylene's heard it all. The ladies banter back and forth until Raylene makes a threat to call the cops. jessica then makes a funny quip about wait-- then picks up a big weight and hits Raylene knocking her out- we don't know if she's dead or not, no big blood pool shown.

Veronica Rayne & Tony De Sergio :

So we leave the crime scene to head to a fuck scene! Veronica's in bed with Tony DeSergio about to get all freaky when the cell rings. It's Randy with more bad news, someone else has died connected to this. He offers to pick her up but Veronica says she'll meet him there, she's got some unfinished business! Tony thinks they aren't fucking but his girl's like oh no you're fucking me mister, we've not boned in a week and you are so putting out! Tony doesn't object at all as Veronica works his briefs off and works down to take in his cock. The bra comes off too allowing us some visuals on her nice tits. Liked our girl moving up to put her pussy right in Tony's face, he gets a few good licks in. Tony pounds like they've not fucked in a week. Doggie was very good followed by reverse which had some good titty dancing. Tony delivers a solid pop right to Veronica's waiting mouth, cleanup right after- now go and see about this new stiff!

So we arrive at a new crime scene, Veronica shows up, white shirt open showing cleavage. The two discuss what might've happened to Raylene so she did buy the farm from that blow- but jessica had to make it look like an accident so someone she got Raylene into a car and let it drive off wrapping itself around a pole-- see dead people can't drive a new fact is proven. The cops don't seem to suspect foul play here but with so many deaths coming in quick succession one has to wonder. So it's later that night, Randy's still at the office and he comes to the conclusion that jessica did it. He had a flash back to the workout room and I'm assuming it's a hunch!! Randy lets it out without letting it out that he banged jessica. So we head back to Brad's pad and hello he's the silent partner! Raylene's own hubby in on the plot.

jessica & Brad Armstrong:

So Brad's sitting there wondering how it all came to this, the plan seemed so much simpler before people started to be killed-- isn't it funny how that happens! But jessica's got other ideas instead of worrying about the cops finding out what they did she's more interested in a bit of the nasty! So she leans in and they kiss. The clothes start coming off jessica and she's giving good direction to Brad as he devours her pussy. The way jessica was talking here, not fully evil but not something I've seen from her previously, I liked it! After licking her juices off Brad's fingers it was time for one last jessica blowjob- more good side shots and she once again shows a more sensual style here. miss drake looked very good riding in cowgirl- still thinking about those shorts! A good spread shot of her ass and she offers up some P2M too. A reverse finish yields a good facial and cleanup from jessica.

So it's the cops knocking and bang their way in to the two still naked. Randy pretty much lays it out for them-- the two found out their spouses were fucking and decided to take their revenge, get the insurance money from their deaths. Veronica then has a great line about jessica cleaning up and slipping into something more uncomfortable-- she's dangling the cuffs that will soon be wrapped around jessica's wrists. We get one final voice over with jessica who spells it all out- deceit, greed but in the end it was all about the Alibi- turns out hers unraveled like they all do!!

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well fans this was the first time I really remember jessica playing a character that wasn't the heroine. She was the bad guy and a damn good one. The change from weeping widow to murderess was subtle. Randy was probably the other main guy here and did well in his part. Raylene is still looking so fucking hot these days so any change to watch her is one I'm taking. Veronica Rayne was also quite fetching in her scene with Tony. Now for extras you have some BTS which clocks in at around 17 minutes. Also there's a bonus sex scene with jessica taken from the movie Wicked Games where she bones Tommy-- her husband in this movie, guess he wasn't a good fucker! So this one's a strong flick and it offers jessica drake up in a role which she might've done before but I'm still working my way into jessica's roles so this one was a new one for me and I enjoyed her in it.

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