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Alexis Texas is Buttwoman

Alexis Texas is Buttwoman

Studio: Elegant Angel
Category:  Anal , Gonzo
Directed by: ,
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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bono-ONE's ratings for Alexis Texas is Buttwoman:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Alexis Texas is Buttwoman overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Alexis Texas is Buttwoman Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Alexis Texas is Buttwoman Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Alexis Texas is Buttwoman Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Alexis Texas is Buttwoman Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Alexis Texas is Buttwoman DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Alexis Texas is Buttwoman A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  10/13/2008
Alright porn fans here's another anticipated dvd, Alexis Texas is Buttwoman!! There are a few areas a girl needs to have in order to meet the bar for this role and a bit juicy ass is the biggest so in that respect Alexis is blessed and then some. A healthy sexual appetite is also very important and well you'll be the judge if she meets that as she's in pretty much the entire movie, I'd think the limb for those who think she meets this bar will be quite long!So let's see what William H has cum up with, hopefully lots and lots of ass footage of said bottom, let's get in on.

Alexis Texas & Kristina Rose:

Nice, a two girl party to get the ball rollin. As you might expect William starts us off with some good tease shots of that ass and Alexis is in full on work it mode, shaking that ass to maximum stroke value-- the ground shots looking up were quite good here. Kristina then gets her own bit of tease and she doesn't disappoint either, lots more ass loving done by the camera!! The girls then hook up together and we get a little oil poured over that big booty, rubbed in by Kristina, the process is then repeated on Miss Roses's back end. With those asses all slicked up it made sense to rub them together and the girls do a little ass rubbing on their own too, more jiggling!! Heading inside the girls get much more romantic with the ass play with the best coming when Kristina buries her face deep between Alexis's ample cheeks--- nice licking babe!! Michael Stefano then seemlessly adds himself to the mix going behind Kristina to give her a little ass loving so we get a train of ass licking baby. The ladies do a good job of sharing Michael's long schlong- how about this side by side doggie vag blasting it hard Mr. Stefano!! Then you get an even better shot with Alexis in cowgirl and Kristina riding Michael's face, now that's what I'm talkin about, did they even have to pay him for this, lol. Solid fucking here for the remainder of the scene which culminates in a butt pop across those lovelye cheeks and then the ladies rub their asses together for one last time, off to a good start.

Alexis & Gianna:

Well well, times are quite good when you have one of the premier ass babes paired up with one of the premier big boob babes, will they balance each other out, lol. We open with a shot of a topless Alexis walking along a long window of glass. she's in fishnets but the butt is still showing pretty good, Gianna then comes striding over dressed all in black. You see her tits come out as she drops down to take a closer look at her friends ass-- it's the best way to really get a good look and Gianna goes even further with the ass jiggling and licking-- Gianna is such a pro!! Liked the shot with the ladies each crawling, Gianna trailing tongue trying to lick at the ass as her own boobies are dangling so enticingly. These ladies look like they'll work well together, Alexis gets in some good boobie kissing to those marvelous melons Gianna's been blessed with. Good shot then with Alexis still in a doggie pose on the floor and Gianna's behind licking snatch, the girls have done a nice bit of kissing too as they move around each other sampling the goodies!!

You know it's good when the breathing gets real heavy and both ladies definitely reach that stage, Gianna then starts a little ass fingering, we do know Alexis is doing anal this time so practice with a finger is a good start. We watch as the girls bring in a Hitachin Wand then and I've seen this firsthand do some wonderful things to a pussy, they use a dildo too but wait, Alexis moves up and smothers Gianna's face with ass!!! Ok that was the shot of the scene there as you also get some good jiggly boobie shots as well. Thought this was going to be a g/g scene there for a second, lots of great g/g play but Mark Ashley then comes into the frame and he does a nice job working himself into the scene, fingering Alexis as she's eating out Gianna. The girls seem to know there's a real cock there now and it's used pretty soon nailing Alexis doggistyle with some ball gagging P2OGM from Miss Michaels. Fret not fans Gianna gets hers too and I'd say she's got a pretty good ass in her own right and Mark does a great job pounding that ample booty as the girls kiss. Cowgirl for both girls here too before we end with another butt pop shot on Alexis's ass with Gianna moving her tits over to rub it in as well as do some cleanup, this was a great scene, topping the first for sure.

Alexis Texas:

I hope you're a fan of Alexis as she's everywhere here!! Gotta love it, as that means more ass loving and this time it's just her and no girl in the scene so all the focus can stay right on that big booty. Our leading lady starts off outside and she's in a nice revealing pink bikini, the shades are on and she's doing her best California hottie skating for us, it's a bright sunny day as you see and damn she's definitely a car stopper as she makes her way down the beach. Alexis is then shown in a different bikini, much more ass revealed here and she goes in the water before coming back out to give us some amazing ass shots, William is definitely doing it right with this, the beads of water glistening on those cheeks as the waves come crashing in, the music playing was a plus too. You want Alexis Texas ass, you definitely need to put this scene in first ,it shows off that ass as well as you could ever hope it to be showed off. Now inside she meets up with Mick Blue who is certainly a lucky muthafucker. Mick's eyes are all over this hot body and he too does the right thing getting behind to bury his face in that backside, great shots William, great shots!! They keep staying great as she buries that ass over his face--ok who wants first crack at Miss Texas having a seat on their face- I think the line for this would match any Jenna Jameson line at AEE!! We keep that ass squarely in our sites even when Alexis gives Mick's cock some living with her mouth, she does a bit of ass bouncing here as she lavishes the affection on his member. Cowgirl and doggie do a great job of showing off her ass, even the reverse show it off as Mick lays off the couch and Alexis rides him enabling William to give us a shot from behind as she bounces. The pop here is quite good, in close and all over her face with cleanup after!!

Alexis & Jenna Haze:

Ok fans we get a great pairing here with Alexis and who many might suspect is the fave for Female Performer of the Year this year in Jenna Haze-- who I should ass has a great ass herself!! The girls enter the scene walking side by side up a long driveway, Jenna already working those legendary fuck me eyes on us, a little kissy kissy action and the hands also seek out the bottoms rubbing those sexy tushies. Again the music was very complimentary to the tease that is shot-- which is quite good which comes as no shock. Jenna using those eyes to reel us in as she drops behind to lick a little Alexis Texas booty, then we get a little oil rubbed in makin it nice'n'shiny. Seriously Jenna must've been turned on bigtime-- when is she not, lol, but the eye contact she is giving is simply sizzling in it's intensity, no words need be spoken when those beauties are speaking loud and clear on their own. The girls were having so much fun outside but they do make it indoors where the fun continues, nice boob kissing and mouth kissing is shot as well as Alexis giving a little pickle tickle to that juicy pussy of Jenna's-- of course this turns into another great ass shot when William goes behind, ooh the dirty talk starts in too courtesy of Miss Haze!! There is no greater g/g worker in the biz right now than Jenna Haze and she just launches herself at those pussy lips at first opportunity, we get a generous ass shot of her booty as well.

Anthony Rosano is the lucky stiff they bring in here and damn when the first thing you do is lick the ass of Jenna Hazes you know you're going to have a great day!! The cock is already hard as we see but Anthony isn't quite done yet licking that great ass-- that ass stays on Anthony's face when Jenna rises up to smother him as Alexis stays busy down below sucking his cock-- Anthony woke up on the right side of the bed this day fans, Jenna turns around keeping her ass on his face and she assists Alexis with the knob polishing-- I said this earlier but did they even need to pay him for this scene, haha!! We've seen it several times already but cowgirl with Alexis will never get old and you add in some great Jenna Haze dirty talk and you've got yourself a great scene. A good train shot then with Anthony banging Alexis in doggie while she's munching on Jenna's wet coochie. The shots keep staying awesome with Alexis smothering Jenna's face while Anthony is banging Jenna in mish. Ok our first bit of anal sex- not with Alexis but a fantastic open pussy shot as Jenna slides down in reverse anal, grinding that cock with her ass, ahh a little A2OGM from Alexis too which was nice to see. A good ride in reverse for Alexis before it's back to ass fucking for Jenna, now from behind, then over to mish anal before Anthony finishes off banging out Alexis in spoon-- but she's turned so that ass is facing towards us and he pops on that asshole to wrap up the scene. As if Jenna isn't already a superb slut of the highest order she gets behind to lick that jizz up, you rock!!

Alexis Texas:

Alright fans we've reached the finale and you see Alexis open the scene standing tall, high above porn valley which is layed out below her, no one among the millions doing their every day hustle and bustle below knows that in just a few minutes this sexy Texan will be doing her first on camera anal scene. Another ass revealing outfit for Miss Texas and if you're still watching then that means you're not tired of all that awesome ass footage William's been giving us-- can one get tired of this ass, lol. Ahh I see a small butt plug is nestled within that ass so she's prepping even as she's teasing us with the thought of that booty seeing it's first on camera action. Drink in that booty fans as it is truly worthy of Buttwoman status. Her man then slides in, Mr. Pete, and he's pretty familiar with this backside I'd imagine and has fun using his fingers here. The first butt plug is taken out, replaced by a bigger one with Pete then sliding under that to lick that coochie which I imagine was pretty wet. Cut then to Alexis on her knees and Pete piston fucking her mouth with his cock, very good no hands head here if you're into the more aggressive gaggin style. Alexis then shows those balls a little lovin before Pete decides it's time to fuck this woman and bangs her hard doggiestyle. More spoon is shot with Alexis turning that ass towards us and it's in this shot we get the first anal worked in, Pete gets a fine stroke going here, pausing so he can tongue her small gape!! They get in some reverse anal before we get to the shot a lot of you were probably waiting this entire dvd for and that's cowgirl anal-- it doesn't disappoint either, damn that ass just fills the screen as Pete's dick is drilling for oil in that booty. More anal in mish, doggie, cowgirl and we close out with Pete spraying his load all over Alexis's face with the cleanup coming right after-- for a first anal I'd say she gets an A!!

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well this was another excellent example of how great a studio Elegant Angel is and has been for several years now. The focus is on Alexis Texas here and more specifically her ass and in this respect William H hits a homerun, there just isn't a better big ass in the biz now and finally it's seen some anal action. You want costars well try out Kristina Rose, Gianna Michaels, and Jenna Haze on for size-- really good work from all three girls here. The xtras are so much we need a second disc to carry them- hey it's buttwoman so needing extra disc space to handle it seems appropriate!!


This one offers up several appealing choices the first of which is a making of and if you want more Alexis Texas booty shots I'd suspect you'd want to click this, it goes on for nearly 30 minutes so good times. You can also hang on the set, get a visual history of buttwoman-- there have been a few great ladies to take on this role and finally there's an interview with William and Sam No aka Mason-- no pictures but you get to listen to them relate their experiences making this flick-- but the interview stops abruptly and doesn't restart just as they were going to get to the good parts, lol, probably the only bad thing about this movie which was so good.

Bonus Scenes-- As if you needed another reason to buy this movie try out two bonus scenes from Alexis Texas along with scenes from Tianna Lynn, Tiffany Mynx, and Brianna Love- damn that's a good title just in itself. You also get bloopers, extra footage-- jeez more Alexis Texas ass!! Plus there are some Elegant Angel trailers to entice you to further check out this studio. An instant buy for most of you and if you're at all curious about Alexis this will be a great intro as she flourishes throughout with some excellent assistance from her costars both male and especially female.

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